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Found 6 results

  1. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    This is the more boring sheet where I tried out shape languages and demonstrate to non-SA readers how that structure came to be. Believe it or not I wrung my brain for those lumpy shape languages...
  2. So this is a thing I made a few years back. It's probably bad. What do you think? In this world, the realm of dreams and creativity is called the Mindscape. The "real" world is called the Outside by Mindscape denizens. Outsiders find their way into the Mindscape when they dream. Every fiction ever dreamed exists in the Mindscape. There is an ongoing debate on whether Outsiders create the Mindscape worlds by dreaming or simply dream of worlds that already exist. Each Outsider can see some worlds and no others, though they will usually see fewer than capacity. Each Outsider also has a private area of the Mindscape that's similar to a landing pad, a place where they dream into before ending up in a world. No other Outsider can access the private area, and this area is generally free of Mindscape denizens. Egos have a similar area, which is where they go when they dream. It is unknown if Egos go to a deeper Mindscape or just relocate in the Mindscape when they dream. The Dreamer can sense things in the Mindscape but cannot move them(or make footprints). The rules of the world are what the Dreamer believes they are, so if the Dreamer thinks they can fly or walk on water, then they can. When the Dreamer wakes up, the events of the Dream are vague and generalized. This causes misinterpretation and different versions of the same world to be written and published(Alice in Wonderland book vs movie). People can choose to stay if they want, entering a permanent coma. Usually there will be a note left explaining the decision. Outsiders that do this gradually forget the Outside in favor of the neverending Mindscape. Mindscape denizens can be divided into 2 categories: Egos and Figments. Egos are dynamic characters, more like real people. These are usually POV characters and main characters. The protaganist, the antagonist, everyone characterized with a personality. Figments are like movie extras, existing to flesh out a world without having any depth themselves. These are the nameless, faceless, voiceless people. The check-out person, the man on the street, everyone who would never get attention. Imaginary friends(IF) are a special case of Figments. They are found by a young child and befriended, however the IF will not be able to know anything the child does not. The IF has the illusion of sentience, but it is an empty shell pantomiming. Once the child stops believing and remembering, it loses all semblance of sentience, though it still has form in the Mindscape. Imaginary friends can be brought back from being forgotten, though the relationship will often be soured because of the Outsider's guilt over forgetting. Tulpas are a special case of Egos. They are "manufactured" Egos, created by an Outsider devoting time to create a Mindscape denizen in their private area. Tulpas are as variable as the Dreamer. Egos and tulpas can also create tulpas. This can lead to "Tulpa-ception" where tulpas make tulpas who then make more tulpas and on and on. There is no limit to the number of tulpas one can have, though tulpas that are not actively thought of tend to go the Mindscape.
  3. Vasher was a fool to bring Nightblood to Roshar... So Nightblood feeds on investiture, and its power is directly proportional to the amount of investiture it consumes. So far, we have seen Nightblood wielded by mere mortals, whose investiture is minor. But what if more investiture is used, much more... This is the End of the Cosmere. If a Shard were to wield Nightblood, unimaginable amounts of investiture would be available to it, enhancing it, strengthening it, making it the most powerful weapon the Cosmere possibly has ever seen! Fully unsheathed, perhaps Nightblood could destroy entire worlds, Shatter Shards... perhaps with enough investiture, even destroy the entire Cosmere. The possibilities are frightening. So this is why Vasher was a fool to bring it right into Odium's hands. Szeth will do well with it for now, but Szeth will die, Nightblood taken from him, and fall into Odium's greedy hands. With the power of Nightblood, at the expense of his own investiture, Odium can and will destroy Roshar, shatter Cultivation and any other Shard that stands in his way, and make way for his reign of terror. Then he will use the splinters of those Shards to fuel Nightblood, increasing its power. Perhaps this is how SA 5 will end, and the Red Mist is actually the enhanced form of Nighblood's black smoke. But not is all lost. Odium will be consumed by Nightblood, his hatred amplified, blinding him, forcing him to shove more and more investiture into Nightblood, until Nightblood has consumed all of Odium. But now Nightblood (possibly) the most powerful entity in the Cosmere. Depending on how Nightblood uses the investiture it consumes, it might Ascend to become a conglomerate Shard of the splinters and Odium. But its Intent is to destroy evil, tainted by Odium and fueled by the rest, Nightblood will destroy the Cosmere, if were not for Hoid. Hoid will save us, somehow. So stepping back from my doomsaying, this theory relies on how Nightblood functions. Feel free to pry it apart and add to it.
  4. Hey guys, don't know if this thread has already been done but i wanted to make a new Topic all about the Easter eggs in each of the Cosmere books. I've been doing a great reread of all the Cosmere books and thought it would be a good idea to have them easily accessible for everybody, So if you find a Easter Egg please feel free to post
  5. EDIT: Some information about another part of the world has been added in a new post. In a time long since forgotten, the Eidolons walked this world. But that was long ago, long before their wrath was kindled against mankind, before their children, the fledgling gods, these our Wandering protectors, rebelled, and were cast down from the Lune. Before the cycles of Skyfire began. It is a miracle that we continue to stubbornly cling to life on this blasted, scarred world we call home. Civilization should have ended that day, when our own gods turned against us. It was the children of those same gods, those beings we now call Wanderers, that came to our aid that day. Funny, how little we know of our saviors now. We rely wholly on them for our survival, just as they rely on us for our Hearts, and yet they are totally alien to us. They walk in the shape of a man, but they are as akin to a man as we to the stars, or the sun, or the Lune. It's strange to think that cities once covered the surface, where nothing but savage bands of Heartless now roam. Entire cities, built on the ground! No wonder so many historians felt the need to travel. Naelus is a world that literally rains fire and brimstone. A constant hail of deadly meteors shower the surface of the world, raining destruction upon anyone and anything unlucky enough to be caught in a Skyfire fall. Civilization as it had existed could never have continued in such conditions. The Skyfire is not constant, but it is consistent enough to make a static city impracticable, as it would be torn apart by meteors on a regular basis. The inhabitants blame the disaster on the wrath of vengeful gods, believing the Eidolons of their myths to be responsible for this terror. Anyway, civilization lives on, literally borne on the backs of a race of titans known as the Wanderers. The Wanderers are vast creatures of stone, shaped roughly like men, but towering as high as mountains. Cities are built on the shoulders of the Wanderers, who are able to safely navigate the Skyfire, keeping their inhabitants safe by constantly moving ahead of the meteors. Naelus has several moons, as well as a planetary ring dubbed by the natives the Lune. A more literal translation would simply be "The Curve" or "the Arch". The Lune can be seen as a series of closely bunched pale white bands filling nearly the center of the sky and running from east to west. Naeluan mythology often depicts the Lune as basically a "bridge to heaven", or a gate dividing the realm of the Eidolons from the mortal world. The Eidolons, the ancient gods of Naelus, are often seen as living beyond, above, or at the top of the Lune. Back to the Wandering cities. Be aware that I'm using the terms "city", "Wanderer", and "Wandering city", interchangeably. On Naelus, the word city refers both to the living Wanderer, and the city it carries. Each citizen on a Wanderer is equipped with a harness as they come of age. This harness is fused to the skin of their back, and designed to adjust as they grow. Each harness holds a single Blazeheart, a metallic sphere carefully harvested from the molten Core of the Wanderer. A Blazeheart forges a powerful connection between the person and their city. Blazehearts are what sustain the souls of the Wanderers. Each Heart bound to a city grants it a measure of power, so a city's strength is directly tied to its population. A city with few Hearts will move lethargically, while one holding many is quick, strong, and agile. This presents a danger, as a famine or war that leaves a city low on Hearts will often also leave it stranded under a Skyfire fall. When two Wanderers cross paths, they will sometimes simply ignore the other, each continuing on its way. Occasionally they will fall into step alongside their fellow Wanderer, travelling together for a time. During times like this, travel and trade between the two cities is common. Once in while, however, for reasons that unclear to their human inhabitants, the Wanderers engage in a sort of battle. When this happens, it can create massive devastation for both sides, and each fatalities meaning one less Heart to power the city. In a case like this, often the only choice is to join the fight, rushing the enemy city in an attempt to force them into surrender, bringing their citizens back as Heartless war prisoners. The outcome of these battles is generally the death of one of the two cities. For when a city has no Hearts left, it dies, no longer having anything to sustain its lifeforce. Dead cities stand motionless, their eyes, once blazing with an inner flame, now hollow and empty. The citizens of the conquered city are usually given the choice to join the new city, taking on Hearts from its Core and bolstering the victorious city's power.
  6. We've heard that there's a worldhopper in Warbreaker (can someone give me the exact quote, i cant seem to find it). And I'm pretty sure that I've just found out who it is. I dont have heaps of proof, but the below paragraph seems to give as much proof as Brandon would give us. -Warbreaker, Page 3 (Kindle Edition)Those two sentences there are pretty hard to dismiss, if you think about it. I dont remember quite whar Brandon said, but I'm pretty sure he mentioneda female worldhopper in Warbreaker that we would be very unlikely to spot. Someone of Sazed's kind (cant remember what that was called…) from MB. Well, I'm rereading WB and havent noticed a description of Mab yet but I'm pretty sure it's her.