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Found 67 results

  1. This post contains spoilers for Stormlight Archive’s Rhytm of War, Mistborn’s Bands of Mourning and minor spoilers for Warbreaker. Proceed with caution. In the epilogue of Rhythm of War, Wit encounters the new Odium and their interaction leaves us wondering if the encounter truly happened as Wit expected or whether he has been outwitted (hah). I will summarize some “facts”: 1. Wit planned entering the old palace in order to meet Odium. 2. Investiture can be used to store memories. 3. Odium notices that Wit stores his memories in his Breaths. 4. Odium does something to Wit’s Breaths. 5. Wit appears panicked. 6. Wit appears to have forgotten he had already met Odium. 7. The encounter “repeats”. 8. Wit loses his perfect pitch, an ability granted by holding a sufficient number of Breaths. I think it is safe to say that 1. – 3. are facts. I will explain what I think what really happened during 4.-8. Put on your ralkalest foil hats and let's dive in. Wit, the man himself, gives us a few hints in the epilogue. Wit does a coin trick while talking about storytelling. He explains to Design that performing a magic trick without actual magic is more impressive. He talks about misdirection (“dirty tricks”) and then shows us that he had two coins all along. Now here is my theory: Wit knew exactly what he was doing. He planned to meet Odium and he planned to trick Odium into thinking he had been outwitted. “But wait”, you say. “Odium did mess with Wit’s Breaths! He stole them and that’s why he loses his perfect pitch. To that I say: “True, he stole his Investiture. But what about second Investiture?” Breath is not the only thing in the Cosmere capable of storing memories. Copperminds can do so as well. Wit is shown playing with a coin. That’s his Coppermind. He uses both Breath and Copperminds to store memories. These are the two coins that are parts of a whole. During the initial encounter, he starts storing his memories from the last few minutes into his Coppermind. When Odium “attacks”, Wit truly is panicked because he doesn’t know what’s going on. His memories are partially in his Coppermind and therefore not in his mind. His lack of information makes the rest of the encounter scary. While Odium talks about his predecessors’ agreements, Wit finishes storing the memory of the meeting into the Coppermind. The Breaths are a decoy, the misdirection. Odium does steal a few of his Breaths but Wit has a backup in his coin now. After their second encounter, Wit appears to have forgotten that they had already met a few minutes before. He seems confused and looks for Design. Then he meets Odium. At this moment, Wit genuinely thinks this is their first face-to-face meeting in over a thousand years. While talking to Odium, he glances at his coin and thinks “I wanna tap that. But not now with Odium watching.” The encounter ends. Wit walks away and tries to whistle. He notices a few of his Breaths are missing. He taps the coin and recalls his memories. Their first face-to-face meeting in over a thousand years had gone exactly as he had imagined. Some problems and possible answers about this theory: P1: It might be impossible to upload memories into Breaths and into a Coppermind at the same time. A1: 1. Wit could have stored half of his memories in his Breaths and half in his Coppermind. He can then piece together through context what happened. 2. The more interesting explanation is that Wit created this scene in advance (storytelling) and left those memories as a decoy for Odium. Here is an excerpt from the epilogue. The biggest clue, however, is the very last sentence of the epilogue. He *imagined* the meeting, as in he created images of it. How? Lightweaving. P2: Why does Odium notice the Breaths but not the Coppermind? A2: Wit says (Like Breath.) (Unlike coins.) Breath is Investiture that Wit is endowed with. It is a part of him, at least temporary. Metalminds store Investiture outside of the body. Odium is not interested in the coin at all. Why would he? Breath is much more interesting. Maybe if he had not noticed that Wit stores memories in his Breaths, he might have been curious about the coin. But that’s the magic of misdirection. P3: If Feruchemy existed before the Shattering or if Odium learned about Feruchemy at some point before Rhythm of War, he would be much more wary of a coin, something that is not commonly used on Roshar. A3: During his negotiation with Dalinar, Rayse says This implies that the different manifestations of Investiture are not known to each Shard. Plus, Odium was trapped in the Rosharan system, so he might have missed a few things P4: Why did Odium not notice that Wit's prepared memory was fake? A4: Wit is an amazing storyteller and could create illusions with Yolish Lightweaving prior to bonding a Cryptic. The Surge of Illumination would enhance and complement his abilities. P5: Why could Odium not foresee that Wit would attempt to create a fake memory? A5: Wit spent quite some time around Renarin who can interfere with Odium's predictive powers. Wit's Fortune allows him know where he is supposed to be but even without Fortune it would be smart to stick around Renarin if you want to avoid Odium's gaze. P6: Is Wit even a Ferring? We only know he is an Allomancer. A6: BoM chapter 21 Wit doesn't have to be a real Feruchemist or Ferring. He would just need to have access to a filled Niccrosilmind. P7: Where would Wit get a filled Niccrosilmind from? He visited Scadrial during Era 1, presumably left and came back during Era 2. However, Stormlight takes place before Era 2. A7: Wit could have visited Scadrial again between Era 1 and Stormlight to get a Nicrosilmind. Another and easier solution is that someone brought the Nicrosilmind to him. There were at least three Scadrians on Roshar, two of which are heavily implied to be Ferrings or Feruchemists. So that's my theory. I invite you to re-read the epilogue with these thoughts in mind. Channel your inner conspiracy theorist and try to find as many connections between what Wit says during his performance to the Spren and what happens during his meeting with Odium. I would love for you to add your thoughts and expand this little theory. TLDR: Wit is an advanced method actor. He played the fool but was actually still the Wit. He said to Odium "~~You cannot have my memories~~ Please feel free to take my memories" but only if you can find the right ones.
  2. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  3. I belive that wit has 4 surges. Wit was the first one to meet taln after 4500 so I think he took taln's honorblade. So he gets 2 surges form there and then he gets 2 surges form design
  4. Through use of forgery it is shown that one can take different paths in their past for different results to become different versions that could have been Since it has become apparent Hoid had an opportunity to become a shard at some point could forging his soul turn him into one?
  5. From the album The Stormlight Archive

    A piece I did for this year's Cosmere Inktober! Depicting Wit as he tells the Tale of Mishim - my favorite story by him! Drawing Hoid / Wit is always a bit of a challenge but I think (I hope?) that with each new drawing of him I'm getting a bit closer to how I perceive him in the books. This was lots of fun and I'd like to try a proper depiction of this scene sometime in 2021 as this sequence is especially dear to me.
  6. Hey, does anyone know if there is a place where you can find all of the stories Wit tells in all of the Stromlight Archive?
  7. In WoK, Hoid tempts Sadeas to kill him. What would he have done if Sadeas actually did try? He can't die. Would have he revealed his healing factor? How would that scene have played out if Sadeas did try? Would he even lose hos lands if Hoid was still alive or is it the attempt that matters?
  8. Hey! I collected all of Hoid's stories in a document! This is for your theorizing pleasure, and for potential memorization! Hoid's Stories I was interested in reading all of them, so I collected them, and couldn't think of a better place to share them than here!. I included the Wandersail (Way of Kings Chapter 57), Fleet (Words of Radiance Chapter 59), The Girl Who Looked Up (Combined both Shallan's Version and Hoid's, Oathbringer Chapters 25 and 82), Mishim and Tsa (Oathbringer Chapter 67), The Dragon and the Dog (Rhythm of War Chapter 80), The Origin of the God Kings (Warbreaker Chapter 32) Hoid’s Stories.pdf Hoid’s Stories.txt
  9. Hi everyone, I am new here but I have a few thoughts on the epilogue and why Brandon may have been so excited to write it. 1.) I do not believe Hoid stores memories in his Breaths, at all. If you've read Warbreaker then there is no mention of memories being stored there. I think it's entirely possible that this information was planted by Hoid in case something happened to the actual vessel of Odium. Even Hoid alludes to this be saying he felt someone messing with his perfect pitch. I think that is a purposeful statement to let the reader know that he realized he's being messed with and it's just his perfect pitch. 2.) He alludes to his "real" coin that was palmed in his hand. I believe this is actually referring to the coppermind Coin that Hoid gives away. 3.) The differences in speech as well, as others have pointed out indicate that Hoid knew perfectly well that something was amiss. I could be wrong but that was how it seemed to me.
  10. From the album Wit

    Wit. The wily, witty, whimsical Wit. Who woos a weary audience with wondrous tales of witchery and waffles, who wanders while he waits for the waning of the past, when woeful tellings give way to wonderful news of ramen. Whistling while he beguiles the naive and waltzes with gods, he wiggles with words and confounds his enemies (and friends alike) as he wishes for his waiting to be over.
  11. Ok, while reading Wit's story the explanation he gives on where he heard the story caught my attention. Coincidence? The description of the Innkeeper sounds like Kote (Kvothe) from Rothfuss's Name of the wind
  12. "You storming personification of a cancerous anal discharge" Beat a kid and Wit loses all chill as he damn well should.
  13. What makes Brandon's funny characters and humor work for me even when they aren't that funny:
  14. Sorry for the clickbait, but Hoid, wit, whatever you want to call him, is a loli. Not only that, he is best girl. He's a billion years old and looks no more than 50, so he's a loli. He is best girl, because HAVE you read the series? besto wifi. Thanks for coming to my ted talk
  15. I drew Wit again. He is definitely my favorite male character in Stormlight Process: + + + Wit genderbend + + + Szeth and Nightblood GrumpyKaladin.gif
  16. I have a crazy fridge theory about our Stalker Musician and Guitar. Now it's generally thought that the Musician is Hoid, and we know that Hoid has a love for musical instruments (at least in the Stormlight Archives). first he uses a flute that he is very fond of which he gives to Kaladin. Then next we see him he has a Guitar that seems to have more than one player. I subject that Hoid either got or has the guitar in White Sand, the very one we see in fact, took it with him on his Cosmere Grand Tour before eventually managing to awake it on Nalthis. I also believe that by the end of Part 3, that Guitar and Musician will have a role to play. But we shall see.
  17. So here is just a general Hoid thread. Ask questions away in here! also, just want to point out that planet came from the greek word for wanderer, one of Hoid's aliases. I think that he would find that amusing!
  18. Spoilers from Secret history, warbreaker, and Stormlight So, if Wit has all the powers of allomancy, all the powers of breath, and now some of the powers of a Radiant, why has he done almost nothing to stop Odium?
  19. From the album The King's Wit

    "I wonder if you could do that to a man. Pull him apart, emotion by emotion, bit by bit, bloody chunk by bloody chunk. Then combine them back together into something else, like a Dysian Aimian." For relaxation I decided to play around with color palettes and ended up drawing Wit aka Hoid from the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. I loved basically everything about these books so far but Hoid's quips are always a good extra
  20. Here are the top 10 wittiest characters (in my opinion) from what we've seen throughout the general cosmere: Hoid Wayne Shallan Sarene Kelsier Breeze Ham Kaladin Nazh Shai
  21. From the album Bored Doodles

    This is a drawing from the wandersail story that Wit tells Kaladin in WoK.
  22. Hey guys I couldn't find a discussion specifically about Wit so I decided to dedicate this thread to him Wit/Hoid has admitted to Dalinar that he is neither Herald nor Radiant and we know from Brandon Sanderson's clues that he is something beyond Roshar, since he is unafraid of Jasnah's Shardblade. So Far through the books Wit has appeared at every important twist and turn throughout the book, at least the Alethi part of the world, He is there for character moral development, giving advice to important characters and next-to-outright slandering the characters that we foreshadow to dislike. Wit is a very important character, appearing and weaving connections between the major characters of the Stormlight Archive so far, and being so charmingly funny about it. Anyways post the parts of Wit that you like or want to discuss, such as his Jokes, the deeper meanings of his stories, and his remarkable appearance where a major plot twist occurs