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Found 3 results

  1. Any SSB players out there? All games accepted, but Melee is clearly superior. I'm a Cloud main, just in case anyone wants an easy win.
  2. Hi guys, I'm new to the Sanderson Fanbase community but a longtime Sanderson Fan. I have listened to the Stormlight Archives twice through via Audible and just started Way of Kings again. Sanderson's world creation ability is incredible, and these books keep pulling me back. Anyways, I've recently had a great idea about making a video game based on this universe. I'll explain it if there is enough interest. If anyone has experience in coding, 3D/2D art or game creation I'd like to open a discussion with you. I studied animation in college and know a lot about the 3D art creation pipeline so I'm looking for people with skills in character concept modeling and coding to help me out. Also, if anyone knows how to rig character models in maya then that would save me a lot of time relearning that skill. If you want to see some of the ideas about Stormlight - The Videogame, you can check out my "Introduce Yourself" post here: Have a good one folks, hope to hear from you. Chris
  3. Here's a fun idea for a topic~ Picture your favourite Brandon Sanderson novel (since, after all, this is his official fansite)... as a video game. Here's how this works. Pitch your favourite novel or novels, then state what video game genre would best fit an adaptation of said property and explain why you think it's the best fit in the first place. Oh, and any details about mechanics or how you'd approach turning any of these worlds from a video game angle would be plenty cool. For instance... since neither Warbreaker nor Elantris are as heavily action-oriented as Stormlight Archive or Mistborn, imagine a Telltale-style point and click story game. When you consider Prince Raoden, he's more of an investigative scholar and diplomat than an action hero like Kaladin or Vin, a Walking Dead-esque game would be perfectly suited to exploring a story mechanically in his shoes. What about you guys, how would you like to see the Sander-man's work adapted into video games?