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Found 1 result

  1. So no spoiler tags, as this is in the WoR Page. And I apologize for Misspellings, I listened to these books. So in the finale of WoR, we learn that the Stormwarden believe there to be only one Hihg storm that Circles the Globe, and they can predict it mathmaticly. However, by the Time it reaches Shinovar, it's depleted toa Normal Storm. so there must be an area between Shinovar and the Shattered Plains where the Storms reform, due to either Strong Winds or Invesiture. Then, at the end of the 500 year cycle, the storm slowly disperses, so it's weakly over the whole globe. This causes the Weeping. On light day, the Storm starts to Reform, and begins the Cycle anew. But now, because the Stormfather made a high storm on light day, the Stormwardens won't be able to predict their dates, Because not only will the regular weeping storm reform, and sweep the globe normally, but the Storm Father's Storm will also be going around the globe. If it were just these 2 storms, the Wardens could make new calculations to Predict the Stormwalls, but the Everstorm is also going the Wrong way, eventually, it will collide with one of these storms, and Grow, and then it will hit the next, and grow, but those two storms will keep going. So now, Roshar has to deal with 3 Continent sized Hurricanes, only two of which they're prepared to withstand. Even if we assume Taravangian's Diagram knew of this, and he's prepared Karbrunth and Jah Kaved, most of the World is going to be wiped out in a year. Only the Warcamps (Hiding in Urithiru) might Survive. Does this make sense to any one? Or am I just crazy.