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Found 42 results

  1. I've recently listened to Mistborn 1 and Alloy of Law within a short span of time. I noticed something that I thought was pretty cool and wanted to share it. To set the stage, here's the end of Mistborn: The Final Empire. Spoilers of course. Vin sets off to confront the immortal Lord Ruler in his palace, Kredik Shaw. She gets captured by Inquisitors and put in prison, her mistcloak and metals stripped from her. Skipping forward a bit, Sazed gets himself captured so that he can come to her aid by ripping the door off of her cell. They run down the hall defeating soldiers, Sazed low on attributes, Vin drained of metal reserves. They come across Elend Venture accompanied by guards, who have come to save Vin. Vin and Sazed prepare to flee, until Vin spots a tassel from her mistcloak sticking out of the closed lid of a trunk. She recovers her lost cloak and metal reserves, saves her future husband, and continues on to confront the Lord Ruler. There she draws upon the mist and defeats the immortal Lord even while he was in the process of crushing her to death by his Steelpush. Fast forward 300 years to the end of The Alloy of Law. Even more spoilers. Waxillium sits in the Breaknaught with Vindication, carried by the Vanishers to their lair, preparing to confront the nigh-indestructible Miles Hundredlives. There the door to the vault is ripped off by the Vanishers, and Wax causes havoc among the gang members. He, Wayne, and Marasi fight until they are low on weaponry, metals, and Feruchemical storages. Wax gets injured in an explosion and hides among some crates. There he calls upon Harmony, Sazed, for some help. Sazed responds and sends him a little help in the form of a trunk with his old possessions, marked by the tassel of his mistcloak duster sticking from beneath the lid. Guns and cloak recovered, Wax goes on to save his future wife (possibly draws upon the mists) and defeats Miles with the help of Marasi, even while Miles was methodically beating him to death. It's such a little detail, a tassel of a mistcloak signaling a hidden reserve of resources that brought victory, but Sazed was there for both of them. I doubt Wax knew the significance of the event that Sazed was alluding to with the tassel, but I think Sazed was honoring Wax by connecting him to Vin. There's always another secret, and Brandon still surprises me with books that I read a decade ago.
  2. At the end of Era One, Harmony made Spook a mistborn. I know that he was new to the job at the time, so it must have been fairly easy for him to accomplish.. Now, in Era 2, Wax is having a lot of trouble with just about everything, and I feel like being a Mistborn would make things significantly easier for him (I know they wouldn't fix his problems). Why hasn't Sazed helped him out? I would love to see Wax get mistborn powers for real this time. (and I want to see what happens when the new god metals are burned, and only a mistborn -or really rare misting- would be able to burn them) For that matter, if Sazed/Harmony can hand out mistborn powers, why is he letting Allomancy go extinct?
  3. Hello hello hello! I don't know how many people know this, but there's a Mistborn RPG? Mistborn Adventure Game It's super cool. I haven't done anything with it yet, but I really want to. However, there's also an additional book you can get that's based on Alloy of Law and general Era 2 stuff. Alloy of Law Book Inside of this second one is a bunch of stuff for Twinborn, including some other names for them! We know that Wax is a Crasher, but did you know that Wayne is a Constant? And Miles Hundredlives is known as a Timeless? There's a bunch of names, so here they are! Feruchemical Table Allomancy Table Allomancy, Feruchemy, Name Tin, Tin, Eagle Eye Tin, Steel, Catcher Tin, Copper, Monitor Tin, Zinc, Quickwit Tin, Chromium, Keeneye Pewter, Pewter, Hefter Pewter, Steel, Sprinter Pewter, Zinc, Sooner Pewter, Chromium, Scrapper Pewter, Gold, Bruteblood Pewter, Cadmuim, Marathoner Iron, Pewter, Scaler Iron, Iron, Deader (They're well known for squishing themselves dead) Iron, Steel, Guardian Iron, Zinc, Navigator Iron, Gold, Stalwart Steel, Tin, Sharpshooter Steel, Iron, Crasher Steel, Steel, Swift Steel, Aluminum, Shroud Steel, Duralumin, Bigshot Steel, Chromium, Luckshot Steel, Cadmium, Cloudtoucher Copper, Copper, Copperkeep Copper, Bronze, Shroud ( Yeah, two of them are named "Shroud". I dunno. \_(ツ)_/¯ ) Copper, Brass, Boiler Copper, Aluminum, Ghostwalker Copper, Duralumin, Shelter Copper, Chromium, Masker Bronze, Tin, Sentinel Bronze, Steel, Hazedodger Bronze, Copper, Metalmapper Bronze, Bronze, Sleepless Bronze, Zinc, Pulsewise Bronze, Bendalloy, Stalker Zinc, Pewter, Strongarm Zinc, Zinc, Mastermind Zinc, Aluminum, Loudmouth Zinc, Duralumin, Zealot Zinc, Chromium, High Roller Zinc, Electrum, Instigator Brass, Zinc, Schemer Brass, Brass, Cooler Brass, Aluminum, Icon Brass, Duralumin, Pacifier Brass, Chromium, Slick Brass, Electrum, Resolute Aluminum, Aluminum, Puremind Duralumin, Duralumin, Friendly Chromium, Pewter, Metalbreaker Chromium, Chromium, Ringer Chromium, Nicrosil, Sapper Chromium, Bendalloy, Gulper Nicrosil, Pewter, Booster Nicrosil, Copper, Burst-Ticker Nicrosil, Duralumin, Enabler Nicrosil, Nicrosil, Soulburst Nicrosil, Electrum, Cohort Gold, Copper, Chronicler Gold, Aluminum, Vessel Gold, Gold, Timeless Gold, Electrum, Introspect Electrum, Iron, Whimflitter Electrum, Copper, Foresight Electrum, Zinc, Flicker Electrum, Chromium, Charmed Electrum, Electrum, Visionary Cadmium, Bronze, Plotter Cadmium, Gold, Yearspanner Cadmium, Cadmium, Chrysalis Bendalloy, Tin, Spotter Bendalloy, Steel, Blur Bendalloy, Copper, Assessor Bendalloy, Zinc, Flashwit Bendalloy, Aluminum, Monument Bendalloy, Gold, Constant Bendalloy, Electrum, Transcendent Bendalloy, Bendalloy, Sated By the way, these aren't canon. The Mistborn Adventure Game isn't canon, and Brandon didn't write these names. I think that it's still a fun idea and cool to look at all of them!
  4. So for a book report, I could write a letter from one character to another. So I chose Wax to Lessie. At the end of Shadows of Self. I guess I like pain. My sort of idea for why the heck he'd write this is his therapist(yup those definitely exist on Scadrial) told him to. We were also supposed to include information from the plot of the book in the letter, so I've got some sad recounting of the prologue of AoL in there too, as well as a little context and a quote from the book for my poor teacher, who will probably be confused anyway. And some links to the Coppermind. So without further ado I present my work of agony:
  5. Why doesn't Wax use iron bullets that he charges with weight for use against Coinshots and Lurchers? Those seem a lot cheaper and easier to produce than the ceramic ones that Ranette has to handmake, and a bullet should be small enough to be completely filled with Investiture really quickly and easily. Feruchemically it makes sense to me, but I don't know enough about gun design and ballistics, to know if there's a good reason that pure Iron isn't used for bullets. Maybe it would be abrasive to the gun barrel or something and Ranette won't keep replacing them. Maybe they just haven't considered it yet. Maybe magically charged bullets seemed too similar to L. E. Modesitt Jr.'s Corean Chronicles? This isn't so that he makes all of his bullets allomantically resistant, he'll want to be able to Push on some of them himself, but being able to selectively charge them for certain situations could be useful. Thoughts?
  6. wax

    So wax is always storing 1/4 of his weight right? I know Brandon has stated that he doesn’t want wax to be a savant because he hasn’t shown any drawbacks, but that seems exclusive to his allomancy. What I’m thinking is that wax is actually losing bone and muscle density. It isn’t yet manifesting because when wax taps his metal minds to get immensely heavier, his feruchemy has the side effect of strengthening him enough that he usually isn’t hurting himself. Well, astronauts in negligible g have serious bone density issues, and this poses a few problems for settlers of low g planets/moons requiring that they take steroids. In any case, when and if wax loses his metal minds, he should start suffering from weak bones and joints, and trouble moving, at least until he can find something made of iron. On a side note, skimmers should make excellent deep sea divers, and astronauts, since they can avoid pressure issues either way, changing the density of the air and blood in their bodies. I’d love to see this in era 4, with a skimmer able to hold their breath in vacuum by filling their metal minds at an absurd rate
  7. I'm putting this here 'cause the other thread I found about it was closed to new comments. I reread Rhythm of War recently, and I was reading on the Coppermind about Nale, and there's a section of his abilities titled "Lawman". As I've always been interested seeing what Radiant order other cosmere characters would belong to if they could (Wayne being an odd Edgedancer, Rashek being an okay but not great Skybreaker, Spensa likely being a Dustbringer, etc.), I started thinking about Wax. Wax's chosen calling is to uphold the law, especially in the Roughs, where he tells Granite Joe "You might not need Elendel's laws, but that doesn't mean you don't need any laws at all." Later on in Shadows of Self, he breaks up a protest blocking Tindwyl Promenade, and when one of the beleaguered constables expresses empathy with the strikers, Wax says, "Whatever their grievances, it doesn't give them the right to block an important thoroughfare." The more I read, the more certain I become that Wax is most definitely a Skybreaker. The final thing that pushed it over the top is when he's contemplating the differences between lawkeeping in the Roughs and lawkeeping in Elendel, and he thinks to himself, "Out in the Roughs he hadn't just enforced the law; he'd interpreted it, revised it when needed. He had been the law." That more than anything struck me once I thought about the oaths of the Skybreakers. The Fifth Ideal of the Skybreakers is to become the law. Now that I think about it, It seems that Wax's Second Ideal would've been the standard "I swear to seek justice", his Third Ideal might've been reached when he decided to begin his career as a lawman with "I swear to bring to justice those that break the law", his Fourth Ideal might be "I swear to hunt down my uncle Edwarn and thwart his plot to take over the Basin", and finally reach the Fifth Ideal, where he becomes the law, which he seems to have achieved out in the Roughs but not in Elendel. In the other thread about this, there were people saying that Wax is too willing to bend the rules to qualify as a Skybreakers, and to that I say, Nale and his Skybreakers in modern times are not the be all and end all of Skybreakers. The Skybreakers in modern times follow the law unquestioningly, but that's largely a result of Nale having his empathy tortured out of him on Braize, and not being sure of his own morality, so he seeks morality in the legal codes of others. But we're given a glimpse in RoW of a time when Nale says, "The law cannot be moral, but you can be moral as you create the law." This seems to align much more with Wax's philosophy, and Nale's insistence on Skybreakers following an external code might be why no Skybreaker has achieved the Fifth Ideal in centuries, as the Fifth Ideal seems to about recognizing the mistakes the law can make and being willing to change it to uphold justice. Wax seeks to do good in the world by enforcing the law, but he's willing to change the law or bend the rules when the rules are unjust, and remember that Nale, and also the Skybreakers, in the old days was associated with the attributes just and confident, and Szeth, when he swears the Second Ideal, swears to seek justice, not follow the law. Windrunners, meanwhile, are associated with the attributes protecting and leading, which don't fit Wax quite as well as the attributes of the Skybreakers. And if you think about it, Wax is feared and held in awe by most people, similar to how Nale is by Ulim, Venli, Lift, and so many others on Roshar, but Wax isn't looked up to as a protector and inspiration in the same way Kaladin is. Wax isn't a person who inspires you to follow him, but is very much a person who will hunt you down if you break the law. While I do think Windrunners and Skybreakers are very similar in motivation and both good fits for Wax, I think the main difference is that Skybreakers seek to do good within the law, while the Windrunners aren't as concerned with the law and would prefer to do what they think is right. As such, given that Wax tries to better the world by upholding the law and bringing justice to those that break it, I think he is most solidly a Skybreaker, likely one able to achieve the Fifth Ideal.
  8. On my first read of mistborn I didn’t like many of the characters . Do not get me wrong I loved both series but the characters didn’t interest me first . Chief amongst all these was Spook . I thought him useless , and had no idea of his potential . I read the whole series and started on era 2 before I snapped to who Spook was inspired by or similar too . This only happened after a drawing I saw Spook with his blindfold on and two dueling canes . I stood up in my seat and was like Omg “ Spook is Daredevil .!!! So I was shocked I missed that . He became so much more interesting to me . Not because I liked daredevil. But because I now realized what Spook could do being a tin-eye Savant who flared his metals constantly ! Now he was interesting . So I reread and I starting seeing other similarities all throughtout mistborn . Raynett was “q” from James Bond . Wax reminded me so much oh Jim west . I don’t know why but I always picture Kelsier as “ Magneto” Hoid as “doc who” . Mr suit “ professor Moriate” Sherlock Holmes . I’m going to stop at calling Wayne “Deadpool “ Wayne is my favorite character in both books and he hates guns Does anybody else see any characters in the Cosmere that you said remind you of someone else very strongly ?
  9. Okay, Kelsier from TFE with access to the 8 basic metals and gold, Wax with access to steel, his bracers at the beginning of AOL, and Vindication with all 8 bullets. Who would win? as a sidenote, neither one knows the others powers. and Kel doesn't know about guns. EDIT: Lets go with the outside of kredik shaw, that is a neat location to fight at I think for our two steel users. Kelsier Strengths: -Experience Fighting Mistings -Mistborn -Expert of his time in Iron and Steel usage (see his fight with the Inquisitor in TFE.) Wax Strengths: -Most likely a steel savant, Which I percieve as his ability to push lightly on all things around him (see steel bubble) -Lifetime experience of using allomancy -Feruchemical Iron to control his weight -Experience Fighting Mistings (And some Twinborns)| -EDIT: Remember that Wax does have bullets specifically for allomancers in Vindication. Kelsier Weaknesses: -Only 2-3 Years of being a Mistborn -Can be brash and Impulsive Wax Weaknesses: -Not expecting a Mistborn (There hasn't been one since the catacendre besides spook) -No access to Pewter. That is a big oof when fighting our man Kelsier. Thoughts? Anything I missed above?
  10. Heyo! I decided to teach myself how to use Unity over quarantine, and after getting a grasp on the basics started working on a Mistborn video game. I decided to start simple and make a game based on Waxillium Ladrian, mostly because his powers are some of the easiest to translate to a platformer without adding any extra mechanics. Additionally, focusing on a Twinborn keeps the control scheme and HUD simple - no need to switch between metals or show a wide array of metal levels. Overall, I tried to be faithful to the physics as shown in the books, though I did make a few decisions based more on what would be fun to play than existing information on the magic. Here's a quick run-through of the tutorial level I made, showing off the Allomancy and Feruchemy. Update: You can now play the demo online here! Basics: It's a platformer. You can run, jump, and climb up ledges. You can jump through the bottom or drop through the top of yellow platforms, while blue "glass" platforms have to be shattered to pass through. There is a slight amount of simulated air resistance, but it's only really noticeable when moving very quickly or when storing weight. I originally wanted to completely remove control while in midair, forcing the player to rely on Allomancy to move around. However, we're so used to being able to nudge characters in midair that this really detracted from the enjoyment of the game. So, while there's not as much control in midair, the player can still move a bit in either direction. This also makes balancing on anchors with Allomancy a bit easier. The player is damaged when colliding with the ground or other obstacles based on the impulse of the collision. Basically, the lighter you are, the faster you have to be moving before you take damage. Feruchemy: There are three discrete levels of storing/tapping mass that the player has access to. The mass at each level is double the previous, and the rate at which mass is stored/tapped in the metalmind is dependent on linear distance from base mass: Level: | Scale: | Rate: -3 | 0.125 | +0.875 -2 | 0.250 | +0.750 -1 | 0.500 | +0.500 0 | 1.000 | +0.000 +1 | 2.000 | -1.000 +2 | 4.000 | -3.000 +3 | 8.000 | -7.000 Like Wax, the player will usually want to be constantly storing, and briefly switch to tapping when they need some extra oomph. Because of the extra air resistance, and the lower impulse on collisions, someone storing at the max rate can survive falls of an indefinite length. Being lighter also means the player can jump higher, while being heavier makes it easier to break glass panels. When changing mass, momentum is mostly conserved, but the change in velocity is decreased from what it should be to prevent some game breaking jumps and steel-pushes. Allomancy: Allomancy was probably the trickiest part to design, mostly because it's the least consistent. Artemos has talked about those issues in depth here, so I won't repeat what's already been said. My decision was to decouple the force on the metal being pushed and the force on Wax. While this completely breaks Newton's Third Law, it does allow for interactions more in line with the books. The force in either direction follows the equation A * (pm1 * pm2) / (r^2), where A is some constant, pm1/pm2 are the perceived masses of the character and the target, and r is the distance. For the force on the target, its perceived mass and the character's perceived mass are their current mass. This means that, if the character is tapping weight, their pushes are stronger and coins are shot faster. For the character, the target's perceived mass increases when it's well anchored, with the amount anchored depending on the angle between the push and the slope of the object the target is anchored against. Additionally, the character always perceives their own mass as their base mass. This means that if the character is storing weight, they can push themselves further and faster. Next Steps: If you want to poke at the code or play around with the mechanics, you can check out the current build on github. I've certainly enjoyed working on this, but I don't really have any future plans for this specific project, mostly because I want to create games that I can freely share and distribute. If I were to continue, the entire code base would probably need an overhaul, since it was written as I was still learning. I may reuse and reskin some of the Allomancy mechanics as magnet-based superpowers in a future game, because jumping around on coins is legitimately enjoyable. Enjoy!
  11. I recently reread the Bands of Mourning, and just thought of a passage, where Wax is pushing on all the metal within the mansion where the party took place. Sterring mentions that all the nearby women's earrings are being pushed on by Wax's Steel bubble. How is Wax pushing on metal that's pierced through someone's skin? I thought aside from Duralumin/Nicrosil boosts or using the Mists themselves, it was basically impossible?
  12. From the album My Art

    I can't believe nobody's drawn Wax and Wayne as Zenigata and Lupin before, it seems so obvious in hindsight
  13. I was listening to shadows of self again and I remembered that the earing was made from an old inquisitor spike. Do you think it could have granted a very minor power to Wax if he had known?
  14. Hi there. I have recently finished “the Bands Of Mourning” and at the end Brandon mentioned a book called “The Lost Metal”. I have researched it a little and have seen pictures of a hardcover book. But I can’t find anywhere to get one! I have looked for an ebook and audible version as well, but haven’t found anything. Where might I find a copy?
  15. Hi I don't know if this has been discussed before, but do you think that the mist are now the excess ruinous intent in era 2? A WoB implies Harmony is doing something with his "spare" Ruin so to speak (new to using the forums so im not sure how to link this WoB). So could the mists now be this excess ruinous investure rather than preservation? The reason I thought this is at end of Alloy of law, Wax burns some of the mists, while wearing the spiked earing. However, in era 1, a spike stops Vin using the mists, which were of preservation. So my question is, was Wax able to use some of this mists as a consequence they are now more of Ruin, which is in line with Wax "being of Ruin", or did he have access just as a consequence of Harmony's attention (implying the mists are still of preservation or just Harmonys combined intents in general). P.s I know there are theories that the spare ruin is related to a potential daughter-product of an ettmetal reaction, but what if this excess is the mists, or that a mix of both ?
  16. I have always loved the movie The Magnificent Seven. The original Seven Samurai is a triumph in movie history, the old one is a classic, and the remake was amazing. I have created a version of this, set in the time when Wax was a lawman. It doesn't follow the plot of Seven Samurai, it just has seven lawmen involved, though two of them are women. I'm almost ready to post the first part. It should be out Monday or Tuesday. Note: I am still working on Threnody short story, working title The Bard at River's End.
  17. Oathbringer / mistborn era 2 spoilers guys. So by the end of OB we see Hoid bond a Cryptic, which was quite an exciting event, add to this we know MB era 2 is between SA 5 & 6. So its got me thinking.. (my answers in bold) 1) Is Hoid still Bonded? yes 2) Has Hoid figured out how to take a spren off world? yes 3) Can anyone remember if this may have been suggestive in the texts? cant memba I can only remember two scenes; SoS - carriage driver when Wax talks to Harmony BoM - homeless person who talks to Wax out the front of "that" party where Hoid gives Wax the copper mind medalion. Anyway, thought this eas interesting and wanted to share. Thoughts guys? Anything else we can think of here..? !~ HIF ~!
  18. This may very well be a crackpot theory, or already suggested, but that probably goes without saying. Honestly, it's one of those thoughts I just had to express before I went to bed, so... here it goes. I've been thinking about Resonance a lot lately because I've been looking at the MAG Era 2 books and wondering how it might manifest for different Twinborn. Wax's Resonance is strongly suggested by Brandon to be his steel bubble, and he's confirmed that Wayne also has one. I think Wayne's is tangentially lightweaving. I'll explain. On Roshar, we can see that the Investiture operates as a spectrum, with every Order sharing an ability type with an adjacent order, and each one having a Resonance unique to their Order. Resonance has been described as acting like wavelengths colliding and, in this case, would be the two powers of the Order resonating into the third. We've been told that Hoid had an ability similar to Lightweaving, and on Sel, we see an Investiture that mimics Soulcasting. It stands to argue that these wavelengths, though they manifest differently, are constant at least to some degree across Shardworlds. If you look at Wax's abilities, Steelpushing is very clearly similar to a Lashing. I'd argue Gravitation. His other ability, to alter his weight, he uses very similar to Abrasion (though an argument could be made for Tension). Between Gravitation and Abrasion is Division, which could easily be what his Steel Bubble does as it pushes objects away. Arguably, if this is his Resonance, then it falls in the middle of the Spectrum between his two natural abilities. Like on the light spectrum, if blue and yellow are his abilities, green is his Resonance. Which brings me to Wayne. His abilities are healing and bending time (/space), which seem to correlate to Transportation and Progression. Between those are Transformation and Illusion, both of which could explain his inhuman skill at taking on disguises. I believe that this talent either is his Resonance or is directly related to his Resonance. If this is true, and the powers really do operate on a constant spectrum across the Shardworlds, what ramifications might that have on other magic systems? Adding for clarity (from my reply below): My apologies. I clarified in an earlier reply that calling Wayne a Lightweaver was deliberately provocative; my actual suggestion was that his Resonance (in my suggestion, his accent imitations) are similar to the mnemonic devices gained as Resonance by Lightweavers (such as Shallan's photographic memory). I also did not mean to suggest that the powers had a direct correlation in the way they manifest, merely that there is a connection between the, as you say, Cosmere fundamentals. That is to say that, while Investiture manifests in various ways, it still manifests along a consistent spectrum, most obviously with Knights Radiant. If the fundamentals are indeed related, such as Gravitation on Roshar and Steel/Iron on Scadrial, then it has wider implications for how it might manifest on other Shardworlds or in different resonances.
  19. So having read some WOBs and I’ve been becoming more and more certain that Wax and Steris’s child/ren will appear in The Lost Metal. So my question is do people think that this will happen? and if so how will this effect Wax and his character? Sidenote: I believe this is how we will find out how we will find out how Snapping was changed by Harmony
  20. So I was rereading era two and I thought wax would make a pretty awesome skybreaker. He said he always told on other children when they broke the rules and the fact that he is a lawman could make it work. Combining it with being a crasher would be amazing There will probably be mistborn spoilers and possible oathbringer spoilers since we see the skybreakers there
  21. So, I just finished my Mistborn reread and kept my eyes peeled for hints and clues. When Waxillium 'dies', Harmony says that the body will return to Earth(?), mind to the Cosmere but he does not know where souls go. And it has been mentioned that souls and metal are the same. What if souls go to Preservation's well? That souls are the power of preservation? We know that the power slowly gets refilled every thousand years.
  22. Are the names of Wax's parents mentioned? We know that he is a descendant of Breeze from his father's line. Could he be a descendent of Demoux and Aslydin through his mother's line?
  23. Wax says something very odd in a flashback. He is with his uncle Edward who is showing him a coin and a counterfeit duplicate. He tells them apart by overlapping them in his eyes. I've always assumed this ability is a result of him being a twinborn, kind of like when Radiants get abilities from mixing two shards. Then he says something very odd. Is this a common ability on Scadrial? Was this friend an unusual person? Discuss
  24. I am very new to this community although not new to the works of Brandon Sanderson. I was listening to Shadows of Self yet again, and a thought came to me. A skimmer would have to be the hardest person to drown. They could always decrease their weight to that of air or lighter and float like an inflated bag. They would never drown, even if weighted down with mafia cement shoes. Since reading of when Sazed floated down into the Inquisitors' HQ with Marsh back in the first trilogy I have always had one hilarious thought about the skimming ability. It is that of someone completely naked slowly flying/floating around like a miniature blimp with a small handheld fan propelling them. I believe it would genuinely grant the ability of flight but a very hilarious and not too glamorous version of it. This flying idea was demonstrated by the flying machines in Bands of Mourning. I'm curious to know that if the skimming ability were present in a modern era with modern tech, could a lightweight jet pack of sorts be made for only skimmers could use? Or even a modern 4+ prop drone they could ride? I'm curious to know what others think of these ideas. If I'm late to the discussion regarding the ideas of skimmers and how their weightlessness could be used in such ways please direct me to the appropriate threads.
  25. So after reading Alloy of Law I noticed that in the ars arcanum Khriss writes that there is something special about twinborns that she wants to look into more. She said that it's not just that they have two powers but "they have two powers and... an effect" That spiked my curiosity and I wondered if it would be explained in either of the next two books but they mention nothing of it in the story and the ars arcanum at the end says the same thing. Now at this point we've only met three twinborn, so we don't exactly have much to go on, however I tried deducing specific things that we see exhibited by the twinborn that might not be normal. The problem is it's hard to decipher whether the things I've found are just their personalities or if it could actually be influenced by their nature as a twinborn. Wax-- Wax seems to have a primal desire for justice and the law to be upheld. We see this throughout the series but especially when it talks about his time in the terris village and how he tipped off the cops for that one kid, and eventually had to kill him. Not only this but it seems that in the terris village he has a reputation as a person who would report anyone breaking the rules. Related to his thirst for justice is his overwhelming sense of duty. He is the kind of person who would always try to do the right thing whether it benefits him or not, as noted with his conversation with harmony. Harmony mentions something about Wax always tying himself to his duty and viewing it as the opposite of freedom whereas it doesn't need to be. He seems to be pessimistic in regards to himself. He always notes how he's getting too old and how the technology of the world is going to leave him behind in the dust. He doesn't give himself credit for all the stuff he does, and he often views bad things as his fault because he didn't anticipate it or see it sooner, etc Wayne-- First off for Wayne is probably the most obvious, his skills at impersonation and accents. In most situations he can blend in with any crowd, heck, he could probably convince someone that he's the lord ruler (if he has the right hat). It just seems to come instinctually to him the ability to be other people and act like them. Now this could also be because he hates being who he really is -- a coward who killed a girl's father and regrets it. But that's too depressing so for the sake of argument I'm including it in the list. Something else I noticed with Wayne is that he seems to place a lot of emphasis and importance on physical objects such as his hats/costumes. He believes that with a person's hat he can essentially 'become' them when he needs to. Could this have something to do with the items' connection to their former owner in the spiritual realm? Or is it simply that they help him feel more in character... Maybe it's both and he just doesn't realize the former is happening. Wayne also seems to have an... interesting sense of morales and responsibility. What I mean is when he takes one item and replaces it with another he doesn't regard it as stealing, only as a trade that he views as fair regardless of the objects economic worth. Furthermore, when he does something wrong or gets in trouble he thinks stuff like "Oh no I wonder how much they're gonna fine wax for that" instead of him thinking about the consequences to himself. Miles-- Out of the three, we know the least about Mikes but we do have a small amount of information to draw from. For instance it is mentioned that miles basically doesn't feel pain anymore and we don't know if that could be part of the "effect" of being a twinborn or just because his compounded healing abilities made him so used to not ever being actually hurt that he doesn't notice pain anymore. We also saw at the end of AoL that Miles seems to not believe he's actually going to die, and faces down the bullets with a sort of grim determination and dedication. Could this be from his devotion to the set? Or is something else going on here... Well this is the information I've gathered so far, and if you have anything I missed feel free to add and I would love to here everybody's theories on what this extra "effect" could be.