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Found 53 results

  1. Trell has been a character of interest in the Cosmere ever since the Alloy of Law book. There are tons of crazy theories on Trell and Trelagism, so I thought I'd share some of mine. Trelagism reminds me a LOT of the Shardworld Taldain. One one side it's constantly daytime - Dayside - and on the other it's constantly night - Darkside. In the religion Trelagism, worshipped by the Nelazan on Scadrial, they thought that night was sacred, as they could see the Thousand Eyes of Trell, which were the stars. This could be a reference to Darkside, and it's entirely possible some Darksiders travelled to Scadrial and spread their beliefs. White Sand takes place waaay before Mistborn. Trell, supposedly an Avatar of Autonomy, could have gone to Scadrial himself. In Trelagism, Trell was the stars and Nalt was the sun. This isn't something crazy, but I connected Nalt to Nalthis for some reason. Is this a coincidence or am I connecting two random things for no reason.
  2. For those who haven't read volume two yet (what are you doing?), A regular dude named Trell shows up for one page, and is never seen again. I nearly fell off my chair when that happened. Any ideas of what this could mean?
  3. Has Brandon ever said if we will ever learn more about the magic system on darkside from White sand, either in the graphic novel or a prose version? I really want to know what's going on with scythe, he sounds very Lord rulery to me. White sand (prose) is one of favorite cosmere stories and it ends on such a cliffhanger! I hope he goes back to the world some day.
  4. There is a Kenton Street in Luthadel. Khriss. What did you do to Kenton. My idea is that Kenton died, and that Khriss was there while Luthadel was built, then wrote down Kenton Street as a memorial to him. Thoughts?
  5. I have a crazy fridge theory about our Stalker Musician and Guitar. Now it's generally thought that the Musician is Hoid, and we know that Hoid has a love for musical instruments (at least in the Stormlight Archives). first he uses a flute that he is very fond of which he gives to Kaladin. Then next we see him he has a Guitar that seems to have more than one player. I subject that Hoid either got or has the guitar in White Sand, the very one we see in fact, took it with him on his Cosmere Grand Tour before eventually managing to awake it on Nalthis. I also believe that by the end of Part 3, that Guitar and Musician will have a role to play. But we shall see.
  6. So one of the first things we learn about in White Sand is that Taldain is tidally locked to it's star. This means that the Dayside should be (very) much too hot to live on, and the Nightside should be (very) much too cold to live on. The only reason I can think of that makes at least a little sense is that some of the energy that should be given out from the sun is actually converted into Investiture, which is why Sand always turns white again, if left in the sun. For this to work, lnvestiture would actually have to be a form of energy, as there has to be a lot of energy converted for Taldain not to be too hot, and for it to be converted in the first place, it would have to be a form of energy. However, this means that the Nightside would be even colder. Taldain does not look like a very nice place to live. The only other explanation that i can think of is that Autonomy fiddled with the anatomy of the humans who live there (TLR 2.0) or that he fiddled with the planet, e.g. made the planet with varying levels of thickness in the atmosphere so that the thermal energy reflected by the white sand (some kind of effect, where infrared radiation gets reflected by the colour white, can't remember what it's called), and it gets bounced all the way back to the Nightside. What do you think?
  7. Hey all, just got through my second read through of Volume 2, and something caught my attention the second time through. Was this something they changed or am I simply mis-remembering something? Other than that has anyone caught sight of our favorite trickster? Last I heard the musician from the first volume was the best suspect and I didn't sense any new contenders this volume.
  8. I am currently listening to the Oathbringer audio book, I've already read it, and caught this phrase. I don't know if that is saying the jar itself was white and black, or if it's contents are. If it is the jars contents, I think that Hoid is a sand master, as once white sand is used, it turns black, until it is recharged. This is very little evidence, and I can't recall if there are any other clues like this in any of the other Cosmere books.
  9. The release of White Sand Volume 2 has been a tumultuous one. It's been delayed a long time, but now, today, it is actually out. Several people have reported that their physical copy is out for delivery, so that means it is officially real. However, it isn't totally out yet. You might notice the Kindle version and other ebook versions say you can't get it until tomorrow, February 21st. Ian (WeiryWriter) tells me that this is the case because comics generally come out on Wednesdays in America. I suppose that makes sense that there is some discrepancy in the two markets, so there's some weirdness in the release. Our White Sand Volume 2 reactions thread is here. If you haven't read the first volume, you can pick it up anywhere. In case you missed it, you can also listen to Shardcast's comments on the first volume. You can be sure there will be a Volume 2 podcast soon, too.
  10. We're back, and this week we're reading White Sand Volume 1, the graphic novel, in anticipation for Volume 2 which comes out February 20th. We discuss everything that happened, our feelings on the transition to a graphic novel and its quality, analysis of the magic (as you no doubt expect), and what we expect after the three volumes of the graphic novel are finished. Let's talk about spoilers. There will be discussion of the unpublished, White Sand prose version, but we don't talk about big plot points and we stay focused on Volume 1's stuff. But the prose version colors our impression of Taldain, and it's important we talk about how and why that is. Today we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), and David (Windrunner). Next week we will have a Very Special Episode, so stay tuned.
  11. Hey i'm new is it possible to get a copy of white sand and aether of night,
  12. Would this be the same Reen from Mistborn (or rather, is the Mistborn Reen from this), or is it just a coincidence? Because this Reen is a thief, also... But it says "some fifteen years ago", and I'm not sure how old Reen from Mistborn is.
  13. Hi Guys, I haven't seen this particular topic discussed here, apologies if I've missed it. Warning: Spoilers for White Sand ahead! On a rereading of Oathbringer, I noticed that right after Hoid's performance in Kholinar (The story of Mishim & Queen Tsa), Shallan noticed a something in Hoid's pack "Small jar, sealed at the top. It was mostly black, but the side pointed toward her was instead white." First thing I did was kick myself for not noticing this the first time, so Hoid was using ribbons of Sand Mastery to tell the tale rather than manipulating trails of smoke as Shallan assumed. The second thing I did was notice the odd reaction Hoid had when glancing at his pack during the performance that lead him to actively start scanning the audience to find Shallan (burning Bronze?), as well as the fact that the sand was white on the side pointed toward Shallan. It seems to me that this implies that Shallan's presence (or more accurately her use of Stormlight) actually reinfused the sand in the jar in same way that Taldain's sun does. While this isn't so much of a stretch, it is a bit odd that this can be done in a pack, at a distance, when on Taldain, it requires direct exposure to the sun for a decent amount of time. Does anyone have any thoughts or WoB on the matter?
  14. In page 789 of the American Version, Hoid-as-Wit and Shallan are discussing the story of 'The Girl who Looked Up', with Hoid-as-Wit stating that "It's a story from long ago...things were different in that time." However, when Shallan creates the Illusion, he says "'s not dark enough" (page 790), with the illusion "leaving them standing in the darkness of night, lit only by a frail set of stars." Hoid then goes on to say that people still had to live, even without light, living, farming and eating in the darkness, except for the one girl who wanted to find out the answers about the wall, and eventually climbing the wall to find that on the other side was "God's Light" (page 792), and that she sneaked up to the Light, and she brought it back with her. "To the other side. To the land of shadows..." according to Shallan. This sounds very similar to the story of Khriss in White Sand, the ever inquisitive girl who goes from the Darkside to Dayside in her quest to find the Sand Masters, and to those who have read White Sand Prime, we know that she takes Sand back with her to Darkside at the end of the book. What d'y'all think? Am i clutching at straws here?
  15. Hey guys, I just read on the coppermind wiki that the release date of White Sand-2 is 7th November. But can't find any evidence of that and also Amazon still mentions release date as 14th November. Can anyone confirm the release date?
  16. Remember how Apocalypse Guard was cancelled and Mystery Project was replacing it? Well thanks to some sleuthing by wackyHair on Reddit, we now (probably) know. They looked at the Random House publisher page on Brandon Sanderson. It used to say: Now it says: Oooo, Skyward replacing Apocalypse Guard? Sweet! That is a safe bet for the mystery project to me! Now, what is Skyward? It was mentioned in State of the Sanderson in 2013 and never was referenced again (which also fits Mystery Project, as Brandon said it was a project he had thought about for a long time.) Here's what Brandon has said on it: We also know it is science fiction. Now Random House publishes non-cosmere stuff for Brandon. Since the cosmere is pretty profitable for Tor I doubt they would let something like that go to another publisher. Maybe it is non-cosmere now. But who knows? Next up, let's talk about the next installment of the White Sand graphic novel. We reported its release date being moved back to December, but now it looks like it's even more dire. Peter now says it is likely to be February. So let's not hold our breath for it yet. Still, delays aren't inherently bad; a good product is better than a rushed product.
  17. Today we have all sorts of news for you. We talked about the Oathbringer endpapers before, and now we have the last two! (Scroll down for those, if you think those are spoilers, I suppose.) But there's lots more to talk about. White Sand vol. 2's release date, which was before right around Oathbringer's release, has been pushed back on Amazon to December 26th, 2017, really hitting that holiday release window... But still, waiting for a good product is always good, rather than wanting a rushed product. There hasn't been an official announcement, so it could still be in flux. Next up, the Dragonsteel Prime chapters are over, but this week we got an old Dalinar chapter from Way of Kings--the 2010 version, not Way of Kings Prime. It's the first Dalinar point of view in the book. As Brandon had talked about before in various places, Dalinar wasn't quite right in that chapter, as Dalinar seemed wishy-washy. Brandon added Adolin, who got that aspect of questioning if Dalinar was sane, to fix the issue. We also have Way of Kings Annotation Chapter 4, which talks about Syl coming from a different book! How crazy is that? Oathbringer endpapers Of course you're here for this amazing artwork in the Oathbringer endpages, right? We reported last week on Ishar and Ash, and Brandon said we'd get Jezrien and Vedel on the back endpages. And we have them now! Howard Lyon is the artist and they are absolutely spectacular. Wow, look how gorgeous this is. Remember, these are in-world representations, but I love that her safehand is covered. There's Vedel's keys (referenced in the books as "Vedeledev's golden keys"), too. And of course, there's Jezrien. Or as the Vorin call him, Jezerezeh'Elin, and the Herald of Kings: I think this is so cool because it really is Jezrien's Honorblade (which Szeth used). His crown is made up of the Windrunner glyph, as well as the symbol on his armor. He has that same ten gemstone thing in the background of Vedel's art Shire Post AMA The Shire Post Mint's Mistborn Coin Kickstarter ends tomorrow, October 28th, and they had an AMA on Reddit yesterday. Joining them was Isaac Stewart and Ben McSweeney to talk about the art process. Check it out, and be sure to look at the Kickstarter! If you back $20 or more you get a free blackened copper clip. Fishing With Crendor Yesterday afternoon I looked at my YouTube subscriptions page and saw this: Fishing with Crendor with Brandon Sanderson. This is really cool. Crendor is a YouTuber and streamer and he's mentioned Brandon Sanderson on the Co-Optional Podcast before. It's awesome to see Brandon there and chat it up with Eric about all sorts of things, like faking book reports, writing, and more. Crendor actually discovered Brandon from his lectures on writing, which is a cool way to get into an author! For the die-hard cosmere fan, there's no WoBs for you, but Brandon mentions The Silence Divine again. He loves the concept but he has never been able to make it work in a story. He also said that he had a breakthrough on Dark One this summer, which is a project he has discussed in a few States of Sanderson before. He mentioned the mystery project as the thing he's currently working on but no details there. It was a fun listen, though, and a great introduction to Brandon if you're newer. And to me, this was surreal for me to see Brandon in a completely different location than what I expected.
  18. Okay, one more time, Arcanum Unbound. I have read "Listened to on Audible", The first two Mistborn books, working on the 3rd right now of the first trilogy. From what I've gathered so far, there are spoilers both directions, and the spoilers for the Mistborn aren't as bad as they would be if I read era 2 THEN reading Arcanum Unbound. I have read both Stormlight Archive books, and they are my preferred novel, I have also read Warbreaker. My buddy introduced me to Sanderson before we came to Iraq, They have been an awesome distraction from the suck, and I love listening to them as I drift off to sleep, I've found that in a often darkly lit room listening is far superior to reading, Especially when I'm just a few nods from a full snooze, These make the Novels come to life in my head. I have not read Elantris yet, though I will have in when I get my Audible Credit in a day or two, after I finish Mistborn Hero of Ages. I have already pre ordered Oathbringer, and will have one more credit in November. In November, Is there any book I need to read, either before I read Arcanum Unbound? Or, to help bring more context to Arcanum unbound? Having assumed I've read all Stormlight Novels, The first Mistborn Trilogy, Elantris, Warbreaker. What beyond those books are in the Cosmere that will be required reading for putting the whole Cosmere together?
  19. Hi guys. So the story goes like this, I have acquired both White Sand and Aether of Night (in the prescribed ways) and was super pumped to read them, but then I started thinking. I'm not sure if I want to read them on the off chance that Brandon will eventually publish them as full fledged edited and Cannon novels. I know that White Sand is out as a graphic novel, but I read some of it and I didn't like it much - the plot felt disorienting while jumping from picture to picture, and the dialogue awkward - I feel as though it would be better as a novel. I'm also aware of the fact that Aether of Night was on state of Sanderson 2016 as a tertiary project but that means that it might be awhile until it arrives (if ever). Therefore I wanted to know if there is any recent official statement from Brandon regarding these two stories on if or when they might be published as novels. I was also wondering what any of you that have read either of these think, should I read them now or wait on the off chance that they will be published as novels?
  20. Not sure if this has been brought up before or not but where can I get a copy of the manuscript for White Sand. Personally not a big fan of graphic novels willing to give them a shot if they're good though. Thanks in advance for any help on this.
  21. So while rereading White Sand, I noticed that the riding beasts on Taldain are called tonks and my mind immediately jumped to Tonk Fah. I wonder if there is a connection in the name. It seems much to random a word to be coincidental, especially for a created word. It would be simpler to just create a completely new name for one or the other, depending on when you realize they were the same. It could be that Brandon originally used the word for White Sand prose and then repurposed it for Warbreaker not anticipating a return to Taldain (or at least planning on having a more direct role in the return to Taldain, where he could change any words he needed) but I would imagine he or Peter or someone on their team would have looked over the graphic novel before its release and noticed that. Pure speculation in an attempt to answer my own question, but Tonk Fah could be a nickname given to him by Denth. Denth is a known worldhopper, based on a recent WoB, and could have gone to Taldain before it was closed off, seen the idiotic beasts known as tonks (they think any attack is a sandstorm and bury themselves in the sand) and nicknamed Tonk Fah after them as an inside joke that only he got, calling him an idiotic pack animal to his face without Tonk Fah knowing.
  22. I've been reading theories and WoBs for a little while but signed up just now. Great, now I'm never gonna leave the internet. I've read everything from Brandon that's available in Poland, that is all Cosmere stories except of White Sand + 2 of 3 Reckoners books. I got White Sand from Brandon's assistant, but it's going a bit slowly, cos it turnes out I know too little adjectives in english and I need dictionary a lot ;D Well, at least my english is going to improve as I'm definitely not going to give up on this one, I enjoyed prose teaser in Arcanum Unbounded much more than the graphic novel's. Anyways, hi!
  23. Kenton seems to suggest that he uses the position of the sun in the sky to tell directions (chapter 3). But the sun is also supposed to be "fixed" in place in the sky. Anyone know how to make sense of that?
  24. So i just reread the White Sand graphic novel and I'm a bit confused as to who is who. When Kenton introduces himself to Khriss and her party (I would reference a page number but I don't see any), the bald man in blue introduces himself as Professor Jon Acron and says that the man in all white with the goatee is Professor Cynder. However, a few pages before, as they are leaving the tent just after reviving Kenton, the man in white asks "What's he doing, Cynder?" and the man in blue replies, implying he is Cynder. This happens many times throughout the graphic novel: After the Kerztians attack Kenton and Khriss' party, the man in blue says "Jon Acron, for once, please shut up," after the man in white speaks, implying the goateed man in white is Jon. Then, when they arrive in Kezare, the goateed man in white calls the man in blue Jon. When they arrive in the Darksider enclave, the man in blue calls the goateed man in white Jon. Finally, when the group is going around to the different Taisha, Khriss herself calls the man in blue Professor Cynder. So I ask: Who is Professor Cynder and who is Professor Jon Acron?
  25. Since I opened White Sand for the first time, I couldn´t help but to wonder if the woman on top of the map is Bavadin.