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Found 43 results

  1. I drew Wit again. He is definitely my favorite male character in Stormlight Process: + + + Wit genderbend + + + Szeth and Nightblood GrumpyKaladin.gif
  2. I have a crazy fridge theory about our Stalker Musician and Guitar. Now it's generally thought that the Musician is Hoid, and we know that Hoid has a love for musical instruments (at least in the Stormlight Archives). first he uses a flute that he is very fond of which he gives to Kaladin. Then next we see him he has a Guitar that seems to have more than one player. I subject that Hoid either got or has the guitar in White Sand, the very one we see in fact, took it with him on his Cosmere Grand Tour before eventually managing to awake it on Nalthis. I also believe that by the end of Part 3, that Guitar and Musician will have a role to play. But we shall see.
  3. So here is just a general Hoid thread. Ask questions away in here! also, just want to point out that planet came from the greek word for wanderer, one of Hoid's aliases. I think that he would find that amusing!
  4. Spoilers from Secret history, warbreaker, and Stormlight So, if Wit has all the powers of allomancy, all the powers of breath, and now some of the powers of a Radiant, why has he done almost nothing to stop Odium?
  5. Here are the top 10 wittiest characters (in my opinion) from what we've seen throughout the general cosmere: Hoid Wayne Shallan Sarene Kelsier Breeze Ham Kaladin Nazh Shai
  6. From the album Bored Doodles

    This is a drawing from the wandersail story that Wit tells Kaladin in WoK.
  7. Hey guys I couldn't find a discussion specifically about Wit so I decided to dedicate this thread to him Wit/Hoid has admitted to Dalinar that he is neither Herald nor Radiant and we know from Brandon Sanderson's clues that he is something beyond Roshar, since he is unafraid of Jasnah's Shardblade. So Far through the books Wit has appeared at every important twist and turn throughout the book, at least the Alethi part of the world, He is there for character moral development, giving advice to important characters and next-to-outright slandering the characters that we foreshadow to dislike. Wit is a very important character, appearing and weaving connections between the major characters of the Stormlight Archive so far, and being so charmingly funny about it. Anyways post the parts of Wit that you like or want to discuss, such as his Jokes, the deeper meanings of his stories, and his remarkable appearance where a major plot twist occurs
  8. Hey guys, new here. By the way really like your work Brian! anyways, I was re-reading "Words of Radiance" and towards the end of the book after the the assassin in white is killed, he is revived by one of the heralds and is given a black sword that can talk. this reminded me of the sword from "warbreaker" and also how wit was in that book too. are there any assumptions or theories or lore as to how these two books are connected ?
  9. This may have been discussed already in another thread, but did anyone else think Jasnah's conversation with Hoid at the end of WoR was really strange, especially considering that it was barely mentioned during OB? When Jasnah Elsecalls into Shinovar, she seems pretty untroubled (or as Brandon would say, "nonplussed") to find Hoid sitting there, waiting for her. This whole conversation is very unusual, considering that everyone else in Roshar for the most part treats Wit like a foolish court jester - no one is aware of the fact that he is intelligent and important to the larger cosmere. Jasnah, however, instead of being surprised to find him there, immediately begins interrogating him, assuming that he knows important things. A couple questions arise from this. For one thing, when does Jasnah realize that Hoid/Wit is more than just a simple court jester? Does this happen before she enters Shadesmar, or does she somehow learn more about Hoid during her journey? In addition, why does she still call him Wit? I suppose it's possible that she learned more about him in Shadesmar without discovering his real name (or, well, his main alias), but this somehow seems unlikely. She apparently knows, when she exits Shadesmar, that Hoid is important and that he knows things, and yet she still doesn't know his name. We know from OB that Hoid tells Jasnah about the reason for the Recreance (or at least, he tells her a part of the story). Is this the information that Jasnah was specifically looking for from Hoid, or does she just know that he is full of cosmere knowledge in general? Her pointed question - "Tell me what you know" makes it seem like there is something in particular that she is looking for from him. In OB, Jasnah only refers to her conversation with Hoid once when speaking with Ivory, and besides that she doesn't say anything about him, or mention him to any other character. Even here, she refers to him by Wit, which suggests that she really doesn't know his name is Hoid (or Cephandrius, or something else). However, she doesn't talk about Wit at any other point in the book, or tell another character that she realizes he is important. This makes me wonder if Jasnah is possibly working with him (or else she is just her normal enigmatic self and is paranoid about telling people anything). So here is what we know: 1. Jasnah seems to realize Hoid is important when she exits Shadesmar. It is unclear if she knew this before she entered Shadesmar. 2. When she exits Shademsar, it is implied that Hoid has been looking for her, and that she has possibly been trying to evade him ("How did you find me?"). 3. There seems to be specific information she wants to get from Hoid ("Tell me what you know."). It is unclear if she realizes that he knows about the Recreance, or if he proffers that information freely. 3. Jasnah doesn't mention Hoid to anyone throughout all of OB, and her strange encounter with him in Shinovar is not brought up. I was expecting the Jasnah-Hoid meeting to be more important in OB, because it comprised the final pages of WoR. But the fact that their meeting is barely mentioned at all is even more telling, and prolongs the mystery of their interaction. What do you guys think about the situation with Jasnah and Hoid/Wit? What does she know about him, how could she have gained that information while in Shadesmar, and how will she work with him/deal with him in future books?
  10. For an English class I'm taking, I am doing a paper on the definition of the word "wit", which includes uses for the term. To this end, I want to include a description of the King's Wit in the Way of Kings as one of my sources. However, I do not have my own personal copy of the book. Could someone please post the description of the role (not of Wit, the job description), as well as the page number, chapter, and anything else I might need to appropriately cite the source? I would be very grateful for this assistance.
  11. So I know that Wit is a World Hopper and his name is Hoid but I would also like to propose that Wit is actually from Warbreaker and is one of the returned. I mean at the end up the book he uses colours and he seems to be immortal. And on top of this I'm going to say that Azure is also from Warbreaker due to the fact that she doesn't act like a regular person from Roshar and asks for human like dolls to be made, although we never get to see the affects. We also see that the sword that Sezth has is really nightblood and it drains the colours from his arm and the sword also likes to scream "DESTROY EVIL"... so anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  12. I love One Armed Herdazian Jokes, we may be short on time for One Armed Herdazian Jokes, Oathbringer will be out soon, and we can't know what happens in the book especially if the forshadowing is correct "Rafo" If you haven't. SO! Lets get them while we can. How do you get a One Armed Herdazian out of the Tree. Wave! Sadly, I'm not very inventive with Jokes SO! Lets hear yours!
  13. On three separate occasions when Shallan is in Kholinar she hears at least two different voices in her head. One of the voices she thinks might be Wit. The other voice(s) she does not put a name to. I want to examine the text in more detail to see what the context tells us about who these voices are likely to be. The first occasion occurs when Shallan makes her first (unsuccessful) attempt to infiltrate the Revel as Swiftspren. As she gets pulled into the crowd of cultists she hears “whispering in the back of her mind.” Surrender. Give me your passion. Your pain. Your love. Give up your guilt. Embrace the end. Shallan, I am not your enemy. “That last line stood out, like a scar on a beautiful man’s face. Jarring.” On this occasion she does not specifically think she hears two different voices but she does note that the last line stands out and is jarring. All of the previous lines are about encouraging hedonism while the last line seems different and includes Shallan’s name. The second occasion occurs when Veil actually does get into the Revel and again she “began to hear the voice.” Let go. Give up your pain. Feast. Indulge. Embrace the end. Later in the same chapter as she gets into the control building and sees Ashertmarn she again hears: Give in. Join the revel. Shallan, listen to me. “She shook herself. That last voice had been different. She’d heard it before, hadn’t she?”… I’m not your enemy. But the heart is a trap. Take caution. I’ll get to the third occasion but before I do I want to discuss who the two voices are likely to be in these first two occasions because they seem a little more straightforward. First, one more crucial piece of evidence for the second voice. After Shallan finally confronts Ashertmarn and he flees, she sees a mirror and someone else in it. That figure in the mirror says, “Radiant, my name is Sja-Anat. And I am not your enemy.” So in both of the previous occasions she hears a voice that in short, simple sentences tells her to indulge. This fits with what we know of Ashertmarn, from Hessi’s Mythica, “he leads people to indulge in excess.” On both occasions at the end a voice comes in and calls Shallan by name and says it is not her enemy. The second time she is clear that it is a different voice and she thinks she has heard it before. So the pattern fits that on both occasions there is a first voice, which is Ashertmarn, and a second voice, which is the same both times. Given that when Shallan actually meets Sja-Anat she says “I am not your enemy,” it seems most likely that the second voice on both of those occasions is Sja-Anat. Finally, let’s look at the third occasion when Shallan hears voices, which is less clear but most interesting. When Shallan touches Ashertmarn she hears, “Give it all to me. Give me your passion, your hunger, your longing, your loss. Surrender it. You are what you feel.” This voice again seems to be Ashertmarn. It fits the pattern from before and she is actually touching him this time. At this point Shallan starts flashing from one person to another and getting confused about which one is her. Then she hears: “All of them. A new voice. Wit’s?”…”You’re all of them, Shallan. Why must you be only one emotion? One set of sensations? One role? One life?” “They rule me, Wit. Veil and Radiant and all the others. They’re consuming me.” “Then be ruled as a king is ruled by his subjects. Make Shallan so strong, the others must bow.” So the question is who is this second voice that she thinks is Wit? Even she questions that it is him and I think we should too. It would certainly be odd for him to be able to speak in her mind but to only do it on this one occasion. We never see her hear Wit’s voice at any other time. Later, in Part 4, she actually does think of Wit’s words, but in that case it is obvious that it is Shallan remembering the words, not hearing a voice in her head. And in that case the words match nearly exactly with what Wit actually said as opposed to being something she has never heard from him before. Wit tells her she is only one woman and here the voice tells her instead she is “all of them.” Wit tells her to accept and forgive herself. This voice tells her to rule over the others. The advice really is not the same but instead twisted just enough. So what I think is happening is that Shallan, in a crucial moment when she is losing track of herself, tries to remember Wit’s words. We know that she is near to both Ashertmarn and Sja-Anat and that apparently both have been able to speak into her mind when she has been near them before. Sja-Anat we know is more intelligent, seems to address Shallan by a name when she speaks to her, and is known for “corrupting.” I think she is able to essentially corrupt Wit’s words in Shallan’s mind and that is what Shallan hears. It originated with Wit’s advice, which is why she thinks it is him, but Sja-Anat twists it just enough into something fundamentally different. This also fits a pattern that has been established of Ashertmarn talking to her first and then Sja-Anat second. Why Sja-Anat would do this isn't clear yet. We just don’t know enough about her motivation at this point to do more than speculate. Maybe she is just influencing Shallan in any way that she can because she seems to gain her trust and get something from her, judging by their subsequent interaction. But what I think more likely is that this may be setting up something for the next book. At the end of OB the Ghostbloods want Shallan to try to bring Sja-Anat to them, so it is a good bet that Shallan and Sja-Anat will be interacting more. This could simply be a lead in, and her intentions will make more sense once we see how they interact in book 4. It would be interesting for Shallan to discover that Sja-Anat has been subtly influencing/corrupting her and to see how she deals with it.
  14. I was rereading the Stormlight Archive again, and found something particularly interesting. This is in the first book when Wit asks Dalinar if he knows about Adonalsium. Wit quickly changes subject once he knows that Dalinar had no clue. But my question is, why did Wit think that Dalinar might know of Adonalsium? Is it because of the vision, or is it something more Did Wit already, at the time, felt Honors presence within Dalinar? What do you guys think?
  15. Wit/Hoid usually has good reasons for showing up at certain places, this is known. During a re-read of WoK's I came across a section that intrigued me...after the giant battle with the Chasmfiend Wit engages Sadeas, and afterwards Elhokar asks what he was doing the whole time. Wit responds with "I had...things to be about." Now I think it has something to do with the Chasmfiend. Specifically I think he wanted to observe the special spren that they have. "Nobody knew what kind of spren they were; you only saw them around the freshly killed bodies of the greatshells." For what reason I have no idea...possibly trying to find a spren to bond thinking that if he was close enough to the recently deceased he could attract it to him..I just thought it was interesting. Does anyone else have any theories as to what he was doing? Or if this has been answered somewhere before I would love a link!
  16. The Four Color Theorem: Wit sets up four colors at the beginning of the story, before the big reveal. Like all of Wit's eerily poignant tales, Mishim is a metaphor. And Tsa, and Nomon, and Salas. We have three moons of green, blue, and violet. And then we have Queen Tsa, whose tower is white and who turns the moon white when she ascends. Implied: the moons are gods watching over men. The three moons represent three gods or three god-like immortals while the queen represents mortals - or a single mortal. Violet – Most commonly associated with Voidlight, Odium's Investiture. So Salas might be Voidlight or the guardian of Voidlight, which is currently BAM but used to be Odium. Green – The color of growth and the Nightwatcher and so probably the color of Cultivation's Investiture. So Mishim might be Growlight, if there is such a thing, or whatever Cultivation's Investiture is. Or she could be the guardian of this Investiture, so the Nightwatcher or Cultivation herself. Blue – The color of honorspren, which are splinters of the Stormfather, guardian of Honor's Investiture. Honor's Investiture is very likely the largest Investiture on Roshar, especially before Honor died, and so the largest of the three moons is a good fit for this Investiture. So Nomon, by process of elimination and perhaps tenuous connection, might be Stormlight (Honor's Investiture) or the Stormfather or Honor himself. White – Tsa's color in the story both as the white pillar and then the white moon, as she switches spots with Mishim. I have no idea who Tsa represents! She is clearly clever and sly and ever-so-cunning. She outconned Mishim! Does Tsa represent humanity? Does Tsa represent the Natanatans? Does Tsa represent the Heralds? Or is Tsa just Tsa? I doubt that last one but it could be. (And then using only these four colors to represent contiguous countries, you could create a planar map of Roshar, or any land really, where no countries of the same color touch. --Pattern) Proof: See Books 4 and 5 of the Stormlight Archive. Q.E.D. Err, no. Not at all. I'm throwing out ideas that might be true. I'd love to hear other ideas. And that's where you come in! Who do those baby blue god babies represent? The brilliance of Wit is how he tells tales so fanciful they cannot possibly be true, then he tells us that they cannot possibly be true, and then of course they are true. He buries the truth by changing the characters and the settings. And we think, oh, that's so beautiful but could never happen! And then when it does happen, the poignancy of both the real and metaphorical stories burns in our minds forever. The Girl Who Looked Up (the humans) found that we were the monsters (Voidbringers). When the Wandersail found the Uvaran emperor (Honor) dead, all those years, the murders the Uvarans (Radiants) committed of the peaceful people (Parshendi) were no longer the emperor's responsibility but their own. Wit's punchlines - the ends of his tales - are often if not always true. Here, we end with the Aimians birthed (metaphorically) on Roshar. When the mortals swapped places with the Green Goddess and then swapped back, they brought the Aimians back with them to Roshar. (Or at least that's my big theory.) How? The celestial sky might a metaphor for either the Spiritual or Cognitive Realm, which I think is one way or the only way worldhoppers travel. If humans in the Physical Realm swapped places with Cultivation (or the Nightwatcher) in the Cognitive or Spiritual Realm, they could contrive to bring the Aimians through, with a little help from their new BFF Honor. Everything I've said is highly theoretical. Again, I'd love to hear your insights, interpretations of, and metaphors for this tale! Much if not most of what I've said was first said by others, of course! I've mooned over many of the moon musings, but this thread is particularly my favorite (not because I follow the premise but because the ideas and presentation are remarkable!):
  17. Just... What? I got so mad when the book ended without telling me about their conversation. And in Oathbringer, the conversation is further mentioned I think. On page 480, Jasnah tells Ivory that they must "reveal the information Wit told us." I just want to know what's happening! (Keep in mind I'm only halfway through Oathbringer, so if this comes up later...don't tell me about it.)
  18. I know his name is Hoid. Brandon revealed that he's Cephandrius. He's a worldhopper, too, isn't he? So what's he doing on Roshar? Does he have a personal score to settle with Odium? He's obviously sympathetic to Dalinar's cause -- I mean, he told Jasnah imperative information, has offered hints and advice (and juicy tidbits, my gosh), but he hasn't said outright what it is he wants. When he and Dalinar had that heart to heart in WoR, and he told Dalinar not to mistake him as a friend, I got the feeling that Wit was avoiding attachment or relationships with people. He's always kept himself a bit apart from everyone else, cutting off conversations or shying away before he can make true connection with someone in an interaction. It's almost like a foreshadow that something bad is going to happen...? Or maybe h's guilty about something? I don't know, but of all Stormlight characters (besides Jasnah), he's fascinated me the most. Thoughts anyone?
  19. In page 789 of the American Version, Hoid-as-Wit and Shallan are discussing the story of 'The Girl who Looked Up', with Hoid-as-Wit stating that "It's a story from long ago...things were different in that time." However, when Shallan creates the Illusion, he says "'s not dark enough" (page 790), with the illusion "leaving them standing in the darkness of night, lit only by a frail set of stars." Hoid then goes on to say that people still had to live, even without light, living, farming and eating in the darkness, except for the one girl who wanted to find out the answers about the wall, and eventually climbing the wall to find that on the other side was "God's Light" (page 792), and that she sneaked up to the Light, and she brought it back with her. "To the other side. To the land of shadows..." according to Shallan. This sounds very similar to the story of Khriss in White Sand, the ever inquisitive girl who goes from the Darkside to Dayside in her quest to find the Sand Masters, and to those who have read White Sand Prime, we know that she takes Sand back with her to Darkside at the end of the book. What d'y'all think? Am i clutching at straws here?
  20. In your opinion, did Shallan understand Wit's advice and did she take the correct steps based on that advice? Did she achieve what she needed, or is she on a journey towards it? Do you think Adolin helps her through this process and if yes, how exactly?
  21. OK, guys. Here's the single MOST IMPORTANT thing that OB brought up. List told Gawx not to trust Dalinar because he has a good butt. Butt, (see what I did there?) Lift says (in Edgedancer) that she thought Wit was awesome. (As old Whitehead) So. That begs the question. The question for the ages. A question we need to get WoB on. Does Wit have a nice butt? The fate of Roshar - nay!- of the Cosmere itself rests on the answer to that burning question.
  22. Ok, friends, I apologize if this has already been discussed before. I searched for a post about it and couldn't find one, so I figured I'd open the discussion if it doesn't already exist. I've been noticing what I feel to be a quiet trend going on in the Cosmere - Silver. I would like your opinions on what this could mean or if i'm just plain crazy. Silver is not always in a meaningful spot within the Cosmere (clothing, decor, etc)... but when it does appear in a meaningful role, it seems to work the same way throughout the Cosmere. Considering how often Silver makes an appearance, it seems apparent that the metal is present on all of the cosmere worlds... some of those worlds seem to have discovered its very special uses and effects. Just to name a few key examples of silver making notable appearances within the Cosmere: Nalthis - Nightblood's sheath. To contain Nightblood's immense powers and abilities, he is kept within a silver sheath. When Nightblood is even slightly released from this sheath, his power is also released and he influences his surroundings. Like taking the cap off of something that kept him "bottled" up. Threnody - Silence Montane's dagger. Silver (weapons/dust) is the only thing on Threnody known to touch/harm/ward against shades... hence Silence's silver dagger. Silver can even heal a whither wound that has recently been caused by a shade. Silver on Threnody is widely known and coveted because of its effectiveness against shades. This is important because shades are, presumably, connected to/from/part of the spiritual realm. And yet silver is the one known defense that can touch/fight/resist them without ill effect. Scadrial - Electrum. I've always wondered why silver itself wasn't technically an allomantic metal... it seems like it should be. It does, however, show up in the Silver+Gold alloy known as Electrum. As near as I can tell, Electrum is the only metal of the 16 metals that is powerful enough to neutralize a God Metal (Atium) in another allomancer. "Thank you, Silver... because without you, Gold alone would only let me see my possible past self. With you, however, I can see all of my future selves - disabling Atium's advantage for its user. Whew!" Silver saves the day again! Roshar - Shardplate, shardblades, (and half-shards?). The shardplate(s) and shardblades of Roshar are repeatedly referred to as silver. Let's start with a few quotes. WoK Prologue mentioned Szeth's honorblade: "Szeth turned and continued on his way, slippered feet falling on the soft red rug. The Shardblade, as always, glistened silver and clean." ... and before that, the WoK Prelude mentioned shardplate itself: "Juxtaposed between them were others in gleaming plate armor. One group walked past, four men in their ragged tanned skins or shoddy leather joining a powerful figure in beautiful silver plate, amazingly intricate. Such a contrast." Along with many MANY other examples and quotes throughout WoK and WoR that (other than paint and ornamentation) repeatedly refer to Shardplate and shardblades as silver or "silvery metal." Crazy questions: In keeping with this silver theory here, is this what spren become when they transform into shardblades? they imitate/become silver? Could this be why shardblades can block/hit other shardblades and yet cut through everything else as if it wasn't even there? When the Vedens manufactured "half-shards," were they made of silver? Shallan encountered a keyhole at the Oathgate (at the end of WoR) that was "made of the same stuff" as a shardblade, as she put it. It doesn't seem implied that a spren had transformed into said keyhole... but rather unlike shardblades, no spren was involved. I theorize that no spren is necessary for this "stuff" (silver?) to exist in the physical realm. Therefore, the keyhole could possibly be made of simple silver. It's possible that the Vedens have managed to create their half-shards simply by discovering the proper metal to use when forging them. 1.) Have some Veden smiths forge shields of silver. 2.) Power the shield with infused gemstones (just like shardplate). 3.) and VIOLA! ...Half-Shard? ... Crazy crazy questions bouncing around my head. At any rate, one thing that seems certain to me is that silver is very special within the cosmere. It's possible that its effects and influence span across all three realms at once! I'm not saying that everything described as "silver" or "silvery" has some profound meaning behind it... but there might just be a bit of a cosmere-sized trend here. To me, if there really is a trend, it seems that silver can "counter" powers within the cosmere. Like shielding nightblood, touching/harming shades, mixing with gold to allow an allomancer to negate the effects of atium, stopping/blocking a shardblade's attack, etc... If anyone in the Cosmere knows what's going on, it's Hoid... and even he keeps a silver sword handy. "Wit picked his way through the groups of attendants, holding a cup of wine in one hand, silver sword belted at his side." "Wit sat on a raised stool at the end of the bridge leading onto the island. Wit actually dressed as a lighteyes should—he wore a stiff black uniform, silver sword at his waist." Seems like Hoid knows something about the benefits and usefulness of silver that we don't. Can you guys think of anymore examples? ...or am I crazy? What does silver mean to the Cosmere?
  23. In the Epilogue to The Way of Kings I noticed that Wit refers to "Talenel's" (ugh. Brandon you cagey weasel) Blade as a Shardblade instead of an Honorblade. "And then a bright, silvery blade rammed between the massive doors, slicing upward, cutting the bar that held them closed. A Shardblade." Wouldn't Wit know that this was no mere Shardblade? Wouldn't he know it was an Honorblade?
  24. Is Wit a Surgebinder? When he tells Kaladin stories, like in the plateau with his flute, or when Kal's in jail, Kaladin describes being able to physically see the stories that Wit tells. We know that Truthwatchers and Lightweavers have access to the illumination surge, so could he be a Surgebinder? I don't have any detailed theories, but I'd like to hear yours!