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Found 208 results

  1. Pretty shocked we never got one of these up, but anyway, who is your personal favorite character in Warbreaker and why? Me personally? I deeply feel that Lightsong is one of the greatest characters Brandon has ever created and it will always hurt me a little that we only had him for one book and never got to see him interact with Nightblood. "I try to avoid having thoughts. They lead to other thoughts, and-if you're not careful-those lead to actions. Actions make you tired. I have this on rather good authority from someone who once read it in a book." Lightsong.
  2. Welcome to the Overlady Reads Warbreaker! This week, the Overlady discovers that talking swords ARE GREAT! Join us as we find out what happens when Brandon writes a comic relief character that's not a creep and also other stuff I guess too. Watch as Lucy starts her WoB question list with a question about toilets. We really loved Warbreaker and are very excited for it's sequel. Let us know what you guys would want from a sequel most in the comments down below! Watch here:
  3. As per below Wob: So if Endowment is half terror half laughter, and Nightblood turned out to be a failed experiment like this coz of the Intent of Endowment. If the experiment has to be done right and to actually "Destroy Evil", the intent of the shard used to create the sword should be Honor. Maybe that's why Zahel is here? What do you guys think?
  4. From the album Warbreaker Painting

    Based on Warbreaker, where power is measured in amounts of magical breath. Vivenna gives her breath to stop the war. I loved how colorful this book was. Oil, 8 x 10.
  5. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Characters: Nazh (Threnody) Spook (Scadrial / Mistborn Era 1) Renarin (Roshar / Stormlight Archive) Hrathen (Sel / Elantris) Siri (Nalthis / Warbreaker) Steris (Scadrial / Mistborn Era 2) Among all the suggested characters, Spook gets the most votes. Good for him!
  6. All young eligible members of the Cosmere found in the Cosmere are in a classic beauty pageant (Q&A, talent portion etc) who will come out on top?: contestants including (but not limited to): -Vivenna/Azure -Jasnah -Marasi -Lyn -Vathi -Shai -Sylphrena -Death Himself apparently -Vasher/Zahel -Denth
  7. Minor spoilers for Warbreaker and Mistborn One of the biggest questions with the 1-year time gap between Oathbringer and Rythem of War is that Szeth is with the Radiants. We want the Nightblood Zahel meeting to occur onscreen but it feels weird if they've never interacted during the whole year. So, I have two theories one boring and one slightly more interesting. 1. The easy answer is just Szeth is in prison and refuses to let anyone else hold on to Nightblood. If so that's going to be a very irritating sentence. Imagine trying to meditate while Nightblood talks your psychic ears off. 2. This one is more interesting. When using advanced Steelsight and from shards perspective, at least on Scadrial you see a bright light inside people. So what if that is how Nightblood sees the world. He recognizes people by their spiritual aspect or whatever. Anyway, perhaps Vasher with divine breath is different from Vasher suppressing his divine breath but with normal breath and also different from Vasher with no normal breath and a suppressed divine breath. The theory is sort of falling apart as I think about it but it's an interesting idea
  8. We all know that Nightblood is a heavily Invested object. I had the thought that it would be interesting if he was used as a Hemelurgic spike, but then I dismissed the thought due to the aforementioned Investment. However, he is sheathed in an aluminum sheath. I was just wondering if it was possible to use his sheath as an aluminum spike to rob someone of their powers. Aluminum "removes all powers" and I remember reading a WoB that says Hemelurgy doesn't always kill the subject. Iirc Hemelurgy also works anywhere in the cosmere so long as you have the knowledge of spike placement and the Intent. I admit I don't understand aluminum or its hemelurgical abilities very well. Thoughts? I hope this inspires some discussion! If there are any WoB you know to refute or support please share!
  9. OK, so this has probably been pointed out before, and people are probably tired of The Girl Who Looked Up theories, but here I go. First: the hair. In Shallan's version of the story, the girl's hair changes to white mid-story. This is reminiscent of the Royal Locks on Nalthis. White hair signifies that a person is afraid, which fits in with the story - the girl had just started climbing the wall, which was a daunting and fear-inspiring task. The scarf. Shallan notes that the girl has a "vibrant red scarf." Brandon doesn't normally put in details like this unless they are important. Color is the base for the magic system on Nalthis. Note that it wasn't just a "red scarf", but a "vibrant red scarf." I find this detail to be important, as it reminds me of the way colors are described in Warbreaker. Perhaps the girl is an Awakener? No light. This is small, but in Hoid's version of the story, he emphasizes that the land had no light. Because of the darkness, the normal people couldn't see the wall. But if the girl was an Awakener of the Third Heightening, she would have been able to distinguish the slight color change of the shadows where the wall was. Anyway, that's just some things I noticed. Is the theory true? Most likely not. Did I spend way too much time thinking about this? Yes
  10. Would it be possible for Vasher or Hoid to Awaken Shardplate? Would it improve it or would it get resisted?
  11. Hi! i would like to know the history origin and goals of hoid. Thank You!
  12. tropes

    The epic fantasy genre is still relatively young, at least compared to other literary genres. The foundational work of creating an entirely new category of literature, one defined by the creation of an entirely new fictional world where the story takes place, is attributed to J.R.R. Tolkien. Everything Tolkien had done have become standard fantasy tropes: dark lords, medieval settings, elves and dwarves. Of interest here is the medieval settings part, which defines so much of the fantasy genre: fantasy world settings are mostly based on Europe, around the medieval time period in thought and technology and the nobility. I'm not referring to the quality here, which is it's own trope, but the idea related to class & bloodline & the divine right of kings. Brandon Sanderson is Mormon, so the portrayal of religion in his works is something that has been discussed a lot. You can find answers to most questions you might want to ask him regarding this on his site itself and there's plenty of discussion here on the forums, on reddit, etc. The trope of nobles and commoners in his works, however, is something that is not discussed enough in my opinion, and when it is, it's usually mentioned as a throw-away comment: "yes, we get it, Brandon, not all nobles (are bad)" This trope has evolved over time from its origin, the divine right of kings. In the Lord of the Rings the only difference between the line of Kings and the line of Stewards is their pedigree. Some people are apparently inherently superior and thus have the right to rule over the rest of them. Let's not get into the other critiques of LoTR like race or apologetics (I suggest looking into CS Lewis for more on this). Denethor was a bad ruler not just because he was a bad ruler but because he wasn't the rightful ruler. Aragorn comes and he's the rightful heir and everything's chill now. The themes are still kinda there in Sanderson's works too, the trope has been transformed but not truly subverted. In Mistborn era 1, book 2, Elend institutes a constitutional monarchy which is still very skewed with only 1/3 of the representatives being skaa. This assembly then boots him out, rightfully through Elend's own laws but Vin goes on a rampage of murdering and/or forcing his competitors to submit to his rule. In book 3, he decides that the time for debates and legislatures is later somewhere in the indeterminate future when the crisis is over. I do understand what the stakes were that motivated him to do the things he did. I'm simply pointing out a plot point. In era 2 of Mistborn, the legislative branch is divided into two halves: half elected and half aristocrats. The main protagonist is one of the aristocrats and one of the overarching character arcs for him was about accepting the responsibility of being an aristocrat. There are forces from outside of Scadrial who are involved in trying to topple this system. In Warbreaker, the God-King of Hallandren, Susebron was a figurehead ruler with the power being concentrated in the Court of Gods. The other main characters all belong to the ruling classes as well: two princesses, one of them also the queen, a member of the Court of Gods, and an enigmatic former ruler. The antagonists wanted to overthrow the system but are thwarted at the end by Susebron who comes into his powers after having been educated by the princess-queen and given back his tongue by magic. Hallandren's future looks just a bit brighter with its rightful ruler in power. In The Stormlight Archives much of the story revolves around the Kholin family, who reunified the broken kingdom of Alethkar. The idea of fighting against the Lighteyes does exist but that stuff is less important than unifying under them to face a greater threat. Also, Lighteyes are mostly descended from the ancient Knights Radiant whose eyes glowed the colour of their Order, that's where both the colour and the notion of superiority came from. In Elantris, the kingdom of Arelon moves on from plutocracy to monarchy, but we shouldn't worry because Raoden is pretty chill. ~spoilers for Aether of Night~ I'm not saying that these issues might not get resolved in future sequels. The Mistborn era 2 broadsheets seem to be hinting at civil unrest and discontent. And if @asmodeus's theory* is right, it might become a major plot point in eras 3 & 4 Stormlight might not just be about the fight against Odium but a fight against hatred. And again, I'm aware of the plot, circumstances and characteristics behind these noble characters. I'm just pointing out that these were actual plot points in the stories. Brandon has broken quite a few tropes in his prolific career but for now at least, it seems, that this is the trope that would not break *asmodeus' theory: Also, go read Powder Mage you guys! Edit: There is a subversion of this trope in Sanderson's work: White Sand. Making the Diem less dictatorial and more accountable is one of the most integral parts of the plot.
  13. From the illustration right before chapter 15 of the Dragonsteel Edition. is this supposed to be hoid?
  14. While re-reading Warbreaker, a question came into my mind - we all know that Returned come back for a purpose, probably based on what Endowment sees in the future. We also know from Odium's scene with Taravangian that in the view of the future, some people are grayed out like Renarin. If I get any of the exact wording wrong, the idea is still there some there are individuals who have become wildcards/unreadable. I wondered if Brandon has said anything about whether the Returned would be similarly greyed out or not. I feel like they would be considered wildcards in a similar way.
  15. I was wearing some glasses earlier, and I wondered what - if anything - I could Awaken them to do. I'm not sure if anything cool would happen, but I'm curious to hear what other people think.
  16. Week 1, Day 1: The Waking God You wake in an opulent room, the like of which is utterly unfamiliar to you. The sky outside is dark, and you feel tired despite the fact that you've been sleeping. The walls are hung with fine tapestries and paintings, and the bedsheets are soft and luxurious. It seems strange to you, but the strangest thing, in a way, is that it seems strange to you at all. That thought ties itself in a knot in your brain as you try to puzzle it out. You try to put it aside, but it returns again when you realise that, while it feels odd to be in this room, when you think about it you have no comparison as to whether or not this is normal for most people. It’s a disconcerting thought process, an endless cycle of recognising the unfamiliar for being unfamiliar. You try to clear your mind, to recall how you got here. You remember… You remember… You remember nothing. Your mind is blank. No, that isn’t true, you realise after a moment more's introspection. You know you are sleeping in a bed, you know that it is of better quality than you are used to, but you don’t remember why you know that. How strange that understanding this does not seem to require you to have any memory of similar objects. The details of your life are unknown to you, a hazy blackness just out of reach. Every time you try to grasp it, it edges ever further away. “Ah, You’re awake.” The voice distracts you as it reaches your ears, and you look up, the strange thoughts dissipating now you have something else to focus on. In a way, you're frustrated as your thoughts are halted suddenly, but a bigger part of you is grateful for having something, anything, else to think about. For one thing, while you were probably too distracted to notice before, you can feel that she almost... pulses. You know exactly where she is, even if you look away. And on the edges of your senses, you can feel other pulses, blips of something you can't see. But this is another distraction, you realise, and you resolve to give her your undivided attention. The woman in the doorway smiles at you. She wears a grey robe, though in contrast to her basic dress, she also wears a gold ring on one of her hands, and her shoes look polished and formal. On closer inspection, even the dull robe appears finely tailored, not a strand out of place, all the same exact grey shade. “I was beginning to worry that You never would.” It takes you a moment to speak, the words taking their time to form. A thousand questions present themselves, but all you can begin with is to assess your situation, even before you ask the questions you truly desire to ask. “Where am I? And who are you?” The voice is unfamiliar to you, and it takes you a moment to realise that it’s yours. You feel suspicious, not of the woman herself as such, but of your situation, and you crave information. But, the treacherous thought takes root in your mind, can you even trust anything she says? Perhaps that is an unfair thing to think, and the two of you are in fact firm friends, or family, or lovers. Or perhaps the situation is quite the opposite and you are her captive, though that seems unlikely with such a fine bedroom. In any case, all you can do right now is listen to her, and her explanation. “My name is Hera,” she says, giving a polite bow before your bed. “I have the singular honour of finding myself as Your High Priest. Your Grace, if I may be candid, You will probably feel strange at the moment. Please, do not be alarmed, that is not unusual for someone recently Returned.” “I’m… I’m sorry, I don’t understand.” Hera smiles a little, “Please, do not apologise. I am not worthy of such a thing, and the fault is mine for not being clear. Your confusion is not at all unusual. I’m sorry to have to tell You this, but You have died. Fortunately, You have also been Returned, for some great purpose that we are not aware of yet. Your past self is now immaterial, only who You are matters. Your memory is gone, because You are greater than Your previous self. Do not be concerned though. I – and Your other priests – will be here to guide You as You fulfill Your last task. I will explain everything, but first, we must decide on Your name, and colours.” “My name?” you repeat, grasping at the final words as the rest pass through you without much registering. “My name is… My name is… Oh.” You frown as the thought never completes. “No memory, yes... So I must pick a new name, then?” “Indeed,” Hera nods. “Traditionally, names chosen by Returned are two-part names, such as ‘Lightsong the Bold’, or ‘Blushweaver the Beautiful’. It will, to a certain extent, define you. You must also select a pair of colours to represent Yourself.” She smiles wryly a little as she picks at the robe she wears. “I’m afraid grey isn’t really my colour, so I must insist on something more vibrant. And, when You have chosen, we will begin Your great task.” Hi all, it’s been a while This is a ‘quest’ RP I thought up while waiting for a delayed train recently. Players will take control of a newly Returned character, just after the end of the Warbreaker novel. Players don't have to sign up, though I heavily encourage discussion within the thread on what to do, and hope people become invested in it. Through voting for decisions, you will decide what this Returned character does (or attempts to do, not all options are guaranteed successes) after waking up in the Court of Gods. I will put suggestions at the end of each write-up with actions you can take (sometimes you can only take one, sometimes more), but I’m more than happy for - and encourage - people to put their own suggestions in to be voted for by the group. I will try to convey a rough estimate of how difficult the task is, if necessary. I will close voting after a decent period of time (at least 48 hours), or when activity dies down, or when there is a clear winner or winners. This timing isn’t set in stone by any means, and is meant to be a guideline rather than a hard set of time rules. If there is a draw, I will either try to combine the options if possible, or I will choose one as GM’s prerogative. Your character’s starting stats are determined by vote, but they are not set in stone, and will increase on occasion (or may decrease!) when certain milestones are reached. You may also get bonuses to rolls from any roleplaying that the players do, though the roleplaying will not be canon unless I decide it fits perfectly in with what is happening. I highly encourage players to write their own RP snippets though, even without the benefit of maybe getting bonuses to rolls . Whenever a roll is required, I will be using a Powered by the Apocalypse-inspired system, though with stats taken from the Mistborn ARPG (as they fit quite well into this). These stats are Physique, Wits, Charm, Resources, Influence and Spirit. I will roll 2d6, and add the relevant statistic and any other bonuses or maluses to the roll. A 10+ is a success, a 7-9 is only a partial success with some drawbacks, and 6 or below is unfortunately a failure. Sometimes these will be modified for difficult tasks, which you will be informed of in advance. Now, there are some immediate decisions that must be made. Firstly, as your High Priest Hera has hinted at, you need a name and two colours. Your colours don’t really matter, but your name will determine how people view you to begin with, and may hint towards some of your character’s personality in-story. For example, let’s say you want to be called Redcross the Healer, and you want Red and White as your colours. You would type the following in your post: 1) What will be the Returned character's name? [X] Redcross the Healer 2) What colours does the Returned character bear? Pick two. [X] White [X] Red Obviously, these two are ones you have free reign on, and the above are just examples :P. Returned have a body based on their own idealised view of themselves. The actual detail of their body will be more-or-less based on your Physique, Charm and Wits, but their general appearance is still something to decide. 3) What appearance does the main character have? [X] Masculine [X] Feminine [X] Androgynous Finally, while your Returned has an unknown past, they will have some bleed in of skills and memories from their previous life. Vote for two of the below in each category; The highest-voted category will get +1, the second will get +0, and the third will get -1. Don't worry too much about your starting stats, as there will be opportunities for you to improve them within the story, and previous actions can also make rolls more (or less) likely to succeed as well. This will give you a spread of stats between +2 and -2, averaging 0. 4) What kind of person were they before? [X] Martially Inclined (Physique, Resources) [X] Socially Inclined (Charm, Influence) [X] Mentally Inclined (Wits, Spirit) 5) What kind of company did they prefer? [X] Workers and Tradesmen (Physique, Wits) [X] High Society (Resources, Influence) [X] Thieves and Rogues (Charm, Spirit) You will begin with 5th Heightening, granted by a Returned Breath. Using this Breath will kill your character – but perhaps that is how the story goes. So, that is the start, and the rules. I hope people are interested in this and where it will go. You don't need to 'register' for this or anything, but I'd be very happy to see people in the thread, discussing events or the options available to you. Don't hesitate to debate with other players, or ask any questions you might have of anything. Let me know your thoughts, hopes and dreams - I swear I'm a merciful GM, as most people from the SE section will tell you! Well, at least I'm honest about things when asked, and don't go out of my way to mess with things. So don't let that put you off! This is an experiment as much as a story. Much like the Heirs game I ran, it's a very different thing to what usually happens on the forum, and I hope it inspires others to join in, or maybe consider their own. Who knows, maybe we'll have a subforum for these too . But we're getting ahead of ourselves. For now, I hope you enjoy Chromaticity.
  17. Pics are Finally here on what the cover of the 10th anniversary edition of Warbreaker looks like Here they are
  18. I've recently reread Warbreaker, and I've been wondering why the Returned can't have children. After all, some of their other physiological functions, like muscle movement and blood flow (eating and sleeping aren't necessary (which reminds me; do the Returned go to the toilet?), for some reason) still work. So why can't they have kids? Well, it could be to do with the fact that pregnancy requires sperm cells to ferment egg cells, and for the zygote to implant itself into the womb, which takes a while to occur. So, could it be that for a Returned can't have children because their reproductive cells die before the zygote can implant itself in the womb? If the sperm/egg cells run out of Breath before the zygote reaches the womb walls (I don't know the technical term), it would die, so the woman, Returned or otherwise, wouldn't get pregnant. This would still allow for Returned or their partners to become pregnant; it would either require the sperm cells to already have some amount of Breath (which would be why care whether or not Siri had sex with Susebron; she could still get pregnant since Susebron had a lot of Breath on top the one that allowed him to Return), or for the zygote to be given a Breath before it would consume the breath that allowed it to Return, which would give it time to impregnate the woman. But, for the first theory to work, there must clearly be some level of uncertainty in whether the woman would get pregnant. Otherwise, why would some of the Godkings before Susebron (the one that appears in Warbreaker, not the ones before him) not have had children? Of course, it could have been that he (the Susebrons before the one in Warbreaker) or his wife was infertile, but I find that unlikely; he could have just remarried. I think the amount of Breath the sperm or egg cell holds is proportional to its size compared to the rest of the body; tiny. Each sperm or egg cell would only hold a trillionth of what the total body holds, an extremely tiny amount. The cell could easily consume it, and then go on to consume the Breath that made it Return. However, that is the amount that the whole body consumes, not the amount that those cells consume. So, the amount that the cells would consume would also be extraordinarily small. However, only the Godking gets more than one Breath a week, so only he would be able to get his partner (in this case Siri) pregnant. So, that would explain why Susebron, but not other Returned, can have children; they simply don't have enough Breath. But, for fun, I still want to calculate just how much Breath Susebron currently holds. So, assuming he gets 3 Breaths a week, of which he consumes 1 (per week), he would receive a net total of +2 Breaths a week. 2 Breaths per week x 52 Breaths in a year x 52 years (Warbreaker says around 50, so I'm going 51/2) = 13,520. He also has the store of 50,000 Breaths that is passed down from Godking to Godking, which makes it 63,520 Breaths. Add that to the Breath that allowed him to Return, which is equivalent to about 2,000 ordinary Breaths, and he has a grand total of 65,520 Breaths! So, even without the 50,000 Breaths that was given to him when he was born, he has enough to reach the Eight Heightening, allowing him to Break Commands. This is far from the 50,000 he needs to reach the Tenth Heightening, but even this is far more Breath than most throughout Nalthis' history have ever held. I don't know that much about pregnancy, so I could well be extremely wrong. If you know more, please correct me!
  19. So we know from a WoB that Nightbloods sheath is made of aluminum. So the sheath keeps Nightblood "chained" and in the warbreaker annotations, Brandon says that "The sheath is like a binding for him, keeping his power contained. So drawing him out isn’t like drawing a regular weapon, but rather an unleashing of a creature who has been kept chained. Once that creature is unleashed, he becomes a weapon—even if he’s unleashed only a little bit. The sheath itself turns into a weapon, twisting those around it. You don’t need to stab someone with Nightblood to kill them; smashing them on the back with the sheath works just as well. It will crunch bones, but beyond that, merely touching them with the sheath when the smoke is leaking can be deadly." So the aluminum blocks Nightblood when he's sheathed but if he's even a little unsheathed then the sheath will become a weapon too. So once Nightblood is "loose" the Aluminum that is his sheath is no longer inert and from my understanding, might as well be a part of the sword as long as it is still partly sheathed. So most of the time Aluminum is Inert and can't do anything, but in the case of Nightblood, it acts as both a sheath to bind his power, and also a deadly soul sucking weapon when still partly sheathed. Anyone have any thoughts as to why Aluminum acts the it does?
  20. From the album Warbreaker Fanart

  21. A close up of my painting. Here's Vivenna and Nightblood! I was so excited to paint something bursting with colour after reading Warbreaker! I know Biochroma exits through the mouth, but artistic licence!
  22. Today, Warbreaker leatherbound preorders went up! Dragonsteel is teaming up with a variety of bookstores to do the preorders. See below at the bottom of this post on Brandon's site for up-to-date links where you can preorder the book. This year, they are doing something different for damage prevention and numbering. They are going to pre-sign and number all books before binding them, so each book can be shrink-wrapped and individually boxed. This means they can't offer personalizations, but you'll get a book in the best condition. If you haven't seen any of the art from the Warbreaker leatherbound, it's pretty amazing: Mistborn Dice Kickstarter This week, the Mistborn metal dice Kickstarter went live. Though they are a bit pricy at $180 for a full set, these are extremely high quality dice. I've received some--which you'll see on Shardcast this week--and they are weighty, solid, and very much full metal dice, plated to look like the metal on the die itself. Good stuff! You get 20 dice with that $180 tier: all 16 base metals, atium, malatium, lerasium, and harmonium. The project is also nearly funded three times over, so if you're interested and have some extra cash, go support them! Additionally, they will do a livestream tomorrow morning, Thursday, November 21st, at 9am Pacific with Isaac Stewart to talk about the symbols on the dice! If you're curious, here are all the dice. Yes, they are pretty fabulous:
  23. Is nightblood's voice female or male and can it read anyone's thoughts or just whoever is holding it?
  24. Maybe I am worrying too much about it, especially since I just read that question on this board about the Chalk Siri uses. Anyway, this is the second topic I have made about the Royal locks and now I am curious again about something. We know that Siri can grow her hair as long as she wants, even if she were bald, but my question is, can she also shorten her hair at will as well? I label the question as Not safe for work because I don't just mean the hair on the top of her head, but rather from all areas of her body. Arms, legs, head, and everywhere else hair grows. I'll understand if this is not one that people wish to discuss.