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Found 10 results

  1. According to one of the creators of the Call to Adventure game, in the Taravangian art, the women's script is taken from known snippets of the Diagram, but there might be a secret joke in them! So, Sharders, translators unite, and find this joke (unless the joke is on us, of course). Here is the comment: And here is the art by Ari Ibarra
  2. I hope I put this in the right forum. OK so I'm having a lot of fun translating on the "secret joke in CtA card" forum and I was wondering if people want to keep translating things like that. Me and my friends have bean learning women's scrip and alethi and thaylen glyphs so I'm looking for opportunities to help me learn. So if anyone wants to, we can post text on this forum and then we can all help translate it. So if you like the idea feel free to help out!
  3. My friend Michael made a one handed sign language alphabet for Women's Script!
  4. In Words of Radiance, we find out that for proper nouns like Nohadon that are meant to be symmetrical, the name is spelled symmetrical and then a didactic mark is added to show that the letter is pronounced like and h. For instance, Nohadon would be spelled Nod`adon. I haven't found anywhere on the Coppermind page for women's script or on the major explanation of women's script on the shard that mentions this, and I was wondering if we have any examples of what this looks like.
  5. I actually don't know if this counts as fanart or something, but here are some attempts at the women's script from the vorin nations. Of course it's just transcripted English, but I thought this would be cool. Also, thanks to @Harakeke for the amazing work at deciphering this beautiful script. Has anyone else been practising this writing system and found anything that looks cool? or IDK, just give feedback and share something related if you want!
  6. I'm working on revamping my women's script primer pages and would like to include some cool sentences for folks to practice their penmanship with. Can anyone compose a ketek that includes every letter in the Alethi alphabet? This includes Th, Sh, and Ch, but not necessarily X, Q, W, or C. The best ketek(s) will be immortalized in the Translation Guide, plus I'll write it out in the women's script for you!
  7. Greetings! I wanted to post some fun creative projects I did for my DnD group. Myself and the fellows I play with are all involved in a Recovery program and I love Brandon's work for the reflections of recovery I see in them, as well as their awesomeness! So! These are our inspiration tiles! I am an amateur Blacksmith and have begun dabbling in engraving as well. I hope to produce more Cosmere inspired work. They read, "Exprerience, Strength, and Hope" (one word per tile) and then I ethched the symbol of the Bondsmiths on the back of the Hope tile because I love Dalinar's journey and the ideals of the Bondsmiths.
  8. Too fanciful(ha)? Ask Rushu how to keep the mast from ripping off Jasnahs Favorite Touch the gems in the correct combination to release a shock from the front nodes that will incapacitate an attacker Top View Side View Stormpiece Timepiece The ketek in the end is already translated.
  9. I imagine this as a page from a child's alphabet book :-)
  10. I edited the U to the I, but I am not sure what you mean by some of the other changes. Is this correct?