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Found 1 result

  1. Allomancer Senn Conrad looked disconsolately at the table. It was sparsely laid - a sign of the hard times his house had fallen into. Of course, there was no danger of going hungry. The fields full of skaa were proof against that eventuality. But his father's reckless trading ventures had embeggared the house, and upon his death, Senn had inherited a house nearly in default on numerous loans. By the skin of his teeth and a few well-timed lucky breaks, he had made it through. The only loans remaining were in the process of being paid off. His trading network was beginning to grow again. House Conrad had a future. Until now. He turned the letter over and over in his hands. The missive was fairly worded, but loaded with innuendo all the same. The message was clear. His daughter was to be married off to create a merger with a client house of Venture, one of the most powerful of the Great Houses. The marriage would have been a light thing had his only son not died the previous month. His daughter could have carried on the family line, of course, made sure that there still remained a House Conrad when he was gone. But the terms of the marriage contract demanded by Straff - the odious head of an odious House! - denied that possibility. In a couple of decades, there would not be a Conrad. Perhaps he could marry again, have another son? But Venture was notoriously ruthless against those who defied their wishes. And, as Venture had recently purchased the last of his loans from House Erikeller, there were direct forms of compulsion they could apply... Well, what they didn't know was that he had saved just enough funds to pay off the debts. There would be nothing left to expand the business, which was why he hadn't cleared the books yet. It was only a year's worth of payments left, and he could leverage that money to ensure their future prosperity. But, given the circumstances, a cash-strapped House with no debt was better off than a flush House with Venture pulling it's strings. After all, what could Straff do about it once the debt was paid? Welcome to LG34: Allomancer! The players are members of the manor guard of House Conrad, a minor client house of House Venture. The House Lord is pushing back against Venture's attempts to meddle in his business, and as a response, House Venture has sent an elite team of infiltrators to ensure Lord Conrad's compliance. "Convenient" raids by skaa rebels have managed to destroy the most recent shipment of Allomantic metals, and the guard captains have given strict orders to prevent metal hoarding. Metals are supposed to be kept in the guard's vault. Of course, this has the effect of creating a black market of metal trading among the guardsmen, and even the non-Allomancers are getting in on the action. As the stakes rise, nobody knows who they can trust, and who might just stab them in the back. This game is set roughly 15 years before Mistborn: The Final Empire, and may contain spoilers for the first Mistborn book. Factions and General Rules: Roles: Player List: Marv (Hemalurgic_Headshot) Barry Allen (The Flash) Jeff (Manukos) - short for Jeffonimo Lance (Ecthelion III) - The Second Nameless Booken (Paranoid King) - a victim of the "common word + en" method of naming Garshin (Yitzi2) Ribis (cloudjumper) - the bored second son of a noble from the Remote Dominance Stick McStick (_Stick_) Dromea Larabeck (Drake Marshall) - elderly minor noblewoman who works as an informant for the guards Remart (Jondesu) Beet Asper (Ornstein) - an old timer who knows his stuff Locke Tekiel (OrlokTsubodai) - a scion of a well - respected noble house Absolen (StrikerEZ) - a skaa worker in the Conrad fields Jay (DroughtBringer) - a blind young man attempting to keep his blindness a secret Boris (Elenion) - a guard known for laziness and general apathy Hadrian Penrod (Araris Valerian) - hoping to ascend to Ruin Mehir (Metacognition) - a mute and paranoid guard Cluny (Cluny the Scourge) - a man who believes he is a rat with a spearhead on his tail Valbar (TheMightyLopen) - who always gets ignored despite his large stature Mila (BrightnessRadiant) - a girl from the country Sorren Karidor (Dalinar Kholin) - an old guard who's been here longer than any of you whippersnappers Argyle (Sart) - a very clumsy man Quick Links: