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Found 53 results

  1. Being as all the worlds in the Cosmere are round, and the Cognitive Realm parallels the Physical Realm, how does worldhopping work? Previously, before this occurred to me, i had pictured worldhopping being achieved (based off of Kelsier's journey to the Ire in secret history) by simply walking off the edge of the world, passing through a vague amount of compressed space (due to a lack of thoughts/Cognitive stuff) and arriving on a different world. But upon reflection, a globe has no edge to walk off of. So how does one transfer between different worlds?
  2. From my understanding, every Cosmere magic system has a way to access the cognitive realm and worldhop. My question is then, do Elantrians do this with a variant of Aon Tia? Or is that bound by using distances as we see in the book - since you can't walk to the cognitive realm, could you travel there by Aon?
  3. So Khriss… We know that she is native to Taildan, and that she is a major worldhopper. But Who Is She? What happens after the cliff hanger in White Sand 2? What is her position in Silverlight? And which systems has she been to? For that matter, who is Nazh?
  4. I read Warbreaker, but it seems a lot of time has passed since then. Vivenna is a very different person (the obvious part being that she can fight hecka good). Do we have any information on why?
  5. How does worldhopping actually work? I mean, I think they travel through shadesmar, but how? boat? magic? shadesmar is like the inverse of the worlds, but what's the inverse of space? Anyone?
  6. WARNING: SPOILERS FOR ALL MISTBORN AND STORMLIGHT PUBLICATIONS TO DATE. Friends of the 17th Shard, a situation has occured. According to Weiry Writer, Brandon Sanderson has made it known to us through the Waygate livestream that there is another worldhopper whom we have all missed. A worldhopper who, quite apart from the likes of Hoid and Nazh, goes by no known alias and does not have an easily recognizable description. Apparently, a kandra has been travelling through the Cosmere. I scarcely need remind anyone what a kandra is, or why picking one out from the crowd of Cosmere characters will be so difficult. Kandra can mold their bodies around any skeletal system, perfectly impersonating animals and even individual humans. At least one kandra impersonated another kandra. It may prove to be impossible to find a worldhopping specimen, especially when given so little information to work from. But, let us not be daunted by the difficulty. As long as there are worldhoppers, there will be 17th Sharders to find them. In fact, I cannot imagine a world in which 17th Sharders didn't speculate ceaselessly about worldhopper identities. Finding a kandra isn't a hardship: it's a privilege. Allow me to begin. Be warned, spoilers and tenuous logical connections follow. First, we should specify what we're looking for in a kandra worldhopper. Obvious signs would be noticeably out-of-character thoughts or actions, death and apparent resurrection, or mentions of missing bones or bodies. If we knew our target's motivations, we would have an easier time of things. But for now, we must sadly stick to what we know. The most obvious motivation I can think of would be as an agent of Harmony. We know from the recent batch of AoL annotations that Sazed is very concerned with Cosmere-wide events, and wishes to learn more. Sending a kandra to other worlds could work wonders towards revealing the secrets of Adonalsium. Unfortunately this idea gives us little indication of where we might find the kandra. Possibly Yolen, where it all began, or Roshar, a place of major Shardic interactions? Sel could also be a potential kandra destination. I put some thought into several deaths and resurrections. In Words of Radiance, both Szeth and Jasnah are presumed dead but are found later, very much alive. However, I do not believe either to be a kandra. We see Szeth's PoV in his chapter, and no indicators of kandrafication can be seen. In addition, Jasnah is seen Surgebinding in the WoR epilogue, which would suggest that she is who she says she is. It also seems likely that Hoid would have noticed a swap. While Szeth and Jasnah were probably not kandra-spottings, I believe that other cases of "deaths" should be investigated. So there we have it--or rather, there we don't have it. There is a needle sitting in quite a big stormin' haystack right in front of us. Let's try to find it. WalDo, the 17th Shard will find you. If you have appeared on screen, you will be found. Now, 17th Shard... let's get to work.
  7. A couple of weeks ago I had a run-in with Brandon ans was able to ask him a question. I thought I would post it here so y'all can see it. Here is the paraphrased Arcanum style transcript: Here is what I got from this: There are (or could be) shardblades off of Roshar, but definitely not a large number of them. Most (if not all) of the "missing" shardblades are still on Roshar. Also we now have definite confirmation that it is hard to take a spen off world, but it is possible. I would love to hear what the rest of the shard thinks of this WoB.
  8. I was re-reading Elantris after finishing Oathbringer for the tenth time, and I remembered that in the memory of Tanalan the younger, Dalinar dismisses a older bald man with a birthmark stretching across half of his face. Elantris describes Telrii as having a giant purple birthmark that stretches across the left side of his face. I think it's too much of a coincidence to be chance. I think that Telrii may be trying to get into power on this new planet, where no one knows of his previous failure. Well, except for Gallodon (Temoo/Grump {See interludes from WoK}) I think it would be interesting to see them meet, especially with the Radiants witnessing it.
  9. So I noticed while reading Oathbringer that May Aladar is described almost the exact same way as Vin. So maybe Sazed found out how bring her back?
  10. So there is this WoB that I couldn't figure out. I was wondering if you guys could make heads or tails of it. Q: The prevailing theory on the 17th Shard is that Hoid worldhops using Shadesmar. I was wondering if you were willing to confirm or deny that? A: Hoid has indeed gotten between worlds before through Shadesmar. Q: And would you be willing to give us a hint as to how he does that? A: There are hints in the books. There is a hint in the very first cosmere book I released. [that would be Elantris] Which I thought was a huge hint, but so far I haven't seen anyone talking about it. I thought for sure once people started figuring the cosmere, they would see the massive in-your-face hint I put in that book, but so far, as far as I know, no one has. Now, the one [hint] about the map, that one I don't think is obvious. I know people have been trying to figure it out. It's going to be fun once you figure it out, but it's not something huge and obvious. The Elantris once was, like, enormously "HIIINT!"
  11. There's been a lot of speculation about what the secret was that destroyed the Knights Radiant, as well as speculation into the causes or mechanics of the Desolations and the Oathpact. I have a wild theory that connects the two. There's probably a thousand things wrong with it, and even I see a bunch of holes and leaps in logic, but hopefully it will at least be entertaining. It starts with a WoB exchange I saw posted in another topic earlier today by Steeldancer, so credit goes to them for finding this quote: So we know that the Heralds all being present on Roshar causes another Desolation to occur. The question is, why? Well let's consider what we know of Worldhopping, because that is essentially what is happening. Spren (and perhaps originally the Listeners themselves) come from Braize to Roshar. Other worldhoppers transition between the Cognitive realm and the Physical realm using Perpendicularities. Other WoB have confirmed that perpendicularities could be caused by a massive amount of Investiture. I believe it was confirmed that Jasnah essentially did a miniature version of this to return to the physical world. My theory is that the Heralds act like Investiture lodestones. If they stay long enough in the world, there is a kind of critical mass that occurs, creating enough of a perpendicularity for Odium's forces to transition en masse into Roshar. This is basically how the new Everstorm worked. Once a critical mass of Fused Listeners was reached, they were able to call the storm. I believe the Everstorm itself is Odium’s perpendicularity on Roshar, at least this time around. We know it carries Voidspren with it, and could be what allows them to come into the Physical realm in large numbers. We also know that it was created by a large number of Fused (ie, Invested) Listeners pooling their energies. That sounds like a recipe for a perpendicularity to me. Now what if the Highstorm works in the exact opposite way (which would make sense, since they are reversed in every other way). The Highstorm is described by (suspiciously colour-obsessed and oddly familiar) “Zahel” as “invested to the hilt and looking for somewhere to stick it.” (As an aside: god bless “Zahel”). The Highstorm disperses Investiture. It takes a huge amount, maybe enough to form a perpendicularity, but then spreads it out across literally the entire world. I submit that this was its primary purpose (because remember, the Stormfather has been tasked with keeping the Highstorms coming, and presumably Honor would have some reason for unleashing these things periodically upon the world). My theory is that there are other ways to enable (or hasten) a Desolation. Perhaps with sufficiently concentrated Investiture, Odium can create a workaround, or at least speed things up, with less time between Desolations. The Highstorm is a check against this by dispersing Investiture, whereas the Everstorm keeps it concentrated (which is which it doesn’t infuse gems with Stormlight). So Honor works to prevent (large) perpendicularities from forming, and Odium tries to create more. Smaller perpendicularities ensure that the two worlds will never be entirely isolated, but might not facilitate a lare-scale invasion. The Oathpact, then , could be an agreement. Honor creates a bargain by which Odium has a shot at Roshar every once and a while. Honor essentially creates the Honorblades as a controlled means of opening a path between worlds by way of highly concentrated Investitute (which could be why Syl refers to Szeth using a dangerous amount of Stormlight with the Honorblade). At the same time though, he makes them double as a means of fighting against the very invasion they facilitate. Odium, in turn, agrees not to just come over to Roshar and destroy it himself, an agreement that binds him even after Honor's death. So how do the Knights Radiant fit in? Well we already know that they were not intended by Honor. They were the result of the spren taking it upon themselves to mimic what he had done. They mimic the Honorblades, which are presumably involved with the Oathpact (see above). What if, unintentionally, they have re-created certain aspects of the Oathpact as well, as a side effect of the nahel bond? The Heralds, when concentrated on Roshar, kicked off Desolations. The Fused, when concentrated on Roshar, kicked off the Everstorm. And for however many centuries, human beings, Invested to the hilt, as it were, were concentrating themselves in a specific location: Urithiru. What if this was enough to, if not cause the Desolations, at least exacerbate them in some way? What if it created enough of a perpedicularity to allow some of Odium's forces onto Roshar in a consistent manner, like a door propped open even between the Desolations. Spoilers from Edgedancer: To me, this seems like the kind of revelation that would utterly crush a group dedicated to sacrificing for the good of all. To learn that they and their spren had in fact been causing or at least hastening/worsening the Desolations, that all of their efforts and sacrifice were only perpetuating a cycle of endless violence, I could see that breaking them, and causing the Recreance.
  12. So there's obviously some cultural bias that is causing some of the cosnternation around the female scout that keeps popping up. But brandon rarely re-introduces the same character over and over without any significance. I think lyn is actually vivenna since we have WoB's that confirm she will be in OB. Vivenna also seems exactly like the kind of person who would rather join up with the army rather than infiltrate the scribes. Still unsure what her motives are for joining the army and coming to urithiru, speculate! Possibly trying to contact vasher??
  13. This is 3 or 4 questions in one, so bear with me here. I'm sure someone else has noticed this, but I just started rereading WoR, and on the page that has sketches of Bridge Four's tattoos, there's a note that reads, "I had to spend hours watching bridgemen to sketch their stupid forehead glyphs so you could have them, my friend. I'm pretty sure this is how they were designed. -Nazh" So, Nazh is on Roshar during WoR. Do we know which character he is posing as/does he appear on screen? Also, why does Khriss(I'm assuming he's writing to Khriss, but correct me if I'm wrong) want to see the glyphs of Bridge Four? By these sketches, Nazh also seems to be fairly talented at art, is there any other Cosmere art we know of that's drawn by him?
  14. Is there any evidence of any heralds worldhopping after they “ended” the oathpact? With their level of knowledge I would think they would be able to do so especially considering they would be proficient at going to shadesmar?thoughts?
  15. So it's commonly assumed that all the characters who cameo from other shardworlds are worldhoppers, yes? as we don't know where this power comes from, or how alot of it works, not every character we see cameoing in other books (Demoux, Gallod, Mraize, etc, etc) should be worldhoppers. What i think is actually happening is that only some of them are actual worldhoppers (hoid, nightblood and other important characters) but the others use either (A) a device that allows them to enter the cognitive or spiritual realm, as distance is different there, allowing them to go to different shardworlds (similar to how Jasnah's transportation surge works) or (B) that a worldhopper can take multiple people they are linked with (eg: touching them, or someone else who is touching them) and they only have a couple worldhoppers. if it does happen to be option (A) , that would explain why and how the 17th Shard can get to other shardworlds easily. Additionally, i think that worldhopping is orginally a yolen-based magic, although we see non-yolen's using it.
  16. So I've been stewing about this for reasons. I was remembering the scene in WoR when Shallan hugs Wit and Adolin starts to get all jealous because she had yet to be so openly affectionate with him. Adolin responds by citing how Wit is too old for Shallan, to which he wholeheartedly agrees. He mentions that there is only one other person of the female persuasion who would even come close to his age but that she hates him (I've heard Khriss is that person but I'm not sure I believe that) But this has got me thinking about the life of a Worldhopper, especially a long-lived one. If you are familiar with Dr. Who during the Rose Tyler story arch then you will be familiar with this issue. It's the problem of falling in love. I mean, when you are 300 hundred going on infinity how could someone even see love and passion the same way? In their eyes, the people around them would be like a lovable dog. Wonderful and fulfilling, and yet their time is so short compared to our own. It's a sad fact that anyone who is effectively immortal would face the inevitable heartache of watching those they grow to love wither and die before their unchanging eyes. Now I used to think that it doesn't matter, but in reality, that prospect would probably make such relationships difficult. When thinking about this I asked Brandon in his most recent Reddit AMA if Worldhoppers had ever fallen in love and started families on other worlds. The TLDR; When Worldhoppers travel, they can and have entered into relationships and had children. This has sometimes given those children powers from another world (Think an allomancer being born on Roshar) Brand said that this has happened. Now I know what you are thinking, it's probably just Silverlight. But the question was specific and we know that Worldhoppers appear all over the place. It must have happened. It just gets me thinking. This post is mostly just me thinking about the nature of relationships for long-lived Worldhoppers. But I want to hear your thoughts about this issue. try to imagine watching those you love growing old and dying, and their children, and their children's children, while you are still the same. Perhaps these issues don't come up often because they would be too hard to bear so most avoid the issue. Or worse, imagine learning that your SO will never age and you will grow frail before their eyes. Please let me know what you think. Also, as a bonus, what are the chances that Hoid has had children before (maybe Sigzil?)
  17. Everybody on Nalthis is born with one breath, which gives them some investiture. People who are not from Nalthis don't have any breaths. If they are a Knight Radiant or an Allomancer, they do have some investiture in them, but the average person does not. You can get investiture from other sources, like when Vashar/Zahel gets Stormlight and uses it as breath, but the average person doesn't suck up stormlight on a daily basis. The only two worldhoppers we've seen in Warbreaker are Hoid, who has breath (we know this because he has perfect pitch) and Vashar, who was born there. So if a random person from another planet came to Nalthis, would they be seen as a drab?
  18. Alright. So we're all aware of the critical discussion between Stick and Shallan in The Words of Radiance: But Did we ever stop to think that maybe Stick would be featured in other Cosmere novels? No? Yes! Warbreaker: Elantris: * ** the 's' in stick isn't originally capitalised in the books Notice something common? Every character wants to use Stick as a way to practise a magic system tehe. While Stick refused to be used for Shallan's intended purposes, it did give in to Vivenna. Raoden thought of using Stick, but Stick escaped in time. I don't even know how that fits in to all of this lol. Stick is a Worldhopper --> Theory confirmed Note that this is no more than a joke not to be taken seriously Edit: this would've looked a lot cooler of my reputation level was Worldhoppper. Alas, that's a loong way to go. XD
  19. This is an interesting tidbit from Brandon's Chicago signing. We know that the Listeners/Parshendi are native to Roshar, but aren't sure about the other beings on the planet and whether or not they've always been on Roshar. This bit about the Irali appears to be new. So what do we know about them? The Iriali Have Been on Roshar for a Long Time Iri was one of the Silver Kingdoms on Roshar, so it's roots go deep into the history of the planet. They would have witnessed the Heralds themselves and experienced the desolations as a culture. The Iriali Have a Religion that Includes The Long Trail Ym gives us some interesting information about the Iriali people: So, we should not be surprised that the Iriali have not always been on Roshar. It seems that their people have been on three other worlds prior to arriving here, and that they expect to move on to two additional worlds before finally arriving back at oneness in the Seventh Land. I know others on the shard have discussed this story as a possible reference to the shattering of Adonalsium. Something Weird is Going On in Their Biggest City: Rall Elorim Rall Elorim is known as the City of Shadows and is a strange place. Folks here on the shard have speculated that the reference to shadows may mean that this place is where Cognitive Shadows of dead Knights Radiant or spren live. Since this is the largest city in this nation, I'd doubt it's entirely inhabited by Cognitive Shadows. Though, if we assume that the Iri migrated through the Cognitive Realm from Nalthis to Roshar (see bellow), it could be that the city is located in the Cognitive Realm. Kasitor: Home of Cusicesh the Protector An extremely large spren named Cusicesh who, at exactly 7:46am every day, rises out of the water of the bay and creates an illusion of waves around it. A translucent blue color, it measures over 100 feet tall - Axies refers to it as one of the largest spren he's ever seen. With four long arms and a strange face that rapidly shifts through male and female faces, it looks eastward toward the Origin. Those who gather to watch it appear frequently report feeling "drained" after seeing it. Some of the Iriali worship it, placing golden pedestals out to honor it. Questions Raised What other worlds were the Iriali on before? They have metallic, golden hair and paint themselves with colors and patterns. They also have strong chastity laws and discourage public nudity. Some of this sounds reminicent of Nalthis, where bright colors, the muted conservatism of Austre, and "the Royal Locks" are a part of cultures there. Since it seems that Vasher and Denth (if not others) of the Five Scholars travelled to Roshar in the past (and that Vasher is currently on the planet, as is Nightblood), there do seem to be connections here. Since the Expanse of the Densities has been speculated to refer to Nalthis, that Iri is right there on the Physical and Cognitive maps of Roshar, it makes sense that the Iri could have migrated from there. What similarities are there to the migration on Threnody? Are they the cultural ancestors (or decedents) of the Iriali? What is happening with the draining sensation that the people feel in the presence of Cusicesh? Is it a similar happening to a Larkin sucking out stormlight from a surgebinder? Do people on Roshar have innate Investiture that could be drained in this manner? Not anyone can be a vessel of stormlight, so what is it that Cusicesh is doing to them? Also, what is the symbolism of the faces that appear? Why does it appear on such a regular schedule? So other than the Listeners/Parshendi, what other peoples were native to Roshar?
  20. This quote came from the signing on December 1st, but I'm curious to get some feedback about it, as it seems to contradict the information Brandon gave us recently about the Five Scholars on Nalthis. How could the Five Scholars be close to being cosmere aware, knowing more than anyone who wasn't a worldhopper (meaning they likewise were not worldhoppers), and yet also be a group that worldhopped to worlds that had gone through Industrial Revolutions? So, were the Five Scholars cosmere aware and/or did they worldhop when they were the Five Scholars? Obviously, Vasher/Zahel figured it out by the time we see him in TWoK (which takes place after Warbreaker). What do we know people?
  21. Fallen Elantrians put into the Shardpool are described as "dissolving". Several times. However, when Hoid uses Pools to transit between Realms, he just dissappears. In Elantris, his scene with skaze, he is not described as dissolving. Secondly, why would Galladon's father choose the heart sickness to kill him if he could just go into the Pool to pass away? Furthermore, the famous mural is "depicting worldhopping" (source). Not funeral ceremony. It seems the pre-Reod Elantrians did not use it for suicide but for transit into Cognitive Realm. The question is: why are fallen Elantrians dissolving instead of transiting into Cognitive Realm?
  22. Hello everybody! A thought tickled my brain after reading a couple of WOBs and I thought I'd pop my head up to see what folks have to say about it. First the WOBs: WOB #1: WOB #2: So we know that Hoid pops up in many places, interacts with important people, and gathers cool stuff in order to achieve some desired outcome. We also know that he uses feruchemy order to know where to go. However, it had previously always been discussed and speculated that Hoid obtained his feruchemy on Scadrial or from some Scadrian artifact. However, the more recent of the two WOBs above (that would be #2 from Librarypalooza back in Feb of this year) indicates that his ability to know where to go is "innate". This suggests that Hoid had his feruchemy from birth (since that is what 'innate' means). However we know that Hoid predates Scadrial since he was present at the shattering of Adonalsium (and Scadrial, or at least its flora, fauna, and metallic arts, was created by the combined efforts of two of the shards). This means that he predates Scadrian feruchemy. So, is feruchemy a native Yolan art or did Brandon misuse the term 'innate'?
  23. theory

    This is an interesting thought I had. It probably won't turn out to be true but hey. It's possible so far as I know. So basically, we know there are two kinds of Amian on Roshar. Hoid lets us know that one of them is the "Dysian Amian" which apparently is sort of pieced together. We've also seen an Amian in one of the interludes of WoR. I would guess this is a Dysian Amian if my theory is true. This one did not seem much like a kandra. This theory is... Simply put... What if the second kind of amian is actually just kandra? I think somewhere else it has already been established that kandra might have at one point been able to worldhop... They share certain similarities with the Amian description, like being able to shape their flesh.
  24. So I was thinking about this last night, when I was trying to go to bed and had just finished listening to Words of Radiance, what if the Cognitive Realm's appearance is based on your perception? For example for someone like Hoid, he'd probably see it as something completely different than say Jasnah or Shallan. Rosharans (is this a canon term yet?) associate spheres with holding power in the form of Stormlight so when they travel to Shadesmar they see a world made out of spheres; where as someone from the White Sands world might see it as sand of some sort. Revision: Instead of having everyone see it differently based on their beliefs, it would be shaped differently for each world, with spheres for Roshar and sand for the White Sands world. Metal for Scadrial. I'd assume something to do with light for Sel, or I've just been playing too much Infamous Second Son and enjoying the Neon Power way too much. This may also explain why it's so hard to travel in Shadesmar (or whatever it's called on Sel) around Shadesmar as well. Edit: I'm leaving the original theory there just for reference purposes, but I'm adding parts that have been suggested in the posts below. Would appreciate any feedback on this, as I found the concept really fascinating and in line with what little we know of the Cognitive Realm.
  25. When Kelsier met Hoid in the Well of Ascension, Hoid talks about Kelsier's destroying of the Pits of Hathsin. He says At first, this seemed just a passing comment. But it means that there was a large amount of trade passing through Scadrial. The general consensus seems to be that Worldhopping and General Cosmere-awareness is rare. But this means that it's actually not, there are apparently Worldhopping traders, and Cosmere-aware buyers and sellers. Could this be related to the 17th Shard, making it larger than we thought? Or is it something else?Thoughts?