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Found 4 results

  1. I am just finishing listening to The Hero of Ages and a particular line hit me - "If (Preservation) has not returned, then has, perhaps, someone else taken up his power to use in (this fight)? Is that not what your teachings say will happen? That which has been sundered must again begin to find its whole." Sazed is talking to the First Generation as they try to decide if it is time for the Resolution. But his words seem to encompass more than just the battle for the survival of the kandra, or even Scadrial, itself. It sounds like a clue as to a role Sazed may very well play in the larger scheme of the Cosmere. I know Hoid has often been referenced as having a much larger role in the greater events of the Cosmere, but we still do not know what his specific plans are. We do not know of a certainty tha Hoid will be "the hero" and fix everything, himself He has plans, but those plans remain in shadow for the most part. Then there is the fact that, next to the Stormlight Archive, the Mistborn series is the largest we know of in the works of the Cosmere. Brandon has shown how he likes to present his endgame in plain sight, even while it remains hidden without a bit of effort on the part of the reader to truly understand it. It is rather easy to see the foreshadowing that has since come to pass when we reread his books, and this has the same sort of feel to me as those other clues. So, in a nutshell, my theory is this - Sazed stands as a foil to Odium and will be the one to take up the power of Adonalsium, restoring all the Shards to One Purpose, become the new god of the Cosmere, beneath the One Beyond. Okay - let's rip this apart now! EDIT: I so forgot to mention the fact Sazed and the prophecies are both of the Worldbringers, and it has been made clear there is something very significant about that.
  2. The question is there in the title. Was i the only one who read chapter 8 and thought "this looks like a job for Sigzil!?" Seriously, the dude is a Worldsinger and can speak in detail concerning the customs, policies, and and governing bodies of each major nation. He's also, seemingly, well traveled and could even speak from experience. It seems a waste for him to be searching tunnels.
  3. Hello my Fellow Cosmere Scholars, Today is the day. Way back in April of this year, I sat on a Skype call with The Darkeyed Musician and together we pitched the idea of putting together something bigger than the both of us. We have been humbled and inspired by the support and goodwill of the Cosmere community as we strove to bring the Cosmere to life in our own ways. We decided that we wanted to give back, and to somehow try to work together with our viewers and fellow fans to bring a little more good into the world. Well, we are officially going to do it. We have decided that we are going to host an online live charity drive on YouTube. We have been reaching out through our network and have gathered together a motley band of creators and dreamers to make this event as varied and interesting as possible. We have Cosmere themed games and trivia challenges, Cosmere Cosplay guides, and some inside looks at the work creators like David Fontin (Creator of "Stormlight Fan-Made Short Film") and Ascension Props ( This is just a sampling of the types of events and guests we have in store for you! I also plan to be hosting a live audience interaction through live chat and Twitter. But this isn't just a fan get together. We will be changing lives! It's not just Brandon who has brought us all together, but a love of books and reading. We all know that books can change lives. They inspire us, entertain us, and even teach us to see the world differently. I don't need to tell you about the benefits of reading. But I do need to stress that there is a growing lack of reading appreciation and accessibility. Luckily there are groups that are working every day to help this issue. We wish to take this opportunity with this massive Cosmere Community Event to raise money as an army of book lovers for kids who are struggling to read and find books they can enjoy. I discovered a fantastic none-profit organization located in the heart of Chicago that dedicates its resources toward helping children and teens have easy access to books and reading tutors. I was honored to be able to go to Chicago in person and interview the Marketing Director of Open Books. I made a Vlog about it here: Thank you so much for reading this post and, hopefully, watching the video. The biggest things about this event are 1. Come and have fun! We want this to be a time we can all get together and share tips and facts as a fan-base. I hope we will find a lot of laughs and "wow" moments. 2. Make a donation if you are able. Obviously this is an awkward thing to ask. There is no obligation to donate and if you don't have the resources, don't worry about it. This is about making a difference in the lives of others, and in a way we can all relate to. We will also be doing our best to provide interesting Stretch Goal Rewards and flash giveaways for those who can donate. I can promise you, you are going to want some of this! Thanks again for reading! If I could make one request, I would ask that you take the time to share this message with other Cosmerenauts that you know. We want to see and hear from as many of you as possible. Lets all have a big party and prepare ourselves for the release of Oathbringer! See you on September 16th! -TheBlueShifting Event Information: The Cosmere Charity Live Broadcast will begin on September 16th, 2017 at 9:00 A.M. Pacific Standard time. (11:00 P.M. Aus Eastern Standard Time Melb/Sydney) (UK Daylight Saving Time 2:00 P.M.) The Broadcast will be hosted by TheBlueShifting ( The Live Event will end at 11:59 P.M (2:00 Aus EST) (5: A.M. UK) The Planned Twitter Hashtag for Event Messaging will be #Worldsinger More will be posted as the event draws closer or during the broadcast itself.
  4. So I was rereading Elantris, and found the word "Jesker" in it. "Jesker" refers to a now extinct (or nearly so) religion practiced by Duladel prior to its collapse and and ressurection as followers of Shu-Dereth. This is obviously a reference to "Jesk" (aka what Hoid does for a living) So now we have a cosmere link aside from Worldsingers/Worldbringers. Are there any more, specifically on Nalthis, as we have Roshar, Sel, and Scandrial covered?