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Found 5 results

  1. This is a fun little idea I had to see how people felt about the original two God Metals of Scadrial. Here’s the explanation for each of the 3 rounds. Round 1: You can choose a lerasium bead the size of the one Elend got, allowing you to become an ancient level Mistborn. Alternatively, you can pick a guarenteed lifetime supply of Atium, along with the ability to burn it. Round 2: You can choose a lerasium bead of the same power before. But this time, you can be an Atium Compounder instead, with the Atium supply still in place for your entire life. Round 3: You can either have one pure lerasium bead or 16 alloyed beads: one for each of the Misting types. The 16 are also at ordinary Misting strength, while the Lerasium bead is still ancient level. Is the whole greater than the sun of its parts? I also encourage you to explain why you made each choice. Have a nice day!
  2. This a little would you rather. Seeing Twinborn and Fullborn made me wonder about the in between area: a Feruchemist with one Misting ability or a Mistborn with one Ferring ability. Even if they can’t be naturally born, lerasium would probably work on the right subjects and Hemalurgic definitely would. Which made me curious : what could you do with the full lineup and a metal to Compound? So I ask you, which would you rather be and why? Which metal would you Compound? For the purposes of this question, no Hemalurgic spikes will be used: just Lerasium on a natural Ferring/Feruchemist but at the lower power level.
  3. If you had to choose between being a full mistborn or a full feruchemist, what would you choose? And Why?
  4. What combination of twinborn would you be? (Compounding doesn't count but you can mention what you think would be cool). Personally I'd like to burn Pewter and be able to store either mental speed or weight. With weight you could make yourself extremely light then launch yourself due to pewter. And weight isn't that annoying to store. Mental speed would just be generally useful but a pain to store.
  5. sorry i wanted to do more but that's the max polls i can do.