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Found 11 results

  1. For two years, I (Cheyenne), Rob from Malkier Talks, and Andrew from the Black Tower Podcast have hosted WOTaHoliday to help raise funds for the Lightweaver Foundation during the holidays, and every year without fail, the Wheel of Time community has jumped in with their overwhelming support. This year, we're reaching for an even higher goal of $10k, and are looking forward to 24 hours of fun, laughter and joy. The Lightweaver Foundation contributes to food pantries & homeless shelters, but also makes sure books are readily available to those in need. Join us on December 11th for year 2 of the Wot-A-Holiday livestream event, supported by the Charity of Time. Help us get books to schools, prisons, hospitals, and homeless shelters. The following are our schedule and promotional poster. Livestream: I will be at the opening and closing ceremonies, since I am on the planning committee, as well as a slot at 3pm on Sunday with Ilana and Alfonsina, my cohosts on Worldhoppers. I hope that if you’re a fan of the Wheel of Time, whether it be the books or the show you can join us, and if you’re able, donate to this wonderful cause that the Lightweaver Foundation furthers. Brandon and Jane have prerecorded the answers to a couple of questions for us, which we appreciate immensely. This is a cause I believe in and would like to invite you to participate in as well.
  2. I originally read the Wheel of Time because I was already a fan of Sanderson and figured I didn't want to face the dilemma of what book to read next for a while. 14 books should keep me busy for a while, right? Well a few years and 3 re-reads later, here I am with a parody song, inspired by my initial confusion over who was who with all 2000ish characters. Spoiler FREE, check out the lyrics but you'll only really get a sense of it by listening. Not a great recording, but I was working with certain limitations. It is what it is. I finally found a name that appears twice, after months of work and the thing being already recorded...oops. Bonus points if you find it! I am the very Model of a Major Robert Jordan Fan.m4a
  3. I am on book 8 (Please no spoilers for future books) and so far it has been... boring. Basically everyone is politically talking and marching and so far nothing really has happened. So I was wondering, what is everyone's least favorite and most favorite books? I'll go first: (Again subject to change as I'm only on book 8) Favorite: Lord of Chaos (6) Least Favorite: The Path of Daggers (8)
  4. I’d like to suggest an idea for an upcoming episode of the Shardcast, something I’ve been fascinated by for a couple of years. Idea: explore the influence of Robert Jordan on Sanderson. You could summarize how Jordan inspired Sanderson, but I picture something more like a nuts and bolts discussion of what elements of Jordan’s writing he adopted, used-but-twisted. Context: I’m doing a reread (third time total) of the Wheel Of Time in prep for the Amazon TV series. The more I read Jordan, the more I see just how deep the influence goes. Examples (tons more than what’s listed here) Both writers use in world documents To add depth and advance the story Both explore gender roles deeply similarities in how “racy” the books get Names that appear in both books (did Sanderson flat out take them from WoT as an image?) use of Kramer/Reading for audiobooks It would also be very fruitful to talk about differences between the two (just one example here, for length of post’s sake: Sanderson portrays battles very descriptively, while Jordan painfully avoids describing battle sequences. I love the podcast! Thanks Chaos, et al. Keep it up!
  5. I think Tamsin Egerton would be great
  6. Hi folks, new guy here. Originally from Pakistan but living in Saudia for past half a decade. I was not much aware of English fantasy/fiction culture and had only read the mainstream and famous work (Tolkien, C.S Lewis, J.K Rowling, Dan Brown etc. ) and I thought there was not much more to it to interest me. Then few years ago I stumbled upon article on io9 about the upcoming books, one of them was steelheart with a cool trailer. Then saw bunch of guys praising Brandon Sanderson in the comments for how awesomely he finished WoT after Robert Jordan's passing. Naturally I had no idea about them or the books, but it conveyed the idea that WoT must be some good stuff for them to think of Brandon Sanderson in that way. So I immediately started that and within a couple of months or so I binge-read through WoT and was totally blown away by how awesomely and with honesty Brandon Sanderson finished the work of a different author, felt even a little guilty for feeling that maybe Brandon Sanderson did a better job than Robert Jordan, as it was very easy to lose track or sometimes get annoyed when the PoV monologue or description etc. seemingly went on forever with Robert jordan in some cases. Since then I have read almost all of Brandon Sanderson's work, and I am thankful to him, Robert Jordan and Naomi Novik (I stumbled upon her Temeraire series couple of months before WoT on io9), these reintroduced me or rather properly indoctrinated me into fantasy scene. p.s: pardon my grammar and stuff. English isn't my 1st or even 2nd language.
  7. So it just got announced that Sony is producing the Wheel of Time tv series!!!! Link Here Unfortunately it looks like Red Eagle managed to keep its name on the thing, but hopefully they won't be involved in the development at all. So far, it looks like good news. Harriet's gonna be involved, they have experienced people working on it, there's definitely potential. Here's hoping it works out
  8. IT'S THERE TONIGHT 1:30 AM ON FX CHANNEL AND IT IS CALLED WINTER DRAGON edit after watching it: I can't say bad things about anything related to WoT, no matter how stupid this TV show gets. It has good music. That is all I can say.
  9. I finished the Wheel of Time (which kind of puts me in a special club) and I'm left emotionally reeling. I can't remember the last time I felt the loss of characters so much or mourned finishing a series. And I'm filled with a deep sense of gratitude for the experience. Brandon really knocked it out of the park with all 3 of his books and especially aMoL. So here is a public show of admiration and appreciation to Brandon Sanderson.
  10. The stories are good but the seem SOOOO drawn out. It feel like Robert was a little TOO descriptive when writing the series. I feel myself zoning out when listening 1/3 of the time. Are the last 3 books worth it to slug through the rest of the series? Doesn't make it any better that i gt spoiled that i have to wait until book 9 to figure out who the heck killed Asmodian! My hunch is Lain was given an order by Morain before the incident (forgive me if i spelled that wrong i only listen to the audio) 1. was someone he knew 2. doesn't seem likely was another forsaken since they appear to not know what happened to him. 3. Elain to weak at the time and Aveinda had no motive to kill him. is it worth slugging through the next 5 books to get to brandons stuff!
  11. So I started reading the Wheel of Time on audiobook a few years ago and burned out. I ripped thru from Eye of the World to Fires of Heaven in about 3 months. I loved Shadow Rising but really kinda was getting bored by Fires of Heaven so i took a break... For two years.. I just got around to firing up Lord of Chaos which I ended up really liking. Looking at Goodreads and stuff it looks like there's nothing but crap ahead for 4 or books until Brandon starts to hit his stride in ToM. Is it worth it? I'm thinking of doing one every 6 months or so to not burn out, but I've heard advice do skip Winter's Heart entirely from some people and other weird advice like that. Help, I'm at a Crossroads! What is the best way to consume the "bad half" of the Wheel of Time? (note that I did enjoy LoC so if the next few ooks are really just more of the same of that I'll be good)