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Found 6 results

  1. Here, I will recommend musicals. One a day, but you can ask for something in specific at any time. (e.g. "I want a musical with a really small cast and a cute romance." I might respond, "You should definitely check out Daddy Long Legs!") September 3-Day One Recommendation: Big Fish! Mostly focused on a father and son trying to repair their relationship, has a bit of romance and adventure. Top 2 songs: Daffodils and Be The Hero. September 4-Day Two Recommendation: Pippin! The story is kinda weird, but the music is *chef's kiss.* You might have heard Corner of the Sky or Morning Glow, but my personal favorites are Love Song and Extraordinary. September 5-Day Three Recommendation: Bandstand! About a group of men who returned from the way and made a band, hoping to win the bandstand competition. September 6-Day Four Recommendation: Children of Eden! Somehow manages to draw similarities between Adam and Eve and Noah and his wife. An adorable show, probably not the most accurate religious material, but it is far from offensive in any way. September 7-Day Five Recommendation: Anastasia! This musical is SO CUTE oh my freaking gosh I love it with my whole soul. If you liked the movie, you will LOVE the musical, even though it kind of gets rid of the magic evil guy. Oh, well. September 8-Day Six Recommendation: Six! It's day six, so of course I had to. Six is about the six wives of Henry VIII, and it's pretty fun. Kind of an explicit content warning, but still a good show. September 9-Day Seven Recommendation: Once On This Island! Coming soon to Disney+! Give it a listen, give it a watch, you won't regret checking out this fun, mythological, magical show! (When did I become one of those advertising guys?!) September 10-Day Eight Recommendation: Aladdin! Also coming soon to Disney+! Yes, it is different from the movie. The best song that was added is "Proud of Your Boy," which is super sad and sweet and ahdifalejfjdgetjlk! September 11-Day Nine Recommendation: Come From Away! Perfect for 9/11, about 36 planes in flight during the attacks that were redirected to Newfoundland, Canada. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and get EPIC chills! September 12-Day Ten Recommendation: Secret Garden! If you've read the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett, you know the cute story of this musical. Pair the book with some adorable, fun songs, and that's what you get from this musical! September 13-Day Eleven Recommendation: For @Channelknight Fadran, because it is day 11, I will recommend his favorite musical, Hamilton. *sighs* This kind of causes me pain, as I was planning on mostly sticking to less-known shows, BUT I do recommend listening to/watching Hamilton if you haven't. Even if you don't normally like musicals, I really think you'd enjoy Hamilton. It's called a gateway musical for a reason, you know. I hate how popular it is, but I understand why it is so popular, and I really appreciate what it is doing to help give musical theater more attention. Plus, it's just a good show. A fun way to at least kind of understand a historical figure, even if it isn't 100% accurate, as well as a way to get new people into theater? Of course!!! We love adding new people to our cult group! I'll stop here. This is getting way too long. September 14-Day Twelve Recommendation: You know 'em and ya love 'em! They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're all together ooky, the Addams family! The songs in the musical are so fun! Wednesday is one of my dream roles, and it's just an extremely fun, silly yet serious show about trust and the importance of family! (Kind of... loosely? I'd say... yeah. Family. Definitely not just straight-up weirdness.) September 15-Day Thirteen Recommendation: The King and I! It is so cute! A Siam king brings an English woman to his kingdom to teach him English. They end up falling in love and it's so freaking adorable. That's it. Listen to it. Much cuteness!! September 16-Day Fourteen Recommendation: Ragtime! Cute, sad, etc. This musical is set in a time when blacks didn't have many rights. I haven't listened to much of it, but I do know that my favorite song from it, Your Daddy's Son, revolves around a black woman who was left by a man after he told her he loved her and got her pregnant. The baby, after he was born, reminded her of his father, causing her to hate him so much that she buried him alive. (it's ok, he lives.) September 17-Day Fifteen Recommendation: Music Man! Thanks for the idea, @Nathrangking! There's trouble in River City, and Harold Hill intends to fix creating a boy's marching band! He accidentally falls in love on the way, and doesn't end up swindling the whole town as he planned. September 18-Day Sixteen Recommendation: My Fair Lady! Again, thanks @Nathrangking for the idea. I'm still mad about how long it took me to get that quote. My Fair Lady is an adorable show and it's just really cute and yeah. Listen to it!!!! It's really hard to explain the level of adorableness in words. Just listen to these shows!!! September 19-Day Seventeen Recommendation: Company! Again, pretty dang cute. It focuses a lot of the complexities of love, there's a full song about how falling in love is really freaking inconvenient sometimes, but in the end, it's worth it because "alone is alone, not alive" and falling in love helps you realize that you're alive and can feel these emotions!!! September 20-Day Eighteen Recommendation: Shrek! I feel like the musical gets a very underserved bad rep, it is actually a gorgeous show. I've been in it (kind of) twice. (The second time was a junior version, so it doesn't completely count.) The first time, I was just in the ensemble, but the second time, (the junior version) I was Donkey and it was SO MUCH FUN both times. For the junior version, I was really sad that they got rid of my two favorite songs, Don't Let Me Go (sung by Donkey, it's basically his main song, so I was really mad.), and Who I'd Be (mostly sung by Shrek and Fiona, though Donkey does have a cool part in that, too. It's a gorgeous, beautiful, perfect song so LISTEN TO SHREK!!!!!!!!) September 21-Day Nineteen Recommendation: Guys and Dolls! When you see a guy reach for stars in the sky, you can bet that he's doing it for some doll! When you spot a John waiting out in the rain, chances are he's insane as only a John can be for a Jane. When you meet a gent paying all kinds of rent for a flat that could flatten the Taj Mahal, call it sad, call it funny, but it's better than even money, that the guy's only doing it for some doll! It's really cute and silly and it's an older show, so the songs are super pretty!
  2. Anthony stood there, his eyes a bit watery. Because, of course, the suit was really tight. He had his white hair in a fine ponytail, and on the same suit he had worn to the wedding of Max and Althea. He stood at the side of the field, waiting. The wedding was going to start soon, and he was going to be ready. He looked at Tena, where she stood, wearing a beautiful dress, no shoes, and a radiant smile on her face. He looked down at himself, again unsure about himself. Was he really worthy of this woman? She was so... perfect. No, no turning back now. We have the baby to think of. He gave her a somewhat supportive grin, or at least he hoped so, then looked. The guests should start arriving just about now. @Blessed peace @AxeliustheGreat
  3. I have just gotten my first tattoo ever and what a better one than some Knights Radiant, Cosmere ones! It's in Kholin Blue! And part 1 of my Cosmere tattoo journey!! All of the Cosmere holds a special place for me! Most especially Stormlight! Life before Death Radiants!!
  4. Sign ups are now open for for Mid Range Game #22: My Little Perfidy. This Game in a nutshell My Little Pony in a nutshell Rules Game Basics Factions Pony Types Creating your Pony Character Cosmetic Role Challenge A few Examples: Special Powers Order of Actions: EDIT: Signups will end and the game will begin at: Quick Links:
  5. MR 14: The Canim Fury You are all legionnaires in the First Aleran. Since you were small, like all Alerans, you have been able to fury craft. For some, your skills have never progressed fair enough to manifest more than a basic fury. For others, you have trained for years, and have controls of furies enough to rival a Lord. When you were recruited for the First Aleran, you never expected see any real combat. But then the Canim invaded, and the First Aleran was caught in the middle of a war. Your half-century was sent behind enemy lines to learn what you could of enemy movements, and to find opportunity to hinder their forces. You have uncovered some information that Captain Scipio must get as soon as possible, but your enemy has discovered your presence. Not everyone made it out of the ambush they laid for you, and now you're trapped behind enemy lines, being hunted mercilessly. Making the most of your furycrafting, you were able to evade their initial chase, and have gained somewhat of a lead on them, but the path you need to take back is not going to be easy... The Rules: Cycles will be 48 hour combined Day-Night cycles. There are two factions: Those Loyal to Captain Scipio, and Traitors seeking to bring down Captain Scipio. The traitors do not want the Captain to receive the intelligence gathered, and so their goal is to stop those Loyal from reaching the Captain at all costs, while still surviving to report the intelligence to their superiors. -The Loyalists win once all of the Traitors are dead. -The Traitors win if they outnumber the Loyalists. -If neither side has claimed victory by the conclusion of the 8th cycle , both sides lose (their hunters catch up to them before they reach safety), unless a player scouts on the last cycle, in which the scouts team wins. Furycrafting: There are 6 different types of furycrafting: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Metal, and Wood. Everyone has different abilities in fury crafting, and this differences are represented by 3 tiers. Each type of furycrafting has 3 tiers, each which has its own ability. Higher tiers have access to the abilities of the lower tiers. The abilities are as follows: When there’s a conflict between two things (tied lynch, multiple action/vote redirects on the same player each trying to shift to different players), the result will be decided by a coin flip. Players are able to make 2 actions per cycle. Each tier counts as a separate action. You cannot use the same action twice. Only players with Water or Windcrafting can open PM's. PM's can be made at any point during a cycle, up to the players limit. PM's are between you and one other player. Remember to include Elbereth and I in all PM's created. Label the type of crafting used in the PM title. For example: "MR14 Hael-Elb (Water)" or "MR14 Elb-Alv (Wind)". PM's remain open for 2 cycles (the one in which it is opened, and the next) before being closed, unless roleblocked or redirected. PM spies get both sides of the conversations their target was included in, but not the name of the other players in the conversations. The Traitors have a faction kill, and a doc to collaborate in. The types of kills will be differentiated in the writeup (i.e. Lynch, Traitor, Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth) Order of Actions: > Roleblocks/Redirects (W1, W2, W3, E1) > Scouting (E3) > Vote changes (F1) > Lynch > Protects (E2, M1, M3) > Kills (Traitor kill, F2, F3, M2, Water3) > Scans/Spying (A2, Water2, A3) If Person A blocks Person B, and Person B was blocking Person C, Person A block Person B’s roleblock, so Person A’s actions go through. Provided a redirect isn’t blocked or redirected, it happens before roleblocks. If two players attempt to redirect the same action(s), a higher tier gets priority, otherwise a coin flip decides the result. Players can have more than one type of furycrafting, but every player will have at least one which will be designated their primary furycrafting. Each player's primary furycrafting will be public knowledge. Note that this will be the type of furycrafting, rather than what tier. Players with a Tier 3 fury can designate an heir. This does not take up an action, nor does it need to be announced publicly. Upon their death, their fury passes to their heir. If no heir is named, a recipient will be randomly chosen. The recipient will gain a Tier 2 version of the fury. Players who are inactive for 48 hours will be 'left behind', and killed. For the purposes of this game, I am defining inactivity as not making any game relevant posts. Now I realize this is a reasonably strict filter, but I understand that sometimes life happens, and if you let me know, I'll make arrangements. You can post in thread, or send me a PM. I can neither confirm nor deny that there is or isn't any of, but not limited to, the following: Hidden Factions, Sleeper Agents, WMD , Vord Elbereth will be Co-GMing! And Alv will be your Impartial Moderator. Signups will last for a bit under a week. I may extend it by a day or two if numbers are too low, but hopefully we'll be fine! Player List: Write ups:
  6. To all the fellow Canadians out there, Happy Canada day! I hope its not flooding or raining wherever you happen to be.