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Found 154 results

  1. SPOILERS for The Way of Kings. Greetings! I'm pretty new to the Cosmere, and having read The Way of Kings, I've found myself in a predicament. I read the acclaimed book about a year back and despite it's length, thoroughly enjoyed the title. However, after a year of life, college, and engagements, I've found myself in need of a recap. Specifically, a recap on the non-plot related events. Spoilers for Way of Kings follow: Essentially, I completely remember the major plots of each character's perspective. Dalinar sticking it to the king, Kaladin making friends, Shallan making friends, all the good stuff. The recaps that I've found online have also enforced this, catching the broad endings leading up to Words of Radiance (of which I read the first ten or so chapters before my hiatus). However, I noticed some events that I considered to be very important were missing (at least things I assume will be important in later books). Things like Wit acting all creepy and possessed, the face in the sky that Dalinar saw during his vision, the foreshadowing the Shallan may have a Shardblade (which I might be WAY off), those sort of events. The ones that I obviously remember and am excited to see how they will pan out in the future, but also make me scared that I forgot other foreshadowing and small scenes that will play a bigger part in following titles due to their irrelevance to the plot of the first book. Only as of now, after thinking about what I've missed over the last two days do I remember the re-occuring Parshendi wielding Plate and Blade. So, my request is a list of things to re-read or a recap of events witihin Way of Kings that could be easily missed or forgotten but still will have plot relavane/foreshadow future books. Thanks a ton for the help!
  2. Just like the title asks, Who are the Envisagers? Teft mentions them when he discovers Kaladin is a Radient. Quote, "I need to tell the Envisagers ... The Envisagers were gone. Dead, because of what he'd done." So, Who are the Envisagers and what did Teft do to them? Thanks ya'll
  3. Detail Process Young Kaladin is based on my "Kid Kal" character design:
  4. From the album Roshar Relief Map

    3D relief map of Roshar, created by blending real satellite data from US space shuttle missions, rendering them in a 3D engine, then painting till the creation spren came out to play. More details and prints available at

    © Grant Hansen 2021

  5. I am rereading Way of Kings and something in the prelude unsettled me. In the Prelude there were 7 honor blades, if we add Taln's and Kelek's blades that would make them 9, where is the last one?
  6. On a whim earlier today, I decided to see what might happen if I fed the opening lines of the prologue of WoK into a bot and watched what it came up with. Bizarrely, it seemed to have some idea of what the Stormlight Archive is, who some of the major characters are, and even concepts like bridge crews, lighteyes, spren, etc. It also managed to be marginally coherent, at least until the character limit ran out. Of course, being a bot, it has no idea of the context of anything, and so ended up producing a twisted funhouse mirror version of WoK where Kaladin and Bridge Four are trying to build a bridge under the not-so-watchful eye of a nameless king, while Kaladin is apparently pretending to be Sadeas's son for some completely inexplicable reason. Oh, and Szeth may be the Dragon Reborn, but I'm not entirely sure on that. The text I gave it was, of course, "Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, wore white on the day he was to kill a king." The bot I used was here: As for the "story" itself, behold behind the cut! And yes, I know it cuts off in mid-sentence. That's part of the charm;).
  7. I just wanted to toot my own horn and say that during the scene when Shallan and Jasnah were on the boat, and Shallan sees Jasnah get stabbed, I had a feeling that Jasnah was not actually dead. My husband read the books before me, and tried to tell me that she really was dead, but I just didn't believe it. Wanted more people to know that I was right! When she came back in later on, I cheered for being right.
  8. Which one of these words are what the stormfather (stormfaker?) Is Looking for Winner gets to be torched by voidbrings for eternity Introduction "You must find the most important words a man can say. Those words came to me from one who claimed to have seen the future. 'How is this possible?’ I asked in return. ‘Have you been touched by the void?’ The reply was laughter. 'No, sweet king. The past is the future, and as each man has lived, so must you.’ ‘So I can but repeat what has been done before?’ ‘In some things, yes. You will love. You will hurt. You will dream. And you will die. Each man’s past is your future.’ In some things, yes. You will love. You will hurt. You will dream. And you will die. Each man’s past is your future.’ ‘Then what is the point?’ I asked. ‘If all has been seen and done?’ ‘The question,’ she replied, ‘is not whether you will love, hurt, dream, and die. It is what you will love, why you will hurt, when you will dream, and how you will die. This is your choice. You cannot pick the destination, only the path.’ This started my journey. And this begins my writings. I cannot call this book a story, for it fails at its most fundamental to be a story. It is not one narrative, but many. And though it has a beginning, here on this page, my quest can never truly end. I wasn’t seeking answers. I felt that I had those already. Plenty, in multitude, from a thousand different sources. I wasn’t seeking ‘myself.’ This is a platitude that people have ascribed to me, and I find the phrase lacks meaning. In truth, by leaving, I was seeking only one thing. A journey. The eighth parable I walked from Abamabar to Urithiru. In this, the metaphor and experience are one, inseparable to me like my mind and memory. One contains the other, and though I can explain one to you, the other is only for me. I strode this insightful distance on my own, and forbade attendants. I had no steed beyond my well-worn sandals, no companion beside a stout staff to offer conversation with its beats against the stone. My mouth was to be my purse; I stuffed it not with gems, but with song. When singing for sustenance failed me, my arms worked well for cleaning a floor or hogpen, and often earned me a satisfactory reward. Those dear to me took fright for my safety and, perhaps, my sanity. Kings, they explained, do not walk like beggars for hundreds of miles. My response was that if a beggar could manage the feat, then why not a king? Did they think me less capable than a beggar? Sometimes I think that I am. The beggar knows much that the king can only guess. And yet who draws up the codes for begging ordinances? Often I wonder what my experience in life—my easy life following the Desolation, and my current level of comfort—has given me of any true experience to use in making laws. If we had to rely on what we knew, kings would only be of use in creating laws regarding the proper heating of tea and cushioning of thrones. Regardless, I made the trip and—as the astute reader has already concluded—survived it. The stories of its excitements will stain a different page in this narrative, for first I must explain my purpose in walking this strange path. Though I was quite willing to let my family think me insane, I would not leave the same as my cognomen upon the winds of history. My family traveled to Urithiru via the direct method, and had been awaiting me for weeks when I arrived. I was not recognized at the gate, for my mane had grown quite robust without a razor to tame it. Once I revealed myself, I was carried away, primped, fed, worried over, and scolded in precisely that order. Only after all of this was through was I finally asked the purpose of my excursion. Couldn’t I have just taken the simple, easy, and common route to the holy city? For my answer, I removed my sandals and proffered my callused feet. They were comfortable upon the table beside my half-consumed tray of grapes. At this point, the expressions of my companions proclaimed that they thought me daft, and so I explained by relating the stories of my trip. One after another, like stacked sacks of tallew, stored for the winter season. I would make flatbread of them soon, then stuff it between these pages. Yes, I could have traveled quickly. But all men have the same ultimate destination. Whether we find our end in a hallowed sepulcher or a pauper’s ditch, all save the Heralds themselves must dine with the Nightwatcher. And so, does the destination matter? Or is it the path we take? I declare that no accomplishment has substance nearly as great as the road used to achieve it. We are not creatures of destinations. It is the journey that shapes us. Our callused feet, our backs strong from carrying the weight of our travels, our eyes open with the fresh delight of experiences lived. In the end, I must proclaim that no good can be achieved of false means. For the substance of our existence is not in the achievement, but in the method. The Monarch must understand this; he must not become so focused on what he wishes to accomplish that he diverts his gaze from the path he must take to arrive there. The man and a stone I once saw a spindly man carrying a stone larger than his head upon his back. He stumbled beneath the weight, shirtless under the sun, wearing only a loincloth. He tottered down a busy thoroughfare. People made way for him. Not because they sympathized with him, but because they feared the momentum of his steps. You dare not impede one such as this. The monarch is like this man, stumbling along, the weight of a kingdom on his shoulders. Many give way before him, but so few are willing to step in and help carry the stone. They do not wish to attach themselves to the work, lest they condemn themselves to a life full of extra burdens. I left my carriage that day and took up the stone, lifting it for the man. I believe my guards were embarrassed. One can ignore a poor shirtless wretch doing such labor, but none ignore a king sharing the load. Perhaps we should switch places more often. If a king is seen to assume the burden of the poorest of men, perhaps there will be those who will help him with his own load, so invisible, yet so daunting. Candles I stood in the darkened monastery chamber, its far reaches painted with pools of black where light did not wander. I sat on the floor, thinking of that dark, that Unseen. I could not know, for certain, what was hidden in that night. I suspected there were walls, sturdy and thick, but could I know without seeing? When all was hidden, what could a man rely upon as true? Candle flames. A dozen candles burned themselves to death on the shelf before me. Each of my breaths made them tremble. To them, I was a behemoth, to frighten and destroy. And yet, if I strayed too close, they could destroy me. My invisible breath, the pulses of life that flowed in and out, could end them freely, while my fingers could not do the same without being repaid in pain. I understood in a moment of stillness. Those candle flames were like the lives of men. So fragile. So deadly. Left alone, they lit and warmed. Let run rampant, they would destroy the very things they were meant to illuminate. Embryonic bonfires, each bearing a seed of destruction so potent it could tumble cities and dash kings to their knees. In later years, my mind would return to that calm, silent evening, when I had stared at rows of living lights. And I would understand. To be given loyalty is to be infused like a gemstone, to be granted the frightful license to destroy not only one’s self, but all within one’s care. Stack of stones I passed a curious pile of stones along my path, of a type I found remarkable. The fractured shale had been weathered by highstorms, blown up against stone of a more durable nature. This pile of thin wafers lay as if stacked by some mortal hand. But no man had stacked these stones. Precarious though they looked, they were actually quite solid, a formation from once-buried strata now exposed to open air. I wondered how it was possible they remained in such a neat stack, with the fury of the tempests blowing against them. I soon ascertained their true nature. I found that force from one direction pushed them back against one another and the rock behind. No amount of pressure I could produce in that manner caused them to shift. And yet, when I removed one stone from the bottom—pulling it out instead of pushing it in—the entire formation collapsed in a miniature avalanche. The epigraphs As I began my journey, I was challenged to defend why I insisted on traveling alone. They called it irresponsible. An avoidance of duty and obligation. Those who said this made an enormous mistake of assumption. If the journey itself is indeed the most important piece, rather than the destination itself, then I traveled not to avoid duty—but to seek it. It becomes the responsibility of every man, upon realizing he lacks the truth, to seek it out. Yes, I began my journey alone, and I ended it alone. But that does not mean that I walked alone. other quotes The answer is here folks we just have to find it. Anything Stand out to you?
  9. Hi all! My name is Matthew Bramer! I'm pretty well brand new to Brandon's writings. I just finished The Way of Kings yesterday! It was absolutely incredible! That was my first ever Brandon book, and today, I'm starting Elantris! Before starting reading Brandon, I read Harry Potter 1, The Eye of the World (WoT 1), The Hobbit, Star Wars Aftermath, Dune, 1984, and The Silent Patient. I haven't been reading any books since middle school. Other than, I read the entire Holy Bible last year (took me 248 days). I am a devote Christian, as is my wife. I took it upon myself to read through the entire Bible and it was amazing. Somehow I stumbled upon BookTube and fell in love with reading. I had heard of Brandon before his Secret Project debut, but I had the Way of Kings on my list to read for this year, but it massively got bumped up! A little about myself, I am 25, I am married to my wife Sandy (this year we celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary!). We have a son, Everett who just turned two years old! We have a shihitzu who just turned four years old. I am in school for Computer Science with a focus in Software Engineering and I hope to become a Software Engineering within a few years! I currently work as Tier 1 Help Desk Technician. Hope to meet you all soon!
  10. My dear German-speaking Stormlight fans! Gibt's hier ein paar deutschsprachige LeserInnen? Ich habe die Bücher (leider?) in der englischen Originalversion gelesen und mich würde es interessieren, wie ein paar Begriffe übersetzt werden. z.B. Namen (ich nehme aber an hier wurde nichts verändert), die ganzen magischen Begriffe usw. Falls jemand hier was beitragen kann, würde ich mich freuen.
  11. A few years back, my sister and her husband asked me to paint their trunk. They decided they wanted something from Sanderson's books, as we all read them. The trunk has 3 panels: on the left I was inspired by an illustration in the 1st or 2nd book, in the middle is the inside cover illustration for Words of Radiance (if I remember correctly), and on the right I did what I could with my own imagination! The medium used was oil paints.
  12. I'm listening to WoK again, and having gotten to the bit right after Shallan's theft of the fake soulcaster, I can't help but be struck by how lucky Jasnah is that she didn't soulcast around Shallan afterwards and how funny it would be, as a reader, if she had. She hadn't been especially shy about casual soulcasting up to that point, we find out about her using it just because she ran out of ink or needed a paperweight, so it really was pure luck that she didn't do something similar after the swap. And imagine you're Shallan when this happens. You spent all this time psyching yourself up to steal your boss' magic artifact, you're agonizing over what you've done, and then your boss just. Casually uses the broken artifact you swapped for her working one. I don't think she'd have any chance of making the Radiant connection, because nobody's seen a Radiant since forever, but she'd certainly be perplexed. Maybe perplexed enough to say something, if she wasn't careful. Or she might just be relieved and assume Jasnah has some way to make a broken soulcaster work without knowing it's broken. And with that in mind she'd hightail it back to Jah Keved, aaaaaaand things would probably end terribly for her and her brothers since Jasnah never actually had a soulcaster.
  13. From the album Stormlight Art

    Don't know what it is about Shallan but I'm constantly doodling her. Ironic

    © Vian Provins

  14. Round up, round up! Come one, come all to the amazing Two-Armed Brits Chouta stand! This time, we'll be going through the lovely menu of chouta flavours that we were provided from the Way of Kings Leatherbound Kickstarter exclusive drinks coaster. We decided we could definitely give making these a go. Let us know how you think we did! Leave a comment down below on what you'd do differently!
  15. This won't be easy to accomplish, but I think if we do it could be a very fun idea. I was thinking we could throw it back to the first book of the Stormlight Archive, Way of Kings. It will be living in our own war camps. There will be Brightlords and Brightnesses. There will be people with jobs. I was thinking the first 9 people to reply positive will be the other 9 house leaders. The next 10 will be our spouses. After that people will be given random jobs until we run out of spaces. Then the remaining people that show up will be placed into the enemy army. We could do that or we could base it off of our title given to us by the website. This won't be easy to do, but I think it could be really cool if we get it done.
  16. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  17. From the album tWoK Prelude

    Finally got around to making the rockbud. Here's a scene I made with a couple of them
  18. It is KILLING ME to not know what Eshonais Shardblade looks like in full. And yes it is Eshonai on the front cover of Way of Kings because Daliner Blade has a "hook-like shape" and Eshonais is "wicked and barbed, like flames frozen into metal." like a flamberge. If someone could please redraw the Shardblade from the cover I would greatly appreciate it.
  19. Kaladin falling into his depression, the darkness, while reaching out to Syl in a panic :)
  20. I bet this has been brought up before, but I'm clearly new so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Starting my first reread of the full series on my 1-year anniversary of reading WOK (note: because of poor memory some of this might be wrong), and only a couple chapters in I've noticed that Shallan used to be much more religious. However, with the whole business of Dalinar, "Honor is dead," the Stormfather, etc, Vorinism took a big hit. Do we ever see Shallan reflect on this? Does she even consider herself religious anymore, or has it been overshadowed by her identity crises? Basically, I feel like maybe that's an aspect of her character that has been written out/ignored in favor of more plot-relevant things. I would like to see more of the impact that the changing world has had on religious people in Roshar in general... Though I like the large-scale plots of the later two books, it feels like we're missing out on details that made Roshar feel more real. (If this has been mentioned, then disregard this post lol)
  21. Hi all, My wife and I made a barn door with a woodburned design of Brandon Sanderson's Knight's Radiant Immortal Words that now separates our front entrance room that we use as a dining room into the living room, and thought you guys might appreciate it. View from the living room: Farther back view: On the other side, we have Tolkien's "Speak Friend and Enter" in Elvish with the White Tree of Gondor and Celtic knotwork: Farther back view: Close up view of the woodburning on the White Tree of Gondor: The wood we used is called Blue Pine, which we got at a Home Depot. I will be putting a clear coat varnish on it, just want to make sure we don't see any woodburning mistakes to sand out and redo. The door weighs about 50 pounds. Feel free to ask questions about it, but if you'd like to read more about the process of how we made it, please visit my wife's blog post about it! SirCasey
  22. Hey! I collected all of Hoid's stories in a document! This is for your theorizing pleasure, and for potential memorization! Hoid's Stories I was interested in reading all of them, so I collected them, and couldn't think of a better place to share them than here!. I included the Wandersail (Way of Kings Chapter 57), Fleet (Words of Radiance Chapter 59), The Girl Who Looked Up (Combined both Shallan's Version and Hoid's, Oathbringer Chapters 25 and 82), Mishim and Tsa (Oathbringer Chapter 67), The Dragon and the Dog (Rhythm of War Chapter 80), The Origin of the God Kings (Warbreaker Chapter 32) Hoid’s Stories.pdf Hoid’s Stories.txt
  23. I wasn't sure if this should go here or in general, but I opted for here to be safe, mods can move it if I chose the wrong place. I think we may have started to see the fulfillment of one of of the Way of Kings death rattles here at the end of Rhythm of War Specifically the chapter 11 epigraph: I think Taravangian might be the Broken One. Everything that he's done weighs on his soul as he himself admits, and now he's a god. He's reigning over the Fused. What this might mean for Cultivation's fate I don't know.
  24. Newish reader to Brandon Sanderson here! In just a month, I've sped through Mistborn Era 1 + Way of Kings (just finished an hour ago!) and what a wild ride! As I was reading, I immediately noticed a few very striking similarities between Mistborn and Stormlight, from a plot, character, and literary structure perspective. What do you all make of this? Is Brandon just a more formulaic storyteller? Does this hint at broader themes in the cosmere? In what ways do you think the plots will diverge? Here's what I've found so far: Setting + Society - Set in a "modern" time juxtaposed against an ancient history that has lost - Society likely equivalent to 15th -17th century western civilization (pre industrial) - Class system based on bloodlines (skaa vs darkeyes) - Strong religious organizations / influence (Ministries vs. Vorin) that are later de-legitimized - Scholars questioning religion and history (Sazed vs. Jasnah) -- they are the ones to discover the truth Villans + Mystery - Mysterious, pre-historical enemy that is known only as an abstraction, that is later revealed to be an unexpected twist (the Deepness vs. the Voidbringers / the Desolation) - Said mysterious enemy's return is imminent and the world is in vast danger - Lost or old texts that serve as clues to unravel the mystery (Alendi's journal vs. The Way of Kings and all the books Jasnah / Shallan read) - An almighty force for good that has disappeared (Preservation vs. Almighty) - Magic system that is related directly to physical objects and natural resources (metals vs gems) - Monsters that are revealed to be descendants or related to humans (Koloss and Kandra vs Parshendi?...making a guess on the Parshendi) Themes - Central characters struggling with what it means to be a "good leader" (Elend vs Kalladin) - "Good" characters and leaders being defined by upholding honor and maintaining trust - Hope as an empowering force to save characters Really curious to hear what everyone thinks! It did strike me a bit, reading through way of kings immediately after mistborn. It felt like I was playing the next generation of Pokemon games -- same overall template and predictable, but different enough that it's fun and entertaining. I'm curious to hear if anyone thinks it's something more -- do all these similarities have something to do with the broader Cosmere mythology?
  25. My quarantine contribution: Peeps Before Death: I will protect peeps who cannot protect themselves.