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Found 2 results

  1. From the album Stormlight character emojis

    This is the face of a man who just cheated a bunch of guardsmen, and got away with it. Yes, it is natural to shrink under this abomination's malevolent gaze. @Ookla the Shadowed, probably not what you had in mind when you recommended this to me. Other ideas for emojis are appreciated. And remember, Yalb is watching... Yalb is always watching...
  2. So I'm going to be the first one to punch a hole in my theory, before I even say what that theory is. According to the timeline, the events of the first five Stormlight books happen slightly before Alloy of Law. However, I am seeing too many similarities to simply discount this. Here's what I am thinking: Similarly to Demoux, could Wayne not be a Worldhopper? I was re-reading WoK, and many of the things Yalb says seem just like something Wayne would say: And while inside the bookstore, Shallan thinks to herself: I think it would also not be unreasonable to assume that Yalb is still alive after Shallan sunk the boat in WoR, because we never directly saw him die, and she later sketched a drawing of him and another figure on a beach, which is something she hadn't seen before. I feel like this would not have been in the book if it were unimportant and Yalb would never make another appearance. Of course, Yalb has Thaylen eyebrows and a Thaylen accent, but we all know that Wayne is a master of disguising both his looks and his voice. Now, the holes. As I said in the beginning of this post, the timeline says that the first five SA books come before the Alloy of Law. This does seem to indicate that Wayne couldn't have been on Roshar, or that if he had been it would have been mentioned during the second-era Mistborn books. However, we don't have a lot of concrete information on exactly what life was like for Wax/Wayne before AoL (some backstory, some anecdotes, but not nearly as detailed as the current time in the second-era Mistborn books), so maybe when he wasn't lawkeeping with Wax, he was off Worldhopping? As for it not being mentioned, it is possible (though admittedly unlikely) that he simply never mentioned it to Wax, and never thought about it during his viewpoints in the books because it wasn't relevant at the time. I admit, the timeline makes this flimsy at best. However, the similarities between Yalb and Wayne were way too striking not to say something about it. What do you guys think?