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Found 2 results

  1. So I'm going to put all my (pfft) inktober stuff in this thread. I'm following the Cosmere promts: and yeah I don't have much free time and have absolutely nothing planned out so don't be surprised if I never upload anything
  2. Night 3 Lafay Etteax strode through town confidently. What did he have to fear? He had already died several times and had come back from the dead! It had been a while since he had died, granted, but he still came back! He saw others looking at him, what did he see behind their eyes? Was it awe? Fear? It's suspicion. Who was that? Lafay turned about in the street, looking for the source of the bone-chilling voice that resonated through the street. Nobody else was reacting to it, was it all in his head? Yes. Lafay stopped in his tracks. The voice said that people were eying him with suspicion, did that mean that he wasn't being sneaky enough? That he wasn't being cunning enough? Lafay brushed the thought out of his head. After all, he had nothing to fear from them. It's not like they could kill him. You have something to fear from them. Lafay was getting tired of this voice. Who was it, and what did it want from him? I am Dominion. I am here to see you off. Lafay hadn't noticed the crowd gathering behind him, a mob raised by the other merchants. They were here for blood. But Lafay simply wondered what the voice referred to when it said he had something to fear from their suspicion. The PAIN Lafay felt a blow land on his back, and sharp pain wrang throughout his body. He was on the ground, and the pain was agonizing. The mob was on him, they wouldn't let up. In that moment, wracked with pain, Lafay felt fear again. He didn't want to die, it hurt! Ventyl was lynched! They were a Fjorden Sympathiser and a Burglar. Vote Count D3 Ventyl (2): Xinoeph, Mist Butt Ad Venture (2): Matrim’s Dice, Lotus Xinoeph (1): Ashbringer Lord Silberfarben (1): Elkanah 1/3 of the players are now dead. There is now a 2 vote minimum on lynches. The Night cycle will end in ~24 hours, on Sunday the 4th, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item Market: Contract Market: Player List: