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Found 38 results

  1. Is there a Shardpool in France? Sure looks like it! Worldhoppers - Coming to your area soon! (Just kidding, of course, but wow would the Fosse Dionne ever make for a spectacular Shardpool!)
  2. So I thought, There's letters right? Between worldhoppers or general cosmere aware people so, why not have a postal service? I basically made this topic to see some of your (17Sharders) thoughts on what you would be like in the cosmere and what some of you would send to each other or, characters in the cosmere. In short, Have some fun! send some replies in letter forms and why not give some responses? make our own little RPG fourm in the cosmere thingo. (Sorry lost what i was sayin' there) For example Dear @The traveller, Hope you are enjoying the rose empire! sorry for leaving you without warning you of my departure! I had something from... my past... come up. However I should be able to rejoin you in a few weeks, best of luck with your new life in the Rose empire, I would take care for those jaddeth priests, all i can say is they corrupt all continents of Sel. Last of all, Please look out for @greeny-231, he is a spearman and can take care of himself but... I would prefer if he had supervision by you or @Honorless. Cheers, -FS (Find our discussion about that @
  3. there’s Kenton street in luthadel which is the name of the main character in white sands and trell on taldain and also a god on scadrial plus the fact that khriss is I world hopper
  4. I was just wondering in the future are we going to see a book where there might be someone from Scadrial , someone from Roshar and perhaps someone from Nathis and they are all employing different magic systems in a fight . I think that would be epic . And the true culmination of what the Cosmere has to offer ! I Realize that this situation currently exist on Roshar but we don’t see anyone using powers in a confrontation. The closest we have is Hoid utilizing breath on the doll . What I’m getting at is a conflict between Worldhoppers offworld ,
  5. So for a while now I’ve been thinking about this subject, and the other day I had made a post in the Stormlight Facebook group addressing it, and it ended up being a pretty big hit there, with reactions ranging from people loving it, to thinking it’s interesting but likely misguided. So I wanted to lay this out here as well and get some more feedback on it. So ever since I listened to Stormlight Archive the second time, with the benefit of hindsight from my first listen-through, I began to wonder whether there might be potentially more to Lirin (Kaladin’s father) than meets the eye. But at first I couldn’t quite place what it was about him that seemed off about him to me, but recently, it hit me. I realized that literally every single one of Kaladin’s ideals thus far, including what his fourth one is most likely to be, namely accepting that you can’t save everyone and to not allow your failures to prevent you from doing what you can, are things that Lirin has explicitly tried to instil in Kaladin and also operates by himself. In short, Lirin almost seems to me to be a Windrunner without a Spren. The first ideal is really too broad to find anything specific, but the second and third are very explicit in that he dedicates his life to helping people whose lives are in danger, he very explicitly was put into a situation in which Roshone, a man he had every reason to despise and allow to die, had his life entirely in Lirin’s hands, and Lirin chose to do what he knew was the right thing and save his life, which is the third ideal of the Windrunners. And he also has told Kaladin on more than one occasion that he no matter how hard he tries, he can’t save everyone, and that he needs to come to terms with that inevitability, which is most likely at the very least related to the fourth Windrunner ideal. So again I say, Lirin seems to be very Windrunner-y in his philosophy, with the only real difference being the way in which he chooses to protect people, namely as a surgeon rather than a soldier. Now I don’t believe for a second that Brandon wrote his character this way accidentally; the parallels are just to explicit for that. But the question is: what does it mean? And could it possibly be hinting at something? Now, before I go any further, I just want to freely admit that I have very little confidence that this theory is correct, as there are many other explanations for this that are much simpler, but I still think it’s at least worth laying out. So, here’s my admittedly unlikely theory: what if Lirin is a former Windrunner? Specifically a Windrunner from the time of the Recreance? Now, like I said, I realize how unlikely this probably is, but I don’t think it’s completely out of the question. After the Recreance, I think it’s entirely possible that some of the disgraced Radiants may have chosen to go into exile and leave Roshar, maybe becoming worldhoppers. And we know that worldhoppers often gain a greatly extended lifespan by as yet unknown means. And the one piece of evidence I have for this is how thickly Lirin lays on the whole ‘violence is always bad; nothing good can ever come of it!’ spiel. The way he speaks of that, and his conviction, seems to me to bespeak some deep familiarity with war and conflict. And the Radiants at the time of the Recreance pretty much got the ultimate example of this by their unwitting lobotomization and subsequent enslavement of the Singer species. With the Windrunners probably being even more deeply disturbed than many other orders by virtue of how much their order was all about protecting people and doing the right thing; I happen to be in the camp of fans who suspect that the horror of realizing what they had done to the Singers probably caused many of them to consider their oaths broken. And if Lirin was one of them, I can easily imagine his guilt driving him to be a hard pacifist, which he clearly is, and changing his method of protecting people from the role of a soldier to the role of a healer. And the other somewhat intriguing thing is that Lirin had a very interesting reaction to seeing Kaladin use his Windrunner powers, namely to look horrified and dismayed, maybe because he knew first hand what those powers could potentially cause and was horrified that his son now possessed them? Again, clearly there are many other possible explanations for this, and I freely admit that even I think that most of them are probably much more likely than this one. But I will say one thing with conviction, and that is that regardless of whether he’s a former Windrunner or not, I do think that Brandon must have written his character like this for some reason. One doesn’t just overtly display pretty much the entire Windrunner philosophy (in stark contrast with 99.9% of the rest of Roshar) for no literary purpose. Like I said, the only question is what that literary purpose is in this case? Could Brandon be hinting at something more important here? What does everyone think?
  6. How old is Khriss during all of the books? And do worldhoppers age slower or something, because she is in secret history, era 2, stormlight, and of course white sand which must have come first. My guess is at least 230 years old during Stormlight.
  7. I was going to post in Stormlight forums initially, but some WoBs are mentioning worldhopping so I thought it safe to post here instead. I apologize for the vagueness that is about to follow, I'm not sure for a lot of things revolving around this theory, so try and consider this as a starting point for discussion and share knowledge. I’m also not sure if this has been discussed here before, and if yes please point me in the right direction. Apart from various discussions I've had the last few months about several of the following points, what incited this madness of a theory is this WoB about “the Heralds needing to leave for a Desolation to end, but not all of them have to.” But let me take things back, further back, before I bring you into it. [1 – Shadesmar / Roshar correlation] So I made this little image in order to possibly help with what I am imagining about Shadesmar. We know from the map that where land exists on Physical, it’s a sea of beads in Shadesmar. So from this, I am assuming that the heightmap of the land is inverted between the two Realms. The high points and mountains on Physical are deep parts in the sea of beads. The ground below sea level in the Physical is the dark sky in Shadesmar. And the air in the Physical is part of the ‘land’ in Shadesmar. [2 – The shapeshifting land] The Rosharan map looks like a Julian set, so this implies it is an ever-changing structure. This could be happening by the distribution of crem and the Highstorm cycles, magically shifting the ground from one shape to the next with the passage of time. Because we have in-book maps that persist for hundreds of years, I'm assuming this phenomenon takes thousands of years to make a huge difference and it’s not something our characters are ever going to witness firsthand (at least not the immortal ones). [3 – Shapeshifting Shadesmar?] What would be especially interesting to consider in such a scenario is the corresponding change happening in the Cognitive Realm as a result of this. It could mean that the sea parts of Shadesmar would be continuously shifting, changing shape, providing Cognitive land access to places that didn't have it before and removing that same access later. On the other hand, we know that Shadesmar is the access point to and from other planets, with WoBs stating that Worldhoppers could possibly 'step in between light years' of distance when traveling between planets through the Cognitive Realm. Assuming the first humans to arrive on Roshar did this while the Julia set was aligning in such a way to allow passage from Ashyn, this would mean that the Heralds lived in an age where Shadesmar's mystery and functionality was already explored. They would've probably known that if you traveled to ‘a moon patch' that represents a planet and explore it it would allow land to 'grow' on Shadesmar. [4 – Rosharan planets made of air] So to reach the topic of the thread, what if the 10 gas giants around Roshar are actually the Tranquiline Halls, the pathways to Damnation from where Odium's Desolations could be ‘walled off’? Since the air in Physical would translate to land in Shadesmar, could it be that by visiting a gas giant and exploring it, a huge wall of land would appear in Shadesmar, all of a sudden? Could it be that each Herald was supposed to 'go back' to each one of the gas giant planets, in order to 'create a wall’ on the Shadesmar side, that would protect Roshar from Odium’s influence? Could it be that the Heralds were continuously tortured and killed in order to make them forget that part and the walls in Shadesmar to break down? Could it be that the Heralds eventually found out that not all of the ‘walls’ were needed in order to shield Roshar? That Odium only arrived from one direction in Shadesmar, one planet, and by leaving that one Herald corresponding to that wall, it was enough?
  8. During Kholinar Raid in Oathbringer , no one could use stormlight ! If you did the corrupted spren detected investiture be it span reed or KR abilities . Thanks to Wit(Hoid) Azure was able to find a work around . By putting up metal plates ( it doesn’t say what kind but I’m going to guess Aluminum) but my point is Wit knew how to counter spren . I have one issue with Brandon I don’t like! And it’s that Brandon has a tendency to have Worldhoppers that know more about what’s going on behind the scenes than the natives do ! Wit can have a passed cause 5 millennia old. But there are too many others . When Kelsier first escaped the well he ran into Khriss and she knew way more than Kelsier. Iyatal the leader of ghostbloods knows way more than most of the scholars on Roshar, Vashur knows better than most Hoe to fight with shardblade . Khriss wrote arcana unbound and knows more about most of the magic on most planets. I just think there should be scholars on Roshar that know more about Roshar magic than Khriss does! Does anybody feel what I’m saying ?
  9. Only recently on a re read did I actually peruse the letters. For the first time I could actually read what was happening and begin to understand . So Frost by all accounts an ancient Wyrm tries to contact Hoid and stop meddling in affairs of the other Shard holders . It implies that Hoid is bitter about something he lost .From the way it’s worded it sounds like a lover . Frost keep saying move on . Anyways what’s most interesting is the faction called the seventeenth shard . They are apparently hunting Hoid! I’m wondering who recruits them ? Are they in any of the unpublished novels? I recognize Galladon, Demoux, Baon, Even if Galladon has his abilities , which I thought he lost if he left Sel , I doubt they could capture Hoid.!
  10. When Wax is at a fancy party (i forget which one specifically) he asks one of the ladies there to dance. She accepts, but then another lady (not much description, or name) sweeps in and asks him questions about his Twinborn abilities. She is never seen again. My intuition demands that this is khriss, one of the known Worldhoppers. Anyone else agree? Disagree?
  11. Ok, so I have no idea if someone else has already posted a similar theory before but well, here it goes: After re-reading Mistborn: Secret History, I decided to read more of Hoid's known appearances on Scadrial and that's when I remembered that he spent much of WoA in the Terris Dominance. Given that he has been trying to gain access to more and more magic systems for some unknown purpose, I imagined that he was trying to somehow get Feruchemical powers from the Synod now that he also had access to Lerasium level Mistborn magic. However, as we know, Ruin sent the Inquisitors and the Koloss forces to wipe out the Keepers and steal all the Feruchemical abilities they could while at it. Now, here is where the theory starts. We know that Aslydin was the daughter of one of the Elders, maybe even a full Feruchemist at that and that he was killed during that attack. Well, what if Hoid, in trying to get a spike with Feruchemical power ended up saved her using what was clearly another magic system and that spiked her curiosity enough to question him as much as she could while they were on the way to the pits with the other refugees, before Hoid parted ways with her? Then she could have shared that information with Demoux one day and eventually they learned how to worldhop. As for why Demoux might be looking for Hoid with help from the 17th Shard that has been opposing Hoid, well, maybe they eventually learned that the Feruchemical spike Hoid stole had the powers and lifeblood of Aslydin's father, which would make it personal, even if they have another reason. That's where I have gotten so far. What do you think?
  12. I mean, there's some strange things about Zahel, yes. And once you tell me that, hey, Zahel is Vasher, I can connect them to things we already know about Vasher/Nalthis. But if someone's starting from square one, what was it that made people make the connection? After I read that Zahel was Vasher on TV Tropes, I went back and reread all the parts I could find with him in them. And the only conspicuously odd thing I found was the bit where he thinks about how he used to hear a voice in his head- and that could have been anything, there's so much we still don't know about Roshar. It could have been a spren he bonded and then killed by being dishonorable. What was the smoking gun here?
  13. Can somebody list all of the worldhoppers from/in warbreaker? I've heard a lot of wishy-washy things, so please make sure to specify if it hasn't been confirmed
  14. So I just finished Oathbringer, and at the very very end, I noticed that the parshwomen hoid gives the child to's husband's name is cob. his name is only mentioned once. In the bands of mourning, brandon gives wax's coachman cob one of the little descriptions he gives worldhoppers. I originally thought of this as a mistake, but after the confirmation(well, rafo) of two worldhoppers who's names were only mentioned once, I started to suspect. Any thoughts?
  15. So I found 2 more worldhoppers, one of which has been rafoed. Rial-captain of bridge 13 and one of dalinar's gaurds. mentioned in white sand multiple times. vet- a soldier under elend venture's command. The captain of bridge eighteen.
  16. Hi everyone, I’ve been thinking about this, and I’m curious to see what evidence there might be for this theory... Is Jasnah a Worldhopper? Though I’ve never seen evidence of her on a different planet or solar system, we do know that she’s had more years of experience as a Radiant and with Shadesmar— 6 more years, to be exact. Not to mention, Jasnah is an Elsecaller, and can literally teleport to different places. We know that Shadesmar, aka the Cognitive Realm, actually has distance, and places in Shadesmar correspond to locations in the Cosmere. For example, the Expanse of the Densities is confirmed to be Sel, and the Expanse of the Vapors is confirmed to be Scadrial. There is a good chance that she has traveled to these places within Shadesmar. Thoughts? Further evidence?
  17. So I was doing an Oathbringer reread and when I got to the part where Dalinar went to meet the Nightwatcher I recognized his guide Felt. Felt was in WOR as a scout for Dalinars expedition and I am pretty sure I saw a WOB a few years back that the same Felt was in Mistborn working as a scout for Elend. If I Remember correctly that implies that Felt either survived the Mistborn trilogy and subsequently learned how to worldhop or he left because things were getting crazy. This seems to imply theres a lot more to him than meets the eye. He tells Dalinar that he tried to meet the nightwatcher but that he was to foreign and that Dalinar is "less foreign". Was he obliquely referring to his worldhopping? Why did he look for the nightwatcher at all? Why is he sticking around Dalinar? Is he aware of Vasher/Zahel? I got nothing so pile up anything you can come up with.
  18. In chapter 12 of BoM, There is this lady who is dancing with Wax. She seems super curious about Wax's abilites, and whether his Skimmer abilities make him actually storing more mass, or just have the planet recognize him more. Could she be Jasnah? Her physical appearance matches. She also mentions the mortality rate on Scadrial as compared to other planets.
  19. Hello all - for a while now a number of people have speculated that the Iriali, on their long trail in pursuit of the knowledge of the one, are a society of Worldhoppers that periodically change worlds so that they may truly experience all of the One, Adonalsium. So where have they been? I am currently on my second, much slower and more observant read through of Oathbringer, and am only in part 2, and I already have some ideas for where the Iriali have been. I base all of this on things they have said. Sadly, we do not have many sources. Ym through the Words of Radiance Interlude, and Evi through Dalinar's flashbacks, when she appears and has conversation. They do not provide much, but here is what I have found, most of which is from the same chapter in Oathbringer. Chapter 36: Hero In this chapter we see Evi at what is likely her happiest, pregnant with Adolin, living with Dalinar. I picked up on four things she said that link to some other stuff in the Cosmere, emphasis mine: {Temporary edit: I am at work, so I can't really flip through the book to get exact page numbers and quotes. I intend to come back and fix the format of this later this evening} 1) White like the sun at night. She uses this idiom with Dalinar when he stops the fireplace from ash coating their walls. Worth noting that she phrases it as 'a sun,' not 'the sun.' Seems to indicate that the Iriali have been to Nalthis for a period of time before Roshar, given the colour based idiom that is also prevalent with our two Nalthians. 2) Like the blackness of old stories - When describing Dalinar's mood. While this could refer to the Desolations, I feel that this refers more to a single crushing darkness in a history that would leave all bleak. This feels like a reference to the old legends of the Deepness on Scadrial, which was often depicted as a formless blackness in art. 3) A stone still wet with moss. When describing Dalinar's thoughts on the nature of spren. I can't currently tie it to any one planet, but moss sticking to rocks does not seem likely native to Roshar. A Highstorm would strip that right off. This to me would hint at less hostile, more temperate climates not found outside of Shinovar, which is not where the Iriali live. 4) Nightwatcher, avatar of the One. This to me is not necessarily a reference to another planet, but it does line up with the second letter in the epigraphs of part two, where the shard describes the formation of a new avatar that is being bred to distrust Hoid. The comparison seems to link both the idea that intentional splinters/slivers of a certain power level could be considered avatars, and that the Iriali have been to that shard's planet on their long trail to pick up that terminology. Once again, I apologize for the format. I will be coming back to this later, today hopefully, to clean this up - add proper quotes with some context and page numbers. But this is what I have spotted so far. I do not recall much from Ym's interlude that would hint as to which shardworlds the Iriali had been to before, or even how the entire society manages to worldhop, or what their criteria for moving on is. There are a small handfull of other chapters where Evi has actual lines to deliver, but I have not gotten there yet. Has anyone noticed any other hints as to previous stops on the Long Trail? Does anyone dispute the examples I have given here, or have alternate interpretations of them?
  20. The name "Azure" probably should have been a tip-off, but when she was first introduced, I thought the Highmarshal was a man. By the time Azure's "secret" was revealed, I had already stopped thinking about "his" name and moved on to other stuff. The weird "shardblade" maybe should have been a clue, but to be fair, I don't think anyone was expecting Nightblood 2.0. When Kaladin stated right out that he thought she had found an Honorblade, there was obviously going to some dramatic irony there; I figured it was going to turn out that she was an actual Herald. Except she didn't seem at batguano insane as a Herald. So I didn't know what to think. Then she used Zahel's "white on black" idiom, and that's when I put the book down, and laughed, and started muttering about how I'd found her. When did you guys realize she was Vivenna?
  21. So I've checked the search function and I can't quite find any threads asking the question I'm asking, so here goes. The Ghostbloods, whose goals are unknown, seem to have, by way of WoB and evidence on screen, a connection to the cosmere as a whole. We know for instance that at least two Ghostbloods are worldhoppers, and from some items in their hideout (a vial of sand I assume to be from Taldain, a silver knife I think could be from Threnody, among others) which could imply a casual understanding of worldhopping amongst their members. Their goals are vague, but I assume they are greater than Roshar as a whole. Though with only two worldhoppers is it possible that their organization is also a worldhopping organization? Discuss
  22. Hey guys! Sorry if this is a re-post or derivative post or anything, but I saw axcellence's topic about what scenes people want to see in OB and most of what I could think of was seeing glimpses of our cosmerenauts showing up around Roshar: Zahel seeing Szeth with Nightblood... stuff like that. Got me to thinking that in the grand scheme of things Oathbringer is in all probability going to be the most cosmere-intensive book to date that Brandon's come along with, even if it's just what Jasnah has to say about her travels through the Cognitive Realm. We know worldhoppers have cropped up on Roshar more than any other planet so far and it seems to be a bit of a hub, so my question is... who do you want to see around Roshar from other planets? And what do you want them to be doing? Personally I'm a fan of the whole 'if Vasher is on Roshar then Vivenna must be hanging around there somewhere too' idea, so I'd love to see Vivenna show up... potentially as the queen of Theylenah (bit of a stretch but I'm a sucker for a good twist!)
  23. Hi guys! First of all, thank you for reading this, and please don't be so harsh if you find some mistakes-English is not my first tongue. So, at the very end of The Emperor's Soul, Shai tells Gaotana that she might use her Way Out Essence Mark so she can forget her involvement with the Empire, but then, at the very end of the story, we discover that she has a new task, and, I quote, that is "tracking down the Imperial Fool, who had betrayed her". We know that the Imperial Fool is no other than Hoid, and that, in the deleted prologue, he tells Shai that they shall never meet again. This could be the end of the quest for any other character, but Shai has a huge understanding of the Realmatic Theory and is quite resourceful, so if she is out there hunting Hoid, my money is on her. In order to achieve this, she would have to hunt Hoid across the Cosmere, and become a worldhopper like him to get out of Sel to begin her quest. So, I think she is a strong candidate for worldhopper, and perhaps she would even end up joining the Seventeenth Shard just to find him. What do you think about this? Is it plausible, or is just plain crazy?
  24. I just finished re-reading The Way of Kings, and I'm about (in a few minutes) to start re-reading Words of Radiance. After I got on the 17th Shard, I decided to re-read all of the Comere stories and take notes about worldhoppers, behind-the-scenes stuff, and things like that. I've been taking notes in my book (ex. pg 3 in tWoK, writing that Shalash was the reason why her statue was missing, or in the Ishikk chapter, with Demoux, Galladon, and the other dude looking for Hoid), as well as making little speculations on the chapter headings. And with much ado about nothing, here is my intent for this post. I would really, really, REALLY appreciate it if people could comment with behind-the-scenes/little theories/worldhoppers/other stuff from tWoK or WoR. Things that don't stick out or make sense if you don't have a general understanding of the Cosmere. Thanks, y'all!
  25. Essentially what it says in the title. I've been thinking of a lot of Cosmere questions lately, and I think this is one I'm most proud of, as it doesn't seem like anyone else has sparked on the idea yet. If a worldhopper traveled to Nalthis and died for whatever reason, would they be able to return? We know that Breath is one of the easiest magics for non-natives to wield, and since the Divine Breath of a Returned comes from Endowment, it stands to reason that a Shard would have an even easier time stamping Investment onto someone from the outside. I think there are some interesting possibilities here. I subsequently started wondering if, perhaps, the female Terris worldhopper was a member of the Court of the Returned. I think it would be really neat, and quite unexpected, though I understand that the nurse is the prevailing theory and more likely, considering the gleeful smile Brandon gave when asked.