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Found 278 results

  1. Hello everyone, first Topic Post from me, As I reread Warbreaker, I came across the few pages where Vasher explains to Vivenna how little they knew about Awakening and the Commands that exist. A thought then occured to me and I haven't been able to find much about it. Could there be a Command that exists that transfers a Returned's breath to someone else like a regular breath, and we simply don't know what exactly it is? I did read a WoB saying that when a Returned gives up their breath, it turns to "Kenetic Investment", so it physically and mentally heals the recipient, but is that because that's the command that's being used? Or is it because that's just how Returned Breaths can only be used? I also read a WoB that said that it is mostly based off of what you're visualizing in your mind, so I'm not sure if it means that the Returned can only visualize healing the subject as they say the command since it typically is why they came back. I might have over thought this one, but I'd like to know if it's already been answered.
  2. So we know Nightblood is full of Investiture. It is so full it bleeds black smoke. It is more invested than an Honorblade, can kill vessels of shards, and was made by awakening. Nightblood was based on shardblade design maybe even honorblade design. It seems to me that the 5 scholars at the height of awakening scholarship traveled to Roshar. They were impressed by the shard blades. The sleepless were tasked with guarding the dawnshards. One way to protect a dawnshard from Odium is to make it harder to reach. They gave it to shashara who created nightblood. She got the dawnshard Destroy. They decided the best way to safetly use it was if it was comomanded only to destroy evil. They figured that would make the dawnshard safer. Rsyan was commanded to not bind a spren because using the dawnshard in conjunction with magic is dangerous. Ie creating Nightblood with awakening. A shardblade so powerful because the dawnshard (similar to having the 5th heightening) was used as the force to awaken it, maybe with additional breaths. What do you think an awakened solider with the Destroy Dawnshard looks like?
  3. I am wondering what words are chosen for other languages for various concepts. I am mainly thinking of, Breath BioChroma God King and Vessel Heightening The abilities from Heightening The different types of Biochromatic Entity Do the Returned have different names? Drab Lifeless Awakening Also wondering what pronouns are chosen for different characters, in languages that have more information encoded in them, like Japanese. I am just very curious about what other languages choose, as it is always fascinating, especially with some languages that can have more fitting words for the concepts.
  4. Don't know if this is important or not, or if it has been mentioned before, but the first letter that Siri teaches the God King is 'shash', which is also the brand Kaladin got on his forehead in The Way of Kings. Just a little tidbit!
  5. It has been confirmed by Brandon Sanderson that you can steal a Returned’s Divine Breath by using hemalurgy. If someone could somehow steal a Divine Breath and give it to themselves, they could pretend to be a true Returned and get taken into Hallandren’s Court of Gods. They’d have access to an additional breath once each week, allowing them to get an addition 52 bio-chromatic breaths in total each year, since they don’t need to consume a breath each week to stay alive. They could also siphon off tons of money that Returned normally waste, using it to obtain more breaths if they have some lackies on the outside the Court that could go buy some for them. Not to mention the political power they’d wield, and the great comfort that they’d have just by being there a supposed Returned. In hindsight, though, this is a bad idea for two big reasons. One: You have to murder a person to get the Divine Breath. Which is bad. Two: Endowment personally dolls out each Divine Breath, so she’d probably notice if someone she hadn’t picked suddenly got one somehow. I can’t imagine that she’d be terribly pleased.
  6. A fun, light-hearted parody of the children's song Sandwiches by Fred Penner...only now it's about how much Hoid loves Investiture! Mild spoilers for Mistborn, Warbreaker, and Stormlight Archive.Hoid's Magic Song - based on Fred Penner's Sandwiches song.mp3 Lyrics: [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Investiture is fine. I like investiture, I use it all the time; Magic is my supper and magic is my lunch; If there’s a hundred kinds of magic then I’d use them all at once. [Verse 1] I'm a roaming and a rambling And a wandering all along, And if you care to listen, I will sing a happy song. I will not ask a favour And I will not ask a fee, But if you have yourself some magic Won't you give a bit to me? [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Allomancy's fine. I like lerasium, I eat it all the time; I eat it for my supper and I eat it for my lunch; If I had a hundred beads of it, I'd eat them all at once. [Verse 2] Once I went to Nalthis, Summoned to the God Queen, I swear she was the brightest lady That I'd ever seen. I told her she was colourful And could not ask for more, I told her a story Then she threw me out the door. [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Biochroma's fine. I like Heightening, I breathe it all the time; I take Breaths for my supper and I take Breaths for my lunch; If I found a hundred Breaths, oh well I'd breathe them all at once. [Verse 3] Well, once I met a brilliant girl, the fairest in the land, The Brightlords of the country, they were asking for her hand. They’d offer her alliances, Emeralds to appease; I offered her some magic And she said that she was pleased! [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Bonding spren is fine. I like lightweaving, I use it all the time; Stormlight is my supper and Stormlight is my lunch; If I had a hundred broams of it, I'd breathe them all at once. [Verse 4] Well magic could be colour, breath, or light, or metal platters, But they are all so good to me, It really doesn’t matter Lights or kites or being right, Any kind will do. I like the Cosmere’s magic, How about you? [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Investiture is fine. I like investiture, I use it all the time; Magic is my supper and magic is my lunch; If there’s a hundred kinds of magic then I’d use them all at once.
  7. I'm sure that I'm not the first person to post something like this, but one thing about having a series that sorts people based on personality, is that you can't help but think some characters would be perfect for that group. Like in Harry Potter with the school houses, I often like to think that one character or another would be perfect for a particular order of Knights Radiant. I decided to compile a list of characters throughout the cosmere, that as far as I know have never set foot on Roshar, that suit each order of radiant. I hope to build more lists like this in the future, sorting characters from other fandoms. BondSmith-Sarene (Ellantris) Sarene seems like a natural politician to me. She not only initiates a political marriage for herself to unite two kingdoms, but works with political allies to help keep the kingdom from falling apart. Her husband Raoden might seem like a better choice, but he seems more like someone who just wants to improve the lives of people, not unite different people. WindRunner-Vin(Mistborn) A no brainer, for me. She can fly through the air in a similar manner to WindRunners, and she had to learn to care enough about people to protect them. First her friends, then the people of the empire. She struggles with exactly the same conflict with killing that Kaladin does, so she strikes me as an ideal Windrunner. SkyBreaker-Waxiliium(Mistborn Era 2) Waxillium seems more sure of his actions for killing than Vin does, and he is referred to multiple times as a lawman. He also flies through the air with his abilities, similar to WindRunners and SkyBreakers, but while he is a protecter, he sees himself as a lawman. He could probably go either way between WindRunner and Skybreaker, but I see him more as a Skybreaker. DustBringer-Hrathen(Ellantris) DustBringers are described as people who seek self mastery. This is supposed to be appropriate because of the destructive powers they wield, which seems like a good fit for Hrathen. He is a religious soldier, demonstrating his considerable control over himself during his fast in Ellantris, but he is also willing to resort to destructive means when he sees it as necessary, such as when he instigated a bloody conflict in Duladel. EdgeDancer-Fafen(Warbreaker) Most people probably don't remember that there were three princesses in Idris. But Vivenna and Siri had a sister in-between them in age. She was a monk in a country where their jobs were mostly to grow food for poor people. This seems to fit extremely well with EdgeDancers, given their attitudes and powers. TruthWatcher-Tindwyl(Mistborn) This order was tricky, since most scholars would fit the role of a TruthWatcher, but I settled on Tindwyl. Most keepers, with one major exception, seem to focus on discovering and recording knowledge, keeping a more objective and neutral position in their world's affairs. This makes it seem like most keepers would fit the role of Truthwatcher. LightWeaver-Shai(Emporer’s soul) -Another no brainer. Shai is a skilled artist (though I don't like how she uses her talent), is extremely good at lying to herself, and possesses an ability that is very similar to soulcasting. A natural LightWeaver. ElseCaller-Marasi(Mistborn Era 2) A couple of people would fit the order of ElseCallers, but it's tricky since we've only seen one so far. But I think Marasi works. She is someone that seeks to improve the world around her, but does so in an intellectual way, instead of through fighting. Her explanation of the broken window theory in Alloy of Law shows she has a scholarly side to herself, and she seems to me to be similar to Jasnah. WillShaper-Hammond(Mistborn) I struggled with WillShapers more than any other order. In the end, I chose Hammond because he is a bit of an oddball, and the WillShapers are supposed to be a diverse group. He ended up fighting for the freedom (WillShaper ideals) of the Skaa, despite initially agreeing out of a desire for riches. He is different from most Thugs due to his philosophical pondering, which is atypical to people with his powers. StoneWard-Captain Goradel(Mistborn) StoneWards are said to have ideals related to being dependable, and Gorodel seems to fit that role well. After Vin spares him, he seeks repeatedly to make himself useful, even in dire situations. From helping Skaa survive a cold winter during a siege to delivering a vital message when the world appeared to be ending. He probably does so partly out of a feeling of debt to Vin, but still impressive. What do you think?
  8. I've been rereading Warbreaker and near the ending, after Vivenna freed Vasher and he went out the window, she's left alone with Denth and Tonk Fah, the latter of whom threatens to torture her with ropes. This surprised me since I didn't remember anything overtly horrible happening to her at this point in the novel and it turns out nothing did. Vasher just finds her later tied up with only the one wound we last saw her with. I'm not saying I wanted anything bad to happen to her, I just wonder if there's something I'm missing here. There's no longer any reason to keep her alive, so it seems like Denth would have wanted to get rid of a loose end by killing her and Tonk Fah is a sociopath who enjoys torture so it seems like Vasher would have had to free her from him, but he's not only not torturing her but has fled the scene. I'm probably overthinking it, but this just doesn't fit the characters IMO. It makes me wonder if I missed a scene or a clue or something. Like would Denth have refused to let her be harmed further bc he actually does like her and he and Tonk Fah had a falling out over it that we didn't get to see? Or could there have been some other reason why she had to be kept alive and as unharmed as possible? Or maybe it's just a plot armor situation lol
  9. awakening

    Alright. So I was just listening to Warbreaker, at the part where (spoiler alert) Vivenna decides she wants to use awakening after all, so Denth explains how it works to her. He says the breath you use to awaken stuff is "part of you" so what you're imagining at the time you awaken something (in other words, your intent,) is involved in what the awakened object does. I had the realization that something you awaken will have a Connection with you, which is why only you can recover the breath from an object you awakened. (And just now I realized that the intent is relevant too.) Although this leads to more questions. Awakening requires a number of breaths, which must be collected from different people, since nobody starts with more than one. Shouldn't those then be Connected to their original owners, or do that Connection transfer to the person receiving the breath? How far does this intent go? Does it change the intent of the investiture itself? Let's say you awaken an object with a command to destroy things. Would that mean Ruin could absorb that investiture with no change to its intent? Mixing magics here, does this mean a feruchemist storing their identity would be able to reclaim breaths from an object they did not awaken?
  10. I sadly don't have a copy of RoW in front of me to compare since I just borrowed it from the library, but I'm currently reading back through Warbreaker and thought of a possible interaction between the perfect pitch granted by the second heightening and the way different Shards' investiture works as revealed in RoW. Provided that they knew the Shard's rhythm and pure tone in the first place, I think that being of the second heightening or higher would make someone better at manipulating investiture with sound in the way we saw in RoW, especially Endowment's investiture since being of second heightening would mean you have a lot of her investiture in your system already. I doubt you could steal Breaths from a person with it and might not even be able to move it from one object to another since they seem to be a much 'stickier' type of investiture than stormlight is, but being able to perfectly match different pure tones using perfect pitch would make creating hybrid and anti-investitures significantly easier, once you know how. With that in mind, I think that by the times of Mistborn Ears 3 and 4 (and whatever else is going on in the Cosmere during that time), we're going to see a Nalthis that's become the Cosmere center of meta-Investiture production. I doubt Roshar can keep the secrets of meta-Investiture from getting out indefinitely, and we know the Ghostbloods are working on a way to transport loose investiture between worlds. Anti-investiture would probably still be easier to produce than hybrid-investiture, since it just requires the intent to make it (and a vacuum) rather than an 'emulsifier.' I don't want to go on a whole tangent about it but now I'm also wondering what the second heightening would do for a Seeker. and whether the process for splitting Ettmetal back into Atium and Lerasium has anything to do with tonal manipulation, like a reverse of how Warlight is created
  11. I included both mistborn/ feruchemist and the misting and ferring, incase people wanted to focus on one area. If choosing surgebinding, misting, ferring, or twinborn, which powers would you want?
  12. I was unsure if this belongs here or in Cosmere, but the topic really is more related to the Stormlight Archive though this post will include speculation based off of Warbreaker, which I believe I've heard said is a type of prologue to the Stormlight Archive. In my re-read of the Stormlight Archive, I got back to the scene in Oathbringer where Gavilar is being soulcast to stone and, with the knowledge of there being a hall of stone Radiants in Urithiru from Rhythm of War, it made me wonder if there was a purpose to the practice - a reason passed down beyond mere legacy. We know from Warbreaker that soldiers in stone can be caused to fight again, made Lifeless through the course of a single breath. This is similarly set-up in the Stormlight Archive under a different name - Thunderclasts. The first part of my speculation is that before the end of the Stormlight Archive, though not necessarily by the next book, we'll see phantom armies play a role again - the equivalent of one breath is relatively easy to find on Roshar thanks to the Highstorm and so with the right information and intent it wouldn't be hard to see a stone Teft (and others) in action again. I wonder if, perhaps, trying to set this up could be where Zahel went during the invasion of Urithiru (we know he was somewhere and that Brandon almost wrote him in, but just couldn't make it work). The 2nd part of my speculation involves Gavilar specifically, though I am by no means asserting this will happen. In Warbreaker, Clod/Arsteel as a lifeless mostly acts only as he is instructed. EXCEPT there is a moment when he protects Vivenna in the slum riot where it seems that a little more of Arsteel pokes through and I've read that Jewels offscreen goes to Yesteel to try to awaken more of Arsteel in Clod. We've seen with characters such as Thaidakar (to use the Stormlight name) that a cognitive shadow can staple itself to the physical realm; it would seem in the example of Clod/Arsteel there is a way to staple or bring back the cognitive to an otherwise Lifeless physical entity. All that to say, during Gavilar's funeral there was a lot of talk about the three realms and eternal wars and it made me wonder if Gavilar might one day come back (or have planned for himself to come back) as a Lifeless and if he (or others) would also have their cognitive self brought back somehow (even easier I'm sure if it's still lingering around like the fused with the thunderclasts). This seems more likely to happen in the back 5 books, but there's some set-up for it already so I thought I would speculate. My apologies if this was a bit rambling - please let me know if I've forgotten anything that could support (or counter) this line of thinking. One issue I already know of it the lack of ichor alcohol, but perhaps there is a workaround here since we (I) know very little about the nature of ichor alcohol. tl;dr - I think the stone radiants and others will later play a role as Lifeless soldiers or equivalent like Thunderclasts, but for good. If Gavilar's cognitive self is still around, perhaps it could come back to his stone statue and reappear that way.
  13. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    This challenge again! Characters are: Lift (Stormlight Archive) Vasher (Warbreaker) Szeth (Stormlight Archive) Kelsier (Mistborn) Marsh (Mistborn) Raboniel (Stormlight Archive) (I was so pumped when drawing Kelsier & Marsh together xD Also Raboniel's lab goggles, they're just my personal quirk, not canon though.) Lift (in Azish robes) wanting more pancakes!
  14. Hi all, apologies if this was asked, but I never explored the Warbreaker sections of the forum as this is my least favorite novel. I have some questions about giving away the Breaths. 1) Would a person born on Nalthis be able to give his Breaths to non-Nalthian if they were on Nalthis? (e.g. If Kaladin moved to Nalthis, could he receive Breaths?) 2) Similar case - Kal moves to Nalthis, can he give his Breath to a Nalthian? 3) Can a Nalthian give away his Breaths off-world to a non-Nalthian? E.g. Zahel to Kal on Roshar? 4) Can a non-Nalthian give his Breaths to a Nalthian on Roshar? After proper training, with Intent etc. E.g. Kal to Zahel on Roshar 5) Can two Nalthians exchange Breaths off-world? Like on Roshar? I think the answers would be 1)Yes 2)No 3)Yes 4)No 5)Yes but I am just guessing based on the fact that Awakening and Breaths are not planet-related like Elantrian magic but they are inborn, sDNA related abilities. This is only my speculations though. Obviously Hoid is Awakening and he is not from Nalthis, but he is an extraordinary individual so maybe not a best example.
  15. I make art and then forget to post it here lol So have a Siri I did a bit ago
  16. Let's say the Leecher has an insane amount of chromium ingested, would they be able to drain Nightblood quicker than Nightblood could kill them? My guess is yes because theoretically you'd only have to release a certain number of breaths worth of investiture before the metal loses sapience. Unless every bit of investiture Nightblood has drained since it was created has been stored within the sword, at which point I think the Leecher is done for lol. Especially since a certain event in RoW (No spoilers). But I see no indication of that since the sword is always "hungry." Similarly what would a Nicroburst do to Nightblood? Flaring all of it's Investiture so it uses it in a single burst I feel would kill everything around the sword in a huge radius, possibly planet killing. Kind of a crazy thought.
  17. Thing is, we all have perfect color pitch (color-blinds just see less colors). We all know if a yellow is yellow effortlessly, without comparing it to red or blue, just like someone with perfect pitch recognizes a G4 when they hear it. BUT, a grid is needed to express the frequency heard. If that someone comes from a culture with f.e. a 4 note equitempered scale (the first being C) and all their melodies use only those, when they hear a G they will immediately know it's between their 2nd and 3rd notes, closer to the latter than the former, but they'll have no means to pinpoint it exactly. The same happens with colors: a painter may easily tell garnet from ruby, but for me it's just red. That's because I have a low-res grid and my brain cannot store those different shades separately, but not bc I don't have perfect pitch, I still can picture the shade of color in my head without reference like the aforementioned person can sing the note. This video isn't exactly about this but segments 3 and 5 could be useful. The interesting thing is we don't have relative color pitch, which is what everyone has with sound. That's because light doesn't interact in our cones/receptor system like sound does in our cochlea. We can tell if a sound interval is dissonant or sounds "harmoniously" without training, but no one can tell which shade of green the color-equivalent fifth of garnet's frequency is. And I think this is what Brandon was going for: Relative Color Pitch. He's always said that color and sound, tones, have a special place in his worldbuilding and the Cosmere. He's very interested in how these are shaped by perception. However, with this magic he aims for the opposite. He wants to show there's something underlying that perception, something objective that follows only the laws of nature. There's only one problem with all this: we only see the equivalent to an octave. What does this imply? The harmonics of a base frequency that could be grouped into the same color (like different shades of red), would be too far in the harmonic extension, meaning they would be so close that would be dissonant. So the palaces' rooms in Warbreaker would actually be even more hideous to those of 3rd+ Hightening than they are to us. Comparison to sound Harmonics of C1: C1 C2 G2 C3 E3 G3 Bb3 C4 D4 Fifths and thirds would be too far off (blue-greens and yellows for a red, respectively), only those within a 2nd would still count as red. Sound-wise, they might add a bit of color (pun intended) to a full chord, but only the tonic and second it's just plain dissonant. It's a very interesting theme and I love it, but I just think he was a bit too hasty when he introduced it in Warbreaker and it won't work as I would've liked it to. Of course, I respect the fact that Brandon can't go so deep in every aspect of the Cosmere, and some things will need some magical mumbo-jumbo to make them work in a roundabout way and that's fine. I'm just a wee bit disappointed because it seems color and sound will have huge implications in the future and I don't see this part working perfectly. If someone disagrees or thinks I'm on the wrong path I'd love to discuss!
  18. Was Nightblood an Awakened sword? Because nobody really knows how he/she was made. If Nightblood IS awakened, that raises some interesting questions, since that means you could really make any inanimate object able to talk to you, and that's kind of fun to speculate about.
  19. From the album Biochromatic photoshops

    Imagine, you are with your Grandfather, the best person you know, on his death bed, saying his last good bye to you and your family before he passes on. He intakes a breath, and sighs, as his eyes glaze over. Suddenly, waves of color start gathering around the bed, and the body starts to glow. You gasp as you realize your grandfather is Returning! Coming back to fulfill some mission given to him by the iridescent tones, As the light subsides, you realize your grandfather is no longer in his bed, a large, brillantly colored lizard lay belly-up belly in his stead. "Excuse me," the lizard turns to you and asks, "Do you know where I live?
  20. If a Returned had a form of psychosis that made them sincerely believe that they are, or ought to be a lizard when they were alive, would they return as a lizard?
  21. (Edit 4/16/21: spotted and fixed an error; these are the updated files) WarbreakerFont.otf WarbreakerFont.ttf WarbreakerFont_README.txt This image is simply the phrase "Hello, would you like to destroy some evil today?" rendered in the font above. I created this font using FontForge after being inspired by the fabulous discussion in this post, which transliterates the inscription on the cover of the leatherbound edition of Warbreaker. This script is not the Artisan's Script of Hallandren, since it does not use color (see this post from Isaac Stewart). I have simply called it "Nalthis" internally. If you compare this image to the leatherbound cover, you will notice a discrepancy in the word "destroy" - it appears to be spelled "deiroy" on the book, but I have spelled it normally here. See the transliteration post linked above for more details. All letters besides F, G, J, P, Q, X, and Z appear on the cover or on internal art. These missing letters were assigned by me based on trends in the IPA designations of similar glyphs and are in no way canon. I posted an image of a table showing the IPA designation of each letter in this thread. Additional unused glyphs created following the existing patterns are assigned to Unicode values: "Aacute" U+00C1 - same base stroke as A, Y "aacute" U+00E1 - same base stroke as A, Y "Eth" U+00D0 - same base stroke as D, T "eth" U+00F0 - same base stroke as D, T "Uacute" U+00DA - same base stroke as U, O "Esh" U+0283 - same base stroke as C "Tesh" U+02A7 - same base stroke as C The unused glyphs are also assigned based on IPA trends, but no automatic substitutions have been included in the font. It is possible that "th" is substituted by the "eth" character, "sh" by the "esh" character, and "ch" by the "tesh" character, but these letter combinations do not appear in the text samples mentioned above. To use this font, install your preference of the OpenType (.otf) or TrueType (.ttf) font file. If using MS Word, once you create a new document, type some text, and set the font to "Nalthis," you must also highlight the text, expand Word's "Font" section at the top (or press Ctrl+D), and navigate to the "Advanced" tab. Here you must select the checkbox "Kerning for fonts" under the "Character Spacing" section, and under the "OpenType Features" section select "all" from the drop-down menu labeled "Ligatures." Blame Microsoft for the convoluted method of enabling these features; I have heard that other programs do a better job. If you use a different text editor, search for information on "enabling advanced typography features" or "enabling ligatures and kerning" for your program of preference. My experience is limited to Windows & Microsoft; sorry I can't be of more help If you're familiar with FontForge and want to mess around with this font, here's the SFD file: WarbreakerFont.sfd
  22. So I was on a long drive with my friend and I told her (in-depth) the entirety of Warbreaker. A few days later, we had a few drinks, and I had her recap the story for me. Thought you guys might enjoy it. NOTE: she doesn't read fantasy at all.
  23. I haven't read Warbreaker, but I'm interested in some functions of awakening. I know that you can't awaken living things, do plants count as "alive" or does "alive" mean sentient in this case?
  24. Glad to be here with y'all! I've been working on fonts for various cosmere scripts, and I finally finished one - a version of the script embossed on the cover of the leatherbound edition of Warbreaker. Check it out here!