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Found 9 results

  1. What should my signature's name be?
  2. What are some of your hobbies that are weird or odd? 1. Most people say my reading addiction 2. Talking in Old English 3. Talking in other languages 4. Talking in High Imperial 5. Looking at Chaos’ profile, then looking at what his most recent posts are so I can try to figure out what the most common infractions are, and what Chaos is genuinely interested in. What about y’all?
  3. So last night I had a dream. And it was... interesting to say the least. But it inspired me to create this topic, and I didn't see anything else like it on the various forums. I would like to tell you about my aforementioned dream. Afterwards, I would like to hear any interpretations you may have of my dream or anyone else who chooses to share their dreams. Okay, here goes. My dream begins by following a young brunette girl (whom I've never seen before this particular dream) around the age of four or five. She is walking through the woods behind my house, down a leaf-strewn path. (One that doesn't actually exist in reality.) Suddenly, a wrinkled old hag (also someone I've never seen before) appears on the trail before the girl. The old woman points to the girls left, off the path and into the woods before whispering eerily, "You've awakened them,". The girl looks to where the woman is pointing to see three tree stumps in a clearing. Green shoots are visibly growing out of the dead trunks, and nestled in the shoots of each trunk are a newborn baby boy. None of the babies cry. They all have deep green eyes, and the baby in the center of the trio has silver hair. The three infants stare at the girl unblinkingly, until she flees back to my house. The dream now begins to follow me as I step outside my home and into my backyard. (It has only been a few seconds since the little girl returned to my house.) I wait for a moment, then an eighteen (don't ask how I know how old the kid is, just some of that weird dream knowledge) year old boy (who, once again, I have no idea who he is... this actually happens to me in dreams a lot more than you would imagine ) walks up beside me. He nods, and the we casually stroll over to my garage. We step inside, and when we step back out into the morning light, we each are brandishing a large battle axe. We then go to my back yard and wait for our enemies to arrive. (Again, don't ask how we knew they were coming, more inexplicable dream knowledge.) They quickly show up, the same three creatures that the little girl saw in the woods. The three of them have all some how grown impossibly fast, the silver haired leader (lets call him Quicksilver, just to be funny ) now appears to be in his mid-fifties, while his two cronies appear to be in their mid-twenties. All three of them are well muscled and wear black suits and ties. The two minions are identical in every way, right down to their forest green eyes. In fact, the only thing separating them from Quicksilver is his obvious age and grey hair. Quicksilver sends his two lackeys in to battle us. The two attackers our inhumanly strong, and dastardly hard to kill. But my comrade and I stand firm, and after a handful of minutes of fighting (of which I now remember next to nothing of) we are victorious over our foes. Quicksilver snarls in fury and leaps forward to join the fray. My nameless partner and I soon find out that unlike his two minions, Quicksilver can also generate illusions. I attack Quicksilver only to find that I have my axe buried in my dead companion's body. (Oops... ) Enraged, I bound over to my adversary. I grab him, then push him into the wall of my home, somehow phasing him into the material itself. (Apparently I also have superhuman abilities?) His head and upper body protrude from the wall, and I kindly axe him in the face. I grab him by the shoulder, then fling him onto the ground before my feet and swing my axe down onto him once more. I drop my axe and say, "I hate fighting illusionists," (because obviously I do that all the time haha ) before walking away. Alright. Your turn! What weird/memorable dreams have you had?
  4. Hi! Kell here. So, I have a strange question. Let's say John is a Fullborn Feruchemist. One day he finds a tiny Hemalurgic spike. It's made of steel, so he decides to turn it into a Metalmind. When he stored his speed into it, he was also actively filling an aluminum Metalmind, so anyone could use the spike as a storage. Then, one day, a Mistborn or Coinshot/Crasher/whatever finds the spike, and burns it. It's a Feruchemical storage that he/she can use, so it obviously compounds, but what about the Hemalurgic part? What will it do? Ising the me of wanting the you to post opinion of you below.
  5. I've been noticing that blue line in between random posts. Is there a purpose for this, or is it a glitch?
  6. So, I noticed Brandon calling Nazh's knife and Silverlight weird in Chicago signing and it got me thinking, what else in Cosmere has he ever called weird. I went back through Theoryland WoBs to about 2013 (at which point most WoBs switched to being about Perrin and Mat), and looked for things he called weird. For a more complete list, I should have probably looked for "bizarre", "odd", and "strange" as well, and I intend to in Version 2.0. In the meantime, below is the Compendium of Weird. I list an item/object/notion/person/event from Cosmere, and a phrase of phrases with date attribution confirming the weirdness. Why do this? It helps uncover patterns in Brandon's thinking. If he called something weird in the past and we know now why it was weird, we can determine why the new things he calls weird may be weird. The compendium is under the spoiler tag largely to separate it from this introduction. The plan is to make a few more compendia following off of Brandon's standard figures of speech when he is responding to questions. Edit: Argh.... Misspelled Compendium in the title. )-: This has been fixed. Edit: Per @Spoolofwhool below, excluded the "piercings being burned" from the list.
  7. Apparently, my life has been very amusing to some people, so I will post all the weird, ironic, or terrible things that happen to me every so often, along with random observations I have on the nature of the multiverse, et c. Feel free to comment, put in your two clips, or tell me to shut the chull up. Otherwise, have fun taking amusement from my daily misfortune.
  8. If you dream walk a little bit too far, beyond the phantasmagorias of your mind, if you remain undistracted by the naked celebrities, if you walk past the baboons that give sage advice, if you pass the halls of Azathoth and keep walking, flying, swimming. Keep moving. If you do you may see shimmering orbs in the distance, you may see planets in all manner of possible and impossible shapes and sizes, you may see clouds and fishes and birds and ships, all this just floating around in the air. Then you will realize that there is air to breath, you will realize that you need to breath. You are not dreaming anymore, you have entered Skyverea. It sort of annoyed me that every time I needed help with Skyverea I had to explain the entire bizarre setting it has and usually I just ended up copy-pasting an explanation from earlier, but then I had to find the explanation to copy paste... so I am just making a thread that I can link people to every time I need help. And you get to read my strange ideas. Everyone wins! Skyverea is my weird, insane, surreal science fantasy horror mystery serial web novel that will happen one of these days as soon as I can get the magic figured out. The Skyverea itself is, as the blurb above says, basically Super Mario Galaxy that lies beyond your dreams~ It is a portmanteau of Sky-Universe-Sea, so it is pronounced "Skay-ver-ee", not "Skay-ver-ee-a". Dont blame me, blame English spelling. The plot goes something like: "Riem the theif lives in a planet system by the name of Hela, on a large planet (though of course to us it is just the size of a country) just called The Harbor. He steals things, cons people and takes jobs stealing things and giving them to other people, for a fee, of course. One day, during one of those jobs he gets set up for a murder, captured and sentenced to death, but manages to escape and then goes on a bizarre adventure trying to find out who set him up." Now, that's out of the way, world building details! Stars: Stars are glowing spheres of differing sizes, the main source of both light and magic. They grow brighter and dimmer as the "day" goes because I wanted day and night cycles. Once a "year" they stop glowing completely for a "day", signaling the start of a new "year". This is for some reason uniform all over Skyverea. Planets: Planets come in all shapes, sizes and kinds of material (me having stolen the setting from Super Mario Galaxy), there are regular, round planets made out of dirt, planets made out of mostly rock, ice or metal, square planets, flat planets, planets that are giant tea cups, flowers or ancient, sleeping gods. Gravity? Gravity just works. It generally pulls things to the middle, but sometimes pulls in other directions. Clouds: You know how you can sometimes imagine clouds taking shapes? In the Skyverea clouds actually take shapes, if that wasnt enough they also feel the need to move like the things they are taking shapes as. It is not uncommon to see an entire zoo of clouds floating across the sky in shapes of people, birds and dinosaurs, or see clouds silently acting out Hamlet. There is a debate going on if clouds are sentient or not, but sometimes clouds takes things, or creatures. Everyone knows someone who's grandmother was taken by a cloud and her remains rained over two planet systems over and everyone has had bones rained over their ceiling. Moons: Moons are pale, glowing rocks. They have lunar phases, just like on our world, but rather than one half being blocked by the earth they shine light on their own and one half disappears and shows up somewhere else in the Skyverea. They are also a source of magic and a way to measure time. On to the magic. I keep changing my mind on this, but I'll share what I have. (Yes I really like Chromathury) First we have Starlight. It exists on a spectrum from cognitive or illusionary magic to more physical magic. It used to be like this: Seeing the problem? It is now this: 7 is now fused with 9 (So you can get more stuff than you put in because the Starlight creates the rest) and 8 is its own system (I just really want beams, force fields and lightsabers, ok?) Problems I have now is the awkward jump between 3 and 4 and the fact that it is now a little short. Ideas? Anyway, this tells you nothing about how it actually works, does it? If you are human you are born with three of these Illuminations (that's what I call the 'colors', or numbers). If you get them all in a row or all over the spectrum is up in the air at the moment. Magic is done by 'grabbing' the Starlight (which is not regular light, you cant do magic from a candle flame), weaving it around to put your intent into it and letting the Illumination loose (The Spell). Of course to make sure the characters cant just do anything they need to practice. Take 5 (Jazz pun intended) for example. Moving wood isn't the same thing as moving steel, they are similar, like picking up a bass after learning guitar, but if you want to move fire you need to start practicing again. You can move something you haven't practiced enough by really putting time and intent into the Illumination, but you may not have the time. 7 is one of my favorites because how odd I decided it to be. In an old manga called Law of Ueki most powers work by turning x into y. So you have stuff like turning trash into trees, beads into bombs, towels into steel, tomatoes into lava, so I just decided to steal that. You need to figure out both what you are transforming and what you are transforming it to. Making Starlight Magitech is common, you need a special kind of metal to program the Starlight and a special kind of crystal to save the Starlight in. Saved Starlight can also be used to normal Stargazers (Mages) when there is no natural Starlight to grab. Aurora/Bowlight (Rainbows, but without that entire rain thing) You remember that missing 8? It is this, except now a lot more versatile. I havent really gotten into how this works yet, but I'll share what I have anyway. Aurora can be shaped into hard, physical objects, like platforms, blades and shields. The objects are uneffected by gravity, unless the.... auroraist (?) wills them to be effected by gravity, it can also be formed into beams and fired. Maybe also into gasses or liquids, maybe different colors have different effects, I don't know yet. Moonlight: As Moons are not as common as Stars Lunatics are rarer and they can usually not just grab the light and wave it around. Rather they save the Moonlight in their eyes and expand it upon use. I don't have a nice spectrum list for Moonlight yet, but I have ideas Weird senses: Hear the voices of objects, light pre cog, retro cog, hear emotions, smell which person it is you need at the moment. Summoning: Summon things out of other things. Dragons out of fire, birds out of the air, ants out of flesh, flowers out of earth, ninjas out of everywhere. It doesnt need to make that much sense, but it helps. Change tangibility: Act as if things aren't there, or even better, force the guards that are chasing you act as if the air is a wall, or the ground is a liquid (make it a non-Newtonian one for extra fun), if someone is acting especially heartless pretend their chest isn't there and fulfill their wishes. And the floor is lava, that doesn't make much sense, but it did give me ideas... There is also time/space manipulation, just a bit more limited than usual. You can reverse time in a certain area, but everyone will remember what happened (and be lightly annoyed that they have redo whatever it is they were doing), fold space and make point a and point b be much closer or just slow down whoever you are fighting. Lunatics are in general at least cloud cuckoo landers, their magic hitches on them being able to make sense out of what they want to do, no matter how little logical sense that actually makes. While Starlight messes with the rules of physics Moonlight makes reality and logic look the other way. All these are light based, but I want things that go bump in the night. On random idea, which is cool, but I may use for something else, or not at all was Soundmagic (Don't worry, I know you are tired of reading this, I am almost done with this very ranty post) Soundmagic works though sound (obviously). Some ideas I have are controlling certain things that can hear the song you are playing, making it so no one can make a sound and thus forcing them to move very silently and they can forget about punching your face in, whistling in the pitch of something to break it... or cook it, recreate the T-rex scene from Jurassic Park by drumming on something and actually summon the monster, create a cursed earworm that must be passed on to get rid of the curse, saving sounds to then summon the effects of the thing that made the sound, like a bomb... I don't know, all weird ideas that could be something. If I have sound magic I could also have scent magic and taste magic... So, now Im done, until I think about names for more than 3 of the characters and post a character list.
  9. This is a blatant ripoff of 's Really Bad Shard Ideas. Basically, this is where you put ideas that you thought were ridiculous at first, but didn't seem so bad when you thought through them. Or just good ideas I sorta found myself overthinking my submissions and ruining the lighthearted intent, so yeah. Why aren't you posting already? Go! EDIT: Fixing posty linky thingamaboberroos EDIT 2: Maybe now it'll work?