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Found 37 results

  1. So, I read WoT before ever reading Sanderson's works, and I enjoyed the last three immensely (they were my bridge to Stormlight), however... Mat Cauthon. He is and was my favorite character before Sanderson took over the series. I liked the honesty of his selfishness combined with his reluctant honor/integrity. He was sneakily competent even before he got all the battle memories stuffed into his brain. Jordan always managed to balance the aspects of his character in which he was a deflecting, recalcitrant brat with his own brand of honor and leadership. I feel like, in the last three books, Mat was made into the near constant comic relief. A buffoon that more often than not needed a laugh track to accompany him and rarely as grim as I knew he could be. There were times when Mat was serious and intent during Jordan's run, and I feel that Sanderson used Mat's foreign-ness to the Seanchan and the loyalty of the Redarms as an excuse to let him get away with being near constantly quippy and flippant, even when he was quite literally gambling with the lives of men. Like, "oh that's just how he is. His competence makes up for it." The whole... Making up back stories for himself and others especially irritated me. It made him seem oblivious and childish, and I reject it entirely. Anyway. Just wondering at my fellow WoT lovers' take on this.
  2. Hi all! My name is Matthew Bramer! I'm pretty well brand new to Brandon's writings. I just finished The Way of Kings yesterday! It was absolutely incredible! That was my first ever Brandon book, and today, I'm starting Elantris! Before starting reading Brandon, I read Harry Potter 1, The Eye of the World (WoT 1), The Hobbit, Star Wars Aftermath, Dune, 1984, and The Silent Patient. I haven't been reading any books since middle school. Other than, I read the entire Holy Bible last year (took me 248 days). I am a devote Christian, as is my wife. I took it upon myself to read through the entire Bible and it was amazing. Somehow I stumbled upon BookTube and fell in love with reading. I had heard of Brandon before his Secret Project debut, but I had the Way of Kings on my list to read for this year, but it massively got bumped up! A little about myself, I am 25, I am married to my wife Sandy (this year we celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary!). We have a son, Everett who just turned two years old! We have a shihitzu who just turned four years old. I am in school for Computer Science with a focus in Software Engineering and I hope to become a Software Engineering within a few years! I currently work as Tier 1 Help Desk Technician. Hope to meet you all soon!
  3. Last year I (Cheyenne), along with Rob from Malkier Talks and Andrew from the Black Tower Podcast wanted to create a charity event from the holidays, and within hours of putting the idea out into the world, the Wheel of Time community jumped in with overwhelming support. Dates were picked, over 24 hosts were scheduled, and when the Lightweaver Foundation was suggested, the decision was unanimous, and a wonderful event spanning 24 hours was hosted, where we could talk about the books we love, while bringing food and books to the people that need them. The Lightweaver Foundation contributes to food pantries & homeless shelters, but also makes sure books are readily available to those in need. Join us on December 11th for year 2 of the Wot-A-Holiday livestream event, supported by the Charity of Time. Help us get books to schools, prisons, hospitals, and homeless shelters. The following are our schedule and promotional poster, as well as the link for the Just Giving page where you can make donations. Just Giving: Livestream: I will be at the opening and closing ceremonies, since I am on the planning committee, as well as the Westlands Fashion segment with some wonderful artists and Katie Sedai from Dragonmount, as well as with Fantasy for the Ages along with Ilana and Alfonsina, my cohosts on Worldhoppers. I hope that if you’re a fan of the Wheel of Time, whether it be the books or the show you can join us, and if you’re able, donate to this wonderful cause that the Lightweaver Foundation furthers. We are uncertain if Brandon will be able to join us at some point, or if we will only have a short video from him like we did last year, but regardless, this is a cause I believe in and would like to invite you to participate in as well.
  4. If I want to read more Brandon Sanderson books, could I read summaries of the early Wheel of Time books and jump in to Brandon Sanderson's WoT books?
  5. The battle of Dumai's Wells animated! Asha'man... KILL!
  6. SPOILER WARNING: Write-up contains spoilers for events till Crossroads of Twilight. A little more than a month had passed since Egwene had tricked and manipulated the Aes Sedai into a war against Elaida. They had tried to disagree and interfere of course, but once the war was declared, the Law of War firm stood. Maximum control of the tower resided with the Amyrlin Seat. They had opened a portal to Dragonmount, and preparations were being made to launch the siege of the White Tower, in case the emissary sent to negotiate with Elaida failed. Egwene had just finished the meeting in which she had suggested an embassy to travel to the Black Tower and bond with Asha’man. Following the events at Shadar Logoth, they could no longer afford inaction. Of course, the suggestion shook the core of the Aes Sedai, but as she had hoped, enough of them were scared by the events- more scared of it than whatever awaited them at Black Tower, to spur them into action. In the end, her gamble paid off, as her call for vote was answered with a greater consensus. Glad, but tired from the night’s proceedings, she heads to her lodging, without a clue about the horrifying events the night had yet to offer. Welcome to QF 50: Return to Tar Valon! This game was supposed to be a rerun of QF22, corrected for the problems mentioned by @Wyrmhero in the aftermath. Well, what ended up as the final product does not look like the original game at all. So consider this as a heavily re-modeled, re-flavored version of that game. This game will be run by me (@TJ Shade if you want anything), and will be moderated impartially by the wonderful Araris (@Araris Valerian). I'll be posting the rules below, but if you're need a doc version, here you go. Signups will end on Thursday, January 14th at 23:30 IST [GMT +05:30] and the game will begin as soon as I can get the PMs and Cycle 1 posted. Rules: Player List: Spectators: Pinch-hitters: Clarifications: Quicklinks:
  7. Callor, Child of the Light and personal retainer to the Lord Captain Commander, Pedron Niall, stepped into the open plain. Or, at least, what was now an open plain. What the scene of carnage around him had been before was all but impossible to determine. It was those Aes Sedai witches, he knew, and not all female ones too; the eyewitness reports of the scouts which had been sent back did not deny the presence of male channelers, even under the shadow of the Hand of the Light. A truly frightening prospect, yet one he would have to stomach. The Children would need to redouble their vigilance against the witches and other Darkfriends, if the world had any chance of surviving these troubling times. Of course, few rulers saw the wisdom of this course of action, and those who did—mostly in Amadicia and Arad Doman—did so in fear of Niall’s armies instead of true belief. True belief would come later, he presumed, when they realised the vast scope of the threats against them. But for now, Callor was in the dark about what the future or even the past held. And judging from the expressions of the men and women who were slowly ringing him, they did not either. But such explanation as could be given, would. Welcome to MR41: Lord of Chaos! The rules should be fairly simple to explain, as it’s blackout, so just a few basic guidelines: - This MR runs on a single 48-hour cycle. Most players have one action a turn. - The setting is Wheel of Time. Most players will be channelers. The specific site is the nation of Amadicia in a location which was recently utterly destroyed by unknown forces. - A few other rules will be released C1, including those guiding PM usage. - The game needs exactly 14 players to run, and is anonymous. You may sign up either in this thread, or via a PM to myself and my co-GM @StrikerEZ entitled “MR41 Signup Request: [Your Name Here].” Please refer to the anonymous account rules, which govern your usage of the accounts and are replicated below for your reference. (I’m going to be a bit more lax about Rule #3, but the others remain in full force.) Given the restricted player counts, there will be a strictly enforced two-cycle inactivity filter. If you sign up, please participate. Anonymous Accounts There are a number of rules associated with the use of an Anonymous Account. Please follow them carefully. Given the potential for abuse of Anonymous Accounts, any rule breaking using the accounts will be dealt with harshly. 1) Do not change the password of the anonymous account you are issued. The IM and the GMs will have access to all anonymous accounts for the duration of the game being played. 2) Do not use the anonymous accounts to PM any non-anonymous account, other than the accounts of the GMs or the IM. Please do not use your normal accounts to PM anonymous accounts. 3) Do not tell any other player or individual associated with SE, whether you are playing or not playing the Anonymous Game. Player identities will be revealed after the game, not on the death of their avatar. Players must not reveal their own identity after their death, until the end of the game, including in the dead/spec doc. Part of the attraction of anonymous games is keeping identities obscured, and we'd like to eliminate any chance of information becoming known that undermines the integrity of the anonymity. 4) Do not change anything cosmetic about the accounts, including their member title, username, signature, and avatar. 5) Anonymous accounts have been restricted from posting outside the Roleplaying subforum, but must not be used to post in any thread other than the thread of the game they are currently being used in. If you would rather not play, you are welcome to publicly or privately request a spec doc. Signups will close in a week’s time on Thursday 9 April at 9 PM EDT. If we get enough players before this, the game will still start on schedule, but signups will remain open so anyone who still wants to play can join as a pinch-hitter. Good luck! I will keep a running count of the number of players signed up here: 14 (updated 07:17 Tuesday 7 April) Quicklinks:
  8. Hi! Sanderson fan here. But besides Cosmere stuff, I just started reading The wheel of time, and liked it. I just took off with a series of reviews on YouTube, I'll leave the link here, just in case there's someone interested. I'll be super grateful to anyone giving it a shot. Thanks!
  9. This is an article I wrote a couple of months back about foreshadowing in fantasy. It is one of my favorite topics to talk about, as evidenced by this, and how I immediately jumped to the chance of being on the Dusty Wheel's episode on foreshadowing. I'd love to discuss it with all of you, and hear your opinions on the topic. Copy_of_Foreshadowing.pdf
  10. Light forgive me, light forgive me, light... forgive me
  11. Spoilers through The Gathering Storm
  12. Okay first off, I have just started on wheel of Time 5 (I think... It's fires of heaven) so please be nic e17 sharders and not spoil anything beyond that okay? Thanks. (And don't judge okay. If I say anything mean about a character, it's because I'm only at the 5th book and frustrated with them) Feel free to reply with your own dinky poems. Yeet Roses are red, Hair can get tangled, Nyneave Al'Meara Deserves to be strangled Roses are red, I like to eat bacon Morgase's lover Is a flipping forsaken Roses are red, Perrin has Faile, Avienda's confusing And so are the Aiel Roses are red Cheese is for grating I have no idea Why the heck I'm berating, But hey let's be prudential We all have that person Who has obvious potential And who seems to always worsen Before you can see them get better And that person is flipping Nyneave Al'freaking Meara The end
  13. Hi everyone! I've been working on a project to set the poetry and songs of the Wheel of Time to music. I have a number of pieces written and I can sing some of the parts, but I don't have anybody to play with. I've attached the only setting I have recorded: Mat's "Color of Trust" (from Lord of Chaos) which is sung by me, with my father on guitar. Are there any musically inclined fans (especially in the Seattle area) who are interested in getting together to play them together? Let me know if you're interested and what you sing/play, and we can plan from there :-) P.S. I know this might be better in the Wheel of Time forum, but I'm not restricting myself to Wheel of Time fans. Color of Trust - Voice/Guitar Wind that Shakes the Willow - Voice/Piano Forward the Lion - Voice/Piano As Long as the Wheel Turns - Voice/Piano Tia mi aven - 6 voice round Wash the Spears - 4 voice round Life is a Dream - 3 voices Soft the Winds - 3 voices Color of Trust.mp3
  14. David Charleston and Mat Cauthon are surprisingly similar. They both have a sense of humor and tend to be impulsive and reckless. Anyone else have Sanderson character comparisons (any book)?
  15. I'm going to be starting my ever Wheel of Time read through, I've currently got books 1-6 and (if I manage to like these books) will purchase the rest at a later date. My question is: Any tips about this? Would you suggest buying the companion book? Reading New Spring first? Is there even a slog or is it just an information dump for 3 books? I've got the remaining books from Stormlight Archive to finish for my full Cosmere re-read so hopefully start my next adventure shortly
  16. Callor stepped out of the thick woods ringing Fal Dara, his white cloak with the golden sun making a splash against the darkly covered thicket that previously enveloped him. He felt vaguely uncomfortable standing there exposed, in the open between two nexuses of evil. The whitewashed tower, with its shiny exterior that fooled most, but was still full of rot within, was closer than the Dark One’s prison. However, Shayol Ghul seemed to emanate his madness. By means of the Blight spreading surely and slowly over the Blasted Lands and encroaching on the northern kingdoms, the Dark One advanced, and a strong hand was needed to intervene that did not belong to Tar Valon witches. And Callor knew whose hand that would have to be. Smiling at his orders from the Lord Captain Commander, he took to the road fully, prepared for his presence to be announced to the Keep he neared. Let them! Agelmar would be as wet clay in his hands when he saw what the Children could do. A few minutes of warning would change nothing. The Light would shine on and protect those who resisted the Dark One at all times. And Pedron Niall stood for the Light. The guardsman on the walls of Fal Dara Keep blinked. A party had appeared, essentially out of nowhere, on a stretch of clear road empty a second earlier. He frowned, motioning his fellows to hold the gates against the newcomers. Peering closer, he was unsurprised to see an Aes Sedai and a Warder among their number, even if the man looked familiar. The guardsman tried to place him, but the name was slippery on his tongue, and he could not grasp it. Those thoughts were driven from his head by the Aes Sedai, who serenely reached into one of her pouches and showed Agelmar’s sigil, a token of entry. Having little other choice, he let the Warder and his Aes Sedai in, glancing at the others as they passed. Mostly youth, though seemingly an Ogier among them, and an older gleeman. He did not know for what purpose they were there, but the woman had flashed Agelmar’s sign, and as such was to be allowed entry. Curious about the new arrivals, but unable to abandon duty, the guardsman contented himself with watching the north road, and the Blight as it crept slowly closer. Pain. Pain was all Aginor felt, from head to toe. A constant reminder of his failure. A constant reminder that his recklessness had trapped him at the surface of the Wheel for three millennia, while eras came and went. The pain stayed with him for all those millennia, and it did not vanish with his release. Yet despite this pain, Aginor was determined to see that his body would have advantages. He straightened, shrivelled skin screaming in protest from the treatment, and looked towards the Spine of the World. His eyes, at least, were sharp enough to see the mountain range clearly, even as far away as they were, and the dark shapes in that direction coming towards him. Squinting, he made a pretense of studying the mountain ranges. Maybe its formations would be the key to finding what he searched for. Somewhere in there lay the Eye. He just needed to come upon it. Aginor chuckled aloud, loud enough for Balthamel, similarly shrivelled, to raise an inquisitive eyebrow. She did not see what he did. Looking directly at him, moving in his direction with purpose, the shadows materialised: a small contingent of Darkfriends came before him, kneeling. Then Aginor truly smiled. It’s been a month-long drought (or should I say Blight ), but welcome to MR32: The Blight Encroaches! This game, if you didn’t catch it from the RP, is a Wheel of Time game set at the end of The Eye of the World. The Forsaken are trying to destroy, overwhelm, or use the Eye to cut off the fledgling Dragon, al’Thor, from using it against the Great Lord of the Dark. Meanwhile, the Light is frantically defending the Eye against the encroachments of both the Blight and Forsaken, and seek to drive them back and kill them to strike a major blow on behalf of the Light. This game will start at Fal Dara Keep and move back towards the Eye as it continues. My co-GM for this game will be Elandera (@Ookla the Rogue). Our Impartial Moderator is @Alvron. All of the rules for this MR may be found here, in this Google doc. If anyone has any rules questions (and I imagine they do), please do not hesitate to ask. I’ll be saving the first post for a player list and rule clarifications. It is worth noting that the rules are not technically set in stone, as the game balance committee might want me to make tweaks, so until they pass the game, consider this ruleset unfinished. That said, I will try to keep all of you updated on the status of the ruleset until it is confirmed. Actually, I lied about that doc having all the rules. I did not address one set of rules: those pertaining to Ooklas. I am aware that the Ooklas are a wonderful festive way to celebrate Sanderson (having assumed the role of one myself), but they can cause issues regarding identity in SE. I’d hate to have mere confusion about names and identities derail lynch discussion or confuse action orders, and as such am placing the following guidelines for Ookla users: 1. If you changed your name to an Ookla, please place your usual name within your title. 2. If you changed both your name and profile picture, please conclude all your posts with a boldfaced line that states your regular name. Players that only changed their name are not required to do this but are strongly encouraged to, to help out your GMs. (You always have our best interests at heart, right? ) 3. Once the game has begun, do not change your name or profile picture any longer. 4. When voting to lynch on an Ookla, cast your vote in the following format: Regular Name (Ookla Name). For instance: “I vote Fifth Scholar (Ookla the White-Cloaked) for imposing pointless Ookla restrictions.” Also, it might help a lot of people could just generally refer to others by their usual names. 5. Please just call me Fifth. My Ookla name is just for RP. Thank you for cooperating with all of the above, and I’m confident that if everyone tries to adhere to it, we shouldn’t have identity-confusion issues. Signups for this game will close Thursday 6 December 2018, at 10:00 PM EST. (Rollovers in general will be around 10 PM EST.) The countdown site is broken, so do math if you need an exact number. Quick Links:
  17. I've read the Eye of the World, and I'm wondering if I want to continue with the series, I've heard both good and bad about it. Is it worth it to read the rest of the series? Knowing myself all too well, I'll probably read it whatever you guys say, as I can't leave anything unread or unfinished, but I'd like to have a good idea of what to expect as I go in, (as i probably will)
  18. I have a somewhat unusual ask, though I realize these Fandoms are not completely orthogonal: I recently composed a 5-7-voice setting of the "The Grave is No Bar to My Call" from Book 1 of the Wheel of Time, but because I am but a single humble Gleeman, I haven't heard it outside of MIDI. I was hoping that if there was sufficient interest, we could try it at some point during/after Brandon's signing in Seattle this Saturday. The music isn't terribly complicated, we'll go over all the parts, and I don't care about voice ranges on individual parts (except! the person singing "Moridin, Moridin" probably needs to be a bass). Please let me know if you have any interest! Also, if anyone wants to bring a harp, silver-chased flute (or perhaps merely a guitar), I've included the chord symbols. Thanks! "I will find the song, or another will find the song, but the song will be sung this year or in a year to come. As it once was, so shall it be again, world without end." Tia mi aven - Chords.pdf Tia mi aven - round.mid
  19. I've come to a decision as a side project while I get ready to start university in September, to create my own adaptation of The Wheel of Time series as if the showrunners of Game of Thrones, D.B. Weiss and David Benioff decided to make it into a TV series for HBO. Of course, this would mean that GOT probably wouldn't have happen in this but obviously this is just a bit of fun for me and hopefully for you guys, who I hope will read the scripts etc. I'm currently working on the first episode, which is entitled "Winternight", and I've pretty much cast the entire first season, with a couple of characters as well as some characters that'll turn up in future seasons. The first season is based on 'The Eye of the World'. Here is the list for the cast of Season 1, if you're interested: (SIDE NOTE: I understand that a lot of these actors are from GOT, but I can really imagine them as the characters. Please let me know if I've forgotten anyone) CAST LIST: I've also created a poster for the season as well as an entire wikia page dedicated to the adaptation with as much information as needed. Information regarding "Winternight", the first episode, is already up. WIKIA: POSTER: Thank you for reading my poster. Please feel free to respond below and I hope most of you are as excited as I am.
  20. Following Harriet's statement that a new studio has acquired the right for The wheel of time, what are your thoughts on the matter? Should they try to make it happen or the sheer length of the books in addition to the short time the story takes to conclude (3 years) just make the project impossible? They could go for an animated version though I'm not sure if that would work either. At least that way we won't have actors aging beyond the age of their roles.
  21. So I recently watched the Clone Wars animated series. There was a lot of Jar Jar Binks for my tastes (I'm sure you understand.) But then I had a thought. This thought. Oh. This thought completely transformed how I viewed Jar Jar. Jar Jar Binks is a Ta'veren. We know just a few things about Ta'veren. They are spun out by the Pattern, which would be analogous in some ways to the force, to correct itself when it begins to drift from the intended pattern. We see them work in a few different ways, mostly by changing the probability of something happening. The impossible never happens, but the very unlikely can happen incredibly often. As unlikely as Qui Gon not using the force to move Jar Jar out of his way and instead letting Jar Jar jump on him before they both fell to the ground and let a giant hover tank run them over ultimately resulting and no bodily harm whatsover. Or that being just the thing needed to save Jar Jar later from whatever crime he committed to get him banned. And no matter how funny that 'bigger fish' quip was Qui Gon, you should thank the flaming Ta'veren in the boat with you that you're still alive. We can see a pretty clear demonstration of the Ta'veren pull at work. The damage to the spaceship forces them to land on Tatooine, where it isn't the Jedis or the royalty who meet Anakin Skywalker, but the other Ta'veren, doing his Ta'veren random chance thing by spitting out a Gorg leg rather than paying for it. On returning to Naboo, Jar Jar is made a Bombad General. That's quite a promotion for someone who was about to be executed, and while he wasn't much good in organized battle, he sure can retreat in style. He was manipulated into giving the Supreme Chancelor, another Ta'veren, emergency powers giving him the ability to form the grand army of the republic. In a mission to Toydaria, Jar Jar displays some impressive skills with his dexterity, and his ability to manipulate people's attention at the same time. On Rodia, he gets mistaken for a Jedi, befriends a giant underwater monster, and they manage to save Amidala. Back on Naboo, he impersonates another gungan and is accepted without question, then goes on to best General Grievous (though, to be honest, that doesn't take much in the Clone Wars.) There's a few other examples out there, but I don't want to dig through the whole clone wars, you get the picture. He was a major player and influence. He discovered Anakin, and in a way connected him to Amidalla and Palpatine by connecting him to the jedi. He was the thread the pattern set out to connect it all together to create the Empire.