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Found 20 results

  1. I was curious on what exactly a Kollos blooded person was, because as far as I knew Kollos could not reproduce. But after reading up on some answers to similar questions from Brandon, we know that they can now reproduce, and the Hemalurgic spikes of the Kollos cause some genetic changes in their kinda human children. Does this mean that all types of Hemalurgic abilities can affect offspring? Imagine if two inquisitors had a child, how much Hemalurgic ability or genetic changes, if any, would that child posses? Maybe this was already common knowledge for some of you, but I found this thought to be pretty interesting.
  2. Brandon's UK publisher, Gollancz, has officially revealed the UK cover for the finale of the Wax and Wayne series, The Lost Metal! As a reminder, the book releases November 15th in the UK and US (release dates in other regions and languages vary by publisher). Generally, hardcover, audiobook, and eBook are released at about the same time, and paperback a year later. The US cover has not yet been announced by Tor. Cover by Sam Green. (That's the highest quality that's been posted that I could find, sorry.) Additionally, the cover for the rerelease of the second Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians book, The Scrivener's Bones, has also been revealed! The new edition is expected to come out July 5th. Cover by Justin Gerard. How do you feel these compare to their respective originals? Share your opinions in the comments below!
  3. At the end of the Bands of Mourning, Marasi mentions that she doesn't truly feel the desire to be in a romantic relationship. She only thought she did because of societal pressure, and because of her fascination with Wax. Is Marasi canonically aromantic? Has this been confirmed?
  4. So something that keeps popping up, at least for me, is how often Wax seems to find crowded places or tight spaces a bit uncomfortable. He mentions a few times that he finds parties packed with people suffocating or words to that effect. He also prefers wide open spaces like the Roughs, where you can see all around and genuinely seems better in those places. In other instances it doesn't come up because he seems to be focused on a task at hand, rather than on all the people around him. For the sake of argument I will say that I think most people don't like being in tight spaces or the thought of being crushed, obviously and I find a large open room with tons of people in it (barring some exceptions) to be intimidating or otherwise uncomfortable. People with actual claustrophobia would you say this fits? Or can you have mild symptoms without being actually claustrophobic? Let me know your thoughts
  5. Ok so the wax and Wayne series takes place after the timeskip right? at the end of Banda of mourning a “faceless immortal” with “softly glowing red eyes” appears that works with the set which to me sounds like possibly one of the mavset-im especially with its apparent disregard for its own life whcih seems even beyond a kandra, and that normal kandra lack glowing eyes. It also seems like taravangian as odium will be taking a great deal of interest in the wider cosmere and wants dalinar as his champion to affect it. on top of this the set is 110% odiums style they seem very similar to the diagram in a lot of ways. additionally Scadrial is a very easy target for odium like very very easy. Because the difference in caliber between troops and generals and everything is so vast it’s not even funny. Why it’s an easy target- 1. have no supply lines: you can’t cut them off, you can’t starve them, you can’t do anything to this, Scadrial needs to transport food and materials vast distances and if the rosharans seize the trains game over. this advantage is worth more than any other 2. Radiants: the power level between a radiant and nearly any thing Scadrial can deploy is nearly insurmountable. Only a twin born could hope to match one of the more advanced radiants and depending on who was the twin born and who was the radiant since its possibles fifth ideal radiant with enough skill potentially szeth or kaladin at the fifth ideal would be able to beat a full born who wasn’t particularly adept with their powers or was overconfident. additionally radiants are far more useful to an army then metalborn, the ability to fly with allows them to scout better, their ability to make instant fortifications using soul casting and stonewards or willshapers, the ability to heal people and fool the enemy with illusions are all insanely useful powers and we haven’t even seen what dustbringers can do but based on what we know they are probably just straight up tanks as in shardplate plus massive destruction=literal tank 3. experience: the troops on roshar are probably the most experienced, disciplined mortal troops we have seen in the entire cosmere. They have advanced tactics, troops who are disciplined enough to face down the what they believe are demons and not retreat. 4. shardbearers- the greatest warrior in scadriels known history has the feats equivalent of a skilled shardbearer 5. generals- Scadrial has no generals in fact I’d doubt it even has proper tactics detailed anywhere at least in the areas we know well because there hasn’t been a war in 300 years and nobody knows how to fight one. 6. aluminum- we know that soulcasters can create aluminum which means that they have the easiest acess to aluminum out of any world we have seen. Another important thing that provides another very good reason to attack Scadrial before anywhere else 1. the advantage in terms of commanders and experience disciplined troops will not last long, if they get a good taste of war they could with their tech become a legitimate threat to roshar so it’s prudent to take them out as early as possible. 2. guns: while many people will argue that guns are a reason Scadrial is dangerous and a tougher target then I may be making it out to be, you are only kinda right, because here’s the thing guns are exactly why roshar should attack Scadrial. guns are essentially the only advantage Scadrial has in terms of the military against other cosmere worlds especially roshar. metalborn are simply not numerous or dangerous enough to be a reliable source of military might rn and on top of that largely their powers are fairly useless unless deployed on a truly massive scale are nowhere near as helpful as the powers of radiants on the battlefield. So guns, if roshar attacks Scadrial and honestly they wouldn’t even need to invade they would just have to get to the planet kidnap some gunsmiths, engineers, scientists etc and grab a few crates of guns maybe a train car full and suddenly the pure insanity begins, if they managed to get ranette or aluminum guns they would be unstoppable. Imagine a group of edgedancer and a bondsmith working around the clock to soulcast perfect high quality aluminum gun components and suddenly the whole rosharan army is armed to the teeth and now there is 0 advantage to Scadrial and roshar is free to role over the cosmere. Basically- Scadrial is a very easy target for roshar rn but won’t remain so for long on top of maybe wanting to deal with the ghost bloods if they manage to get access to guns they will be the most dangerous army in the cosmere by far. If they even say idk kidnapped metalborn and bred them or used hemalurgy and had acess to three magic systems it would be insane. also the set is very similar to the diagram which makes me think taravangian may be responsible.
  6. Thank you guys for helping me sort out my feelings on this era!
  7. So, I have seen a lot of people talking about how a few bullets could break Shardplate, and they get that from this: But an earlier WoB said this: I think that people have taken the first WoB to mean something other than what it does. I think that they are forgetting that Wax is a steelrunner, and can push on his bullets to give them more momentum, even increasing the power of his pushes by increasing his weight, while most gunmen cannot do this. from what I have found, a .22 rifle has about the same amount of energy behind it as an English longbow, which I think the Alethi have, and those arrows do about nothing to plate. I think that a regular (or even irregular like vindication) pistol would have less energy behind it than a .22 (correct me if i'm wrong) and the only advantage of a bullet is that it is more focused. So I think that guns should do little to shardplate, unless you get something like Wax's extra-large shotgun. What do you think?
  8. This week we just did a review of Mistborn Era 2 AKA the Wax and Wayne novels. Help us by commenting what we missed, did wrong, or should do in the future!
  9. I realized that Wax and Wayne's names are similar to the "waxing and waning" phases of the moon. Is this on purpose, or is it just a coincidence?
  10. Hey there! I wanted to know if I can read Wax And Wayne without having read the original Mistborn books. I started mistborn but it just didn't pull me in like Stormlight Archive. The premise of Alloy of law is very interesting to me and I'd love to be able to read it right away. Thanks
  11. Alright so first off i’m new here so hi! I’ll get right into it: Brandon is pretty much a genius, he is so talented and one of the things that has always impressed me is the way he incorporates physics into his systems of magic, and not even just physics, but a detailed explanation and a set of logical rules that are paired with any magic system. It’s so refreshing. There are of course a few things that I am confused by every once in a while though. Why, when Wax increases his weight, does he not become super strong? And before you get confused since it is apparent that he does absolutely become strong anough to be essentially immune to the effects of his increased mass, here is what I mean. When Wax taps his weightmind his body becomes more sturday and strong enough to support all this new weight. When he makes himself heavier he can still walk around fine, and if he is strong enough to lift a 50 lb weight when he is at normal weight, he can do it just as easily when he is twice his weight. however If Wax can do let’s say 100 push-ups normally, he is able to push around bad guys using that strength that he gets from doing push-ups. That is pretty straight forward. Because of the properties of storing weight even if Wax was 5x heavier than usual, he could still do 100 push-ups because his strength is increased proportionally to his increase in weight. This is where I get confused. At 5x times his weight his arms(or pecs and triceps or whatever) are compensated by being 5x as strong. So...why when Wax punches somebody when he is tapping weight does he not hit THAT much harder?? PLUS! If he has more mass, due to the conservation of momentum, an arm that weighs 5x as much as a normal arm would obviously do a lot more damage when punching somebody than a regular arm. Let me me know what you guys think. I tried emailing Brandon about this a month or so back using his contact page from his website but never got a response (but I know he’s busy)
  12. If you haven't seen the announcement on Brandon's site yet- , 1. Brandon has set aside the last quarter of the year for wax and wayne four, 2.the new secret project is a non-cosmere novella, 3. and he plans to use the remaining seventh months in the middle to work on skyward 2. Really excited for Wax and Wayne 4, I just recieved the other three Wax and Wayne books in hardcover yesterday (i'd already read them, but it was like three years ago). I was hoping for something sixth of the dusk related for the secret project even though he said he wasn't going to do any more sixth of the dusk. and I'm excited for skyward too.
  13. I just finished reading Emperor's Soul which was amazing. As I was reading through there was one thing that caught my attention and brought me back to Mistborn Era 2. On Day 97 (I think), Shai begins describing the appearance of Soulstone in detail for the first time. This immediately made me recall descriptions of the unknown metal Bleeder was using in Shadows of Self, which they later dubbed "Trellium". We know that it is not a common metal because Harmony could not recognize it, and it is widely believed to be a god metal like atium or lerasium but from a different Shard not native to Scadrial. Shai eludes to that as well a few sentences after on the same page. Seeing how we know Odium at some point before the Oathpact went to Sel and splintered Dominion and Devotion, that quote sounds like part of the result of that action. Those events on Sel have been described as cataclysmic so invested stone/metal raining from the sky afterwards seems to fit. I do not however think that means Devotion or Dominion are Trell; they are both splintered and their Vessels dead. It just means that the Set's "Faceless Immortals" have been on Sel or have other means of acquiring it. If the theory proves true, it would suggest that those "Faceless Immortals" are the same as the Svrakiss of the Derethi religion, and likely minions of Odium and/or his potential cohorts for the past however many millennia. Not to say that he is himself Trell, but I would be surprised if he wasn't involved regardless of his imprisonment on Braize. I have more in depth ideas about this latter part, but I am pretty confident that Soulstone is the god metal Trellium.
  14. I think I have figured something out, although this is in no way confirmed. I was re-reading HoA and I was pondering hemalurgic spikes in Kandra. Now we know that Kandra Blessings are two spikes which together grant sentience and a power of some kind. In SoS Bleeder uses unknown methods to not only grant herself Feruchemy speed while only using one spike. However, I always thought it was odd that she also manifested a power we have only seen Ruin and Harmony use up to this point. She takes moments to speak to Wax in his mind. At the time I just kinda went with it, it was an exciting time in the story. However, I realized that this should have sent up several red flags. I mean, not only does she use the metallic arts which we thought was impossible, but then she invades Wax's mind like that. That's not even a power we have observed a mortal being using before! Here is where I will delve into the interviews with Brandon. There was a question about ReLuur, and if one of his spikes is Atium. TLDR: RAFO'reluur' Now, this is obviously about a different Kandra but we know they know more than they are telling Wax and Wayne at the moment. It seems likely that Atium in some form is still accessible to some Kandra. This is what really holds my theory out. You see, I was contemplating the fact that Brandon has written sayuing that you could make alloys with both Larasium and Atium and produce 16 alloys. We know that the Laraseium alloys make Mistings, and it's been hinted that Atium alloys would have various temporal effects. So here is the long and short of it all: Bleeder's single spike might steal the possible abilites of the Atium-Brass Alloy Now the spike itself might not actually be made of that material since it's hemaleric in nature. But I believe it steals the powers of burning Atium-Zinc or Atium-Brass allomancers. This is a stretch but let me walk you through what we know: 1. Bleeder can somehow talk in the minds of thoses spiked with Hemalergy. 2. Bleeder cannot be using more than one spike while she does this. 3. Bleeder has knowledge of Hemalergy that is far beyond the current understanding of Harmony's people (as far as we know). 4. Bleeder's spike was made of an unknown metallic alloy. Now the power of speaking in minds is a bit of a stretch, but it certainly seems like a possibility of a twisted external mental allomantic ability. It also feels more like a pushing rather than a pulling ability. I mean, that is the most realistic explanation for this strange and invasive ability. *Edit: Thanks to some awesome readers, I have seen references that clarify that Bleeder's spike is made from a metal that Harmony doesn't know. However, this doesn't change the foundation of the theory. Thanks to those who took the time to source the quotes!* As my final point of support in this theory, I will need to delve into Secret History here: So there it is, I have no idea how viable this is, or where exactly the atium came from. It either has reappeared or it was salvaged from an older stash. But I am happy I finally got this out there. It's such a cool concept to think about. I wonder how this could be applied in combat, and if there is a limited range that this communication is restricted to. *Edit: Changed my wording for clarification.
  15. Say you have a pulser misting that has no attachments to the world but is very educated. He takes a large amount of Cadmium and makes a time bubble. He holds this bubble for, "theoretically," 100 years in everyone else's time. When he comes out he tells everyone about his history. Is this possible and plausible?
  16. From the album Steris Harms

    No, Wayne, seriously, you can't have her hat. Go away.
  17. I have just finished rereading WOR and I noticed that Iyatil from the ghostbloods is constatnly wearing a mask and her face seems to overgrow as if she had been wearing it for a long time. This is extremely similar to the southern Scadrials we see in Bands of Morning. Is this a southern Scadrial who worldhopped to Roshar? If do we have any idea why she is a part of the Ghostbloods?
  18. How well could shardplate hold up against bullets? It only takes a few good whacks with a shardblade to totally shatter a piece, so I think that a bullet could penetrate, but this could be due to shardblades somehow being better equipped to fight shardplate. Also, would the bullet just make a hole (due to tiny impulse) or does shardplate always shatter when it fails? Thoughts?
  19. So this is the whole reason I joined this forum, before I let my ADHD take hold and got distracted. I would love to see a real-world copy of the Historica along the same lines as the secondary books JK Rowling wrote, ie. Magical Beasts and others. I enjoy the snippets of post-Catacendre history I've learned through the Era 2 books, but snippets only go so far. To be able to read a real copy of the book the characters learned all their history from would be extraordinary. Thoughts?
  20. I have realized that I am bad at recognizing puns. I did not get how an epic named Rick O'Shea was funny until later when I was reading something about Steelheart on TV Tropes. I was like "Oh! Its pronounced ricochet!" I only realized that Wax and Wayne was a pun when I was reading some interviews on Theoryland about character naming and someone mentioned that it was a pun. Please tell me I'm not alone here!