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Found 24 results

  1. Finished! Nine characters from eight Shardworlds! From left to right: Dusk from First of the Sun / Kaladin from Roshar / Vasher from Nalthis / Hoid from Yolen / Harmony (Sazed) / Khriss from Taldain / Shai from Sel / Vin from Scadrial / Silence from Threnody This piece is also celebratory art! Happy Chinese New Year 2016 (Year of the monkey)! At first I drew these characters mainly for an online fantasy magazine because they kind of let me (as translator of WoR) introduce Stormlight and the whole Cosmere series in their New Year issue, which meant I’d better add some festival stuff. So here it is - Characters from eight different Shardworlds wishing you a Happy New Year! In China, this is a popular traditional gesture when people give New Year’s greetings. It’s called 作揖 (zuò yī, in spoken language: zuō yī). When you do this, you make a bow with hands folded in front of you and greet others at the same time. Raise your folded hands and then lower them. The motion can be repeated several times. For men, they should use their left hand to cover their right hand (In ancient China, men tended to hold weapon with their right hand, so they covered it when saluting, to reduce hostility and show respect.), while for women, they should do it otherwise and it’s better not to clench the left hand into a fist (You can learn this from the picture above.). If you do it wrong, you will convey some ominous meaning. Please be careful # # # Heck, so many tags! Also seriously, I think we may need a Cosmere crossover art album
  2. [All Spoilers] Apologies if this is behind the times. I just finished RoW. [And am, as a result, the most sleep-deprived] POINT 1: We know that the Sixteen all came from Yolen. POINT 2: We know that there are three Yolish races: Human; Sho Del; and Dragon. POINT 3: We know there is currently only one Shard on Roshar. POINT 4: We know that dragons can shapeshift. POINT 5: Hoid said something about there being a dragon on Roshar. POINT 6: Specified that the dragon is a woman. POINT 7: And states that she hides her draconian form. POINT 8: During Taravangian's Ascension, we are explicitly told that Cult has many forms, but only one true form. So... Cultivation is a dragon. Right? FUN THEORY 1: "The Dog And The Dragon" is about Hoid and Frost on Yolen. Hoid, a poor widdle human, wanted to be all awesome like the dragons. Whether or not Dragons can actually shapeshift, Hoid acquired an equivalent ability in the form of Yolish lightweaving. He may have done other things as well. But it wasn't the same. Perhaps that is what drove him towards The Shattering. And/or towards being a walking talking museum for forms of investiture manipulation. FUN THEORY 2: We know that Lift turns food into Investiture. We know that this ability was granted her by Cult. I kind of wonder whether food-to-investiture is a dragon thing, and to affect it, Cult modified Lift's spiritual DNA to resemble the draconic. Guys I just want Lift to be a dragon. Is that wrong? Maybe! But I could still be right! FUN THEORY 3: Cultivation's Vessel is named Fyiad. AYYO BRANDON, MAKE IT HAPPEN.
  3. Ive had this WoB on my mind for a while now and im not sure i get exactly what Brandon is saying. the questioner asks Brandon why we haven’t seen any traditional medieval settings in the Cosmere, and Brandon says that the in-world reason, is that some of the planets did have those periods and we’re just not seeing them and (the part ive been questioning) “the Shards have an influence on this, because of things they saw happen on their own home planet. Brandon is pretty much saying “some planets dont have medieval era’s because of things the Vessel’s saw happen on Yolen” Right? So what happened on Yolen? And do the Shards willingly or knowingly influence this? am i just reading too much into this? WoB
  4. So an artist on Reddit was doing Cosmere A-Z and asked Brandon if there was any character whose name started with 'x'. Source
  5. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    So I haven't posted this yet? I felt quite thrilled when drawing this XD I love them so much and how I wish I could get a time machine to read their story! (The art is per request and wildly imagined though. We actually don’t know much about Yolish dragons.) Liar of Partinel draft spoilers: Other Hoid doodles from this year and last year (Sorry for the mess of medias and styles): [Long post warning] Hoid in Greek costumes Shai trying to grab back the Moon Scepter Shai: Give back the Scepter, you foul liar! Fool: I won't give back such an useful translator. What are you going to do with me? Hoid does the worst in pilot academy Skyward x Cosmere - Spensa teasing Wit Hoid & Kelsier in suit/modern clothing Hoid as musician 1) Piano - 2) Violin - 3) Erhu (Chinese instrument) Character going dark meme Bonus: Hoid in drag as a flapper girl
  6. Dragonsteel is a substance that the Yolish Dragons seem to be able to produce naturally from their own bodies. Dragonsteel also sounds awfully like a godmetal. In the Dragonsteel chapters, the Sho Del apparently use it somehow in order to be able to reproduce and the short story, The Traveler seemed to imply that the substance could be used to view events happening on other Shardworlds (as Frost's eyes were rimmed with a silvery metallic sheen) Dragons are also apparently naturally immortal and shape-shifters, which depending on their method of doing so sound like they could be Investiture intensive. The former is usually a result of holding a high concentration of Investiture. The latter is true shape-shifting, not illusory. Dragons are not like the Mistwraiths & Kandra with messed up Spiritual Identity and Cognitive blockage and fooling your sDNA regarding your species is no simple Forgery, this sounds like it should require a lot of Investiture.
  7. So here's a theory I just came up with a second ago but I feel strongly about it. I feel like Yolen is two planets that merged into one or something similar. Or maybe something weird with its cognitive side. That involves another planet. Point is its not just one planet. These are the WoB that make me think so "Questioner With the Shards and them kind of splitting pre-Adonalsium, was it really Shattered on Yolen or is there a different place? Brandon Sanderson Well, it gets a little sticky for various reasons, but you can assume that that's a yes, that what it appears to be is correct. Dragonsteel and the story of Hoid takes place on Yolen but it gets messy, because there's some weirdness about the planet. Skyward San Diego signing (Nov. 7, 2018)" He says Hoids orgin is on Yolen but its "messy" From this WoB, I got "Hoids origin is Yolen but kinda not/is" "Herald (paraphrased) Asked for a dedication from a resident of Yolen. Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) Got "May two worlds become one to you" He stressed that it's worlds not realms!!! Arcanum Unbounded San Francisco signing (Nov. 30, 2016)" This one is key to the theory Something a resident of Yolen would say He stessed its "worlds" not "realms" because in Dragonsteel Prime there was "two realms" that met "Genabackan Was Hoid a worldhopper before the Shattering? Brandon Sanderson Though there are some RAFOy things that I can't exactly say, I CAN say that I don't think most would consider Hoid a worldhopper before the Shattering. Skyward Pre-Release AMA (Oct. 15, 2018)" This implies a few people would say Hoid is a worldhopper pre-shattering. That could be because Yolen was two planets so some might've considered that as worldhopping. Let me know your thoughts. Feel free to tear it apart or impove upon.
  8. So, no WoBs or anything, because I don't have my copperminds with me today, so I'll check The Coppermind, but there are dragons in the Cosmere. But what is a Cosmerean Dragon? By the deeds of Brandon Tropebreaker, I doubt that such dragons would be the winged beasts that we are all very familiar with in common fantasy. This is not common fantasy, this is High Fantasy of the Highest Order! So what would a dragon be? Would it have wings, be quadrupedal or bipedal (I think it's safe to say they are reptilian), etc? Share your thoughts on the Dragons of the Cosmere.
  9. Hey peeps. I'm working on this interactive cosmere fan fic thingy and I need swear words. We've got the classic Rust and Ruin, Storm off, and other cosmere gems but I need more. I was wondering if we could get a list of cosmere cussing in the comments (alliteration mmm), and I was wondering if you guys have any ideas what people from Yolen would curse by. Adonalsium? Just looking for ideas. In secret history Preservation seems to swear by the name Senna (whoever/whatever that is). anyway, comment your curses and other ideas down below. Thanks!
  10. In my reread of warbreaker I found this when Siri asks hoid about his story telling style With the use of gods instead of god could that mean that one of the shards was shattered on Yolen. Because Adonalsium is a single thing but could one of the other shards or something with closer power have died on Yolen?
  11. So finally got my copy of Calamity through the post, Brandalised of course. Now, the Weapon and the Shattering is a particular topic of interest of mine - My copy of Firefight confirmed that there was a failed plot to kill Adonalsium, and my copy of BoM confirmed that Adonalsium shattered because he was killed, thereby confirming that Adonalsium was a being that identifed as male. My reuest for Brandon this time around was "for information on the current status of the weapon that was used to kill Adonalsium, including the current possessor" - as far as I am aware, nobody knows where the current location or the owner of the Weapon is. That is because the Weapon no longer truly exists. The response I received was as follows: "The weapon was expended, and no longer exists in its original form" Discuss, my fellow Sharders!
  12. I received my copy of Firefight this morning, signed and Brandonised as per usual My request was "to tell me something about the Cosmere that has not been previously mentioned" and this is what I received: Signing reads "To Adam, Long ago there was a plot to destroy Adonalsium. It failed." So, what does this mean for the Cosmere as a whole? Was Adonalsium split due to another plot to destroy it, or, did it possibly split under his/her/its/their own free will? What position does this put the original Shardholders such as Bavadin, Rayse etc - were their conspirators in a plot? Or was their taking on of shards a way to preserve the power of Adonalsium, albeit in a lesser form? If this is the case, how did they become the Shardholders of their specific shards? Was it all by choice, as we know Rayse's was, or by random fate? What is Hoid's ultimate role in the Plot? Opinions, as always, are greatly appreciated! Happy reading all! Adam
  13. So my theory of the origin of hoid is. First we will go back to the list of partinel- an unpublished cosmere book, a prequel to the dragonsteel main sequence- there is this man named midius, and his master/teacher is named hoid. As we know from the letter "And do you no longer hide behind the name of your old master?" We can assume that the hoid we know is "hiding behind the name of his old master" midius' master is named hoid. So midius is the hoid we know today. In mistborn: secret history, hoid refers to himself as “Who are you?” Kelsier said. “I?” the man said. “I am a drifter. A miscreant. The flame’s last breath, made of smoke at its passing." The man is hoid. But what does he mean by "the flame's last breath, made of smoke at it's passing" I believe that this "flame" is adonalsium. Before I continue I must explain the background of the liar of partinel: the lore is that they had gods, then they died. Then the fain life (white fuz that grows on everything. It is okay to breath in, but if you eat it it is poisonous and you will die. There are places called trune circles, Where people can live and fane won't come in) grew from their bodies. So I am thinking that midius is slightly different from hoid. I am thinking that midius took up the power of adonalsium saved yolen. Then the 16 came and disagreed with him. “Aaah . . .” Fuzz said softly. “I had thought that when he rejected the rest of us, he would stop interfering” (Fuzz is preservation) “I should know better than to trust an implication from him. Half the time you can’t trust his outright promises” So midius took up the power of adonalsium. Then the 16 came, had a disagreement with him. Made him promise something. Then he broke his promise, then the 16 were forced to shatter him. The 16 got his powers, but a form of cognitive shadow was left over. This cognitive shadow is the hoid we know. And now hoid is possibly trying to reform adonalsium. And get his powers back.
  14. We know that Hoid has access to several systems of Investiture, and that among these are Feuchemy and Lightweaving. Now, that fact that he seems to have Feruchemy is particularly interesting. As far as we know, Feruchemy cannot be obtained later in life- you must be born with it. It stands to reason, then, that Hoid was born with this ability, and, frankly, there's no reason to think he wasn't. After all, the raw material from which the Shards, and hence magic, come- Adonalsium- existed on Yolen at some time in the past. When the shards went to other worlds, they brought systems of magic with them. Lightweaving is also interesting, as the Lightweavers were apparently also an order of Knights Radiant, and both apparently have similar abilities. It seems unlikely that this is a coincidence. Once again, the KR are associated with a Shard, Honor in this case, and once again that shard, or a form of it, seems to have existed on Yolen when Adonalsium was there. Given these facts, I propose that before the shattering of Adonalsium, all the systems of magic we now have scattered throughout the cosmere were present on Yolen. Allomancers, Awakeners, users of the Dor- you could find all of them there. I suspect, of course, that magic on Yolen will not look exactly like the magic in any of the books. They would have known about the interactions between the systems and probably a bit about the underlying Realmatic theory. And since the shattering, you have gotten things such as the Dor that are strongly linked to new physical location of the Shards. The Yolenites woulds probably have viewed them not as separate systems of magic, but all parts of a single whole that could be controlled to various ends. Essentially, if having a single Shard on a world, and that lets you use magic, how can having all sixteen of them on a single world not let you use magic? Hoid seems to know a great deal about the interactions of systems of Investiture. Where did he learn this? I suspect he learned much of it on the world of his birth, where such things were studied and known about- Yolen.
  15. So we recently found out that the essay prefacing the White Sand sections in AU referred to Autonomy as "she" and thanks to some intrepid sharders like emailanimal we recently got this WoB on Reddit: This has lead to discussion in a few threads that she might be a Dragon or another non-human shapeshifter since she has so many male and female personas spread across the Cosmere. I would like to argue that instead her MO can be explained by her being or having been a Yolish Lightweaver. This doesn't preclude her from being a Dragon or a member of the third sentient race on Yolen of course, since we don't know what the requirements for initiation into investiture was back there. But she could also be a human. Consider what the two Lightweavers we know best actually do, not in the specifics of their magic but what they use it for: Shallan has used it to both make her self look more impressive and to create and use the persona of Veil. Hoid has shown up as a beggar, a smuggler, an informant, a storyteller, and two different flavors of court jester. Both have used only human personas so far, and always the same gender ones but I don't necessarily think this is limit of the power as opposed to how the two have thus been seen using it. And this bent towards using their powers of illusion and disguise in a way to become someone/something they are not may refer to an innate mindset that Hoid referred to in WoR as "the nature of lies" and Pattern's very nature as "liespren" supports.This is why even the times we have seen Hoid use more mundane methods for disguise I believe underpinning them is still this mindset that seems to come from being a Lightweaver. The WoB says Bavadin has a gamut of personas to the point where multiple pantheons are just her in different guises. To me this seems like the Lightweaver penchant for being able to become someone else, even multiple someone elses!, taken up to deific levels. Her still having/using lightweaving is irrelevant since from Ruin becoming Reen in HoA we know Shards can change how they appear to mortals even if the Vessal is not a natural shapeshifter. What matters is that her being/having been a Lightweaver means she understands the nuts and bolts of running all these various personas of her across the Cosmere (again the whole Nature of Lies thing). This also may explain the animosity Hoid has towards her, he explained why he's against Rayse: he finds him to be an evil man given a power that makes him even more evil and destructive. But never really touches on Bavadin in the letter to Frost besides mentioning her. But if she was another Yolish Lightweaver who used her powers in a way Hoid found to be at odds with his belief on how they should be acting. Well, that's one of the few things in the Cosmere that might really upset him: one of his own turned bad.
  16. Have we ever gotten a WoB about who else knows about the Shattering besides the 16 original shard holders, Harmony, and Hoid? I know he has said that Khriss is the most knowledgable and that Nazh knows approximately as much as Hoid but does that include the Shattering? I can't see how it would, since I doubt K or N are in contact with a Shard Holder and I doubt Hoid gives that info away. And how much do the natives of Yolen know about the Shattering? I would imagine that the destruction of a god would be a notable event but we have heard nothing from other Yolenites (Yoleners?).
  17. Hello! This theory have been in my mind for a very long First question: Who is Hoid? He is a Worldhopper from Yolen that is pursued by 17th Shard organisation. He also isn't a Shard, he has been present when Adonalsium was shattered, there are a couple of Hoids so it is kinda complicated, he uses magic systems from Scadrial, Yolen or Roshar, Naltis, he tried to become Elantrian. There is a very important part: HOID LOVES BACON Second question: What do we know about Yolen? There are Dragons and two other sentient races. First 16 Shardholders were from Yolen. Third question: What do we know about Dragons? Nothing (or I just don't know). I think he might be a Dragon, we don't know how the Dragons look. Humans look like humans probably. Coppermind says that Dragons can take human forms. What about "Small anatomical diffrences?" His hair is white, only old people have them, he is old, but he looks very well. I would say he is about 30. So what do you think of it. Is it possible? Please, help me to find out it.
  18. Please note the following theory will contain spoilers for the sample chapters of "Liar of Partinel". New Theory: Some, or all, of the original sixteen holders of the shards of Adonalsium were driven to Shatter Adonalsium because of Blarg! There are so many tantalizing hints and possibilities in those few sample chapters. If only all of the Cosmere books were done and we could know what happened! Ah well, someday.
  19. Bear with me on this (and cure me of my ignorance if necessary), I am rather new to the Cosmere stuff. I only have a big picture grounding when it comes to Adonalsium. If I am not mistaken the shardholders (less Sazed of course) are from Yolen. Looking back to Mistborn, it has been shown in the books that 'human' life on Scadrial was the result of a joint effort of Preservation (sorry, don't recall off hand his original name) and Ruin (Ati) to create this life. Presumably, all shardworld 'humans' were created in a similar fashion with, again, presumably, Yolen 'humans' being used as the general pattern but with subtle differences from world-to-world. Now, regarding Hoid specifically being able to have multiple magic adeptness (i.e., lightweaving, feruchemy, etc.) in conjunction with the comments above about identity. Hoid is also from Yolen (homeworld) so he embodies the master DNA, if you will, upon which shardworld 'humans' were patterned. Could this be the reason why Hoid is able to use a variety of magic systems from multiple shardworlds? In other words, if the sDNA of a person from Scadrial is required to use Feruchemy, etc. in the same way a key is required to open a lock, then could it be that the sDNA from Yolen is some kind of master key which is able to open the locks from each shardworld? If so, this would go a long way to explaining Hoid's versatility.
  20. Premise Thank youTempus for providing a Good Theory Template. The accepted version of Events is that some person, power or thing Hit Adonalsium, and it Shattered into the 16 Shards of Adonalsium. I doubt this. Hypothesis The Shards were Broken off of Adonalsium One at a Time. Possibly in an attempt to Make Adonalsium a Better Power. Chronology of Known Shards Odium The First Desolation was between 9000 and 100,000 Rosharan Years ago.[1] This translates to about 9900 and 110000 Earth Years.[2] Unfortunately, we don’t have a Timeline for When Odium visited Sel. Honor and Cultivation Honor and Cultivation came To Roshar together,[3] and they were there long before Odium was there. [4] This means that there is a Significant amount of Time Before the First Desolation. Endowment Endowment has only Been actively Returning people on Nalthis for a little over 700 years.[5] Preservation and Ruin The well takes 1024 Years to Refill, and has been filled twice that we know of.[6] Preservation and Ruin came to Scadrial together, and Preservation imprisoned Ruin in the Well as soon as they finished with Creation. Since the second Refilling, there was a 302 year gap.[7] So they’ve been on Planet for 2350 Years. Devotion and Dominion The City of Elantris was created hundreds, if not Thousands of Years before the Events of the book.[8] Shu-Keseg, the Original Religion, was founded after the Splintering of Dominion and Devotion.[9] Unnamed/Unseen Shards The Traveller/Space Shard We have a Word of Brandon that stating that there is a Shard that isn’t on a Planet. This shard isn’t the Shard that wants to Survive.[10] Tempus has talked about this and guessed that a Shard could only Stand being UnInvested for about 500 years, before getting Bored. (Note that His words are taken completely out of Context.)[11] Bavadin’s Shard The Shard of White Sand I can’t really Talk about this Shards activities Without Spoilers for Unpublished Work, so Suffice it to Say, that Bavadin has been on World for at least half of a Millenium. Probably More. The Shard of Survival Well. It’s been Surviving. We can assume that it’s invested in a planet somewhere, due to Brandon’s Comment about the Traveller Shard.[12] The Shardholders It’s possible that not all of the Shardholders were Human, Which means that some of them could have had a Longer lifespan than Normal Humans. They were all from Yolen though. and They all Knew Each Other.[13] Conclusion All the Shards have been active for Different amounts of Times. But if they were all broken off of Adonalsium at the same Time, then they should be Equally Experienced. So they were Shattered at different Times. Conjecture/Speculation Here’s What I think happened. Adonalsium was a Power on Yolen, Rayse, being a Crafty and Dangerous man, figured out how to Shatter Bits of it’s Power. He Broke off the Shard of Odium, took it up, and Left Yolen. The other 15, as well as Hoid, Figured out how he did this, and decided to Replicate it, to Spread out throughout the Cosmere. Aona and Skai both took up Shards, and headed off to Sel. Tanavst, being In love and Honorable, insisted on his Girlfriend/Wife getting one. They left together, and eventually Settled on Roshar. After a While, Odium learns that Others Followed his Lead, and Shatters Dominion and Devotion, then heads to Roshar to do the Same to Honor and Cultivation. He kills Honor, but gets trapped by the Surges and Cultivation. The remaining 16 learned that The Power and Intent of the Shard could Change a Person, So they Gave Ruin to the Nicest Person they could, Ati, and paired him with a Shard that could Balance out his Power. Eventually Endowment Takes up her Shard and heads to Nalthis. The other 8 Shards were also taken up and some point, and they left Yolen as well. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Possibilities are that Aona and Skai got their Shards, and Adonalsium kept Breaking, leading the Shardholders Forcing Odium on Rayse out of fear of it Deveolping Sentencee or Corrupting a Better man, As Ruin did to Ati. Rayse Blamed this on Devotion and Dominon, and Killed them References
  21. Reading over the Ars Arcanum in Words of Radiance, there is a phrase that I've remarked on many times, as have many others. In the bit about lightweaving, it states: Today however, I remarked just how important this sentence is, because of all the things it implies. I was blinded by the whole "Yolish" red herring - the chapters of Liar of Brandon's website made me go 'ah, yes of course it is to' and I never really read the phrase. But there is so much more in this one tidbit. The first important bit is: the most similar ability to the original Yolish variant. This implies a few things. The magic is similar to the abilities on Yolen. 'Most similar' implies that there are many other abilities similar to Yolish magic, more than a few It also implies the author is familiar enough with them to make comparisons. The use of the words similar and variant show that that Yolish abilities all worked slightly differently As a conclusion, I think this a strong supporting phrase for the "Yolen has all magics" school of thought that has been bandied about from time to time. BONUS INFO: The Ars Arcanum author is highly familiar with Yolish magic of multiple types. How else could they make comparisons, and speak so authoritatively? How could they qualify it as the most, unless they had at least a casual understanding of the majority of the others? If they visited Yolen post-shattering (and if Yolen is still around), then how did they know it was the original? This strongly implies the author is from Yolen, or has associated significantly with someone from Yolen. Our current leading Ars Arcanum author is Khriss, who is super knowledgeable but isn't from Yolen, and is many many years to young to have been on pre-shattering Yolen. Nazh, another favoured contender, is highly suspected to be from Threnody, so same arguments apply. It is of course possible that they were simply taught about Yolish magic. But it is interesting to note it.
  22. I get the feeling that Yolen was the "first" planet and the place where Aldonasium were shattered. All the original shardholders were yolish and the humans were originally from there. This feeling comes this: 1 - On the Ars Arcanun its is made some paralels using Yolish magic system as base. And it is called original system, if my memory serves me right. 2 - The original shardholders weer acquainted to each other. So there had to be a prior civilization where they could interact. 3 - The humans on all planets are a lot alike. It is granted that every shard that invested on their creation did so based on their preferences. But the end result looks like thare was some template to refer to. 4 - All the magic systems have the same underlying 'spiritual physics' that are somewhat customized by each shard influence. Your thoughts?
  23. Here is a quote from the 17th Shard Q&A with Brandon Sanderson last Fall (sorry, this is a cut and paste. So far I only know how to quote within a thread. I haven't figured out how to do a quote from a separate thread yet.): 'Aethling', on 25 Sept 2012 - 16:37, said: Brandon: The first planet with humans on it was Yolen. And here is a paraphrase of another quote (forgive me that I was not able to find the actual text and context of the quote, but I am 100% sure that I read itthis week): Brandon was asked about humans on shardworlds before the arrival of the Shard and Brandon affirmed that on some worlds there were humans existing on the world at the time of the arrival of the Shard. Assuming that these quotes are accurate and Brandon wasn't having a brain fart, humans were able to travel (presumably by worldhopping) pre-shattering. Any ideas on how this was accomplished? Obviously, realmatics was in play prior to the shattering since physical, cognitive, and spiritual realms and forms form the underpinnings of the cosmere. So, while Shard abilities may enhance the ability to worldhop, they do not seem to be required. The caveat in that statement is perhaps Adonalsium enabled any and all worldhopping pre-shattering and thus all post-shattering worldhopping is accomplished by virtue of the powers of the shards. What does everyone think about pre-shattering worldhopping and how it may have been accomplished?
  24. *I have not read dragonsteel or more than the 3 chapters of LoP, and this really doesn't need that knowledge* I was reading an interview from The Book Smugglers when I came upon this quote: DragonSteel has dragons on it right? The planet is called Yolen right? I think its awesome if this is a nod to an inspirational author. That's pretty much it, nothing to add about the cosmere outside of that for the moment. *Edit* Maybe everyone else already realized this and I'm just behind the curve.