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Found 1 result

  1. QF28 Breeze's Thieving Crew vs the Inquisitorial Plants Everyone is a Soother or Rioter (This is public Knowledge) Everyone’s role is in the form of their emotional specialization (This is known only to the Player) Alignments are Classical Mafia. (Doc, night kill) There is no minimum vote needed to lynch. Each vote has the chance to kill. How much of a chance depends on how many living players there are. If there are 10 players alive, and a player receives 2 votes, they have a 2 out of 10 chance of dying. The player with the most votes in a cycle has an extra 30% chance of dying. If there are multiple players with the most votes, all leading players receive an extra 30%. If a player posts or PM's nothing for 2 Cycles, they're killed. PM's are completely open, just make sure to include me in them. Each Cycle, Players may send in an order to Pair up with another player for the following cycle. These player Pairs are publicly known. (Both players must send in the order) If a Paired player is attacked, they have a 50% chance to survive the attack(this doesn't protect from the lynch). Each separate action targeting a Paired player will have a 25% chance of affecting the other player as well(excluding the lynch). Emotional Specializations: If a Rioter and a Soother with the same specializations target the same player, their actions are canceled. Rioters and Soothers cannot target themselves. Passion: Soothers - Soothers who specialize in Passion can stop their target from taking an action. Rioters - Rioters who specialize in Passion can make their targets rant about how the Ministry is amazing, if they are a Plant, or rant about how their Emotion is better, it they are a Skaa. Fear: Soothers - Soothers who specialize in Fear can make their target confident enough for Two. Their targets gain all the benefits of Paired Players. Rioters - Rioters who specialize in Fear can make a player paranoid, preventing them and their partner from having the benefits of Paired Players. Anger: Soothers - Soothers who specialize in Anger can make their target immune to all Rioting for that turn. Rioters - Rioters who specialize in Anger can make their target attack their target, instead of taking their original action. Joy: Soothers - Soothers who specialize in Joy can cancel their target’s vote. Rioters - Rioters who specialize in Joy can make their target immune to soothing for that turn. Order of Actions: 1. Passion Soothers/Joy Rioters/Anger Soothers/Anger Rioters 2. Joy Soothers/Fear Soothers and Rioters 3. Lynch/Eliminator kill/ Is this still confusing? Hmm, I feel like there's problems in that OoA. I'll take another look at it tomorrow when it's not so late. Any questions? The game will start at 6pm CST on the 18th. Player list: Quick Links: