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Found 113 results

  1. So in HoA Vin is supposed to go see hoid about something but as she's walking up she gets a sense that something is wrong so she turns around and leaves without a word. This scene mirrors the one is Secret History when Kelsier finds Hoid and touches him and gets jolt through his "body" I just realized that the reason Vin turned around was because Kelsier got through to Vin's mind/subconscious and told her not to talk to him I love how much foresight Brandon has when it comes to things like this. This WoB is relevant: Brandon Sanderson No, that was something I wanted to do from the beginning. I was inspired by Isaac Asimov combining his Robots books and his Foundation books, and he did it late in his career. It kind of felt a bit hacked together a bit, but it blew my mind when he did it and, as a writer, I always thought, what if somebody did this from the get-go. The actual origins of the kind of worldhoppers for me was reading books as a teenager and inserting Hoid into them. I really did this.... Do you read books and you like change what is happening in the book, or maybe it's just a me thing? I would have my character interacting with the characters in the books, in my head, as I played the movie of that book in my head, while I was reading it, and there was this character hopping between worlds, with this knowing smirk on his face. And so, when I was working on Elantris I said, "OK", I knew I had something in that book that was good, that was important, that was relevant, I was very confident in that book. It was my sixth novel, by the way, so I kind of had a handle on these things, and so that's when I decided I'm going to start doing some of this, I'm going to insert Hoid into this and I'm going to start planning this larger epic. It was particularly important to me because I knew I was not going to write a sequel to Elantris immediately, but I wanted to be writing epic stories, and the reason I didn't want to write a sequel to Elantris is because, if an editor rejected Elantris I wanted to be able to send them another book, because when you're getting close to publishing you'll start getting rejections that are like "This is actually a really good book, it doesn't fit our line, you just wrote a great mystical llama book but we just bought one of those, do you have anything else?". I wanted to be able to send them "here's my next thing" rather than "oh, I've got a sequel to the one you just rejected". And so I sat down and wrote the sequel, which was not a sequel, it was called Dragonsteel, which was Hoid's origin story. And then I jumped forward and I wrote White Sand which is another book connected to all these things and it went on, you know, it went crazy from there. And then when I actually sold Elantris it was already going and already in there, and I was able to sit down and write Mistborn, well in hand, knowing what was going to happen. That's why you find Hoid in Elantris and Mistborn and the sneaky, the scary-- well, it's not sneaky and it's not scary-- the moment in the third book when Vin gets creeped out by Hoid is a very important moment, Cosmerologically, but I'm not going to tell you why! Shadows of Self Newcastle UK signing (Oct. 20, 2015)
  2. So I’m doing a relisten of the well of ascension audiobook, and in chapter 24, it says “she[Vin] had asked Clubs to burn bronze, and he had claimed to hear nothing from the north. Either he was the Kandra, lying to her about his ability to burn bronze, or Vin could hear a rhythm that nobody else could.” clubs is a smoker, and burns copper, so this is an error obviously, (and I’ve never found an error like this before, so I’m pretty excited). (It made me think of the DND 5e magic system where you pick which spells you want prepared every day, and how it would be cool if mistings could change their ability every morning, but could never have more than one). Anyways, anyone else find any interesting errors like this in the books?
  3. I don't know if I am just very late into Mistborn characters' morality discussions or if these things were really just sadly overlooked. While Stormlight characters have multiple topics analyzing them, I've found very few doing the same for Mistborn characters, with Kelsier being the one notable exception. There have been previous topics discussing Kelsier in this context such as: My thoughts regarding the same, well, I think that the stakes as well as the context for his hatred made his actions quite understandable: the Nobles were gits, who practiced extortion, slavery, rape and mass executions. Kelsier intended to die and with his plans with the Kandra, to inspire the Skaa via the one element that Sazed recounted lasted the longest against the Lord Ruler: religion. He did have a very high opinion of himself and wanted to leave quite the legacy behind by becoming a god, he ultimately had no concrete plans for dealing with the Lord Ruler or the Inquisitors, and what he did could be seen as a form of escapism. Does this make him a bad person? I was talking with @Michael Marssen regarding the morality of characters from Stormlight and Mistborn, about Shallan & Dalinar, and the big four of the original Mistborn trilogy: Vin, Elend, Kelsier, Sazed. I will quote my thoughts on Kel, Vin and Elend from this conversation for expediency's sake ~Stormlight, Oathbringer spoiler~ But there has already been enough discussion on this character. So, I won't rehash those and instead move on two other characters who I believe should also be discussed within the same frame: the main couple, Vin & Elend Vin Vin notes herself to be a creature of instinct and in WoA muses that she isn't a judge but an executioner... or something along those lines, I forget the exact quote. The highlight here is her wholesale slaughter of the Cett soldiers while sparing only Ashweather Cett himself, intending to also kill his son Gneorndin for trying to defend his father. Elend I really feel iffy about the two executions that Elend committed: of his former friend Jastes Lekal and the Skaa soldier, Bilg. For those who've forgotten, Jastes Lekal was a fellow idealist and compatriot of Elend Venture and Telden Hasting. They often met at balls and discussed politics. After the collapse of the Final Empire, Jastes fled Luthadel to his home Dominance where he tried to implement several of Elend's ideas in governing his lands, such as freedom and political honesty, which was seen as a sign of weakness and led to his family members were culled off by the new rulers when they took control. He became unhinged and recruited an army of Koloss by paying them with fake coins to beseige Luthadel. He was caught by Elend trying to flee in the aftermath and summarily had his head lopped off. Bilg was a Skaa who was sceptical about the chances of a successful skaa rebellion. He just wanted to live. He saw through Kelsier's charisma & realized they were being led to suicide. Kelsier used him & Demoux to turn the tide of opinion by having the two duke it out by Rioting Bilg's emotions and supporting Demoux with steelpushes and ironpulls. Kelsier intended to kill him but Demoux resisted. In WoA, he gets involved in a scuffle between the Mistfallen and the other soldiers, started by Midge (actually accidentally started by Kelsier, as seen in Mistborn: Secret History) who claimed that the Mistborn were holy and chosen by the Survivor. Their general, Demoux had to interfere, punched his general in the face right when Elend joined the scene. According to the law instituted by Elend, he had to execute Bilg, even though Demoux pleaded to only throw the man in solitary. Another point of contention for me, as I mentioned, was Elend became a military dictator. Again, as I said, I understand the stakes and I do love him for his selflessness and willingness to die for his beliefs, which he displayed twice, but he also basically went democracy is for later, now we fight. And he inspired others to fight and die... um, a quality that is praised in real life too, especially in soldiers but it's one of the heroic qualities I'm most uncomfortable with. So, what did you guys feel about the original Mistborn trilogy characters?
  4. So, at the end of HoA, Vin Ascends to face Ruin and kills Ati (Ruin's Vessel), dying in the process. Now, when Vin "threw her power" against Ruin they "collided and repelled each other", which resulted in the death of both Vessels. Notably, we know that neither Preservation nor Ruin were Splintered during this process, as Sazed Ascended shortly thereafter. That being said, what (cosmerologically speaking) happened when Vin "threw herself" against Ati? How can you kill a Vessel without Splintering them? Are all Shards opposed in such a way that mere "physical contact" damages their Vessels?
  5. From the album Mistborn Art

  6. It’s been a while since I posted on here but I figured I’d share some custom cosmere figures I’ve done. I am an action figure collector and found the lack of Cosmere figures aggravating so I made some myself. So far I’ve done Ham, Vin and Kelsier and I’m almost finished with a Szeth and Adolin with a Spook, Breeze, Kaladin, Shallan and Dalinar in the works. I would like to someday finish off the main casts of Stormlight and Mistborn and then the rest of the Cosmere books when I get around to reading them. Thanks for checking out my work sorry that these are tilted weird. Couldn’t figure out how to fix it UPDATE: I recently finished some Stormlight figures. Here we have Shallan Davaar, Adolin Kholin and Szeth. Shallan Davaar is my favorite Stormlight character and the most frustrating of the six to work on. She is a mix of three different figures so all of her pieces don’t fit together perfectly. It ended up working out well in the end. From the neck down is all custom paint/ dye and her safe hand was sculpted by me. Next is my other favorite Stormlight character, Adolin! He was really fun to paint and he’s probably my favorite of the six. All the armor was originally silver and the hair is also painted. The shardblade is hand sculpted, that’s why it’s not super accurate. Helmet can fit on him as well. Last is Szeth, Assassin in white. He is probably the most simple of all six. All he needed was a few symbols removed from the white clothes and he was done. His blade also needed heavy modifications seen as it was designed for six inch figures. thanks for taking a look at my work! Really appreciate it!
  7. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Finally sat down to draw cosmere stuff! Here is a character request meme from twitter and we have a bunch of popular ones here 1st line: Kelsier, Vin, Rashek 2nd line: Shallan, Evil!Dalinar as Odium’s champion, Kaladin 3rd line: Frost, Sazed, Shalash (*Kelsier wink* Thanks for your love <3)
  8. From the album Mistborn

  9. From the album My Art

    Posted this on my twitter a while back after I finished the first Mistborn trilogy- just a simple animation of Vin overlooking the Luthadel skyline.
  10. I always loved much of the playful relationship between Vin and Elend and nothing topped it more for me than when they finally got to dance and Elend of course immediately pulls out a book. I can only imagine how exasperated and yet amused Vin must have felt. I also loved the idea of her simple, but elegant black dress and him in his white uniform. Such a contrasting look, though there weren’t a ton of descriptive details to work with, so I took some liberties. Anyways, I wanted to do a piece involving that scene and so this was the result. Hope you all enjoy!
  11. I always loved much of the playful relationship between Vin and Elend and nothing topped it more for me than when they finally got to dance and Elend of course immediately pulls out a book. I can only imagine how exasperated and yet amused Vin must have felt. I also loved the idea of her simple, but elegant black dress and him in his white uniform. Such a contrasting look, though there weren’t a ton of descriptive details to work with, so I took some liberties. Anyways, I wanted to do a piece involving that scene and so this was the result. Hope you all enjoy!
  12. Does anyone else see parts of D'naa in both Shallan and even more in Vin? (Especially in Vin - they both are described similarly.)
  13. From the album Fanart

    Vin is one of my favourite fictional characters of all time so I just had to draw her! This is a redraw of a piece I scetched around 2 years ago and I really like how it turned out!
  14. A random thing I did :)
  15. From the album Fan-art

    I posted vid of this already, but here's a pic.
  16. From the album Homemade Hero of Ages Movie Poster

    For anyone wondering, Vin is on the left, Elend on the right, and an abstraction of Ruin/Marsh in the middle.
  17. So, um, Hi! I am new here and just finished Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. I would be curious about the opinions of others on Vin's death. It is interesting. I have to say, I do prefer The final Empire to the others. I have never really been a big fan of the books in which the main character dies in the end. Mistborn is an exception, being one of my facorite books of all time. I would like to see if any one else would have liked Vin to stay alive or thought that the death was fitting for the story.
  18. From the album Vin

    Vin and TenSoon. I will update this when better lighting is available.
  19. From the album Vin

    Vin and Shan's single combat near the end of The Final Empire.

    © suckydrawingsbyac©

  20. So I made a few quick sketches during the work week so I couldn't put a lot of time into them. Here they are. The first one is Vin's only dagger. (she broke the other in the 2nd part of The Final Empire) The second one is Vin at the 2nd part of The Final Empire. The third one is the shardblade called Oathbringer.
  21. From the album Vin

    This is Vin at the middle of the Final Empire. It is the finnished sketch.
  22. From the album Misborn Doodles

    I wasn't planning on posting this, but it was on the top of a picture I posted in my thread, but someone said they liked it, so here it is.
  23. From the album Vin

    A less cropped Vin.
  24. From the album Vin

    This was a very quick sketch. I posted it before I was finnished. It reflects in the art, dosn't it. It is also badly cropped to be able to fit. But yeah, this is Vin at the middle of the Final Empire.