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Found 15 results

  1. So Rhythm of War gave us quite a few interesting tidbits about Mistspren. I'll start with the most startling observation: at the end of the book there are only 4 known bonds, and 2 of these have chosen to be corrupted by Sja-Anat. Considering that only a handful of higher spren have chosen this, it's rather interesting that the only 2 confirmed ones are Mistspren. But after consideration, I realized that it actually makes sense that if any type spren would volunteer, it's them. First, look at the humans the uncorrupted ones bonded or, in Ym's case, wanted to bond: misfits who try to help those even less fortunate than them, and have accepted 2 things: 1) no one is going to praise them for their work, 2) an imperfect world requires imperfect solutions. Hence why Ym tries to find the best type of shoes for the orphans he has in stock and why the Stump is willing to engage in money laundering. Secondly, the ancient Truthwatchers were 'scientists, scholars, and tinkers', and 'concerned with abuse of power, as well as finding out the truth'. Thirdly, the ancient Truthwatchers were involved in the binding of Ba-Ado-Mishram, and they may thus be aware of the links Kelek mentions between the Unmade, spren, and all of Roshar. Some residue of this knowledge may still be known among their (surviving) spren. Fourthly, according to Kelek several spren were considering joining Odium's forces. And fifthly: the 2 corrupted Mistspren have chosen candidates with the same criteria as the uncorrupted ones. Now imagine a type of spren which is inquisitive, interested in esoteric truths, and willing to use unorthodox methods. Wouldn't this type of spren be interested in exploring the phenonom of Sja-Anat's corruption as an alternative means to end the conflict? So my theory is that the Mistspren (or else: a group of them) deliberately agreed to let Sja-Anat corrupt a handful of them in order to study the effects of this corruption on them and on the Radiant bond.
  2. This might be a pointless thread, but it's something that struck me as weird. The Coppermind and the Stormlight Archive refer to Ym as a likely Truthwatcher. Considering the fact that he gave children shoes in exchange for their stories. That seems to be more in line with the Edgedancers oath to "remember those who have been forgotten." I don't remember him doing anything that resembled casting illusions like you would expect with Lightweaving.
  3. Before I start this topic let me make a few things clear. I love Renarin. I have several people in my life with both Autism Spectrum Disorder and Epilepsy. So I will be rooting for any character with such traits. Also, I Brandon doesn't write purely evil characters. He writes selfish, misguided, cruel, foolish, rude, prideful, wrathful, greedy, and jealous characters, but can anyone say they are pure evil? Ati who became Ruin was corrupted by his shard. Sadeas followed Vorism as he understood it. Vorism considers soldiers to be this highest male calling. It is a violent religion when you think of it that way. Hrathen started as an antagonist who realized he had followed the wrong people and, if you think about it, Dilaf was no more evil than Moash. Even Roshone is now showing a more human side. So suggesting that Renarin might be influenced by Odium is not saying he will turn evil or that he will be an antagonist. Shallan has a better chance of becoming an antagonist than Renarin at this point. Something is going on with Renarin that is worrisome. We have been told repeatedly that to see the future is of the voidbringers. Maybe it is a power of Cultivations as well, but other than Honor suggesting that Cultivation is better at seeing the future than him, we have no suggestion this is one of her common powers. Just because she is better than him, does not mean she is as good as Odium. She might be but we simply do not know. So Odium seems to be the primary shard for seeing the future on Roshar. Now we have only Renarin's word that a Truthwatcher sees. And to be honest, even Renarin has not explained what that means. We gather from his actions in WoR, such as scratching glyphs on walls predicting the Everstorm and his actions when the Everstorm comes, what seeing implies. That's also in WoR we read from Navani's memoir that the scratches on the wall suggest something bad and seeing the future is of the voidbringers. She knew when she wrote that memoir who had written those glyphs and why it was a bad thing. However, Renarin is not the only Truthwatcher we have read about. There is Ym, who doesn't seem to be getting visions before Nale kills him. But that was such a short interlude, so we can't be sure he wasn't scratching glyphs warning about Nale or the Everstorm. However, the is another Truthwatcher. The Stump from Edgedancer. Now we get a bit more time with her and with people who know her. I think someone would have said, not only is she mean to kids and laundering spheres, she has fits where she writes about the future. With all those kids there, one of them would have seen that and said something to Lift. So why is Renarin the only Truthwatcher having visions? Also, consider the surges of the Truthwatchers: Lightweaving and Progression. We have not seen Renarin use these surges, but we have seen these surges used. Lightweaving creates, for lack of a better word, holograms. Progression grows plants and heals people. Where in either of these surges is the ability to see the future? It's not Progression. Progression is a pretty straightforward surge. So maybe Lightweaving has the ability to see the future some how? Except, why can't Shallan do it? She did draw events that could have been in the past or present, but she has yet to draw the future. If Lightweaving has the ability to see the future, Brandon is going to have to do some great plotweaving to make it believable. Nonetheless, we have no solid evidence currently that the Truthwatchers surges give the ability to see the future. So why can Renarin see the future? And why is he so worried about Odium's champion? And why did Brandon hang this lamp on Renarin's abilities near the end of chapter 2 of Oathbringer? When an author points out something but does not explain it, that means pay attention this is important. He did this in Mistborn with Kelsier's real plan. He did this in Shadows of Self when hinting what Bleeder's real problem was. He did it with Kaladin's reason for becoming a slave for over half of TWoKs. This passage, especially the last sentence is a huge red flag that something is up with Renarin's powers. I don't think he has killed anyone at this point, nor do I think he will be Odium's champion and go evil. However, something is going on and we need to pay attention. I do hope Renarin gets past whatever it is in this book and is stronger for it. I'm rooting for him and he has his own book in the back half of the SA. I will be very disappointed if he goes evil-ish. Of course, he can't go truly evil, because Brandon doesn't write truly evil characters.
  4. Ym

    (SPOILERS for WoR) I just wanted to through this out there out of curiosity: Of all the deaths in the first two Stormlight books, was I the only one who was the most broken up over Ym's death? He was only featured in one Interlude, yet for some reason I felt a deeper connection to him than some of the other characters, and so when he died, I was actually pretty sad. Am I the only one? 'Experience Ended'
  5. Do we have a WoB of wether or not Ym was able to Stormlight-heal himself and survive after being stabbed by our beloved Herald of Justice? Is he still alive?
  6. I am up in the air as to the deal with Ym's Order, but here were my initial thoughts along with some points I have noticed since I read. First is that he was most likely a proto-Edgedancer based on Wyndle's comment about watching the old cobbler. The other main camp is that he was a proto-Truthwatcher. This doesn't have a ton of evidence for it, but it is something to consider. My initial theory was that he was both. I was in the Truthwatcher camp, so seeing them consider him as an Edgedancer made me react with 'oh storms! he was both!' The only solid evidence I know of for this is how reticent Brandon has been about telling us his order. Taken in the light of him being a potential member of two orders, this makes a lot more sense.
  7. theory

    I created a proto-version of this on the Ym board, but wanted to put it here. What we know: Ym believes that there was originally one being, but it couldn't do anything because it was alone. So, it split up into many peices to experience. Some of the original shardholders were immortal (they were dragons). You can find the link to the WoB in the WoB link on the shard. Some of the original shardholders were good people. What I think: Adonalsium was shattered for several reasons, one of which was the fact that with an all powerful being, the world was stagnating. This would be especially frustrating for immoral being with a long-term perspective on things. Since some of the shardholders were good, there has to be a reason other than power. Ideas?
  8. There are a few things about Nalan that have me curious about his (possible) abilities... and possibly the Skybreakers' as well. It's not really a proper theory or anything... but maybe you guys can help me figure this out and clear up my confusion. How many Nalan are we really dealing with, here? Here is where my confusion begins in Words of Radiance: Distance - (Interlude-2) We see Nalan in Iri hunting Ym. (Interlude-9) We see Nalan (aka Darkness) in Azir hunting Lift. (Chapter 88) We see Nalan in the Frostlands reviving Szeth (and offering him Nightblood). Iri, Azir, and the Frostlands are pretty far apart on the map of Roshar. Iri is far NorthWest, the Frostlands are far SouthEast, and Azir is nearer to the middle (but it's a little closer to Iri than the Frostlands). In any case, Nalan seems to be covering a lot of ground awfully fast during the events of WoR. How? I wonder how much time it really takes to travel across practically all of Roshar like that. If he is 'flying', then isn't that about the most overt way of getting around that he could possibly choose? If he is traveling by foot, then how would he cover so much ground so fast? Nalan's Minions- When he hunts Ym in Iri, he has no minions. When he appears in Azir, he has two minions. When he appears in the Frostlands, he again has no minions (and is carrying Nightblood). His minions are extremely knowledgeable about stormlight, investiture, and the like. One of them even has a shardblade... So I doubt that these minions were a couple of nobodies just drafted to help Nalan out in Azir only... and only for one case. Time - I'd be willing to believe Nalan simply travelled in one single direction during the events of WoR (First Iri, then Azir, then to the Frostlands) if it weren't for the time he spent on each case. In each case (Ym/Lift/Szeth) Nalan made it a point to explain how much work he'd put into each person. Nalan to Ym = "I had to look very hard to discover your indiscretion." Nalan to Lift = "Even the chaotic can be predictable with proper study.” (Presumably referring to her escape patterns, habits, etc.) Nalan to Szeth = "You? Not worthy? I watched you destroy yourself in the name of order, watched you obey your personal code when others would have fled or crumbled. Szeth-son-Neturo, I watched you keep your word with perfection..." On top of this, Lift already had prior experiences with him and knew he was dangerous. By the time she first saw him enter the palace during her story arc, she already had a name for him in her mind - Darkness. He seems to spend an awful lot of time and energy in each case and location he visits. Even understanding their laws and abiding by them. The mountains of paperwork he and his minions prepared in Azir to apprehend Lift could not have been an overnight task. To some extent, Nalan seems to have some roots in these places. His emotionlessness - When talking to Szeth: "He spoke the words calmly, without emotion." While chasing Lift: “'What was that?' Darkness asked, his voice cold, emotionless." Talking to Ym: “'You were an accomplice to murder,' the man said, pulling his gloves on more tightly, first one hand, then the other. He spoke with such a stark lack of emotion, he could have been conversing about the weather." Notable words from Lift: "He didn’t curse in annoyance. A fellow should curse. Made people feel real when they did that. But of course, Darkness wasn’t a real person. Of that, though little else, she was sure." and she also referred to him having "dead eyes" when she first saw him. All of Nalan's emotionlessness makes me feel like something more is going on than just a personality flaw. Are we dealing with more than one Nalan? Is it possible that we are dealing with Nalan's self-puppets somehow? ...mere husks of "Nalan Prime" whom we haven't really seen yet? Can he somehow use his Division surge to split thereby making "copies" of himself? Is the Nightwatcher involved? ...Or is he getting the help of an Elsecaller? Is he 'flying' and somehow avoiding detection from the general population? What the crap is going on? Am I missing something super simple, here?
  9. So, I'm going to predicate this with a caveat that what I'm about to say is probably not true, but it is an interesting coincidence. Ym, if you've forgotten, is one of the characters with an Interlude POV in Words of Radiance. He is the cobbler who asks for the stories of people as payment for his services. He is most notable as the first on-page victim of Nale and for his story of the One becoming Many. When talking with the urchin in his Interlude chapter, Ym mentions something that seems to be a part of the Iriali religion that I found interesting. He then goes on to say in the next paragraph: Now, this might be because I'm half out of my mind with the flu, but I think that this is a hint from Brandon. The Iriali are currently in the Fourth Land. Roshar is the fourth Shardworld introduced in the published novels. What, then, is the Seventh Land? I would guess Yolen. I'm going to stop now, because I'm tired of having to think, but I would like to hear the thoughts of others on this. I'm likely wrong, but I do think that there is something significant here, and I thought that maybe suggesting what I thought might prompt someone to come up with other possible explanations.
  10. secret history

    I am going to quote the wiki on Ym's religious belief: ( Religious Belief He believes, long ago, there was only one being which he simply calls One. One knew everything but had experienced nothing. And so One became Many in order to experience all things. As each experience is different, it brings completeness to One. Eventually, all will be gathered back in when the sum of land is attained and they will once again become One. Every person is a different mind of a single being experiencing different lives. As Many, they need ignorance. Each fragment of the One’s mind has its own body with different passions and inclinations. They exist in variety to experience all kinds of thought. That means some people must know and others must not. Just like some people must be rich and others poor. This is why he is interested in collecting other people's experiences. In light of Khriss's words on who Shattered Adonalsium, I think, this needs a revisit. When I first read the Ym Interlude I felt that this was *way too close* to the truth to ignore it. There is a mystery of how such a belief - easily describing a version of the Shattering - could have reached Ym. But now, after Khriss's revelation, I want to go back to this and ask a question: what if this is indeed a version of a description of the Shattering? If it is the case (and I think it is the case), then, the second line there: "One knew everything but experienced nothing" appears to be crucially important. Beyond Khriss's description of the motivations of the 16, this is the only possible evidence of what that motivation might have been. Or, alternatively, the post-Shattering hagiography and apologia. The other important thing to notice is that this belief presents us with two opposite notions: knowledge and experience. * Adonalsium: omniscent, but not omnipresent * Shards after the Shattering: omnipresent (collectively) but not omniscent. It also explains why (some) Shards further splinter themselves! (think Endowment - this religion described what she is doing on a daily basis). If there is a master list of questions for Brandon, how about this one: "What would Hoid think about Ym's religion?" Thoughts? (PS. This is, incidentally, why, of all single-Interlude characters thus far I liked Ym over Lift).
  11. From Ym's Interlude in Words of Radiance, we learned a few things about Iriali religion. According to Ym, the "One" who knew everything became "many" (i.e. people) in order to experience everything. At first, it sounds like some sort of pantheism, perhaps suggesting that humans are merely a part of Adonalsium. But then when his young customer asked if the "One" was God, Ym said something that gave me pause: This sounded to me like the "many" only refers to the Iriali people, or the people who are part of the Long Trail, not to everyone in general. This makes it less likely (though admittedly not impossible) that "One" is Adonalsium. So now I'm wondering, what if "One" isn't Adonalsium per se, but a Shard of Adonalsium? *start of detailed, wild, and probably wrong hypothetical scenario* Imagine an Shard whose Intent is something like Experience, who secretly created a whole bunch of humans with Splinter souls (sort of like Endowment's Returned), made them look like mundane un-Invested humans who weren't Cosmere-aware, and planted them onto the Shardworld of an unsuspecting Shard. The original "Experience Splinter-humans" had no discernible Invested ability, and they weren't even immortal, but they were capable of mating with the local population, producing offspring that had the Innate Investiture of that Shardworld's Shard and a Splinter of Experience at the same time. And when those people died, Experience was able to absorb their Cognitive aspect (their experiences) and their Spiritual aspect, including the Innate Investiture from the other Shard, effectively stealing a tiny part of that Shard's power. Now, Experience's Shardholder knew that there were risks in holding too much of another Shard's power. For one, he wouldn't want the other Shard to get suspicious. Also, holding two different Shardic Intents might lead to balance problems (especially if the other Intent is opposed to Experience). Experience solved this problem by giving his people a strong sense of racial identity, starting with an easily distinguishable physical trait (golden hair), then later on with a shared mythology (the Seven Lands of the Long Trail) giving each of them a sense of Divine purpose. In this way, his people kept mostly to themselves, minimizing interracial relations. At some point, one of these Splinter-humans mated with an outsider and produced an offspring who grew up to learn how to travel to Shadesmar and to Worldhop. Not missing the opportunity to initiate the Long Trail, a group of Splinter-humans joined their Shadesmar-traveling half-brother in migrating to another planet: the Second Land. Thus, the Long Trail truly began. By the time they attained the Fourth Land (Roshar), they started calling themselves Iriali. Currently the other Shards are still unaware of what Experience has done, even as he now holds some of the power of at least four of them. Eventually (when his Splinters reach the Seventh Land?), he will have enough collective power to rival Odium (though perhaps not Harmony), although this power would have to be consolidated from all across the Cosmere. Theoretically, he will be able to create humans with a hybrid Innate Investiture from multiple Shards, which would make for some pretty powerful warriors. We could only pray that Experience is a good guy. *end of detailed, wild, and probably wrong hypothetical scenario*
  12. "Theory" may be a little ambitious for this, but here goes: The two Truthwatchers we have seen thus far, Ym and Renarin, both wear glasses. This cannot be a coincidence. I think that this may have something to do with the Truthwatchers' use of the Illumination Surge. We have already seen quite a bit about how the Lightweavers use it. My belief is that Orders do not use the same Surges the same way. Obviously, the Lightweavers weave light to create illusions which we have seen are manipulations of the truth, lies made true. The Truthwatchers' name suggests truth will also be given significance by them. They also watch the truth. Watching could well relate to this impairment of vision shared. Maybe this correlation means that the Truthwatchers will, because of their impaired vision, literally view the world in a different way, maybe somehow enhanced or changed by their use of Illumination. Maybe they see more truths in the world through this. The Order's Divine Attributes are Learning and Giving. Maybe because of the truths they see in the world, they have a vast store of knowledge. We know from Words of Radiance (the in-world one) that the Order is secretive and esoteric. Maybe they are waiting until they can reveal all of this truth they have been watching in their special way. Sorry if this makes little sense. It is really more of a bunch of random thoughts from everyone's favorite Pilgrim. Thoughts? Additional speculation?
  13. During the Ym interlude, Ym says "We are Irali, and part of the Long Trail, of which this is the Fourth Land." The Long Trail? The Long Trail to Urithiru? I don't know about you, but Ym somehow knows something about the trail to Urithiru, and perhaps even knows where it is. Do any of you know exactly where this interlude happens? And if so, can you find 4 adjacent cities, countries, etc that might be a sort of trail to Urithiru? It might give us a direction to look for the city.
  14. Here are all of the readings from Words of Radiance that have been released so far. This list is going to be updated when more come out. Also, the spelling of any new names are merely approximations, not intended to be completely accurate. Jasnah Prologue Kaladin - Chapter 2 Dalinar's Vision Shallan Flashback 1 - Red Carpet, Once White Eshonai Interlude Rysn's Interlude Ym Interlude Lift Interlude Taravangian Interlude Enjoy!
  15. *Possible Spoilers* While reading the Prologue to Words of Radiance I noticed a possible connection to the man who attacked Ym at the end of his interlude and one of the two men seen speaking to Elhokar the night Gavilar was assassinated. From TWoK: (Szeth PoV) From WoR: (Jasnah PoV) From WoR: (Ym PoV) Since in both cases our attention is drawn to the colors of the uniform and the discoloration of the man's cheek I feel like there is a good chance this is the same man, or at the very least that these men are connected somehow. Now I know that one man is described as Azish and the other Makabaki, but could that just be a mistake made by either Jasnah or Ym? Possibly even an oversight by Brandon? I'd love to hear any opinions on this topic, as I've always been curious as to whom Elhokar was speaking with that night! I'm a long time lurker of these forums, but this is my first post so please be gentle I have a ton of other theories, but I figured I should start small and work my way up