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Found 11 results

  1. I was doing some research about different Surges the other day, and when I read about the surge of stone shaping, I started wondering about it. Specifically, when a Willshaper or a Stoneward uses their Stormlight to shape a stone, does it become like clay and they have to mold it? Or (this would be way cooler) would they be able to sort of command it with their mind so they don't have to actually dig tunnels through rock, etc. I may simply have this question because I missed a part in the descriptions in both the book and the info pages. But if the latter is tue for Willshapers and Stonewards, it would be wicked cool!
  2. I was doing some research about different Surges the other day, and when I read about the surge of stone shaping, I started wondering about it. Specifically, when a Willshaper or a Stoneward uses their Stormlight to shape a stone, does it become like clay and they have to mold it? Or (this would be way cooler) would they be able to sort of command it with their mind so they don't have to actually dig tunnels through rock, etc. I may simply have this question because I missed a part in the descriptions in both the book and the info pages. But if the latter is tue for Willshapers and Stonewards, it would be wicked cool!
  3. We've learnt from Syl's Interlude that Bondsmiths can strengthen bonds between humans and spren, which Dalinar doesn't seem to know how to do yet. Could it be the Spiritual version of the Surge of Tension? We've mostly seen Dalinar using pure Adhesion or the mix of Bondsmith Surges (e.g. repairing objects) so far and strengthening a bond seems to kind of fit the description of "making things more rigid, less flexible" (a definition of Tension from this WoB). Assuming that this is the case, what about the Surge of Cohesion, which is pretty much the opposite of Tension (at least in the physical sense): We know that Willshapers are all about seeking freedom, so it seems entirely possible that they can use Spiritual Cohesion to weaken bonds. That leads to two interesting implications: A. Syl is bound to remain within some distance of Kaladin, but what about the Reachers? Is it possible for Willshapers to weaken their bond somehow so that their spren can explore their surroundings more (which we know they love to do). The fact that Willshapers also have the Surge of Transportation (which seems to allow Soulcasting at a distance) might also be a factor in maintaining a bond despite physical isolation B. The first Willshapers on modern Roshar are Singers, which offers some very interesting options. Can they use bond weakening to "exorcise" Voidspren from Singers (and replace them with other spren)? Can they go even further and expel the Fused from Singer bodies?
  4. OK like the title says, shards weapons can't split become bows and arrows, buuut... What if Willshapers could could have a ShardCrossbow and using cohesion he makes SUPER dense bolts out of rock or even iron if he has it. One shot. There goes your misappropriated shardplate/carapace you mean ol' voidbinder!
  5. So we’ve seen how various orders can have special abilities by combining their two surges usually in a way that fits with their orders ideology. What about Stonewards and Willshapers the two least represented orders. We haven’t seen much of cohesion in general but I think it opens up some really interesting possibilities when combined with other surges. Especially given these order’s attributes. Perhaps a Willshaper could use cohesion and transportation to move materials about to creat new structures like pulling metal out of ores or something. This also fits with with their builder attribute. And perhaps Stonewards could reshape stone into large structures like walls using tension and cohesion.
  6. I saw this WoB and thought "challenge accepted." We know each book corresponds with one of the orders of Knights Radiant. We also have the viewpoint characters for all ten books, being Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Eshonai, Szeth, Lift, Renarin, Taln, Ash, and Jasnah. My list of orders, with known characters matched. Windrunner - Kaladin Lightweaver - Shallan Bondsmith - Dalinar Edgedancer - Lift Elsecaller - Jasnah Truthwatcher - Renarin (sort of, his situation is weird but I'll allow it_ Skybreaker - Szeth That leaves Willshaper, Stoneward, and Dustbringer without characters, and Eshonai, Taln, and Ash without orders. Now Taln is the Stoneward Herald. As a viewpoint character, he will likely be using the corresponding Surges, so I'm leaving him as the Stoneward. We know from this WoB that lightspren are the Willshaper spren, and it is implied that Timbre, found near Eshonai's body, is a lightspren. I believe this means that Eshonai is our Willshaper. Leaving Ash and the Dustbringers. Now I know Ash is the Lightweaver Herald, but she no longer has her Honorblade to access those Surges. I think she will either bond an ashspren or get hold of the Dustbringer Honorblade. Either way, I think she is our Dustbringer character. What do you think? Am I on to something? Am I missing a major piece of evidence? Let me know your thoughts.
  7. From the album Stormlight Archive desktop wallpapers

    Willshapers wallpaper using a quote from Words of Radiance
  8. Sorry clickbait. But seriously what do you guys think are possible Willshaper oaths. I have these so far: Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination. I will be foolish no matter what. I will be stupid, and get high on adrenaline for all my days. I shall cleanse the non-fools of there non- foolishness. I AM ANOYING. (If it isn’t clear, I’m joking and don’t actually think this of the willshapers)
  9. SO! I love Venli in OB, and her dynamic with Timbre. I also personally identify with the order of Willshapers (as seen by my profile picture) and can't wait till Book 4 A.K.A. Willshaper Extravaganza!! I have made this thread to talk about this amazing character, and to appreciate Willshaperness in general I'll start... The part when Venli is talking to Timbre about the Voidspren "YOU TOOK A VOIDSPREN HOSTAGE!?!?!" *Timbre smiles innocently while holding scumbag Voidspren at gunpoint*
  10. Looking through Arcanum, found this: (original link) I take it, the Radiant Order would be Willshapers, but they no longer accept humans.
  11. I know there are lots of theories floating around about what order so-and-so could be or what such-and-such a Surge might do, but the Willshapers are really intriguing to me, and there doesn't seem to be much discussion about them in particular. So here goes. (Also, apologies in advance for the long post, but I've been thinking about this a lot lately.) (I think my fascination may come from the fact that that description fits the Doctor to a T. Especially Eleven.) Theory 1: Lopen is a Willshaper So Lopen has some connection to the Knights Radiant. Whether he's a squire, a full Windrunner, or another order entirely is up for debate. I'm inclined to believe it's something more than what the other members of Bridge Four are experiencing, since Lopen took in Stormlight consciously and independently (neither of which can be said for certain about the men fighting the Parshendi.) Or, to be more meta about it, why single out Lopen to get his own scene if he's just one of a dozen squires? I think it's equally likely that Lopen will turn out to be another Windrunner vs. that he'll be a different order. But if he is another order, my money's on Willshapers. Of all the potential Radiants out there, Lopen seems like the best fit for the Willshapers. He's enterprising (his very first bridge run, Kaladin asks him to bring water. He grabs Dabbid and Hobber, builds a litter, and piles on twenty waterskins). I'm may have a certain fondness for him, but I'm sure lots of people find him frustrating and unreliable. And he loves adventure, novelty, and oddity. Various things from the training scenes in WoR Chapter 12. "Fly!" "Walk on walls!" "Stick me to a wall!" And of course It's really only going on his personality, but it's such a good fit! Theory 2: Axies the Collector is a Willshaper Of the three theories here, this is the one I'm least confident about, but I'll at least put it out there as a stepping stone to the next one. Axies is at least as fascinated by novelty and adventure as Lopen, as evidenced by his many travels in search of spren. Also, his shadow is seen to act erratically, much like Jasnah's. (This could make him an Elsecaller, but he doesn't seem to have the right temperament for it.) There's something from his interlude in WoK that stands out to me. I know this is thin, but bear with me. Axies got drunk, was robbed and knocked out, and woke up disoriented. Fine. I'll buy that. I'll even buy that he didn't immediately remember where he was before getting drunk. But I would think that someone who's just groggy would respond more with, "Oh, right. Kasitor." Not this kind of vague, "I'm just gonna take your word for it" response. He deliberately came to Kasitor to see Cusicesh. It probably took him a while to get there by land or sea, and he'd probably been looking forward to it for a while. Is it really that surprising to him that his pre-hangover self came here? Or was he expecting his assailants to have taken him to another city after they robbed him? It's not like he's in a field somewhere, or a shed or something. But if he can travel large distances in the blink of an eye, he might have just popped over to Kasitor on a whim. He might be used to traveling halfway across Roshar between one day and the next. And that's not the only time it's suggested. Superstition? Yes. But there's a fair chance it has grounding in fact. Now, maybe it's referring to the fact that Aimians can manipulate their body/appearance. But without some severe reshaping, he's not likely to get out of his bonds. If he could teleport away, on the other hand... There are obviously some major flaws with this theory. Most of what makes Axies distinct is implied to be because he's Aimian, not because there's something specific to him. (Though I would like to point out that it doesn't ever specifically say that Aimian=anything other than blue nails and eyes.) (1) The comment about Aimians refers directly to the first sentence, and then the narration appears to switch tracks. You could read this as. "Maybe it was because he was Aimian. Or maybe because he was a Radiant." (2) This suggests that "his kind" (that cast strange shadows) are Aimians. But "his kind" could just as easily be "Radiants." Or maybe the difference between Siah and Dysian is that Siah are Radiants/something similar to Radiants. The scouring of Aimia might have happened because Siah Aimians had access to unnatural powers (aka Surges.) (If WoB has said that all Aimians have wonky shadows, I missed it. Forgive me and move on to Theory 3 below.) The only real reservation I have about this is that Aimians aren't humans and thus might not be capable of becoming Radiants. In that case... Theory 3: Axies has some other connection to the spren of Willshapers or Elsecallers If Axies can't be a Radiant, he might still have magic and/or a spren bond. Maybe it's the Old Magic, or Voidbinding, or something else (Surgebinding that circumvents the Nahel bond? Symbiosis with spren lacking a proper bond? Some mixed human/spren blood???) It could be that the magic systems on Roshar function similarly to those on Scadrial--same catalyst, different (but sometimes related) effect. Tineyes and Windwhispers (tin Ferrings) both use tin to enhance their senses. Elsecallers and the corresponding Old Magic-bound Aimians bind the same spren, getting the same strange shadow, but otherwise aren't that similar. Could even be that each race on Roshar is particularly attuned to a particular type of magic. The Listeners/Parshendi to Voidbinding (formerly Surgebinding until humans lured the spren away), humans to Surgebinding, and Aimians to Old Magic. And while humans lost their magic, by and large, after the Recreance, Parshendi and Aimians may have held onto it. Any number of Aimians might have been Radiant analogues before the scouring.