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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to Greenhara, a place once thought to be legend. The one place in the Rust where the all permeating Rust does not penetrate. Ruster's powers still work in the last green place, but everyone views them as a curse, as they bring in the curse. The area is commonly considered a war zone, with many bandit groups and burn lords trying to gain control of the city and attacking often. There isn't much land in this area, and what is here is either worth a fortune in water or has a farmer whose willing to defend their land to the death and has done so on multiple occasions. No one knows the source of Greenhara's protection against the Rust, but all do know that whoever does figure it out will become the savior of the entire Rusts. When entering Greenhara there is a man, standing on a box, calling out loudly.„Salvation is upon us! Listen my friends, for salvation is finally here. We have paid enough for our sins of old, the gods have given us a chance. They have sent us a way out of this. This place ist he proof, this place is a miracle, sent by the gods!“He spreads his arms widely, looks around to see if anybody is listening. Most of those, who seem to live here, or at least arrived a while ago don’t, but some travellers wearing packs stop and listen to his words.„We need to keep peace. We need to live together and then the gods will see that we are worthy and they will take the curse from us.“A woman saunters on a box close to him. She is wearing a set of cloths, that are meant to like like a serving girl’s, but are mostly doing a great job to enhance her womanly features.„Come to the „Rusty horn“. The best saloon outside of Broadhead. We have drinks, entertainment, and of course company for the night.“The man shoots her an angry look, and she waves cheerfully at those standing in front of him.„Beds for newly arrived avvailable as well.“she shouts out to everybody close enough to listen and then hops down the crate.„You only make it worse, Kate! There’s a lot of these opportunists already.“someone calls from those around, and she only laughs.„The more people come to Greenhara, the better. Did I mention, that the „Rusty Horn“ also is the only saloon around here? I hope to see you all there soon!“Walking away she waved at noone in particular, while the man standing on a box tries to regain the attention of his audience. @I think I am here. @Ark1002 @Clyde Coggins @Darth Sir Woodrack Groot @Snipexe
  2. Hey everybody, @Snipexe and me spent the last few days thinking about a possible Wild West setting and we have reached a point, where we like to show what we have and ask for feedback. Any is appreciated, as well as ideas what to improve, or what you feel is missing. One thing up front: we left the backstory cloudy in this version, as we want to offer the possibility to find out more about the world, and how it ended up, like it is today. If you feel like you need everything, then we will gladly share that part as well. An old tale The Setting (Overview) Environment Technology Magic The culture Law enforcement Three settlements The Map Characters and this setting