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Found 9 results

  1. Even though I am nowhere close to achieving it, the reputation title I want the most is Voidbringer (3000 Rep). I don't want to get any more than that, so that my title will stay the same. Is there a way to implement this so that people can keep the title they want once they've earned it? Also, help to become a Voidbringer is much obliged.
  2. Why do the Fused fight? They want to reclaim the land from the humans, but what is the end goal. Are the Fused going to live on Roshar? Are the Fused going to live with the singers? Are the Fused going to enter the Beyond and leave the land for the singers? What is their motivation?
  3. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    Early exploratory sketches of what thunderclasts might've looked like from descriptions.
  4. A piece I'm currently working on of Kaladin fighting a Voidbringer! I'm hoping I'll have time to finish it and do colors in the next week or two (I'm currently doing Nanowrimo) I'm currently doing a kickstarter to print and ship my other pieces of art before Christmas. I'll have my other Cosmere fanart available to preorder! If you want, you can check it out here: And yes, I double checked to make sure this was okay with Dragon Steel and is within their fanart policy ;)
  5. If I am late to this party, I apologize. I read WoK and WoR last year on a very superficial level. This month, I reread both before OB while taking copious notes on all three. And so I was among the genuinely shocked by the we-are-the-monsters reveal. We are the Voidbringers. But not all Roshar humans are Voidbringers, right? I mean, Kaladin and Dalinar have taken enormous steps in bridging the divide between humans and Parshendi. From the historical version of WoR: From the second viewing of Dalinar's first vision with Honor in WoK: And then from Oathbringer, we find an enormous rift between the Dustbringer spren (ashspren) and Honor and his Radiants: So Dustbringers = Voidbringers? And once Honor realizes that the Dustbringer-Voidbringers will bring about the True Desolation of the entire planet, he advocates the killing of ashspren? But that sprenicide might be the main impetus for the True Desolation in the first place, right? And so Odium wants us to turn against one another and squabble and bicker and make the Dustbringers angry. Humans will turn against one another and destroy themselves with the Voidbringer weapon of mass destruction. We are our own worst enemies, which is why he keeps telling Dalinar that he must "unite them." Unite the people. Unite the Radiants. (Unite the Heralds. Unite the humans and Parshendi. Unite the realms. Unite the Shards.)
  6. This is a theory I've been thinking about in regards to the desolation that we're about to see in the upcoming SA books and how it differs from the previous desolations that have occurred on Roshar in the past. At the end of WoR, Hoid and Jasnah have a conversation about the desolation and the everstorm. Hoid mentions that the everstorm is going to transform the parshmen into voidbringers, to which Jasnah replied that it didn't happen that way in the past. So I'm trying to speculate as to why that is. We, sort of, know that desolations occurred when the Heralds broke under the torture they were forced to endure in damnation and returned to Roshar. Here are the WoB where this is discussed: AhoyMatey Is a Desolation caused when a Herald breaks under torture? Brandon Sanderson This person is asking the right kinds of questions. and: Question What caused a Desolation to end? Was it just the defeat of Odium's forces? Because the Desolations start when the Heralds break under torture. Brandon Sanderson Because the Heralds can no longer be in existence. There is a certain period of time that they can be there, and after that, if they're there, they will start a new one. So the Heralds do need to leave for a Desolation to end. So something about the Heralds leaving "damnation" also allowed the voidbringers to come to Roshar (I won't open the can of worms of why or how but this seems pretty reasonable). So now that Taln has been broken and returned to Roshar, the Final Desolation has arrived. However, getting back to my point, it's different this time. My theory is that it's different this time because the parshmen are already inhabitants of Roshar. I think that in the past the voidbringers arrived on Roshar during the desolation, then were driven out by the Heralds and Knights Radiant. At the end of the supposed last desolation, the parshmen were subjugated rather then driven out of Roshar. So rather than the oathpact physically holding back the voidbringers, it had been preventing voidspren, as splinters of Odium, from crossing from the Cognitive realm into physical Roshar. When Taln broke and returned to Roshar, this block was removed, which I think is why the Stormfather tells Eshonai that he can't stop her transformation. So the Everstorm brings with it the voidspren and will transform parshmen where as previously the desolations occurred when the voidbringers themselves returned to Roshar. Sidenote: some question I would like to ask Brandon is whether parshmen or listeners inhabited Roshar between desolations and if Eshonai would have been able to bond to the stormspren before Taln arrived on Roshar.
  7. Hi everyone! I've been a lurker for quite a long time on these forums and finally decided to contribute to the awesome discussion here. I searched the forums and nobody seemed to have brought this topic up yet. I was re-reading WoK for the release of Words of Radiance and noticed something really interesting. After the hunting party kills the chasmfiend, Dalinar is observing the body and notices some spren rising from its body. I'm going to quote the passage (from chapter 15) because it's so easy to miss: So, there are spren that look like smoke that leave the chasmfiend's (or any greatshell's) body after it dies. Then reading Dalinar vision a few chapters later I come across this: The "Midnight Essences," which are not Voidbringers but are a harbinger of the coming Desolation, seem to be filled almost entirely by smoke. A couple more things: Also, a picture that Jasnah found of a Voidbringer looks suspiciously like a chasmfiend, and even though Dalinar dismisses the rendering, I can't believe that's all there is to it. Spoiler from Words of Radiance: My theory from all of this is that smoke is a sign of Odiom's investiture in Roshar. The chasmfiends greatshells are a leftover from the last Desolation, and there is still a residual amount of Investiture left over that leaves when the chasmfiend greatshell is killed. When the next Desolation comes, Odium or will take over and control it. I had a whole 'nother tie in with deathspren and red eyes, but this is long enough as it is. What do you guys think? Edit: Changed chasmfiend to greatshell
  8. For the longest time I've only had the audiobook of The Way of Kings, so for my birthday I decided to get a signed copy. Since I heard that you could ask a question when you got it personalized I asked: "Is the Rear Endsheat about Cultivation's or Odium's magic system? Does it involve Fabrials, Gemhearts, or Voidbringers?" This was my response: For the record I don't think the current theory about it being Odium's system for Voidbringers is correct. I think that it is Cultivation's magic system, involving the use of gemhearts from certain greatshells to create the fabrials that replicate the various surges. Unfortunately, when I tried to make my question fit within the character limit on the personalization, I left the question a little to open ended. I'm trying to decided if this tells us anything new, so I'm posting it here for help. There is also a mark on the top of the book near the Interludes between Part 3 and 4, but I don't think that means anything. If Peter or Brandon reads this, I would like to say Thank You. I know asking for this right near the release of WoR couldn't have made things easier, so I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me.
  9. Had a thought on the relationship between Chasmfiends and Parshmen yesterday, though it has been a couple months since I read WoK. If I recall correctly, the released excerpts from Words of Radiance confirmed that the Parshmen do take on different forms. Forgive my haste, I haven't gone back to confirm what I am thinking, but I believe I remember that these transformations have to do with their interaction with different kinds of spren? So let me throw something your way: What if Chasmfiends are the reaction between Parshmen and Death spren? Perhaps the reason the Parshendi are so obsessed with dealing with their own dead is because if they do not, they will turn into Chasmfiends over time.They could even be working for the inverse goal. Maybe it is some kind of honor to be turned into a Chasmfiend, and toying with the body limits your ability to attain godhood or something of the sort? Maybe they purposely sacrifice certain Parshendi to grow gemhearts in this way? It does explain their weird obsession with handling the dead. Now I'm not sure if this explanation has been debunked yet, but I thought this thread might be an interesting discussion, if not just a confirmation that I should stop thinking about this.