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Found 13 results

  1. I was just looking around and I noticed that there were no easily accessible Writing Excuses transcripts. Would it be some thing feasible to add to Arcanum, maybe as a different category?
  2. This morning the World Fantasy Convention sent out at update email saying that Writing Excuses will be recording live during the event in late October! I am incredibly excited for the chance to listen and watch in person, as I have already registered for the event!
  3. Hello all, This is my first time starting a topic on these forums and, well, my first posting ANY topic on ANY type of forums. So like I said, a beginning. Anyway, I just listened to Writing Excuses for the first time, despite seeing constant updates from Adam on Brandon's website about it. This weekend, I tried it out by listening to both the most recent episode and the very first episode. I gotta say, I've been missing out. I really enjoyed listening to it. Just out of curiosity, who are the other people that are part of the podcast? Brandon is the only one that I specifically know of.
  4. I am having trouble understanding the rules regarding autonomous body parts. For example, "my eyes floated above the treetops as we passed," is obviously bad writing. Of course your eyes didn't pop out of your head and float above the trees. Sometimes these issues are not quite as obvious. For example, "I put my hand on her knee." Some might argue that the narrator picked up his severed hand, placed it on a person's knee, and just walked away. Of course, "I reached out and touched her knee," works better, but I've seen this done both ways.
  5. Well, the Stabby Award winners have been announced, and Brandon won three! Shadows of Self won Best Novel of 2015, Perfect State won Best Short Fiction of 2015, and Writing Excuses won Best Related Work of 2015! That's awesome! Link
  6. I found these last week and and been looking into them tos ee if they may be useful in halping me get my writing together and organized. Scrivener is a Writing tool that helps you organize and write your Articles, scripts,Stories, what have you in what ever order you choose and keep them documented and tabed for easy access. Still going through the Tutorial on his one, but seems fairly well put together and easy to use. Scrapple is an Idea Board that sorta lets you put down Idea and then connect them together to help you get the ideas down quickly, connect them together and then organize them later without having to figure out what you meant later. Seems a bit less useful, but still, if your in an IDEA stage it could be helpful. Wondering if anyone else has found and used these applications and how useful you found them. The Free trials comes with a 30 day trial... and the 30days is not based on 30 calender days... but 30 actual days of use... so if you close it down and don't use it for a week? well you did not jsut lose a weeks worth of your trial.
  7. I know a lot of you fine people on here are aspiring writers. Did you know there is a friendly and enthusiastic writing group under the 'Associate Works' banner? Why not check it out and you will find welcoming and helpful amateur writers, mostly raised on a healthy diet of Writing Excuses and NaNoWriMo, keen to read your work and offer constructive comment and discussion. There are writers of varying experience and persistence, keen to help and to encourage each other. Don't leave that project of yours languishing in the digital dust. Run it through the spell-checker and submit it weekly on Reading Excuses!
  8. (This Feb. the exercise is writing about a dead drop) I am struggling in writing my main male character as unstable however, it just comes off as crazy. How, when, and where do I draw that line. I know in previous podcasts the fantastic four of authors have touched on how people will read things differently i.e. Angry can be misinterpreted as whiney. Examples would be wonderful! My example below: "Helio's vison darted through the insurmountable sea of bodies in the market, the slightest bump from a passerby causing him to jump and lash out."
  9. Hello everyone! I've perused the forums a few times, and felt like the time had finally come for me to join your ranks and discuss all things Sanderson. Maybe, if we become friends, we can talk about the whole wide world of things, too! I first found 17th shard in the "forum" link on Writing Excuses, which I'd also be eager to discuss with you guys. Welp, now I'm going to go look around.
  10. The WE crew is doing a masterclass this year in writing, and the first month has exercises on coming up with ideas. So we don't overwhelm the forum (or give away all of our ideas!) lets limit this to one or two for each, if they're the full 150 words, or more if they are less. For anyone who wants to try it out, here are the prompts: Writing Prompt 10.1: Write down five different story ideas in 150 words or less. Generate these ideas from these five sources: -From an interview or conversation you've had -From research you've done (reading science news, military history, etc) -From observation (go for a walk!) -From a piece of media (watch a movie) -From a piece of music (with or without lyrics) Writing Prompt 10.2: Using last week's five story ideas (or five new ones): -Take two of them and combine them into one story. -Take one and change the genre underneath it. -Take one and change the ages and genders of everybody you had in mind for it -Take the last one and have a character make the opposite choice.
  11. I'm still working my way through the WE back catalogue. I need to get back on it, as I haven't listed to one for about 4 or 5 months, bit have currently reached Season 7. I think there are valuables lessons to be learned from Episode 4, entitled "Brevity" - which I would subtitle, the art of leaving words out. Brandon tells a good story about Niven and Pournelle having "Mote In God's Eye" accepted by a publisher(?) but being told it was too long and to cut it by 10%. They literally went through the book and cut out 10% of the words, page by page. I absolutely love that, and can testify that it is possible for almost any draft of a story. So, the writing prompt, from Howard, was as follows: Give us a group of people on a long trip in space with a problem, which they solve. Do it in 150 words. I don't see the point in emailing this around, it's 150 words for goodness sake!! So here is my final draft. It took me 3 days to write, man, that brevity takes a long time to get 'right'. Anyway, would love to get your comments. Without further ado... "Brevity" by Robinski In years of planning and modelling, they hadn't considered this. Auto-docs monitored health, coordinating diet and exercise, recommending leisure based on psychometrics. Four crew awake for four weeks annually, rotating with another forty-four in stasis. Research confirmed that stasis suspended ageing. The scientists had green-flagged the mission. Progress had been optimal. Ten years gone, sixty-four remaining, yesterday, Miller had lifted the first corpse from its capsule. Of four opened, only Dreyfus had been alive. Of the next twelve, only Mai Jong-Won lived. Five anxious faces stared at Miller. ‘Remaining life signs are A1.’ ‘So were the others,’ Powell snapped. ‘What’s the arithmetic?’ ‘At the same attrition there would be nine left. With stasis, we’d age thirty-two years, without it, sixty-four. Powell shook her head, ‘Too old, or dead.’ ‘There is an answer.’ They all looked at Dreyfus, slow panic becoming desperate hope. ‘Reproduction – we need to breed a new crew.’ The frustrating thing is that this gives rise to lots of interesting ideas, I think, so I might have to write it out into a short story - oh, the irony. Anyway, comments greatly appreciated.
  12. The Writing Excuses Anthology, containing stories from all the Writing Excuses podcasters--Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, and Mary Robinette Kowal--will be called Shadows Beneath. Intrepid 17th Sharder masaru discovered it via Googling "writing excuses anthology". It is not for sale yet, but it should be out July 3rd For cosmere fans, this is of interest because it will contain the cosmere story Sixth of the Dusk. An early excerpt from the story was unlocked during the Words of Radiance Shardhunt, and can be found here. We also know that the Shardworld where it takes place is called "First of the Sun". Other stories, which we suspect are in it because they were all brainstormed on Writing Excuses are:Mary's, with a tidally-locked moon, Dan's military fantasy called I.E.Demon (not totally sure about this one), and Howard's. Again, we're not sure these are the stories that will be included, but it does seem like a reasonable guess. The formal announcement should clear things up. Pricing will be $25, and you can get it either signed, or signed and personalized, like all books from Brandon's store. It's not certain whether it can be signed by the other Writing Excuses team. Thanks masaru and WeiryWriter for critical research for this!
  13. I attended Gen Con over the weekend. Joined the live audience for a marathon Writing Excuses recording session. Special guests included Tom Doherty, Wesley Chu, and Scott Lynch. They should start posting the episodes in eight weeks. (When Mary improvs her reading to mention a guy sneaking into the room, that's me.) The only other event I went to featuring Brandon was the outlining panel with John Helfers, Erik Scott de Brie, Jerry Gordon, and Saladin Ahmed. Brandon likened outline writers to architects and organic writers to gardeners (he was quoting another author, but I forget who. Sorry). I wanted to attend a signing with Brandon and John on Saturday at noon, but none of the staff knew where it was. I met up with John Helfers later and hung out at his table for a bit. Later, Erik chatted with me about his motivations for writing (he challenges aspiring authors to try not writing for a month. If you cannot do it, that means you are in fact a writer). On the whole, I learned a lot and was surprised by how accessible these folks are (special thanks to Erik de Brie, Scott Lynch, and Mary Robinette Kowal). They go to great lengths to meet readers and support aspiring authors. If you plan to attend a con, I advise you to remember that these authors are quite generous to spend their extremely limited time with fans. I twice saw Brandon mobbed by autograph seekers while he was trying to leave the venue on pressing business. To his credit, he stopped and signed their books. Just be aware of how busy con presenters are.