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Found 12 results

  1. So first up, sorry if this is in the wrong spot. If there is an official place for stuff like this for creators and whatnot let me know. Secondly if anyone is interested in a playthrough of Resi 8 then come hang out: Thirdly if there is rule against self promotes I apologise and there's no pressure here for anyone to turn up. At the moment I am trying to do at least three day's a week but no fixed schedule. Starting out at this so any advice or whatever would be welcome. Hope to start around 2pm (I am on UK time so lord knows what the overlap is with the US and other countries). Hope to see you there folks Cheers
  2. Let me just start this by saying that there may be spoilers in the following. So I was thinking about the Mistborn video game that was canceled and it got me thinking, what kinds of video games would be the best for the different Cosmere worlds. I was talking with my brother-in-law (also the one who got me hooked on BS) about this and we came up with what we think are some great ideas. Stormlight Archive: Real Time Strategy (RTS), (Starcraft, The original Warcraft, most of the Command and Conquer games.) The Stormlight Archive lends itself to the RTS format very well, with the ability to have many different teams that all play very differently: Alethkar, Parshendi/Listeners, Ghostbloods, The followers of the Diagram, and more. All of these teams would have their heroes, such as Radiants, and Fused. They would also all play very differently, creating very different strategy's and lending themselves to different peoples play styles, for example: The Parshendi could have the ability to change the "forms" of all their units giving them the ability to go from having hundreds of workers to hundreds of soldiers. There would also be the ability to have vastly different maps ranging from the Shattered Plains to the Purelakes. Each of these locations could influence the game in a verity of ways. Mistborn: Third-Person Role Playing Game (RPG), (Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider,) We considered making this an MMO, the problem with this is that there would be far too many mistborns running around. The only way to limit this would be to limit people to mistings, but we felt that would be far less interesting given the universe. So our solution, a story driven RPG. We didn't really talk much about the mechanics of the game or how the ability of the metals would manifest in the game, but we think it's the best fit. Reckoners: Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO), (World of Warcraft) I know this isn't Cosmere, but It is still a great idea. We were thinking about which of BS series would work the best as an MMO, the problem is that given the way most of his worlds works, there would be way too many magic users around, be they Mistborn, Radiants, or otherwise. Then we though about The Reckoners as an MMO, there wouldn't be hundreds of people with magic or superpowers. In fact the Epics would be perfect for bosses in instances and raids. I'm curious what you all think. What styles of games do you think would fit Cosmere worlds? Any thoughts on my ideas? Let discussion ensue! P.S. Alcatraz is totally an 8-bit Mario style plat-former.
  3. Hello all, I only really game into gaming in the PS2 era. Prior to that, I had a few games on the N64, but not many. So I'm going to try and replicate my games from the N64. Starfox, Ocorana of Time, Excite Bike, Golden Eye, Rogue Squadron, Pod Racer, and The World is Not Enough was my N64 collection. But besides that, I'm blank on any good games from other consoles of that era. Or other good games from the N64 for that matter. I'm a big fan of scifi, mechs, shooters, and RPG's on consoles. So, what games do you all recommend?
  4. Personally, I'm really excited. Yes, it might be a bit gimmicky, but the adaptability really appeals to me. For those of you that don't know, the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console/mobile gaming device. It will be released in March of next year, I think. Anyone else excited? Other impressions?
  5. Okay so here's a few ideas that I've kicked around in my head for a while because I love video games and I love lore and I love Cosmere and I love crossovers. So as I was playing certain games, I started to notice a few... similarities to some of my favorite Shardworlds, and the more I looked, the deeper the parallels became. It's amazing how easily some of these games would fit into the cosmere, I think, and the way that they share some cool aspects with some existing Cosmere books. This is all just for fun, some wacky coincidences between some of the stuff I love. There will be spoilers for the following: Dishonored, Dishonored 2, Destiny and its DLCs, Stormlight Archive, and Mistborn. This is a super long post too, because I love this topic and can babble at length. To start us out: Destiny as Stormlight Archive (in SPACE) Primer for those who don't know anything about Destiny here: Now that we're all on the same page, basically, I'm gonna dig into how this one plays out Cosmere-wise: The Traveler is a Shard. This one feels pretty obvious. Being of immense power that changes entire solar systems with its very presence with insane amounts of power? Shard. The Traveler was splintered by a rival Shard, the Darkness. I feel like the Traveler ends up as a good mix of Honor (establishing orders of guardian knights) and Cultivation (creating life and habitability on otherwise barren landscapes), and that leaves the Darkness as Odium, who has splintered Honor/the Traveler. Ghosts are Splinters, specifically spren. Little, sentient pieces of a dead power? Check. Bond with an individual to give them powers? Check. Cute little companions that appear and disappear at will? Check. The Traveler's Light is investiture, specifically Stormlight. I mean, come on. Light siphoned from the power of the shattered power of an extremely potent entity? It even gives Guardians extreme recovery abilities, letting them heal from wounds in only a few seconds, and making them basically immortal. Guardians are Radiants. Thanks to their bond with their spren/Ghost, Radiants/Guardians have different and unique ways that they can channel the Light to create various distinct powers. Guardian subclasses are Radiant Orders. Though there are only three classes (Titan, Hunter, Warlock) for Guardians, each of those classes has three subclasses (Titan - Striker, Defender, Sunbreaker; Hunter - Gunslinger, Bladedancer, Nightstalker; Warlock - Voidwalker, Stormcaller, Sunsinger), and each has their own powers. The names even sound like Radiant orders. Edgedancer/Bladedancer? Stormcaller/Elsecaller? The races which serve the Darkness are Voidbringers. The four enemy races in Destiny—the Fallen, the Hive, the Vex, and the Cabal—are fighting against the forces of Light in hordes, serving a nebulous but terrifying enemy of the Traveler and the Light. Guardians have to defend the regular people against these overwhelming armies. And finally, one of my favorite little tidbits about Destiny and its implications on this crossover comes from the heavy weapons category in Destiny. Guardians can carry three guns at a time: a primary, a secondary, and a heavy. Primaries are most used for normal encounters (regular guns, pretty much), secondaries are special situations (shotguns and snipers and stuff), and heavies (which deal massive damage, but are hard to find ammo for). For the first year, there were only two weapon types in the heavy category: machine guns and rocket launchers. As of Year 2 and The Taken King DLC, though, we got a new kind of weapon in this category: Swords. Now if you are thinking that putting swords in the same category as rocket launchers is not really fair, you are right, because swords are so much cooler than rocket launchers in Destiny. (Spoilers below are gifs and pictures) These are weapons of powerful energy that eat through bosses, and when you pull them out, they flash into existence from the hilt. They're all gorgeous and unique looking and though they're pretty massive, the Guardians hold them like they're weightless. Guys, they're shardblades. Destiny has shardblades. Look at those jagged waves on the back of the right-most sword, Razelighter. That's completely something a Shardblade would have. Oathbringer has waves just like that on its backside. Case closed, everybody, pack up and go home. Destiny is the Stormlight Archive. Now that that one's settled, let's move on to our next game and book pairing: Dishonored and Dishonored 2 as Mistborn Once again, for those not familiar with the two Dishonored series, here's your quick primer: So, there's a few really obvious ones right off the bat that I'll get out of the way before I start delving into some of the really cool Cosmere parallels. Even those of you who have just watched the trailers can probably pick up on some of these: Aesthetic and ambiance. If there were ever to be a Mistborn video game, I'd want it to feel like Dishonored does. The worldbuilding of Dishonored's Empire of the Isles, especially in the first game, has an extremely Scadrian feel to it. We have a dark, dismal, dystopian Empire, where the rich hold opulent lavish parties while the rest of the city suffers and dies in squalor just outside their golden-lit stained glass windows. The guards exist to beat the lower class down and keep them from bothering the upper crust, and the government holds all the power. The bureaucratic Abbey of the Everyman, a religious organization more focused on tracking down illegal magic users and summarily executing them rather than any kind of real piety, is a perfect fit for the Steel Ministry, and the Canton of Inquisition in particular. Dunwall, the city of the first game feels a lot like Final Empire-era Luthadel, albeit with a Victorian steampunk twist that would be right at home with Elendel. The best of both Mistborns here. (spoiler tag is pics) The Outsider's Mark powers feel very Allomantic. Though there aren't any metals involved, and both Corvo and Emily (and Daud, the DLC protagonist) have different powers from the Outsider, there's no denying that the powers that the Outsider grants are perfect for the kind of stealthy, sneaky, stabbity modus operandi that Mistborn favor. Corvo and Daud's Blink power feels a lot like Steelpushing, whereas Emily's Far Reach power could be the Lurcher equivalent. Watching Emily toss a grenade and then yank it back toward her over her head, or yank a body or living guard towards her in midair feels exceptionally like Ironpulling. The Dark Vision power feels a lot like tin, as it enhances vision and sounds around you to help you keep silent and keep track of where the guards and enemies are. Dishonored is a game that you can play perfectly stealthily, carefully never being seen, or you can rush in as a malestrom of superpowered death. Even the most high-tiered enemies, the "hazekillers" of Dishonored, really can't stand a chance against a Marked assassin who really knows what they're doing with their powers. Not to mention what the mark looks like. Crescents, dots, and long strokes? The Outsider's mark would fit in with the Steel Alphabet perfectly. Protagonist story parallels. Corvo is thrown into a terrible prison and tortured as a regular person, and then receives magical powers and goes to overthrow the evil empire who did it to him. Though it happens off-screen between the two games, the tutorial of Dishonored 2 shows him teaching Emily how to fight, sneak across rooftops, and defend herself. The Kelsier parallels are manifold. Meanwhile, Emily, especially after inheriting her powers, feels like a wonderful Vin parallel. The empress who'd rather go galavanting off across the rooftops than sit in court, an avenging assassin, using her powers to take down her enemies with deadly precision and skill. Now, that the surface level is taken care of, let's dig into some of the ways that Dishonored really and shockingly lines up well with Realmatic theory, and some of the more intricate Realmatic things on Scadrial specifically. The Outsider is a Shard. Unlike Destiny's the Traveler, which felt like a splintered Shard like Honor, the Outsider as a Shard would be one with an aware and active Vessel. Though he appears to protagonists in the Void, it's very clear that this is an avatar that he projects of himself, for his true form is something far more nebulous, something that suffuses the entirety of the Void and can watch over the entire physical world as well. He speaks only to a special chosen few, and only a handful of individuals merit enough attention from him to be gifted with his Mark. The parallels are even more clear when you find out more about his backstory. Like the Shards' vessels, the Outsider was once a human, who was sacrificed in a ritual to bind him to the powers of the Void. After his ascension, he remained fascinated with humanity, even though he himself was quite beyond human himself, now. (If I had to pick a Shard name for him, I'd probably go with Chaos.) The Outsider's power is the investiture which fuels the powers of the Marked. In the same way that the powers of Allomancy are drawn directly from Preservation, Marked individuals draw their power directly from the Outsider. The Void is the Cognitive Realm. This is an exceptionally important one, and I'll expound on it further in the next point, but the way the Void functions in Dishonored is strikingly similar to the Cognitive realm in the Cosmere. It's misty and off-balance, filled with moments and memories that seem more based in perception than reality. Though the Outsider can manifest himself within the physical world on a few special occasions, the Void is his true home. And like a Shard with a nexus, though his focus is usually in one place, his power is everywhere. Delilah Copperspoon/Kaldwin was a Cognitive Shadow who returned to life, just like Kelsier. Spoilers for the plot of Dishonored 2 and Secret History, but if you watch that Outsider backstory video linked just above, it explains a bit of Delilah's situation. Her spirit was banished to the Void, however, she was still able to communicate through the dreams of those who had been close to her, whispering ways to them that they could bring her back. In much the same way that Kelsier was able to, as a Cognitive Shadow, whisper to Spook because of their Connection so that they could find a way to bring Kelsier back. Delilah's friends and supporters then, were able to perform a seance to draw her spirit back from the Void into the physical world once more, and in the process, made her immortal. Much the same way Kelsier and Spook apparently figured out some way to use hemalurgy to return Kelsier to the physical world and make him immortal as the Sovereign. All in all, it's pretty dang incredible just how many ways these stories line up with each other, in some really really cool ways. In case you guys couldn't tell, I love both Destiny and Dishonored, and could talk about them endlessly. Anyone familiar with the games (or introduced to them here) have anything to add to my interpretations? Or can you think of any other games that line up well with Cosmere worlds like this? Sorry for the massively long post, but I'd love to hear you guys' thoughts on this!
  6. With DS III coming out soon, I'm curious if any here have based their characters in any of the Souls games around any of Brandon's characters and maybe even a but about the builds that you've used (specifically, any of the characters from Mistborn or The Stormlight Archive, since those are my favorite of his seris that I've read). I play mostly offensive magic characters in videogames, but things like soul arrow don't seem very analogous to lashings or alomantic abilities. Also, yes, I realize there's not really a question in there. :-)
  7. comic

    Does anyone else on the 17th Shard read the Webcomic Manly Guys doing Manly Things? You don't? Go do it. It's a weekly updated Webcomic about a Temp agency for all the 'Manly' Video game Characters out there, run by a Time-Traveling Navy SEAL from the Future. I really want to talk with people about it. It's hilarious, and the current arc has had me in stitches for the past month. If you're not sure you want to read it, read this first:
  8. Lots of options here. I'd have to go with "Other Pokemon" because Pokemon's just the best... Especially when you've finally caught 'em all. (This hasn't happened to me, but I bet it's glorious)
  9. I noticed recently that the options at the top of Brandon Sanderson's website changed. The biggest change is a new tab marked 'Games & Movies'. Move your mouse over it, and three tabs will scroll down. One, the Mistborn Adventure Game, we already know about. The other two, however, marked 'Video Games' and 'Movie Updates', are mysteriously marked 'Coming Soon'. Is Brandon just being hopeful, or is he keeping another secret up his sleeve? The rights to a film for Mistborn has been sold before, but the rights expired and were given back to Brandon. So, even if a film were to be announced, there is no guarantee it would actually be made. The other reason why it might not mean anything is due to the fact that Brandon has recently given a 'big reveal' in his last State of the Sanderson. Some of the surprises unveiled there included an extra wax and wayne novel, the fact that the dark one was a cosmere story, and many other tidbits that I can't be bothered mentioning here. Why not mention a prospective film then? Do you think there is a film-related announcement coming up soon? Ultimately, the decision is up to you. And remember... There's always another secret.
  10. On the Mistborn Birthright Facebook page there has at last been some information about the long delayed Mistborn game. Originally the game was supposed to come out in 2013. That... didn't happen. But now we have more information. It will come in Fall 2016, guys. Here's the key information from the release: There's the strange plot inconsistency though, or at least an inconsistency with what was announced UPDATE:They have corrected this so that it is the originally announced plot. Of course the early Final Empire is a much more interesting time. If you don't remember, the plantation system that we see in the trilogy were actually a much later development; the early Empire would be technologically similar but it would operate in a lot of different ways. So certainly, let us all hope that this is an error. And now for the controversial opinion on my part. Inexplicably, there will be an Xbox 360 and PS3 release (and no Wii U). I find it rather odd that they would still release for last generation consoles nearly three years after this current generation exists. From a specs standpoint, that is kind of insane, as the 360 and PS3 would be just over a decade old for the 360. I feel like that's just like trying to game on a decade old PC still running Windows XP. Sure, it might work, barely, but it won't be good. Realize that nowadays we have freaking phones that have the graphical capability of the 360, and in two years they will have well surpassed it. I assume the reason they are doing this is that the previous generation has a big installed user base. That might make sense last year, or even this year, but two years from now, I think that's utterly insane. People on that Facebook post are excited that it will be on PS3, and I understand that having it on your console of choice is generally a positive thing. Then I remember how incredibly old these systems are and that in 2016 we will be three years into the current generation's lifespan. Three years! That would be unprecedented for AAA releases. I wonder if that's an indictment on these current generation systems, if they are doing so bad that companies need to release the game on decade old hardware to make a profit. I'm sure my opinion will be unpopular, but I just don't want them wasting their time optimizing the game for ancient hardware. I want the game to the best it can possibly be, and we'll see when it comes out, but I can't possibly see those versions being good. And on another note, if you do downscale the graphics for a lower end system, why isn't there a Wii U version? You're already doing most of the work already. I don't know, it boggles the mind. It is good to hear that it is still coming and to hear news. We will bring more news and analysis as we get more information, and you can bet we will have a review when the game comes out. I am hopeful it will be excellent, and it's very good that they want to do the source material justice.
  11. Okay, so Titanfall has been out for 2 months or so. I got it fairly recently, and man, is it awesome! I'm currently level 38, and my favorite loadouts are Pilot: Primary Weapon: R101 Carbine with Extended Mags and Holosight Secondary Weapon: Autopistol Tactical: Cloak Ordnance: Satchel Charge (quick way to kill multiple grunts/spetctres without breaking a sweat. Might even get some pilot collateral.) Tier 1 and 2 kit: Extended Parkour kit and Minion Detector Titan: Chasis: Ogre Primary Weapon: Chaingun with accelerator. Tactical Ability: Electric Smoke (gets rid of pesky rodeos.) Ordnance: Cluster Missile Kit: Nuclear Ejection (for the lols) and Big Dome Shield battery I'm trying to unlock the Spitfire LMG. What's your Titanfall account like?
  12. I was recently looking at the release list for 2014 while bemoaning the fact that there is nothing currently out that I want to play. Just curious to what people are looking forward to and why. As far as myself goes... 1) Dragon Age Inquisition - I'm a big fan of RPGs, the genre I'm most interested in playing. I love Bioware games as a rule, warts and all. DA2 was disappointing in a number of ways but I'm hopeful that Inquisition will be a return to form. A larger world with no redundant areas with more variety and a return to mutliple races has me excited for this game. Still a little iffy on what the story is about other than what was already shown in a E3 video last year - demons spilling through portals in the sky - very reminiscent to Oblivion and other games. 2) Wildstar - After playing Star Wars the Old Republic for two years, I'm looking for something new and fresh. Wildstar looks to be that game and of the MMO's being released this year, this one looks to be interesting. Cartoony graphics with a sense of humor and a sci fi setting with more of a sandbox feel to it. After so many years playing WoW, I'm rather done with the fantasy setting for awhile. Games on the cusp.... Witcher 3 - I could never get into 1 and 2 though I gave it the old college try. The setting didn't really appeal to me and the game didn't feel very intuitive when it came to combat and leveling. What I've seen of 3 makes me somewhat interested, an open world game with an actual story (take that Skyrim!). But I'm still iffy as you play as Geralt who has never intrigued me. He's a bit too dour for my tastes. Watch Dogs - Interesting and relevant theme with an open world. But I'd like to see more before I make a judgement. Thoughts?