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Found 10 results

  1. So I read some things saying that Stormlight Archive will be 5 books, and others saying it will be 10 books. Which one is correct? (I found both sources on the Brandon Sanderson website)
  2. I was thinking about the interchangeability between breaths and stormlight and had a pretty big epiphany. Since it has been basically confirmed by WoB that Vasher is on Roshar because it is easier to get the investiture he needs to live, wouldn't he need to be able to draw in stormlight and take it in as he would breath? If so does he have a nahel bond? An honorblade? Has he figured out a way to hold stormlight other than the two ways we know of? I am positive that breaths were able to be passed between people fairly easily is because of the shard involved, Endowment, so I think something g similar wouldn't be possible on Roshar, making Surgebinding or an honorblade the most obvious way for him to live under the circumstance of a Returned
  3. This is my portrayal of an emerald broam, filled with stormlight. Made with Pokemon Art Academy. (P.S. It's desktop wallpaper size in case you're wondering.)
  4. Recently, after thinking about the lyrics of the Christmas song "Jingle Bells" I payed specific attention to one line: "Oh what fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight!" And so I thought, "Hey! SING A SLAYING SONG tonight! The Parshendi sing while they kill!" And so I sought the opportunity to make a parody of this classic Christmas song. Here was the result: Parhsendi Plateau Assault Written by ChullRider To the tune of "Jingle Bells" Sang by the Parshendi ---------- Dashing on Plateaus Preparing to slay O'er the Plains we go Killing all the way! Singing Creepily Making Spirits Grim What fun it is to run And sing a Slaying song to them! --Chorus-- O! Alethi! Alethi! Please prepare to DIE! Oh what fun it is to kill all of the Ale----THI! Alethi! Alethi! Please prepare to DIE! O, what fun it is to kill all the Alethi! ----------- And unlike "Jingle Bells," this one isn't festive, so you can sing it year-round! Happy caroling! ~ChullRider
  5. Adding on to my Chasm Duty scene I made a few days ago (which can be found here: ), I've made an ardent and chull scene. Picture 1: General Overview of the scene. Picture 2: Directing rod (to use on chull's antennas), Ardent, and saddle, respectively. Picture 3: SIde view of the chull Picture 4: Is it a chull? Is it a boulder? That's all for now.
  6. Got me thinking, comparing it(Warbreaker) to mistborn(WOA), Vin and Vivenna, are very similar in an opposite way. Vin: A Skaa, not trusting, saved and thought how to trust by kelsier, became a noblewoman. Vivenna: A princess, very trusting, kidnapped(saved but yeah, she's kidnapped) by Denth, became a beggar. On the other hand, similar and yet opposite plot became to surface, hence, Vin killing, the Lord ruler, and Vivenna's sister(siri), ended up having a romantic relationship with the God King. So that's it, I think that's enough for the mistborn and warbreaker trilogy, same plot at least in an opposite way. Comparing now, warbreaker to words of radiance is nightblood, and Szeth's sword(the last one he acquired). They both talk, and they talk about evil. Okay, so theories, I really don't know about Hoid or Wit, I've read about them being "aware" of the other worlds, but are they really the same? Since Hoid is not really active in mistborn and in Warbreaker I can't say much, but I think that the worlds are just parallel universes. Sorry if this is posted in a wrong section, It's my 4th or something thread. Thanks for reading. Edit: Vin and Vivenna, similar names? Plus God King and Lord ruler, yes? Edit2: I think this should be in the theories section, sorry, if a mod read this, please feel free to move it if necessary, thanks!
  7. Though I was at the midnight release of WOR I just barely finished the book due to a crazy busy couple of weeks... and IT WAS AMAZING!!! I told myself I wouldn't come on to the forums until after I finished so as not to be tempted to peek into others minds before I came to my own conclusions. Upon return I noticed that you are sterilizing the chapters in a podcast, COOL! I am also an accomplished voice actor and would love to lend my skills sand abilities to the Splintercast if possible. I don't know who sees these things and hope I can get in touch asap. Thanks for reading and for having this awesome site for such an awesome author. -Awesomespren (Lucas Henry)
  8. I may be grasping at straws here, but I got to thinking of the similarity between the names of the two, and if Vasher could worldhop to Roshar, is it possible that Shalash/Shashara is the same person and started on Roshar and then ended up on Nalthis? If this is a possibility the larger implication is that the Heralds could have gone to other planets as well after abandoning the Oath Pact. Perhaps we've even met some of them.
  9. not going to lie, im a little disappointed that WoR is only 600 pages. look at WoK, take the first 600 pages in hand, and imagine that the remaining pages didnt happen. or the story was covered in 600 pages. sad faces. am i alone on this? if im being silly please convert me