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Found 1 result

  1. I was wondering what kind of spren you might come across in your everyday life, say in your workplace, in your home or your neighbourhood? As a medical student, spending most of my time in the hospital now, I was thinking about what kind of spren I might see while working there. The obvious one would be rotspren - there are some insane presentations of abscesses and advanced infection that show up on the surgical ward, and it would make diagnosing pneumonia a breeze! I think there would be less fearspren coming from patients than you'd expect. More likely exhaustionspren (or frustrationspren) and the same could be said for the doctors. And having painspren around could help us objectively just the level of pain someone is in - no more scale of 1 to 10! Just, "The patient presented with upper right quadrant pain attracting 12 painspren..." (Would that work? Or is the level of spren attracted subjective?) But the medical students would probably have plenty of fearspren around! But we'd also attract a heck of a lot of gloryspren the first times that we get a procedure right. Like when I got my first cannula sited just right, I felt like a god! I've also been skydiving twice, and it would have been even cooler with windspren along for the ride! What kind of spren would you encounter in your life? I feel like this kind of question could help us understand how spren operate. Also, can non-sentient life attract spren? So if your dog attacked and killed a vicious piece of clothing hanging too low on the line, would he attract gloryspren?