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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to Alethkar! Alethi and Parshendi alike have gathered for a night of celebration: they’ve just signed a peace treaty between their peoples! What could go wrong? GMs: Wilson, Orlok, Elbereth IM: Alvron In this anonymous game, each account will take the name of a character from the Stormlight Archive prologue (though we added some characters who may or may not have been there, to flesh out the numbers a bit). This means you will be playing as an SA character. Woo-hoo! This is a partial blackout game. Here are the things we can tell you: Each character has multiple win conditions. These win conditions may or may not be primary (if you have a secondary win condition, it’s merely a bonus if you achieve it, but will not affect whether you win the game or not). The lynch does not kill. Insead, lynched players are cast out of the palace. Ostracized players can no longer interact with those inside the palace, but they will have access to a doc with all other ostracized players and can interact with them. Every third cycle, there will be a vote among ostracized players about who should reenter the palace. Players who remain outside will still have things to do and can still possibly win (though it’s much more difficult). Ostracism is not the end of the game. (Ostracism functions sort of like Elantris in LG12/LG44) PMs are closed. Everyone has access to a set of general actions right from the start of the game. These actions include: vote manipulation, attacks, protects, roleblocks, redirects, action spying, sending anonymous messages, hiding, and drinking. Not all of these actions are guaranteed to succeed, and some of these actions may have partially negative consequences when used. We will reveal more a little more about each of these at the start of the game. Every player will be in multiple docs. Roleplay will be rewarded. There are 25 characters; however, we do not necessarily need all 25 in the game if we don’t get 25 players. The game can function well enough with 20 (though we’d like 25!). If we get more than 25 people signed up, we will randomly select who will play and the rest will be on the pinch hitter list to replace any inactive players. You can sign up either in this thread (don’t create a character, obviously) or by PMing the GMs. Unless otherwise stated, rollover will start at 1 AM MDT (8 AM BST). We expect it to take approximately 1.5 hours to figure everything out and start the next turn. Some rollovers might be shorter. Some might be longer. The game will start at 1 AM MDT on Wednesday, 5 September. Quick Links: