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Found 88 results

  1. So I have just finished the book, and need to share my thoughts. @The Bookwyrm made a wonderful post on it already, (100% check out his thoughts), but felt that I wouldn’t want to put my thoughts there, as they’ve only read part of the book. so this is my warning: DO NOT PROCEED PAST THIS POINT IF YOU HAVE NOT READ ALL OF SP1. It’s worth the read, and my theory will be involving all parts of the book. There will also be slight spoilers for TLM, so be wary of that too. So now that everyone here has hopefully read everything, I shall begin my rambling, starting with what @The Bookwyrm has said. He pointed out that there are striking similarities between sand on white sand and aethers, the largest being the use of water as a price for control of the sand. But the similarities don’t stop there. Further down the line, we see Tress experimenting with verdant sprouts, and realizing that there is a similar connection to that of the midnight spores, but less advanced. This is something also felt with sand mastery, where they feel almost alive, but don’t quite have a mind of their own. Additionally, when they are used up, and the investiture killed, they blacken. A more interesting comparison is how Taldain’s sun acts oddly like the moons on Lumar. While grains of sand do not fall from the sky, they are invigorated by sunlight, turned from black to white again. This is not exactly something seen in the spores, as for all we know, once they are blackened, they stay dead. However, we do see that the moons exude some sort of investiture, as Fort recharges his awakened tablet by exposing it to the sun. Now, I know the sun isn’t the same as the moons, but clearly something in the sky is invested, and allows the tech to keep going. It’s also worth noting that the moons seem to be stationary, just like Taldain’s sun. So there’s a lot of similarities. Are they exactly the same? No. Lumar’s moons drop spores from the sky, something that Taldain’s sun doesn’t do. Aethers also respond much more explosively than white sand does, and once they blacken, they cannot unblacken. Not to mention that sand mastery is genetic. So I don’t think they are exactly the same, but there’s something suspicious going on. Here’s my thought: I don’t think sand mastery is of Autonomy. I personally don’t buy it. It is way too simple a magic system and extremely niche within the world. It is also insanely similar to Aethers, which has never really happened to magic systems made by different shards. I think sand mastery is related to Aethers, and originated there in some capacity, but are not the same as Aethers. Something is weird about them, and I just can’t believe that they started in Taldain. Unless, of course, Aethers are of Autonomy. Now, that’s an interesting theory, and it does have its merits. The autonomous nature of Aethers, both as we know them on Lumar and as we know them from TLM, seem to align very much with the nature and Intent of Autonomy. The only hitch is that Taldain, Autonomy’s presumed base of operations, is on the opposite side of the galaxy from Lumar. But given the shenanigans Autonomy got up to in TLM, distance doesn’t seem to be that important. Am I confident that the Aethers are of Autonomy? Nope! But it’s either that or white sand isn’t of Autonomy in my books. Anyway, this is less of a theory spouting and more of a rambling post. If you have suggestions or additions to make, be my guest. I think this is a very intriguing line of thinking, and I want to get to the bottom of this.
  2. Okay, this is an insane theory that popped into my head just now and I need to get it out so everyone can tell me that I'm crazy. Spoilers for Tress of the Emerald Sea. In Chapter 23, Fort mentions a legendary supposed thirteenth spore, the "bone spore," which people supposedly can't decide whether it's white or black. I think it's supposed to be assumed that these spores are aethers. They activate when exposed to water, which fits what we see in The Lost Metal. Each has a different effect. This interested me earlier in the book, because it's similar to the White Sand, which takes water from the Sand Master as it uses its energy. Then it struck me. I'm proposing that this supposed thirteenth spore either is, or grows on, the white sand of Taldain, and that Sand Mastery is a form of Aether magic. I know very little about how aethers actually work and don't know how the theory will actually hold up. I've only read up to the point where this thirteenth spore is mentioned, then came here to post the theory. I don't know if it fits with anything else, or how a "spore" would make it to Taldain. But this is something that I think is worth discussion. And if it isn't, please tell me, so I can stop following a crazy theory.
  3. It has been... a few months since we were supposed to get the White Sand omnibus, but at long last, it's here! The digital edition, at least - as of today, you can purchase the ebook from Dynamite here. The full price clocks in at 40 USD; here's what that money will give you: All three volumes of the original White Sand, with adjustments to lineart and colouring (rest in peace, boombox my beloved), as well as a few new scenes inserted into the original chapters A brand-new prologue following Khriss Ars Arcanum pages scattered throughout the entire omnibus, discussing not only sand mastery, but also astronomy, culture, and even (a little bit of) Darkside magic You might fairly be wondering what happened to the physical editions of the book, and the answer is, they are coming soon-ish. In an Indiegogo update from December 15th, Dynamite has revealed that they've received the first shipment of the softcovers from the printer, and will begin sending them immediately. The hardcovers, meanwhile, are still awaiting their printing; as such, it is impossible to tell when they will arrive. Finally, a quick note about our spoiler policy here on the Shard, both the forums and Discord. White Sand is not a new book, and a scattershot way in which the various editions are distributed makes it difficult to establish when to start and end a spoiler period. As such, we are not establishing any spoiler period for the omnibus - you may discuss it untagged in all spaces where the plain old White Sand can be discussed. As for the Ars Arcanum, we are fine with people posting pages or fragments of pages when it is pertinent to the discussion at hand - however, we will not allow posting the entire AA in bulk or single pages without context.
  4. I was just reading through White Sand and I came across something interesting For obvious reasons, I find this very interesting. There is a theory i have seen in these forums multiple times about a connection between Autonomy the Shard present on Taldain (the planet where White Sand is set) and Trell, a mysterious, powerful being in Mistborn Era 2 with a corresponding metal (Trellium). This seems like too much of a coincidence, but i have no idea what this means.
  5. did Cephandius (Hoid) ever appear in the white sand books?
  6. If you're like me, you don't really spend time in the White Sand sandbox of the forum, and maybe this belongs there, but if someone else posted it there I'd definitely miss it entirely. Brandon just announced in his weekly update video that Dynamite has some extra copies of the White Sand omnibus they produced for the IndieGoGo campaign, and he provided the below link It's been discussed in the youtube channel, and also in this 17th shard announcement that "This project has been in the works for quite some time, with Isaac Stewart and Dan Dos Santos contributing. In addition to some continuity fixes, it also includes an all-new prologue drawn by Nabetse Zitro and an Ars Arcanum." I didn't participate in the IndieGoGo, and would rather purchase directly from the publisher than wait until it's open to mass market in November so I just now purchased my copy.
  7. As I was listening to the audiobook of White Sand, I began to hear what eventually became this song. At first, it was just some strings and piano doing "something interesting and desert-ish" (technical terminology). But it hit me early on: How cool would it be to introduce something Cosmere-related into the lyrics or music? The ketek that makes up the lyrics took me a good day to hone, but I thought it would make a good challenge to musically represent (on a much, MUCH smaller scale) what Brandon is doing in his books by connecting his worlds together. It certainly served to shape the song into what it is! I hope you enjoy it!! Make sure to download the mp3 or WAV below!! HUGE thanks to @Infamoti for his amazing work on this song. Artwork by Isaac Stewart. Link to download mp3 and WAV:
  8. In collaboration with Dragonsteel, Dynamite Entertainment has begun an IndieGoGo campaign to fund and pre-order the new omnibus version of the White Sand graphic novels. In an earlier announcement, Nova had indicated that the English omnibus release would be in late April, but it turns out that was incorrect. Dynamite's announcement includes the information that the omnibus will arrive for backers in June/July, with a mass market release in November. This project has been in the works for quite some time, with Isaac Stewart and Dan Dos Santos contributing. In addition to some continuity fixes, it also includes an all-new prologue drawn by Nabetse Zitro and an Ars Arcanum. The campaign launched on February 1st and funded its $10,000 goal almost immediately. It will continue through February 22. Backers are expected to receive their books sometime this summer, before the mass market release in November. There are four tiers available for backing, each of which entitles the backer to a single perk: $85 - Unsigned Hardcover Slipcase Edition $65 - Hardcover Edition $45 - Trade Paperback Edition $40 - Digital Edition (PDF) Initially, the only way to get the Hardcover Slipcase Edition was to back the Signed Hardcover Slipcase Edition tier (limited to 1000 copies, all now claimed), but Dynamite announced today that they are also able to offer unsigned copies of the slipcase edition at the same price. Additionally, Dynamite is extending the period during which the above Early Bird prices will be available so that backers can adjust their preferences. These prices will increase later in the campaign. All four perks are also available as add-ons. If you want to get your hands on any edition of the White Sand omnibus, now is a good time since backers will get it at a reduced price and earlier than the broader November release. Enjoy!
  9. Hey, anyone else notice that in Chapter 32 of Warbreaker, Hoid uses black and white sand? The black sand turns white when he puts it with the white sand. Wondering if this has to do with the Breaths that Lightsong holds, Hoid himself, or if maybe this is another coincidence like the letter 'shash'. Another thing is how he describes his learning of storytelling, which Siri ascribes to him attempting to be dramatic. "I learned it many, many years ago from a man who did not know who he was, Your Majesty. It was a distant place where two lands meet and gods have died. But that is unimportant." This is, I believe, one of the few times we ever definitively learn something about Hoid from something other than WoB/Stormlight Archive. And even from SA, we don't know how much is fact and how much is fiction. So, any thoughts?
  10. Nova, Brandon's Spanish publisher, has announced that the White Sand omnibus edition will be released in Spanish on May 5th, and will release a week earlier in the US (so around April 28th). They also revealed a brand-new cover by Nabetse Zitro (which is known to be the art for the US edition as well): The omnibus will contain all three original volumes of the graphic novel in one book (with some art and text fixes, like removing the infamous radio and IV tubes), along with an additional thirty-eight-page prologue illustrated by Zitro (continuing White Sand's tradition of radically different art styles for each part), an updated map and glossary, and fourteen in-world Ars Arcanum notebook pages scattered throughout. Additionally, while no full preview has been released for the omnibus, the State of the Sanderson 2020 blog post did include a small sample of Zitro's pre-color art for it: Will you be buying the omnibus? Have you already read White Sand, and in which format? What are you most excited to see from it? Discuss in the comments below!
  11. A small theory that I think got some solid support with RoW. So we saw in Rhythm of War that the Allomantic/Feruchemical/Hemalurgic metals have functions outside of the Metallic Arts and are one of three key components in fabrials alongside spren & gemstones. It makes sense, metal acts as a key for Allomancers to access Preservation's Investiture. Without Allomancy in your Spiritweb, you can't access that Investiture but you should still be able to use the metal to filter other Investiture that you do have access to. That is kind of similar to how the Polestones themselves function, why they can hold Lights Their small differences in chemical structure & colour is all that is needed for Investiture to distinguish them. An element's atomic structure absorbs and reflects different wavelengths of light (or Light), the light can be used to identify those atoms & molecules. A metal's structure is used as a filter for Investiture, the same probably goes for a gemstone. Colour is more important magically for gemstones but this is what the colour of an object means in physics & chemistry, their molecular structure would be a bit different. A metal acts as a filter and lets Investiture through and a gem both filters it (what gem you use does matter for Soulcasters and Artifabrians) and holds it. So, gemstones should, like metals, work across the Cosmere, and be able to hold other types of Investiture than just the Rosharan Lights. Idea came from here: Edit: we have confirmation that the Mists can be trapped in gemstones Edit: in the Brandon spoiler livestream at 33:20, Brandon confirms that Autonomy's Investiture can be stored in the Polestones but he isn't sure if that is something that could happen naturally (but it could definitely capture the Dor) and even if it does, it would be very ineffective, maybe it would store very little bit of charge that would only be perceptible to someone with the right instruments and it would soon dissipate. I've noted previously in discussions that White Sand requires surprisingly little Investiture to recharge. I think the oldest instance of this theory is here: While it takes four hours for black sand to recharge back to white sand on Taldain's Dayside, just proximity to Shallan's Lightweaving was enough to charge Hoid's white sand in OB, this happened when Kal, Shallan, Adolin and Elhokar went to Kholinar. In the very same section and following section that took place in Shadesmar, it is noted that Shallan's Lightweaving used far less Stormlight than Kaladin's Lashings. Keep this in mind. I do have an idea on why White Sand could apparently recharge from Taldain's sunlight or apparently even from very far from its starlight as per a prev WoB, but would be difficult to store in a gemstone. In RoW, we see Navani use a prism to separate the light emitted by Towerlight back into the bands of Stormlight and Lifelight, she notes that she didn't separate the Lights or the Investiture, just the "Investiture radiation". I think that's what Taldain's sun outputs: not gaseous Investiture but Investiture radiation. And that's why it outputs so little Investiture that it takes black sand exposure to direct sunlight for four hours in order to recharge and turn white again but Stormlight, even sheer proximity to a Lightweaving, which in itself is noted to use much less Stormlight compared to Surge of Gravitation.
  12. Ok, so I have been a 17th shard member for awhile (but not very active, at least recently) and understand the cosmere as a whole fairly well (ie, shattering big A, shards, investiture, etc.) but I recently just read all of the white sand graphic novels ( I know I'm a little late). I'm a bit lost. I was reading on the White Sand forums, but can someone give me a good in depth explanation of what we know about Autonomy and the relationship with the Sand Lord, the being who appeared to Elorin, the girl in the sky, Skathin (sp?) the emperor, the sun, etc. And what's this about Patji?! Also anything else I'm missing...??? Is Trel involved in this (especially since apparently there's a dude with his name thrown into White Sand)? Thanks in advance.
  13. Presenting a pretty intriguing theory from Krox, Collector and I, Owain over on Discord So, in RoW we got word that the microorganisms that live on the white sand particles can grow on other surfaces. Also a solid WoB: It's interesting for its implications on Roshar but it's entirely possible that we've already seen this phenomena happen on another Shardworld which is heavily Invested: Sel. After the Reod, the city of Elantris was covered in a slimy substance. A substance that was once alive and lived off the light... or Light of Elantris, of the Dor. ~ Elantris, Ch 34, courtesy of xnkvbo from over on Discord For those who haven't read White Sand, it's actually a type of lichen which lives on white sand particles that is actually responsible for the colour changes and forming temporary Bonds with Sand Masters in order to power Sand Mastery. It's kinda similar to how Aviar Bonds grant powers to their humans which they get from their Bond with parasites/symbiotes that they get by eating the fruits of Patji's Fingers by the Perpendicularity. The city of Elantris glowed as it's a giant Aon, with Investiture from the Dor flowing through it and these lichen fed off of it, enhancing its glow. This sounds very, very similar to how white sand is portrayed in the White Sand comics. It seems very possible that both are the same. Both White Sand and Elantris are early works of Brandon, so he might've been playing with the idea; he had already decided on a shared universe by then as well as worldhopping between them (Hoid).
  14. Hey guys, I've been gone for a bit but with Graphic Audio releasing version 1.5 of White Sand (I'll explain that in a moment :wink:) and me getting my tax return, I decided to grab them. So first off: Version 1.5. This may confuse some people but this is just the number I've decided to use between Brandon's Draft of White Sand and what we got in the Graphic Novel. On the page for the first Volume of the GA version of White Sand it confirms that a lot was cut in order to make the GN, whether this stuff is still canon or not someone should definitely ask Brandon one day. The Script used in the Graphic Audio version IS the original edited script for the Graphic Novel before things started having to be chopped. I decided to record some of the difference just to see how different they are. Now for the Differences, I'll try and be thorough but I probably will end up missing some things here and there. Volume 1: Kenton is shown running the whole gauntlet from beginning to end instead of picking up around the forth sphere. Unlike the Graphic Novel which makes it very hard to tell there are indeed both men and women in the Diem and they comment about Kenton throughout his trial. Khriss's story begin with her on the ship from Darkside and seeing the sun and port for the first time. We get to see some of the hostility between Baon and the soldiers due to Boan being in charge. Most of the Ceremony is the same for Kenton's sash, with the exception that after he blacks out, we cut to Khriss and company attempting to buy supplies in port as well as a guide. They discover that the language they'd been taught as Daysider is the Holy Language of the Priests. The Story matches up quite well from here up to the ambush after the marketplace. The assassin's attack and Baon's acquires one of their casters. Kenton then explains how it works to him. Before they reach the city, We see that the area around it is very lush with life surprising Khriss. Then the story switches to our favorite, Ais, who is planning to raid to capture Sherizane or their conspirators. It switches to Lokmlen who is trying to persuade his cohorts into a job. He's wanting to sneak into the Diem and steal what's there since the Sand Masters are no more. After get the others to agree, Ais and her team, with expert timing, enter and their operation. Lokmlen escapes much to Ais annoyance. The back wall then opens up and a kill squad begins to pick off the tracts. Ais rushes the wall and grabbing the arm of the of men, then proceeds to use him as a battering ram to bring down the wall. She then picks off the shocked men and takes off after Lokmlen. The GN picks up with their chase and is completely the same except for one small detail: Aarik has sheath not a sword, as he had thrown the sword away years ago. Speaking of Airik, his introduction is actually a bit different in the GA version. We meet him on a boat heading towards Kezare to mourn his friend Kenton, whom he believes was killed. He talks to himself and the Gondolier driver questions whether he should have ferried him. From here the graphic novel and Graphic audio play continue the same, right up til Kenton reaches the diem, which is confirmed to be on it's own little island seperated from the rest of Kezare. Kenton enters the Diem and spends a good while searching. Every room that he could reached, screaming at the top of his lungs before he collapses at the entrances and Dirin Finds him. Things continue the same until we reach the Judgement hall. Where we see our musician friend for the first time, singing about the current situation to no one in particular. It is noted that he has long hair similiar to Aarik and that he reminds Kenton of him. The only other remarkable difference is that Ais has a bad habit of Digging her nails into her skin as a skin of frustration which is shown in the GN version, but is very hard to pick out. The rest of the volume is the same with Kenton fighting it out with Drile, Aarik Arriving at the Diem, and Khriss paying N'teese, going to meet people and eventually learning that Kenton is a Sand Master which she is none too happy about
  15. So this is something I wanted to try for a while. It's something that I was considering a few months back and wanted to see what people's opinions would be. The basic concept is What if? What if Vin was born on Roshar? What if Szeth had become an inquisitor? What if bridge 4 had been in the Skaa rebellion? What roles would certain characters born on different worlds encompass? Might have been done before but thought it would be interesting. It's a general discussion, but I was also imagining what if the Cosmere was a TGC game (or more like gacha nowadays if you play FEH or literally any other gacha) where you get variants of characters. I'll start things off be reimagining Kelsier's crew and Wax's deputies as Radiants on Roshar and what roles they would fill. Mistborn Radiant Windrunner Vin Feel as if this would be the most natural fit though did consider Edgedancer. The whole protecting thing is within Vin's character but it would have to be tempered somewhat (looks at the attack on Keep Hastings or Blowing up Kredik Shaw, plus those Inquisitors) Skybreaker Kelsier Come on though. What else is Kel gonna be. The law, in many people's eye's, is often up for interpretation and giving Kelsier the ability to destroy lighteye's legally? (Or somewhat anyway) Makes sense to me but please feel free to discuss this one. Bondsmith Elend Spook couldn't have said it better "He's just a dreamer caught up in a world with too much violence" He would definitely be a Bondsmith, especially seeing as he is always trying to improve, right to the end. Elsecaller Sazed Honestly this one was hard to call (heh) so if you disagree please write something more appropriate for Sazed. But seeing as they are the most Scholarly order I figured this fit Sazed to a tee. Not much else to say here but seeing as the orders are apparently made up of "broken people" (according to Syl anyway, also in my experience everyone is broken somehow it's about how you deal with that is important) this might have been good for Sazed post Tindwyl. Truthwatcher Breeze Not gonna explain reasoning behind this one for very long, though he would probably find healing people to be too much work and delegate to others. Stoneward Hammond Again not gonna explain this one. I genuinely can't think of another order that Ham would be suited to. Willshaper Clubs Had a hard time on this one, until I noticed their disposition to art and though Clubs is curmudgeonly in his heart lies an artist. Though if someone were to say that he would probably say he wasn't an tell you to storm off. With a slight smile on his face. Edgedancer Spook This one was tricky, because I want to give Spook the benefit of the doubt and make him a Windrunner but his work in Urteau (which was basically ignored by many) makes him out to be more an Edgedancer than anything else. Remembering the fallen and the ignored would probably hit home with Spook given his feelings of being ignored. Dustbringer Dockson Dockson did change towards the end of WOA but that backstory and the little he cares for nobles influenced this decision. Though in fairness he would probably be less destructive and more careful with his surgebinding. Lightweaver Tindwyl Not a great fit for Tindwyl in fact I'd be more tempted to put her in with Sazed, but she is a skilled teacher and, supposedly, writer so I feel this one goes well with her. Truthwatcher Allrianne Seems like a good fit, if the Truthwatchers had squires most likely this is where she would end up, Rsyhadium Tensoon Threw this one in for fun. Skybreaker Wax Because Wax is just a bloody badass, he wouldn't really fit another order, maybe Windrunner but given his proffesion..... Lightweaver Wayne I disagree with Wayne being an Edgedancer. Seems to me, barring his abysmal drawing talent, he would fit this order better. What with the disguises and all. Truthwatcher Marasi At the heart of Marasi is a person who wants to help more than harm (which is slightly ironic given her parentage). She may fit better as an Elsecaller or maybe Skybreaker, but where Wax acts she watches, perceptive and strong. Stoneward MeLaan Hmmm well actually I would say that MeLaan (or any Kandra) could be part of any order so who knows. Windrunner Steris She'd have so much fun. Completely inappropriate though. And that's it for now. Feel free to speculate/ come up with your own variants. Talk about mine or come up with your own. Cheers folks. Happy Friday.
  16. There have been tons of talk about various forms a cosmere videogame could take, but there is one genre that would be perfect that I personally haven't seen mentioned yet: Dynasty Warriors. Dynasty Warriors is a genre of fightning game that see you taking on hundreds of enemies at once using devastating, and flashy, combos. Given extreme varity of invested arts and the many creative ways they have been utilized, the cosmere has plenty of material for a game to draw from. So what do you think? Would you like to prove your mettle against legions of soldiers, warforms, lifeless etc.? Soar on lines of blues light? Encircle your enemies within cords of white sand? Let me know in the comments below!
  17. I've only just discovered that an essay on Taldain, as well as the prologue and first chapter of White Sand Prose, was included in Arcanum Unbounded. It was recorded for the audiobook, as people with the US version have confirmed, but the UK version doesn't have it included. (Got mine from Audible) Is this a mistake? Can it be rectified? If not, does anyone know the reason for dropping it?
  18. Mistborn Monday art: Study Buddies! Khriss and Kelsier study hemalurgy together. Thanks to @LewsTherinTelescope who reminded me of this old headcannon which inspired me to draw it. I headcannon these two as occasional research partners - which has led to the amusing result of some unaware Silverlight Students thinking Kelsier is a reclusive scholar (as Khriss ensures he is given due credit on their papers). The students are always shocked to learn what he’s really up to... Incidentally, the book with the ‘Woman’s Script’* is Rhythm of War - the in-world one. Yes, Kelsier has a copy. The books with dots are written in the Artisan’s Script. And yes, that is a book about Nightblood. Yes, you should be concerned about Kelsier having access to that information. The science experiment with two balls connected by a tube is real, btw. My grandfather made it years ago, so this is a little tribute to him. That thing was our family’s go-to science fair submission for years. Don’t try making it home though! The glass is pressure sensitive and the stuff inside is very questionably legal (and possibly explosive?) (*Neither the Woman’s Script nor the Steel Alphabet nor the Aonic uses actual letters from the scripts. This is because I want to sell this print which I can’t do if I used real letters. So what you see is an impression of the letters, but not real letters.)
  19. Good morning my fellow Sando-fans. I am selling my copy on ebay, it's up for bidding now if anyone is interested. It is the soft cover version. I do have a hardback first press version as well which I will be posting for sale at some point too. Here is the link for the copy I have up now -
  20. Inspired by the many memes joking about White Sand's lack of relevance... This is something I am genuinely curious about, how many people have read White Sand? And for those who have, how many enjoyed it?
  21. Finished! Nine characters from eight Shardworlds! From left to right: Dusk from First of the Sun / Kaladin from Roshar / Vasher from Nalthis / Hoid from Yolen / Harmony (Sazed) / Khriss from Taldain / Shai from Sel / Vin from Scadrial / Silence from Threnody This piece is also celebratory art! Happy Chinese New Year 2016 (Year of the monkey)! At first I drew these characters mainly for an online fantasy magazine because they kind of let me (as translator of WoR) introduce Stormlight and the whole Cosmere series in their New Year issue, which meant I’d better add some festival stuff. So here it is - Characters from eight different Shardworlds wishing you a Happy New Year! In China, this is a popular traditional gesture when people give New Year’s greetings. It’s called 作揖 (zuò yī, in spoken language: zuō yī). When you do this, you make a bow with hands folded in front of you and greet others at the same time. Raise your folded hands and then lower them. The motion can be repeated several times. For men, they should use their left hand to cover their right hand (In ancient China, men tended to hold weapon with their right hand, so they covered it when saluting, to reduce hostility and show respect.), while for women, they should do it otherwise and it’s better not to clench the left hand into a fist (You can learn this from the picture above.). If you do it wrong, you will convey some ominous meaning. Please be careful # # # Heck, so many tags! Also seriously, I think we may need a Cosmere crossover art album
  22. Hello, friends! I am watching 'The Library' episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender, and I just realized how similar the sandbenders are to sand masters. What do y'all think?
  23. Has Brandon ever said if we will ever learn more about the magic system on darkside from White sand, either in the graphic novel or a prose version? I really want to know what's going on with scythe, he sounds very Lord rulery to me. White sand (prose) is one of favorite cosmere stories and it ends on such a cliffhanger! I hope he goes back to the world some day.
  24. tropes

    The epic fantasy genre is still relatively young, at least compared to other literary genres. The foundational work of creating an entirely new category of literature, one defined by the creation of an entirely new fictional world where the story takes place, is attributed to J.R.R. Tolkien. Everything Tolkien had done have become standard fantasy tropes: dark lords, medieval settings, elves and dwarves. Of interest here is the medieval settings part, which defines so much of the fantasy genre: fantasy world settings are mostly based on Europe, around the medieval time period in thought and technology and the nobility. I'm not referring to the quality here, which is it's own trope, but the idea related to class & bloodline & the divine right of kings. Brandon Sanderson is Mormon, so the portrayal of religion in his works is something that has been discussed a lot. You can find answers to most questions you might want to ask him regarding this on his site itself and there's plenty of discussion here on the forums, on reddit, etc. The trope of nobles and commoners in his works, however, is something that is not discussed enough in my opinion, and when it is, it's usually mentioned as a throw-away comment: "yes, we get it, Brandon, not all nobles (are bad)" This trope has evolved over time from its origin, the divine right of kings. In the Lord of the Rings the only difference between the line of Kings and the line of Stewards is their pedigree. Some people are apparently inherently superior and thus have the right to rule over the rest of them. Let's not get into the other critiques of LoTR like race or apologetics (I suggest looking into CS Lewis for more on this). Denethor was a bad ruler not just because he was a bad ruler but because he wasn't the rightful ruler. Aragorn comes and he's the rightful heir and everything's chill now. The themes are still kinda there in Sanderson's works too, the trope has been transformed but not truly subverted. In Mistborn era 1, book 2, Elend institutes a constitutional monarchy which is still very skewed with only 1/3 of the representatives being skaa. This assembly then boots him out, rightfully through Elend's own laws but Vin goes on a rampage of murdering and/or forcing his competitors to submit to his rule. In book 3, he decides that the time for debates and legislatures is later somewhere in the indeterminate future when the crisis is over. I do understand what the stakes were that motivated him to do the things he did. I'm simply pointing out a plot point. In era 2 of Mistborn, the legislative branch is divided into two halves: half elected and half aristocrats. The main protagonist is one of the aristocrats and one of the overarching character arcs for him was about accepting the responsibility of being an aristocrat. There are forces from outside of Scadrial who are involved in trying to topple this system. In Warbreaker, the God-King of Hallandren, Susebron was a figurehead ruler with the power being concentrated in the Court of Gods. The other main characters all belong to the ruling classes as well: two princesses, one of them also the queen, a member of the Court of Gods, and an enigmatic former ruler. The antagonists wanted to overthrow the system but are thwarted at the end by Susebron who comes into his powers after having been educated by the princess-queen and given back his tongue by magic. Hallandren's future looks just a bit brighter with its rightful ruler in power. In The Stormlight Archives much of the story revolves around the Kholin family, who reunified the broken kingdom of Alethkar. The idea of fighting against the Lighteyes does exist but that stuff is less important than unifying under them to face a greater threat. Also, Lighteyes are mostly descended from the ancient Knights Radiant whose eyes glowed the colour of their Order, that's where both the colour and the notion of superiority came from. In Elantris, the kingdom of Arelon moves on from plutocracy to monarchy, but we shouldn't worry because Raoden is pretty chill. ~spoilers for Aether of Night~ I'm not saying that these issues might not get resolved in future sequels. The Mistborn era 2 broadsheets seem to be hinting at civil unrest and discontent. And if @asmodeus's theory* is right, it might become a major plot point in eras 3 & 4 Stormlight might not just be about the fight against Odium but a fight against hatred. And again, I'm aware of the plot, circumstances and characteristics behind these noble characters. I'm just pointing out that these were actual plot points in the stories. Brandon has broken quite a few tropes in his prolific career but for now at least, it seems, that this is the trope that would not break *asmodeus' theory: Also, go read Powder Mage you guys! Edit: There is a subversion of this trope in Sanderson's work: White Sand. Making the Diem less dictatorial and more accountable is one of the most integral parts of the plot.
  25. I have a crazy fridge theory about our Stalker Musician and Guitar. Now it's generally thought that the Musician is Hoid, and we know that Hoid has a love for musical instruments (at least in the Stormlight Archives). first he uses a flute that he is very fond of which he gives to Kaladin. Then next we see him he has a Guitar that seems to have more than one player. I subject that Hoid either got or has the guitar in White Sand, the very one we see in fact, took it with him on his Cosmere Grand Tour before eventually managing to awake it on Nalthis. I also believe that by the end of Part 3, that Guitar and Musician will have a role to play. But we shall see.