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Found 3 results

  1. The year is 289 Post-Catacendre, the world of Scadrial is booming with the new advent of aluminum weapons and tools, new metals have been discovered in the nearly 300 years since the Final Empire's reign. The world is growing at a rapid pace in the Elendel Basin as technology advances, and life for it's citizens changes by the day. Meanwhile, in the Roughs, life is untamed and wild, crime is far from uncommon, and criminals run amuck as the few dedicated Lawmen do their best to chase them down and build some semblance of order in these chaotic lands. During all of this, several coalitions between various nobles, mercantile elites, and politicians from different city states have formed, and recently, all independently decided to try to take possession of a remarkably profitable aluminum mine in the Roughs, owned by an unassuming gentleman named Raven. Several of the more influential coalitions have indicated an interest in hiring so-called ‘specialists’ to further their interests. Raven, the owner of the mine, has also expressed interest in hiring aid to protect his investment from the various coalitions snapping at his heels. With this in mind, our heroes have congregated in a local tavern in the Roughs called The Iron Wheel, where they have settled for drinks and food while debating the merits of the many hiring opportunities. For now, a layer of calm is upon the world of Scadrial, the calm before the storm. Soon, the different Coalitions and the owner of the mine himself, along with our heroes will find themselves at the center of a new and bloody conflict. Current character list (Ping @Ookla the Stick or @AonEne if you need your character added!)
  2. I Drew a Chimera from Shadows of self
  3. I don't know if this has been discussed before, but in the Wax & Wayne books, we hear and see multiple references to "Koloss blooded" people, with blue and natural colored skin. I can't recall an explanation for how a normal person would have Koloss heritage, what with how Koloss are made. Does this imply that Koloss and other hemolurgic creatures can reproduce naturally, as well as with spikes, and certain attributes are passed down genetically? Any theories or ideas about how this is possible, other than someone was adventurous? And if this was addressed in the book and missed it, please let me know!