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Found 8 results

  1. Who would win a Fullborn or a 5th ideal Windrunner. This has a lot of different angles we could take and i think it will be cool to explore!
  2. So, say that each planet in the cosmere had to fight the modern military on earth. For balance reasons, I'm going to say that every planet can match the earth's population and has more magic users than they do in canon. Here's my ranking on how this would go. Also, we're removing all location locks & sourcing issues because it's more interesting. Everyone can access their magic just as well as they could on their home world. The earth subastral we'll say is completely uninhabited before the cosmerenauts get there, since the earthlings can't get in. No shards. 1- Roshar: Flight, transmutation, healing, illusions, teleportation, and decay. widespread healing factors. Bulletproof armor & shields. Weapons that can cut through any amount of earthly armor. Weapon's that could turn into a gun, if they knew how. Lasers & radiation blasting, if they knew they existed. 2- Sel. Super versatile abilities, increased physicals, light healing factors. Their main drawback is speed. They can't do comlex things quickly, and they don't have any good defense against bullets or bombs, especially if they don't know they're coming. 3- Scadrial. Experience with guns and motors, manipulation of guns and bullets, emotional influence, superspeed for bullet dodging. Enhanced dexterity, increased healing and speed. Increased mental speed would probably help aiming. The occasional compounder, who's varying levels of difficulty to pin down. Not giving them any mistborn though, since we're going off era 2 rules. They do have hemalurgy though, so a few powers could be mixed. 4- Nalthis. No Awakening metal, no increased durability, minimal mobility increases, low tech level. Thoughts? Do you agree, disagree? What are your own rankings?
  3. Okay, so I’m taking a little from Jedi vs Knight Radiants here but what about Knight Radiants vs allomancers? 1) mistborn vs Knight Radiant 2) misting vs Knight Radiant 3) feruchemist vs Knight Radiant 4) twinborn vs Knight Radiant 5) fullborn vs Knight Radiant 6) Kelsier vs Kaladin (or some other high end Radiants like Dalinar) You can pick the specific orders/oath level and metals and as @Duxredux has pointed out, you pick all the undefined parameters. 7) Awakening vs Knight Radiant 8) any magic system vs any other (the best users seen so far against each other specifically) 9) order vs order
  4. Mistborn vs jedi Fun idea, 4 pages of constant arguing much fun. now let’s bring it over here 1) each order of radiant 1v1 a Jedi (use averages not kaladin, or anakin) 2) each order 1v1 a sith 3) a person swallows Yelig-nar and must fight a Jedi with no practice 4) a person is practiced with yelig-nar but the Jedi is aware of the abilities (to make it fair) 5) the best of the best from both sides face off who wins 6) radiants vs droid army who wins, why? bonus round! Regular shardbearer vs padawan ground rules: 1a) lightsabers and shardblades bounce off each other, as per a WoB that I’m sure @Frustration can provide. 1b) sense shardblades and plate are made of nearly the same stuff, plate will react as being hit with a blade when struct with a lightsaber. 2) no fighting in one universe or the other, 3rd party world for our entrainment. (This doesn’t include how the force might work within the cosmer discussions) 3) give reason why/why not one side would win. ex: limited stormlight, higher durability, better healing
  5. the surges of growth/regrowth are said to influence the growth of living organisams gold healing accelerates growth can growth influence gold not to work as well as it should? limit it?
  6. So awhile ago at school, I was talking books with my friends. And one of my friends said that Dumbledore would win in a fight with Gandalf. Or at least that he liked him more. I (politely) raged. I proclaimed that (I love Dumbledore but) Gandalf is better and could most definitely win in a fight against Dumbledore! And if somebody (somehow) convinces me that Gandalf The Grey would lose, (and good luck with that) well then Gandalf the White would overpower him for sure no question, without a doubt. So lets debate! Who do you think is better? (Gandalf) Who do you think would win in a fight?(Gandalf) Who has better magical abilities?(Gandalf) And any other questions you guys can come up with. Pro Gandalf!
  7. I was looking for a similar thread but did not find one. I assume that one exists, so if it does, I'll happily go there. But now to the topic. One of the great things about hard magic and larger fictional universes is that we, as readers, can imagine great battles between the strongest of opponents. We can look at them from a logical point of view and compare strengths and weaknesses. But we can also imagine and share a whole setup and rules for a duel and write the whole fightscene similar to fan-fiction. This is a way to look at the characters, the martial arts and the magic system from a different perspective thats why I think it fits into Cosmere Discussion best. I will start with a Scenario. After the great duel in the Arena (Adolin+Renarin + Kaladin vs. 4 Shardbearers) Kaladin challenges Meridas Amaram. But in this (unrealistic) scenario now Adolin freaks out and gets overwhelmed by the thrill. Adolin attacks Kaladin. Everyone watching likes the scenario and and Kaladin fights for his live. Kaladin swears the 3rd ideal after a few blows of Adolin. (This may be interpreted as a Spoiler and is not important for the actual fight, read at you own risk) So the Fight is now Between Kaladin with Syl as Shardblade and a limited source of Stormlight. He got a boost when swearing the ideal but there are no other sources. And Adolin who is fueled by the Thrill and is a raging shardbearer similar to Dalinar's old days. Version one would be that Adolin got already out of the not workind shardplate, but I think that this would be too easy for Kaladin (If you think otherwise, please play with this scenario) Version two is, that we change the fight that happen before this so, that Adolin's shardeplate is in close to perfect condition. Let the battle begin. Kaladin vs Adolin Who would win?
  8. So, we finally got our first look at Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Did you watch the trailer yet? Go watch that and come back here and post your thoughts on it.