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Found 4 results

  1. So, this is something that has been bugging me for a while. In the epigraphs of the Way of Kings (possibly WoR, I haven’t checked ‘cause I’m lazy) it says that Odium is the most dangerous of the 16 Shards. So, if Odium is the antagonist of the Stormlight Archive, then who will be the antagonist of the greater Cosmere plot? The answer: Odium himself. Let me explain. It has been established that Odium is raising an army to fight in a “greater war.” Whether Taravangian is continuing this plot is a matter of debate, but for the purpose of this theory, I’ll assume he is. It seems like Taravangian would want to rule the cosmere so that he could “save” it. So, I believe either KoW or SA 10 will end with Odium being freed from Roshar and going to go raise his army somewhere else during the time between SA and Era 4 Mistborn. It would be a nice ending for the SA characters, but it would leave loose ends for Era 4 to tie up. Let me know if I missed anything obvious. Or, if you have any thoughts that might help me expand on this.
  2. Hi all, I'm a huge fan of Brandon's work, and I've been reading the Mistborn books, so I thought I'd make a bit of fan-art. Enjoy
  3. Once upon a time on a local RP board, a Sanderfan concocted a villainous character named Nighthound. Nighthound was so depraved, so sadistic, so universally despised, that the players of the RP took to repeating the sentence "And then Nighthound died" to themselves just to cope. Eventually other sadistic characters were concocted, and the tradition was expanded into a full list. The ATTD list, we called it--short for "And Then They Died." Ladies and gentlemen, this is your chance to get in on this fine tradition. In this thread we will assemble the absolute worst villains from the world of fiction, the villains who are so awful, so horrifically devious, that the reader can do nothing but hope and pray for the page that spells this character's untimely demise. We will assemble a list, so all may desire these villains' deaths as strongly as you do. I'll start by listing a character from The Algebraist, which I am currently reading. I'm not far into the book, but already I can tell the the Archimandrite Luceferous, warrior priest of the Starveling Cult of Leseum9IV, is a worthy addition. Six pages into the novel, during the Archimandrite's introduction scene, we learn that the Archimandrite had the severed head of a rebel leader named Stinausin kept alive by technological means, and then hung from the ceiling in his quarters to be used as a punchball whenever Luseferous is in a foul mood. View this passage describing the situation to see my case for Luseferous' entrance to the ATTD List. Your turn! Who are the absolute worst villains in your opinion? Remember to mark major spoilers, and to have fun... or as much fun is possible, with company like these afoot.
  4. "I'll show you, when the chips are down, these—ah—'civilised people'? They'll eat each other. See, I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve." --The Joker, The Dark Knight Sometimes the path of a human life can branch into different directions. One road leads one way, the other leads down quite another. One might lead a man down the path of a hero, while one might lead straight into the depths of villainy. At least, that's the theory of it. So on this thread, let's explore some dark paths that Brandon Sanderson's characters could have ventured down. What would have taken to turn one of our lovable protagonists into a villain? What would have to change in the present to change them from the heroes they end their books as into hardened antagonists? How much would it take to break these characters whose morality we admire so much? Remember to use spoiler tags wherever appropriate. With that said, let our dark task of hero-breaking begin.