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Found 193 results

  1. Week 1, Day 1: The Waking God You wake in an opulent room, the like of which is utterly unfamiliar to you. The sky outside is dark, and you feel tired despite the fact that you've been sleeping. The walls are hung with fine tapestries and paintings, and the bedsheets are soft and luxurious. It seems strange to you, but the strangest thing, in a way, is that it seems strange to you at all. That thought ties itself in a knot in your brain as you try to puzzle it out. You try to put it aside, but it returns again when you realise that, while it feels odd to be in this room, when you think about it you have no comparison as to whether or not this is normal for most people. It’s a disconcerting thought process, an endless cycle of recognising the unfamiliar for being unfamiliar. You try to clear your mind, to recall how you got here. You remember… You remember… You remember nothing. Your mind is blank. No, that isn’t true, you realise after a moment more's introspection. You know you are sleeping in a bed, you know that it is of better quality than you are used to, but you don’t remember why you know that. How strange that understanding this does not seem to require you to have any memory of similar objects. The details of your life are unknown to you, a hazy blackness just out of reach. Every time you try to grasp it, it edges ever further away. “Ah, You’re awake.” The voice distracts you as it reaches your ears, and you look up, the strange thoughts dissipating now you have something else to focus on. In a way, you're frustrated as your thoughts are halted suddenly, but a bigger part of you is grateful for having something, anything, else to think about. For one thing, while you were probably too distracted to notice before, you can feel that she almost... pulses. You know exactly where she is, even if you look away. And on the edges of your senses, you can feel other pulses, blips of something you can't see. But this is another distraction, you realise, and you resolve to give her your undivided attention. The woman in the doorway smiles at you. She wears a grey robe, though in contrast to her basic dress, she also wears a gold ring on one of her hands, and her shoes look polished and formal. On closer inspection, even the dull robe appears finely tailored, not a strand out of place, all the same exact grey shade. “I was beginning to worry that You never would.” It takes you a moment to speak, the words taking their time to form. A thousand questions present themselves, but all you can begin with is to assess your situation, even before you ask the questions you truly desire to ask. “Where am I? And who are you?” The voice is unfamiliar to you, and it takes you a moment to realise that it’s yours. You feel suspicious, not of the woman herself as such, but of your situation, and you crave information. But, the treacherous thought takes root in your mind, can you even trust anything she says? Perhaps that is an unfair thing to think, and the two of you are in fact firm friends, or family, or lovers. Or perhaps the situation is quite the opposite and you are her captive, though that seems unlikely with such a fine bedroom. In any case, all you can do right now is listen to her, and her explanation. “My name is Hera,” she says, giving a polite bow before your bed. “I have the singular honour of finding myself as Your High Priest. Your Grace, if I may be candid, You will probably feel strange at the moment. Please, do not be alarmed, that is not unusual for someone recently Returned.” “I’m… I’m sorry, I don’t understand.” Hera smiles a little, “Please, do not apologise. I am not worthy of such a thing, and the fault is mine for not being clear. Your confusion is not at all unusual. I’m sorry to have to tell You this, but You have died. Fortunately, You have also been Returned, for some great purpose that we are not aware of yet. Your past self is now immaterial, only who You are matters. Your memory is gone, because You are greater than Your previous self. Do not be concerned though. I – and Your other priests – will be here to guide You as You fulfill Your last task. I will explain everything, but first, we must decide on Your name, and colours.” “My name?” you repeat, grasping at the final words as the rest pass through you without much registering. “My name is… My name is… Oh.” You frown as the thought never completes. “No memory, yes... So I must pick a new name, then?” “Indeed,” Hera nods. “Traditionally, names chosen by Returned are two-part names, such as ‘Lightsong the Bold’, or ‘Blushweaver the Beautiful’. It will, to a certain extent, define you. You must also select a pair of colours to represent Yourself.” She smiles wryly a little as she picks at the robe she wears. “I’m afraid grey isn’t really my colour, so I must insist on something more vibrant. And, when You have chosen, we will begin Your great task.” Hi all, it’s been a while This is a ‘quest’ RP I thought up while waiting for a delayed train recently. Players will take control of a newly Returned character, just after the end of the Warbreaker novel. Players don't have to sign up, though I heavily encourage discussion within the thread on what to do, and hope people become invested in it. Through voting for decisions, you will decide what this Returned character does (or attempts to do, not all options are guaranteed successes) after waking up in the Court of Gods. I will put suggestions at the end of each write-up with actions you can take (sometimes you can only take one, sometimes more), but I’m more than happy for - and encourage - people to put their own suggestions in to be voted for by the group. I will try to convey a rough estimate of how difficult the task is, if necessary. I will close voting after a decent period of time (at least 48 hours), or when activity dies down, or when there is a clear winner or winners. This timing isn’t set in stone by any means, and is meant to be a guideline rather than a hard set of time rules. If there is a draw, I will either try to combine the options if possible, or I will choose one as GM’s prerogative. Your character’s starting stats are determined by vote, but they are not set in stone, and will increase on occasion (or may decrease!) when certain milestones are reached. You may also get bonuses to rolls from any roleplaying that the players do, though the roleplaying will not be canon unless I decide it fits perfectly in with what is happening. I highly encourage players to write their own RP snippets though, even without the benefit of maybe getting bonuses to rolls . Whenever a roll is required, I will be using a Powered by the Apocalypse-inspired system, though with stats taken from the Mistborn ARPG (as they fit quite well into this). These stats are Physique, Wits, Charm, Resources, Influence and Spirit. I will roll 2d6, and add the relevant statistic and any other bonuses or maluses to the roll. A 10+ is a success, a 7-9 is only a partial success with some drawbacks, and 6 or below is unfortunately a failure. Sometimes these will be modified for difficult tasks, which you will be informed of in advance. Now, there are some immediate decisions that must be made. Firstly, as your High Priest Hera has hinted at, you need a name and two colours. Your colours don’t really matter, but your name will determine how people view you to begin with, and may hint towards some of your character’s personality in-story. For example, let’s say you want to be called Redcross the Healer, and you want Red and White as your colours. You would type the following in your post: 1) What will be the Returned character's name? [X] Redcross the Healer 2) What colours does the Returned character bear? Pick two. [X] White [X] Red Obviously, these two are ones you have free reign on, and the above are just examples :P. Returned have a body based on their own idealised view of themselves. The actual detail of their body will be more-or-less based on your Physique, Charm and Wits, but their general appearance is still something to decide. 3) What appearance does the main character have? [X] Masculine [X] Feminine [X] Androgynous Finally, while your Returned has an unknown past, they will have some bleed in of skills and memories from their previous life. Vote for two of the below in each category; The highest-voted category will get +1, the second will get +0, and the third will get -1. Don't worry too much about your starting stats, as there will be opportunities for you to improve them within the story, and previous actions can also make rolls more (or less) likely to succeed as well. This will give you a spread of stats between +2 and -2, averaging 0. 4) What kind of person were they before? [X] Martially Inclined (Physique, Resources) [X] Socially Inclined (Charm, Influence) [X] Mentally Inclined (Wits, Spirit) 5) What kind of company did they prefer? [X] Workers and Tradesmen (Physique, Wits) [X] High Society (Resources, Influence) [X] Thieves and Rogues (Charm, Spirit) You will begin with 5th Heightening, granted by a Returned Breath. Using this Breath will kill your character – but perhaps that is how the story goes. So, that is the start, and the rules. I hope people are interested in this and where it will go. You don't need to 'register' for this or anything, but I'd be very happy to see people in the thread, discussing events or the options available to you. Don't hesitate to debate with other players, or ask any questions you might have of anything. Let me know your thoughts, hopes and dreams - I swear I'm a merciful GM, as most people from the SE section will tell you! Well, at least I'm honest about things when asked, and don't go out of my way to mess with things. So don't let that put you off! This is an experiment as much as a story. Much like the Heirs game I ran, it's a very different thing to what usually happens on the forum, and I hope it inspires others to join in, or maybe consider their own. Who knows, maybe we'll have a subforum for these too . But we're getting ahead of ourselves. For now, I hope you enjoy Chromaticity.
  2. So as of late I have been pondering how exactly Hoid has such a seemingly insurmountable healing factor and how he has managed to live such a long time. Well I think we might have some clues from the; fused, returned, heralds, and our beloved survivor. All of whom found a way to keep themselves anchored to the physical/cognitive realm and refrain from passing on. The common denominator of course is that Shards and likely heavy amounts of investiture were involved. Why is this relevant? Well I think Hoid might actually have gone through a similar process during the shattering, since we know he was the only one there to refuse a shard (at least as of now) we don't know what impact the shattering might have had on the rest of those present when Adonalsium was killed. Anyway I think the shattering may have released enough investiture to give Hoid the same kind of immortality cognitive shadows have, he was just fortunate enough to still have his body at the time. As I read on the coppermind odium gave the fused a portion of his power so they could become cognitive shadows, but since they lack an anchor to the physical realm they require hosts. Heralds on the other hand have no bodies created for them at the start of each desolation. While I must concede neither the Heralds or Fused share Hoid's healing ability and this does somewhat hurt my theory I do think it is worth noting that Honor, Odiun, and Endowment are just shards yet they are able to create immortals. One could only imagine the magnitude of investiture Adonalsium must have had within it and I doubt that God went quietly into whatever awaited it. So I think the fact Hoid was alive and therefore tied to the physical realm gave him a more potent immortality and is why he seems simply unable to die. Hence, why nothing save Nightblood (seemingly the embodiment of entropy for the cosmere) well known to devour investiture is one of the few weapons that seems capable of causing him lasting harm. As always I must acknowledge this is just a crazed theory and I admittedly do not have much supporting evidence for my inference. I do hope you enjoyed this idea though. Sorry, also forgot to mention Elantrians who are also immortal, seemed unfair to leave them out. Yet another edition. As for why the others took up shards when they might have already been immortal. Well I think they just might not have been aware, and were likely eager to become gods.
  3. Hey guys, new here. By the way really like your work Brian! anyways, I was re-reading "Words of Radiance" and towards the end of the book after the the assassin in white is killed, he is revived by one of the heralds and is given a black sword that can talk. this reminded me of the sword from "warbreaker" and also how wit was in that book too. are there any assumptions or theories or lore as to how these two books are connected ?
  4. In Warbreaker Vasher is shown to be able to remove memories through self awakening ? What ?
  5. From the album Quotes

    My life to yours. My breath become yours. The next try at handlettering. Bad quality due to scanning/photography-issues...
  6. From the album Nalthis Landscapes and Characters

    A painting sketch of how I imagined the streets of T'Telir. My excuse to go overboard on colors.
  7. I was doing a reread of TWOK, and at the end of chapter 26:Stillness, there is noted that purple ichor spurts out of a chasmfiend as Adolin reaches inside to grab a gemheart. I also recently listened to the Five Scholars shardcast in which they reference the importance of Yesteel being the one to discover ichor alcohol. Could this possible mean that Yesteel has been to Roshar and developed it from the purple ichor from the animals of Roshar? I say animals because in the prologue of TWOK Kalak notices purple blood on the ground, as well it is stated in the books that axehounds have purple blood. Is this just coincidence I am noticing or is there something noteworthy here? I am not good with the timelines on when each book in the Cosmere unfolds. Could Yesteel be responsible for some life on Roshar, like the chasmfiends? My speculations, probably common speculation would assume that Roshar's Shattered Plains and surrounding areas could have been underwater at some point, given the description of life and environments. Chasmfiend being very crustacean esque, and the plant life being very ocean like. Is this life on Roshar strictly due to evolution or experiments of Yesteel in his pursuit to discover ichor alcohol? Or is all of this just a huge rabbit hole tangent my brain went down? Either way any thoughts or speculations?
  8. Scenario time: Lets say you where a herald and you had just died ..... But instead of being tortured on Braize the voidbringers did research on you and decided to send you off somewhere else in the cosmere. To endure the worst that planet has to offer. Basically what I'm asking is what cosmere torture would you not want to endure for four thousand years.
  9. Now it's time for, shockingly, a podcast that isn't on Roshar! We're heading to Nalthis, the world of Warbreaker, and we're here to discuss some of the most important individuals on that planet: the Five Scholars! These are early cosmere scholars and researchers of Awakening, and you know, one of them created this little thing called Nightblood. I'm sure it's not that important... So refresh yourself on all of what we know on the Five Scholars, the Manywar, and more! This week we have Eric (Vasher), Ian (Yesteel), Evgeni (Denth), David (Arsteel), and Grace (Shashara). Well, at least until I killed her. Look, it had to be done. Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]!
  10. I’ve read WoR twice and am in the process of re-reading OB and I knew that there was a crossover in OB but I didn’t know anyone else crossed over (except Nightblood) Well, I ended up to the coppermind for something entirely different and fell into the rabbit hole that led me to Azure and Zahel How the heck did anyone know/guess who they actually are and is their identity confirmed by Brandon Sanderson?
  11. I've recently reread Warbreaker, and I've been wondering why the Returned can't have children. After all, some of their other physiological functions, like muscle movement and blood flow (eating and sleeping aren't necessary (which reminds me; do the Returned go to the toilet?), for some reason) still work. So why can't they have kids? Well, it could be to do with the fact that pregnancy requires sperm cells to ferment egg cells, and for the zygote to implant itself into the womb, which takes a while to occur. So, could it be that for a Returned can't have children because their reproductive cells die before the zygote can implant itself in the womb? If the sperm/egg cells run out of Breath before the zygote reaches the womb walls (I don't know the technical term), it would die, so the woman, Returned or otherwise, wouldn't get pregnant. This would still allow for Returned or their partners to become pregnant; it would either require the sperm cells to already have some amount of Breath (which would be why care whether or not Siri had sex with Susebron; she could still get pregnant since Susebron had a lot of Breath on top the one that allowed him to Return), or for the zygote to be given a Breath before it would consume the breath that allowed it to Return, which would give it time to impregnate the woman. But, for the first theory to work, there must clearly be some level of uncertainty in whether the woman would get pregnant. Otherwise, why would some of the Godkings before Susebron (the one that appears in Warbreaker, not the ones before him) not have had children? Of course, it could have been that he (the Susebrons before the one in Warbreaker) or his wife was infertile, but I find that unlikely; he could have just remarried. I think the amount of Breath the sperm or egg cell holds is proportional to its size compared to the rest of the body; tiny. Each sperm or egg cell would only hold a trillionth of what the total body holds, an extremely tiny amount. The cell could easily consume it, and then go on to consume the Breath that made it Return. However, that is the amount that the whole body consumes, not the amount that those cells consume. So, the amount that the cells would consume would also be extraordinarily small. However, only the Godking gets more than one Breath a week, so only he would be able to get his partner (in this case Siri) pregnant. So, that would explain why Susebron, but not other Returned, can have children; they simply don't have enough Breath. But, for fun, I still want to calculate just how much Breath Susebron currently holds. So, assuming he gets 3 Breaths a week, of which he consumes 1 (per week), he would receive a net total of +2 Breaths a week. 2 Breaths per week x 52 Breaths in a year x 52 years (Warbreaker says around 50, so I'm going 51/2) = 13,520. He also has the store of 50,000 Breaths that is passed down from Godking to Godking, which makes it 63,520 Breaths. Add that to the Breath that allowed him to Return, which is equivalent to about 2,000 ordinary Breaths, and he has a grand total of 65,520 Breaths! So, even without the 50,000 Breaths that was given to him when he was born, he has enough to reach the Eight Heightening, allowing him to Break Commands. This is far from the 50,000 he needs to reach the Tenth Heightening, but even this is far more Breath than most throughout Nalthis' history have ever held. I don't know that much about pregnancy, so I could well be extremely wrong. If you know more, please correct me!
  12. Hey, I have heard a lot of chatter about Warbreaker’s leatherbound edition coming out this year, do we have any info on this because I am super excited about this book!
  13. So I was thinking about the realmatic theory of how hoid's powers work. My theory is that somehow, he combines sand mastery with allomancy, the resonance creating an ability to connect you to hoid's story. This is (kind of) supported by Hoid's explanation of how he got his powers in Warbreaker as “ “I learned it many, many years ago from a man who didn’t know who he was, your majesty. It was a distant place where two lands meet and gods have died.” This possibly could refer to the well of ascension and his encounter with Kelsier in secret history.
  14. This is the cosplay I pieced together for JordanCon2019. It was a lot of fun!
  15. Not sure if it was discussed here already, and it's not exactly on topic, but I've been reading the book for the past few days, and I can't stop thinking about the way of healing that can be used to cure any and all physical diseases very efficiently. All you need is one person with high enough awakening and one Drab. Basically, the patient gives his Breath to Drab (I think just giving it to random item might also work, but not sure if a person with one breath can even infuse it into the item), then the "healer" gives his breath to the patient, the patient is cured of all ailments, and then the breath is returned to the healer, and original breath is returned by the drab to the patient. Surely there might be some crimes involved (e.g. breath terrorism, when someone pretends to be I'll and takes the breath of a healer, and then refuses to return it), but with necessary precautions it's possible to eliminate most of the problems. (E.g. performing healing in a specific colorless room so the patient can't awaken and run away, etc.). Still it's a bit risky, since someone might just refuse to give up stolen breath even if they are threatened to be killed, and I'm not sure how to solve this problem completely (unless it's possible to force anyone to give up their breath using torture, but that's probably not true). Very few people would be willing to try and steal from healers, if it was established as the highest offense. Sure, if they succeed, they can gain potential immortality, but if they are tortured and crippled permanently, breath won't help with that, so there is little point unless you want to specifically destroy the big quantity of Breath at a cost of your life. Which still may be a viable enough reason for the spies/terrorists of the enemy countries, but that's pretty much it. Please correct me if I'm missing something, but to me this sounds like a very viable method, and even the most pious members of both religions should be able to see the clear benefits of using it. There are no downsides besides the point that one person needs to hold a large quantity of Breaths of different people. But as long as those people are willingly sold those Breaths (which already happens anyway), or just donated/sold the Breath before their death (since it doesn't seem like Breath is actually a soul, just some sort of power). It doesn't seem like the Breath of a dying person is significantly worse than breath of a healthy person, as long as enough breathes are collected this way, a healer can be born. Healer himself will get an obvious benefit of living an extremely long life, even though his position comes with obvious risks (e.g. their life is worth a ton of money, so they are an obvious target for kidnappers). There is also a risk that healer may try and escape, but it can be solved by treating healers like monks (e.g. if they give up on their position, they will have to return the breath, while their original breath can also be temproarily given to a Drab working at the temple).
  16. I was in bed trying to sleep when a thought popped into my head. In Warbreaker, it says that a God King can heal a lot of people at a time (the stomach aches). Can he only heal physical ailments? Can he heal the mentally sick? And could he, theoretically, heal the rift between Idris and Hallendren? What do you guys think?
  17. Ok so I'm new here so please forgive my total lack of knowledge. I've read mistborn era one and 2, the stormlight archive l, and just finished Warbreaker. While looking through the forums I've noticed a lot of stuff about a Kelsier side story. What is this and where can I find it!? Have a lot of other questions but I'll go one at a time.
  18. I just finished reading Warbreaker for the first time and was puzzled by how the meeting between Susebron and Vasher played out. A few questions: Why was this meeting necessary at all? Why couldn't Vasher just send his phantoms to destroy the lifeless army on his own? Vasher's great fear was giving Hallandren/Susebron control of this invincible army, so why go through him at all? Why does Vasher tell Susebron he was responsible for having his tongue cut out? It seems that Vasher told the priests to "protect" the breaths, but the priests independently decided how to do so. Susebron does not seem to mind that he spent 50 years without a tongue. How much of this does Susebron understand at this point? When Vasher tells Susebron that he left "a wealth of power" here "some time ago" that he asked the priests to protect and promised to someday "recover". I assume that the wealth of power he is referring to are the thousands and thousands of breaths that Vasher/Peacegiver entrusted to the priests and that Susebron currently holds. Does this imply that Vasher intends (or perhaps intended?) to retake the Hallandren throne, or at least the God-King's breaths, someday? Susebron then kneels before Vasher and addresses him as "my lord". Why was Susebron not more suspicious of Vasher? Could not Denth have spun the same story? And in any case, why would Susebron kneel? They are both Returned, but Susebron is the current God-King with the overwhelming number of breaths. Was Susebron sufficiently learned in Hallandren lore to identify Vasher as Talaxin/Kalad/Strifelover/Peacegiver? Thanks in advance for any clarifications!
  19. A infographic map created of Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere. Detailing magic systems, shards states and planets.
  20. I read Warbreaker, but it seems a lot of time has passed since then. Vivenna is a very different person (the obvious part being that she can fight hecka good). Do we have any information on why?
  21. From the album Warbreaker Doodles

    I know it's not very good, but I wanted to put it on anyway.
  22. From the album Warbreaker Doodles

    Sorry that it's sideways! (Stupid phone) I made her hair red because in the book, Susebron asks her to change her hair red because he likes it that way.
  23. I'm really curious about this. I know she has four siblings, and I think there may be two years difference between each of them, but I don't remember at the moment. Help please?
  24. So I've been thinking. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a Breath from a Returned heals you right? So since Lightsong gave his Breath to Susebron, does that mean that he could possibly be able to have kids with Siri now? The royal locks had to have come from somewhere, so maybe has this happened before? Can Siri have a kid with Susebron now? Hmm...
  25. This post is to theorize about Nightblood: how he was made, and why he's so powerful. Warbreaker spoilers ahoy! What we know about Nightblood's' creation: -- Nightblood was made by a group of scholars trying to make a Shardblade using Awakening (Warbreaker) -- At least one of the scholars had worldhopped to Roshar and seen Shardblades (WoB) -- His creation involved around 1000 Breaths (Warbreaker) -- "Something more" than just 1000 Breaths was required (WoB) -- Nightblood has grown more powerful with time (WoB) Now of course one simple explanation is that Nightblood started off with no more Investure than those 1000 Breaths -- barely a fiftieth of what the god-king has and probably not too far off from a Radiant spren, and grew stronger over time by consuming other Investure. In support of this theory, we know that Nightblood seems to get somnolent after being unsheathed, like a person after a full meal, and we also know that some creatures (like Larken) can eat Investure. This explanation falls a little flat, though, when we consider the sheer amount of growth required to go from ~1000 Breaths to "the most Invested object in the Cosmere". Nightblood doesn't get wielded all that much -- he can't, given the speed at which he goes through his holder's own Breath, so it seems pretty unlikely that he'd have the chance to eat the millions (billions?) of Breaths' worth of Investure required. Having Nightblood gaining power by taking others' Investure has another problem, too -- at least, if his Investure comes solely from Endowment. Endowment's Breaths are all about giving to another person, not taking from another person. If Nightblood were made solely from Breath, this sort of consumption would be antithetical to the nature of Breath and Endowment. But what if his Investure weren't entirely from Endowment? Minor Mistborn spoiler: But I would like to draw your attention to another Shard that is about taking stuff, at least if his injunction to Dalinar to "Give me your pain" and the subsuming of Moash's passion are any indication. Everybody's favorite Rosharan Shard, Odium. It's also worth noting that all of his Unmade are about destruction. Sja-anat corrupts spren, Yelig-nar consumes his users, the Thrill drives entire armies to destroy each other. Why is this noteworthy? Because Nightblood's Awakened Command is to "Destroy evil." It's time to jump off the deep end, folks. What if Nightblood were made not just with 1000 Breaths -- not even primarily with 1000 Breaths -- but using as its base one of the Unmade themselves? Sound crazy? It is. (That's why I entitled this thread Crazy Theory Time.) But that doesn't mean there isn't evidence to support it. First of all, note that there's at least one missing Unmade. One indication is from the chapter headings: Another possible missing Unmade is in the fact that there are apparently only nine of them, when what we know about Roshar suggests that there probably ought to have been ten. So take your pick, whether from the chapter headings or from the nine/ten discrepancy. At least one Unmade is unaccounted for. Second, note that Nightblood bleeds black smoke. You know who else bleeds black smoke? The Midnight Mother, one of the Unmade. Although my memory's not the greatest, I believe that the Unmade and their works are the only instance in all the Cosmere where we've seen black smoke, other than Nightblood. Third, remember that at least one and perhaps all of the Five Scholars had been to Roshar (at the very least, Vasher knows how to get there). Remember too that the Manywar was going on at the time too, leading to an arms race. We know from Warbreaker that there was an arms-race with Lifeless; and we also know that Ysteel, like Vasher and Shashara, knew how to make Awakened swords (presumably Denth and Arsteel did, too). So it seems at least plausible that there would have been an arms-race with Awakened swords as well. So you've got a group of people who've been to Roshar, have observed the shardblade/spren interaction, and who were in the midst of an ever-greater arms race. Investure's a lot easier to get at on Roshar than it is on Nalthis, and at least some spren can already turn into Shardblades. Plus, spren can be stuffed into gemstones for convenient transportation. Why restrict yourself solely to Breaths when you've got all that convenient Rosharan Investure just sitting there? It doesn't seem like too much of a stretch that one of them would have thought to stuff the biggest spren of all -- one of the mindless Unmade -- into a gem for convenient Shardblade repurposing. In this case, the thousand Breaths would have been more of a...modification to the Unmade's original drive than a true Command. Not mindless destroying, but destroying evil. And hey presto, that gives you one of the most Invested objects in all the Cosmere. It gives you, in short, Nightblood.