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Found 5 results

  1. - Words of Radiance, Location 1272, Kindle Is this the same fortress that the Ire are set up in? It doesn't match Kelsier's description of the fortress, but then again it is existing mostly in the Cognitive realm, not the Physical one, in Secret History. But Kelsier states that he can tell the bricks came from somewhere else... If it is the same Fortress, it did didn't originate on Roshar, though. The plants on Roshar are more than just "green," they're hard and crusty and mobile. And still... this is the second fortress in the middle of a giant body of water that we've come across. And what happened to the fortress on Roshar if it is no longer there in Dalinar's time? I think the fortress might represent a way to travel between worlds that doesn't involve Shardpools. Afterall, I don't think the Ire got to Scadrial via either of the pools there. And if the fortress is an alternative means of transportation (or is located on one), it would explain why the 17th Shard is looking for Hoid in the Purelake. --- So my theory is this... the fortress originated on Sel and it is Elantrian architecture. It was built in the middle of a lake or ocean (possibly Lake Alonoe) and the Ire somehow uses it to travel between Shardworlds while they search for a Shard to bring back to Sel. They came to Scadrial first to try to capture Preservation after Leras was killed. They set the fortress down in a giant ocean. The water helps the bricks of the fortress hold on to their "identity" in the cognitive realm. After the Ire failed to capture Preservation, they moved to Roshar to try to capture Honor after Tanavast was killed. Unfortunately, Honor was splintered by Odium in the Desolation despite the Ire trying to stop that from happening (Dalinar's vision). Having failed a second time to capture a Shard, the fortress is then moved to another yet-unknown planet. This explains why the fortress is now gone in modern Roshar. ...OK how crazy am I?
  2. I'm going through a re-read of both books before November, and I came across something really interesting in Way of Kings. Shallan doing some research with Jasnah and mentions the footnote of sorts, I believe it is in the context of King Galivar. The impression that I got was that the footnotes included by the women authors are something that the men in their society aren't really aware of. Commentary of text that isn't widely known. I absolutely did not catch this on my first read and the whole concept felt pretty explosive to me. Men are considered to be so important due to their place in war, however, it is women who truly hold the knowledge and the keys to the past. In fact, there are most likely SO many things that the men are not aware of that are hidden behind being unable to read, and that aren't explained by women. As I'm writing this I'm remembering that male ardents are allowed to read. Considering most of the knowledge I hold about ardents stems from Kabsal, who we later learn is not the most trustworthy, it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility that there is much knowledge being hidden or contained by women and ardents. The implications of this are profound I think. Thoughts?
  3. Now that I've secured a copy I'll post this here. For anyone who is never on Brandon's tour route (like me). Barnes and noble is offering a limited number of pre-orders for signed copies of the hardcover.
  4. One thing that has been expressed in WoK and has become more and more interesting in light of certain preview chapters is the concept of the Parshendi acting with honor. Despite the assassination of Gavilar (something that at least some of them now regret) they seem to portend themselves with dignity and purposed that frankly outshines many of the human characters in the series so far , excepting the main characters. So right now there are a lot of good threads going around discussing why there are parshmen , what different forms they will take, and how they became "voidbringers" if Jasnah's hypothesis is correct. When asked if humans were native to Roshar Brandon responded RAFO. The rest of this post will focus on the "what if" scenario where the answer to that is "No". So what if originally the Parshendi were the good guys, just dending their territory. Somehow Odium came to Roshar brought humans along somehow and let the inevitable conflict of clandestine expansion ensue. Then He used this conflict to corrupt the Parshendi and put forth his plan of desolation and deicide on Roshar. This would be thousands and thousands of years in the past so it would really be the inciting incident of the whole series, The Arrival of Man on Roshar. The Shin throw another wrinkle into this because Shinovar specifically seems like it was made for humans.. but what if it WAS made and not naturally formed. There's a lot of history in there and a lot of time for weird crap to happen when Shards go to war. I know there's alot of stuff out there that talking about the Desolations and Parshmen so if this specific point has been brought up just light this post on fire. I searched and didn't come up with anything so have at it.
  5. Hey everyone, Went a bit mental with my last paycheck and I bought all 7 of Brandon's books from his website, signed and personalised - i now have almost everything published by him, signed and/or personalised I asked for general hints about Hoid and WoR, and he wrote in the copy of TWoK (direct quote) Okay, fine. One hint, but not one in each book! In WoR there is a hint about how Hoid moves between planets - + it involves something you've seen in other worlds... Don't know if this belongs elsewhere, but I though I would put it up I have also just included a picture of my book shelf now - can see my uber awesome collection, including two copies of Legion, two of TAoL, and if you people look close enough, can also see the english versions of his bookbs beneath as well :