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Found 26 results

  1. Put possible spoilers because while I won't be saying anything specific, you might be able to make guesses base on things I'm going to say. Also, in the comments, mark spoilers for Hero of Ages. I just finished Well of Ascension and haven't started the last one yet. Anyway. You probably know this already, but Sanderson is a god of writing. It isn't easy for a book to catch me off guard. I have a knack for spotting plot twists and predicting endings, but the ending of WoA? Totally didn't see it coming and it was amazing. The last time that happened was when I read Rithmatist. This is the third book of Sanderson's I've read and I've already decided I have to read everything. I know I said not actual spoilers, but I'm on a roll, so there's your drop-down. I can't wait to see what happens in Hero of Ages! And I have the first of the Reckoners for when I finish that.
  2. Okay, so I wanted to keep the title spoiler free, but the question is this (and I apologize if this is an old question but I couldn’t find it from basic searching): What if Vin had taken the power at the Well of Ascension instead of freeing Ruin? Let’s start with a very brief fanfic (I don’t think Brandon will mind, but if he would I can take it down): “You mustn’t do it, child … you know what you must do …” Vin was supposed to be the Hero of Ages. She needed to be. But unfortunately, she was not that person. She could not, would not, let Elend die. And so she burned the power within her. It was as instinctual to her as burning Atium had been, or any of the metals. Fixing what was wrong with the world would be easy too. Rashek was a fool! She thought… Okay, I’ll cease butchering this story and get back to the facts. Besides the fact that Brandon already had that played out with Rashek and so repeating history wouldn’t make for as good a story, let’s remember some important facts: 1. Preservation was dying, independent of Ruin’s escape. Would he have lasted longer in this scenario? Possibly, but I don’t think for another 1024 years before the Well refilled. 2. Kelsier is still around. Now, without Ruin loose he wouldn’t have as easily spooked the Ire and Fuzz would have had different plans, etc. etc. 3. Sazed had figured out about Ruin’s ruse, and managed to escape Marsh. He simply wasn’t fast enough to stop Vin. In this scenario, Vin would soon have that knowledge. 4. Vin and Elend would still have a need to reunite the hemispher under their rule. There would basically be another Empire. Woth one key difference though. They aren’t fullborn, and while Rashek was able to create Allomancy, I don’t think he would have been able to make Feruchemists with only Presevervation’s power. Perhaps Vin could have made some other magic? Thoughts? What have I missed? What would have happened had Vin been “selfish” with the power at the Well of Ascension?
  3. For episodes four and five of the Worldhoppers Podcast we will be covering the Well of Ascension, both with and without spoilers, and would like to bring some interesting lore related to the books to our lore section. I'll look through the annotations later, but I would like some fun facts from the community that people that may have been around longer, even for the release of the book might know.
  4. The last thing Leras does before dying is appear to Elend and point to the Northeast. He also did that the first time he met Elend. If you trace the two lines from their approximate locations, you end up in the far right corner of the Terris mountains. Hence the question: what was in the Terris Dominance that Preservation was pointing to? And why was it so important that Leras used the last of his strength to try and tell Elend about it?
  5. This is just something fun I thought I'd throw together, but I thought people might find it interesting (or amusing). I was thinking about songs that I think fit well with various Cosmere works, and since a lot of them fit with Mistborn, I thought I'd do a brief writeup focusing on songs most people have probably heard of - namely, Disney movie songs. For this list, I'l go through each song, roughly in the order I think they fit in the books, and provide a link and a brief blurb as to why I chose them. A couple of notes - one, this is mostly going to be for Final Empire and a few for Well of Ascension for various reasons, but mostly because they were my first two Brandon books and I found them easiest to make connections for. For another, I'm including some songs from The Prince of Egypt as well, even though that one's not technically Disney, because a)., it's the same style of animated musical extravaganza, b)., most of the songs fit too well with Scadrial and the Final Empire to ignore, and c)., Prince of Egypt is awesome anyway, and so is its music. With that out of the way, away we go! Final Empire “Deliver Us” – Prince of Egypt A perfect scene-setting for Scadrial under the Lord Ruler's dominion. “Strangers Like Me” - Tarzan Vin is introduced to and intrigued by Kelsier and his crew. “Through Heaven’s Eyes” – Prince of Egypt Sazed teaches Vin and helps her find her confidence and her place in the world. “Make a Man out of You” – Mulan Or make an allomancer out of you, rather:). Kelsier trains Vin in the use of her powers. “Let it Go” – Frozen Vin, gaining confidence, begins to open up and take pride and joy in her abilities. “Part of Your World” and “Part of Your World Reprise” – The Little Mermaid Attending her first balls, Vin becomes increasingly fascinated with the world of the nobility, and with Elend. “Playing with the Big Boys” – Prince of Egypt Vin and Kelsier fight the Inquisitors at Kredik Shaw, barely escaping with their lives. “Reflection” – Mulan Caught between her dual life as Vin the mistborn and Valette the noblewoman, Vin questions her identity. “All I Ever Wanted” – Prince of Egypt Elend becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the state of the Final Empire and realizes that he is on a different path from what his father expects of him. “God Help the Outcasts” – Hunchback of Notre Dame Vin and Kelsier visit the skaa tenements. “He Lives in You” – Lion King II The anthem of the fledgling Church of the Survivor after Kelsier's martyrdom. “When You Believe” – Prince of Egypt The rebellion triumphs after Vin kills the Lord Ruler. Well of Ascension "Into the Unknown" - Frozen II Vin becomes increasingly preoccupied with the call of the Well. “Be Prepared” – Lion King A paean to Straff's ambitions to seize control of Luthadel and become a new emperor. Also a better song than Straff (my personal most hated Cosmere character) deserves, but hey, it fits. “Hellfire” – Hunchback of Notre Dame Zane's destructive obsession with Vin grows. "Not One of Us" - Lion King II After the attempted assassination and her assault on Cett's keep, Vin fears the crew - and Elend - will reject her. "Love Will Find a Way" - Lion King II Vin and Elend reconcile after Zane dies and are married. "Savages” – Pocahontas The battle for Luthadel, culminating in Vin's return. That's what I have. Anyone else have thoughts? Or ideas for Hero of Ages or Era 2?
  6. The Well of Ascension and everyone present at it. L to R: Leras, Elend, Vin, Kelsier, Ati
  7. What would happen if Nightblood, without the sheath, were plunged into the Well of Ascension? Or what if someone used the Well and then drew Nightblood?
  8. In Well of Ascension, there's a scene where Elend negotiates with Straff in Straff's camp, while Vin and Zane sit outside and she messes with his emotions. My question is this, in spite of being a tineye, why doesn't Straff seem to hear Vin and Zane's conversation? Vin explicitly tells Zane that Elend is bluffing about Vin going on a murder rampage through the camp, but Straff continues on, apparently believing the threat to be legitimate. What's the deal? I don't buy the idea that Straff knew, but was playing along, because his response is a near-panicked repudiation that she could accomplish said murder rampage. Pretending to be cowed would be anathema to his character. The obvious explanation is just that he wasn't burning tin, but at the point where Vin starts letting things slip, Zane has already loudly crunched some weeds, and Elend has tipped his hand about her watching. So I guess just really bad judgement? That feels like an unsatisfactory explanation for a guy who is repulsive, but otherwise cunning.
  9. In Well of Ascension, Demoux preaches about the yellow sun, the green plants, the blue and ashless skies. Vin asks him who told him about that, and I too am now wondering: Who told him of that. Vin chalks it up to rumors, but those rumors have to start from somewhere. Do we have any idea where they started? I have read all of the books, so feel free to bring any evidence.
  10. Minor Well of Ascension spoilers Is there a version of Kwaan's Inscription from the wall of the conventical of Seran inThe Well of Ascension that includes all of the text in order, including the text from the chapter epigraphs? The full version on the coppermind link appears to only include the portion that Sazed reads at the end of the book and not the full text. For example, none of the corrupted lines given as examples appear in the original text in either their corrupt or uncorrupted versions. I realize that the full version can be found by reading the epigraphs, but it would be nice to have a full version without the epigraph formatting. Thank you
  11. From the album RainDragon Mistborn Art

    Vin and OreSeur meeting the Mist Spirit in The Well of Ascension. Done in Krita.

    © RainDragonArt

  12. I've been googling this question all morning, nothing far. Well of Ascension near the end. Vin just slaughtered Straff on his horse, meanwhile at Cett's camp he is taunted by his daughter to help Luthadel, not Straff. Cett ponders why he thought he could seize Luthadel with no Allomancers, then he says this: "Or was it because I was looking for something, a confirmation of the stories, a power like I saw on that night when the air almost killed me." This piqued my interest suddenly. Was Cett snapped by the mist? No, surely he hasn't cowered indoors his whole life like a skaa. I thought about the Mist Spirit aka Preservation. Did Preservation stab Cett? No, he wants stasis, balance, he wouldn't even stab Elend without another spirit forcing him to. But wait, didn't Alendi's party suffer a stab wound on the way to the Well? Perhaps he could attack after all. Did Ruin stab Cett? Could he? All people aid Ruin even if they don't mean to, so why "nearly kill" a pawn in his game. Or, did Preservation's original millennial plan to bring about the Hero of Ages "need" Cett stabbed to coerce him to seize Luthadel and set in motion all the pieces and events needed? Any thoughts? Sorry if this question has been asked and answered, as I said...been googling all morning. Sorry about the stream of consciousness gab earlier. What was Brandon Sanderson referring to with that sentence?
  13. This is with respect to Vin's fight against the assassins sent by Cett. There were total eight of them - 4 Thugs, 1 lurcher, 1 smoker and two coinshots; one of which was actually a Mistborn. First to die was a true coinshot; dagger in his chest. At some future point, she faced 3 of the remaining 7 : smoker, lurcher and coinshot-Mistborn. A wounded thug had stayed back to protect them. Vin next killed the thug. That makes 2 out of 8 dead (she attacked this second coinshot as well; thought she killed him, but as he was a Mistborn he did not die) She killed lurcher. That makes three dead. Then the watcher killed the smoker to give hint to Vin that there was a Mistborn in the team. That's four dead. By the end of the fight, 4 out of 8 people were dead, one of those being a thug. But the book mentions ''Though their Mistborn paused, the four unfortunate Thugs continued to charge, having no way to know that Vin burned atium.'' implying the total remaining as 5 people instead of 4. Is that a printing mistake or did I count those deaths wrong? (Though there is a clear mention of a thug dying) If that's a printing mistake, was it revised in the latter editions?
  14. For the following questions, we are assuming that in the Well of Ascension Vin had a way to cut or divide the Lerasium nugget into two or more pieces. Otherwise these questions are irrelevant. When Vin found found the nugget of Lerasium in the Well of Ascension and gave it to Elend, why didn't she break it in half to have to pieces of Lerasium? Does the size of the Lerasium nugget determine the power of the Mistborn? We know that hereditary Mistborn abilities are less powerful than those that have actually burned Lerasium, so if Vin burned Lerasium would the power she already had be added to the new strength she got from the Lerasium, or would she just be brought up to the level of power that Elend has? I don't spend a whole ton of time reading theories, so if I asked any questions that are already answered or if I've accidentally taken taken someone else's I'm sorry about that.
  15. Has there been any announcement or comment I missed about a 10th anniversary edition of Well of Ascension? I know Brandon had mentioned wanting to do it in 2017 if the prior books were well received, which they certainly seem to have been. I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to filling my bookshelves with a complete Dragonsteel Cosmere collection.
  16. Hey, I don't know if this has already been asked, I tries searchimg for this but came up with nothing, so I'll just ask it. Near the end of WoA, when Sazed fights Marsh, Marsh pushes the pouch containing Sazed's metalminds into his stomach, thus giving him the opportunity to use them. How was Marsh able push the metalminds? I thought you can't push an invested metal, and those rings obviously were...
  17. Disclaimer: I’ve not read Dragonsteel and have no private information about it. This post is speculation only. It is another in my periodic series, “A Theory of Cosmere Magic.” Thinking through the Shattering’s mechanics reminded me of the Well of Ascension. That in turn reminded me of a post some time ago that compared Mistborn 1 characters with some then-known Shards. (I can’t find that post to link to and credit its author. If that was you, please step forward.) I’m now convinced Brandon intended Mistborn 1 to foreshadow Dragonsteel and the Shattering. Comparisons between the Shards and the Mistborn 1 characters show this intention. There isn’t a one-to-one correspondence between each Shard and Mistborn character. Honor is not Elend. But the Mistborn character personalities, abilities and interests match well with Shard Mandates and Vessel personalities. (A later post will address Shard Mandates. I suggest you hold your comments on my one-word Mandate descriptions until I publish that post.) Some names incorporate or reference their counterpart. Elend resembles “Nahel” (with the Vorin “h” wild card), Rashek resembles Rayse, and Yeden resembles Endowment. OreSeur has some assonance with Autonomy. Sazed may not resemble Skai, but he does resemble “skaze.” “Vin Cultivation” probably still makes Brandon chuckle – “Vin” is French for “wine.” Honor – Elend Honor binds (his Mandate). Elend wants to bind nobles and skaa into a single, fairly administered political entity – “unite them.” He prefers political solutions to conquest, though conquest becomes inevitable. (In this, he resembles Dalinar, bound to Honor.) Also like Dalinar, even Elend’s enemies view him as an “honorable,” idealistic man. He wears snappy uniforms, like Dalinar reports Honor wearing in WoK. Honor loves Cultivation. Cultivation – Vin Cultivation adapts (her Mandate). Khriss says, “the bonding of spren to humans is merely an expansion of what already exists in the nature of the planet.” (AU, Kindle, p. 535.) Cultivation adapts Adonalsium spren to make them bondable to humans. (Honor does the actual bonding.) Vin is a living symbol of adaptation – she is Mare’s flower, blossoming from street urchin to Ascendant Warrior. Hoid doesn’t get along with either Vin or Cultivation. Vin killed Rashek – will Cultivation defeat Odium? Cultivation loves Honor. Odium – Rashek Odium severs Connections (his Mandate). Hate corrodes and divides. Alendi’s journal repeatedly describes Rashek as hateful. His Final Empire works by dividing nobles from skaa. Rashek tries to destroy Terris Keepers like Tindwyl and Sazed. Odium killed Devotion and Dominion. (I recently proposed Aona and Skai may have been Rayse’s parents. Mistborn foreshadowing suggests the three might at least be ethnically related.) Devotion – Tindwyl Devotion loves (her Mandate). Tindwyl unconditionally loves Sazed, despite the impossibility of intimacy. She prefers death beside him than to leave Luthandel for safety. She “devotes” herself to Sazed and his research. She also devotes herself to her people – the Synod planted Tindwyl as a Breeder at age 14 to pass her Feruchemical genes to twenty children. That devotion made Tindwyl the magical “mother” of a large segment of Scadrial’s Era 2 Feruchemical population. Dominion – Sazed Dominion controls (his Mandate). Sazed seems an unusual choice, until you think about his self-control. He defies the Synod and frees the Terris people – he gives them self-dominion (another word for “autonomy.”) Tindwyl loves him because Sazed works to “change the world” – to control rather than to accept his circumstances. He is fastidious, formal and measured. Sazed lives with exquisite balance, an act of great self-control. Sazed is the perfect Vessel to simultaneously control Ruin and Preservation. Sazed loves Tindwyl. Autonomy – OreSeur (TenSoon) Autonomy constructs his/her own many-faced pantheon of deities. I agree with posters who believe Bavadin was a shape-shifting dragon. Who better than kandra to foreshadow such a creature? Kandra served Rashek – Hoid believes Bavadin helped Odium. TenSoon “finished” (literally) what OreSeur had begun. TenSoon showed his “autonomy” by resisting his masters and fellow kandra. Endowment – Yeden Endowment gives life (her Mandate). She measures her gifts in relatively equal units of Breath. Breaths are the currency by which Endowment calculates her “Returned” on “Investment.” If a Returned can’t inspire the faithful to “Invest” him/her with a weekly Breath, Endowment terminates that “Investment” – the Returned dies. Yeden “endows” Kelsier’s crew. He is the source of funds the crew relies on to finance their rebellion. Yeden “gives life” to the Skaa dream of freedom, the return on his investment. “Survivor” Shard – Kelsier Enough said. Brandon says the Survivor Shard’s Mandate is not “surviving.” Based on Kelsier’s attributes – vision, charisma, team-building and delegation – “leadership” may be this Shard’s Mandate. How that translates into a magic system is unclear. Ambition – Straff Venture Ambition…is ambitious? We don’t know how Ambition’s un-splintered magic works, but we do know Straff is the most “ambitious” character in Mistborn 1. Ambitious people seek “ventures,” risky or dangerous activities with high return. Straff pursues power at all costs without scruples. He is willing to sacrifice both sons to gain power. Straff’s ambition made him ruthless, rapacious. Odium feared Ambition for a reason. Preservation – Leras (as himself) Ruin – Ati (as himself) Hoid – Marsh? Both Hoid and Marsh have acquired many magics they weren’t born with. Both have highly distorted, barely human souls. I’m guessing on this one. Hoid’s regret about participating in the Shattering also sounds like Kwaan, Rashek’s uncle who discovered Alendi. Either way leaves five Shards for the five remaining Mistborn crew members. My broad-brush speculations about their corresponding Shard’s magic: Ham – skeptical magic. Spook – passionate magic. Breeze – manipulative magic. Clubs – artistic magic. Dockson – organizational magic. Dockson’s the only non-magical original crew member. Brandon hints Leras may have been a pre-Shattering magic user. Hoid was a pre-Shattering Lightweaver. If the Mistborn pattern persists, all Vessels in the Dragonsteel “crew” except one will use pre-Shattering magic.
  18. Do we actually know what ended up happening to Rashek's uncle and one of the few people who really knew what Ruin could do? Did he just..die of old age?
  19. The Lord Ruler, as we know, used atium compounding to extend his life past the natural age limit. However, at the same time, the method he used had diminishing returns due to the ever-increasing amount of age required to be tapped in order to keep him alive. As such, he would've eventually reached a point where he would've required more age in a moment to keep himself alive, than he could compound, and would've died. However, my theory is that The Lord Ruler wasn't actually in danger of dying from old age, as long as his plan worked. All he would've had to do was live until the Well of Ascension refilled, then used its power to youthen his body. As long as he kept doing this every 1024 years, he would've lived forever. The question really is whether doing that is within the Well's power. However, considering that the Well could create new species and modify genetics of pre-existing ones while preserving the people, I don't see why youthening himself wouldn't be possible. It would certainly fall in line with the intent of Preservation by preserving Rashek. Thoughts? Questions? Emperor-killing (heh) flaws in my theory?
  20. I bought a first edition/first printing of Well of Ascension in January last year and put it at the bottom of my "to-read" pile. I just opened it today after finishing my Final Empire re-read and noticed that the first page after the acknowledgements is in the middle of Chapter 2. The text starts on page 23 with "The man cried out. The night was no longer silent." A few pages later (pg. 30) begins Chapter 3. Is this a known mistake with a 1st/1st printing, or did I just get "lucky"? Looking over the binding I don't notice anything abnormal about it. It appears to be fully intact. I would imagine 20+ pages missing would leave a noticeable gap in the binding. Anyone else see anything like this with a similar 1st/1st copy?
  21. Spoiler from the first Mistborn trilogy. We know that Alendi was the (maybe) first try of Ruin to free himself. Alendi was a Seeker (Bronze Misting) when the Allomancy was much rare and weak. So we could assume that Alendi was a Seeker much weak than Marsh. Vin was a powerfull Allomancer (compared to the allomancer of her age) and she need a Hemalurgic Spike to detect the Well of Ascension pulses (Spike made from a probably powerfull seeker misting). We know Alendi had at least one "prophesied spike" (I don't have the English version of the book then I am not sure of the original worlds) but it is not to much (for me) a spike made from his era misting to reach his goal. Then how much additional power (and Spikes) Alendi needed for his quest ? You see other ways from him (and Ruin) to complete the journey ?
  22. Vin in Well of ascension by Rafael Arnaud ----------------------------------------- Link to my online portifolio:
  23. There are Atium mistings, so why not Lerasium ones? Thus my theory that Elend and the original 9 allomancers were Lerasium mistings. Is this possible?
  24. If you could be any character from the Mistborn series which would it be? Would you be one of the good characters? or would you chose to be one of the bad? Going forth on that theme if you could chose a character that that didn't have certain powers although you liked the attributes which power would you give them? Try to keep the post from giving away spoilers so those that are still reading the books can take part without having plots ruined for them. (ME INCLUDED AS I AM ONLY 1/3 THROUGH THE 3rd BOOK)