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Found 4 results

  1. I was doing a reread of TWOK, and at the end of chapter 26:Stillness, there is noted that purple ichor spurts out of a chasmfiend as Adolin reaches inside to grab a gemheart. I also recently listened to the Five Scholars shardcast in which they reference the importance of Yesteel being the one to discover ichor alcohol. Could this possible mean that Yesteel has been to Roshar and developed it from the purple ichor from the animals of Roshar? I say animals because in the prologue of TWOK Kalak notices purple blood on the ground, as well it is stated in the books that axehounds have purple blood. Is this just coincidence I am noticing or is there something noteworthy here? I am not good with the timelines on when each book in the Cosmere unfolds. Could Yesteel be responsible for some life on Roshar, like the chasmfiends? My speculations, probably common speculation would assume that Roshar's Shattered Plains and surrounding areas could have been underwater at some point, given the description of life and environments. Chasmfiend being very crustacean esque, and the plant life being very ocean like. Is this life on Roshar strictly due to evolution or experiments of Yesteel in his pursuit to discover ichor alcohol? Or is all of this just a huge rabbit hole tangent my brain went down? Either way any thoughts or speculations?
  2. I was just reading the annotations for Warbreaker, and came across a really confusing paragraph. Isn't Clod Yesteel? If so, how is he hiding anywhere?! Or did Sanderson just make a mistake in his annotation here? And, if so, was Lightsong right?
  3. My first theory post, be kind lol. After reading Warbreaker and the SA books, two things came to mind. 1. I think there is some significance to Nightblood, a sword from a world of color and was awakened with 1000 breaths and Szeth the assassin in white who was controlled by an oath stone, that stone was also black and shared visual attributes to Nightblood. Its interesting that Sanderson explains over and over the visual of Szeth as always in White and wears nothing else. Then at the end of WOR he gets the all black blade of Nightblood. I feel like I'm reading to deep into this. 2. I also think Yesteel is the obvious cause of Vasher/Zahel to split from Nightblood and Vasher/Zahel chased Yesteel to Roshar to get it. Do you think Yesteel is in Roshar? I would love to know what you think
  4. I did a cursory search of the forum and didn't see any discussion of this, so I figured I'd bring it up. I only really "got" the concept of shardpools since I started reading the 17th Shard site regularly, and that was after I'd read Warbreaker. But I was thinking a little more about the Warbreaker universe recently, and it occurred to me: Ichor-alcohol was some mysterious substance that was "discovered" by Yesteel. Could it be that ichor-alcohol is some of the liquid from Endowment's shardpool? I'm initially skeptical of this possibility, since it seems that ichor-alcohol is pretty readily available (i.e. not rare) in Hallandren. But if it's only available in Hallandren and nowhere else, it could still be relatively rare as it relates to all of Nalthis. Or, possibly, the "more potent" ichor-alcohol that Vasher says Yesteel has discovered could be some of the liquid from Endowment's shardpool, if it's more rare. Or it could be that the original ichor-alcohol is a diluted portion of the shardpool liquid and the "more potent" version is simply less diluted. Just something I've been tossing around in my mind. I don't know if it makes sense or not.