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Found 21 results

  1. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  2. From the album Stormlight Archive general fanart

    Venli holding a glowing Timbre in her cupped hands. Charcoal on tone paper.
  3. I feel Venli's chapters in Rhythm of War were the weakest. I was intrigued by where her charecter would go after Oathbringer but was disappointed by her storyline in Row. Any ideas on what she'll do next and what part she will have to play in the later books? Also any positive opinions on her chapters in Row because I hate feeling negative about a Stormlight charecter.
  4. Some stuff is going on with these two. Venli wants to free everyone Mishram is in spren-prison Venli wanted new forms of power Mishram had brought many of them Theres a lot of threads here just waiting to be pulled. I suspect Venli and Shallan may team up/conflict in the near future since they seem to both be implicated with this spren. There's also another possible explanation for the femalen voice accepting Venli's oath: it may be that is not the normal oath and the stormfather rejected it but Cultivation accepted it because it serves her interests Intrepreted this way it suggests Mishram's imprisonment and the events surrounding is actually a dispute between Honor and Cultivation. Either way, Brandon is heavily invested in Venli's redemption arc with RoW. I expect there's a key plot point she plays in the next book. Final edit: it ocurred to me that the stormfather accepts oaths, could the femalen voice be Mishram, a powerful spren?
  5. From the album Stormlight Archives

    I struggle with visualizing what the singers/listeners look like so I wanted to try drawing Venli!
  6. Honor died, but we have several clues in RoW indicating that he may be re-emerging. We've known since OB that Dalinar has taken up Honor's perpendicularity. Rayse believes Dalinar ascended, but I don't think Dalinar is the one ascending, actually. Like ... like ... like Odium. Everywhere we see red and gold together, it is Odium. Perhaps this is merely an indication that Kal is close to becoming a Child of Odium at this particular moment, howling after losing Teft and then these eyes. At the same time, Odium-red eyes have previously always been caused by a bond with voidspren, which seems not to be the case here. And why would soldiers fear a child of Odium, like themselves? Instead, perhaps these colors point to Kaladin's coming ascension. Honor's robes are gold, as well. Moash's continual insistence surrounding Kaladin's immortality certainly points to ascension. Finally, Tara-Odium notices a "growing" and "verdant" power, which is clearly pointing toward Cultivation. However, just as the back of RoW falsely implies that Navani will be a Lightweaver with its half-dozen references to truths and lies, I believe this most obvious allusion to Cultivation is not the one actually intended. Verdant can also mean brand new and budding. Growing points to something new.
  7. From the album SA Fanart by FelCandy

    Sketched this on my phone today, haven't really nailed down my vision of her or Eshonai, but it is a good start.
  8. Spoilers for Oathbringer below. on page 1099 in my hardcover version: “The air around Venli - once crowded by the spirits of the dead - was now empty save for the single black figure of swirling smoke. She’d missed that one at first, as it was the size of a normal person. It stood near Odium, and she did not know what it represented.” ...(conversation between Venli & Odium)... “She swallowed, then started hiking toward the city. The dark spirit followed, the one of swirling mists, the last who had yet to inhabit a body.” Dalinar mentions the spirit on page 1121 as well, as he speaks to Odium through Venli. So, does anyone know what - or who - this spirit is?
  9. From the album Parshendi

    Some more Stormlight Archive art, but this time of Venli! It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn her so I needed to fix that!
  10. Okay, so I admit that the only reason I posted this was to get attention and let everyone know I'm semi-officially off hiatus. I feel like the title says it all, so I'm not going to go into details about motivations and stuff. Well, maybe my motivations for posting this cancer. I did it because every other even remotely plausible ship (and many even less plausible ones) seemed to be taken, and nobody else seemed to be posting about this. Also, Kaladin seemed a bit lonely on his island of being an extremely screwed up grumpy woobie, so I figured I might as well give him company in that. Please don't like this trash. The attention it generates is enough. You can discuss it if you want in the comment section below, though. That's what the comment section is for.
  11. Anybody else expecting Eshonai to come back either physically or as a spren. Although I feel Venli has a good story arch, I feel like there was more to add about Eshonai. Any one else think she might make a come back?
  12. Hey, remember reading in one of the posts on this site that in the Arcanum voidbinding has 10 forms. This got me thinking though, because in OB Moash said that he had seen 9 types of fused. What if voidbinding is not the surge system granted by the fused, but the surge system granted when a high spren enters a parshendi gem-heart, and the fused system is different entirely? Venli would be a true voidbinder, and Renarin is simply a human with the voidbinding surges?
  13. I recently listened to the Shardcast on Resonances and was wondering due to the mixing of Odious Investiture with the Nahel bond if Renarin and/or Venli would have a different Resonance than other Truthwatchers or Willshaperes?
  14. From the prologue where Gavilar tells Eshonai of their secret ways of trapping spren and how he wants to help her bring back her gods, giving her a sphere of unusually dark light: So what happened to this sphere Gavilar gave Eshonai? That's the million-dollar question, right? Along with the sphere Gavilar gave to Szeth. I'm wondering if Ulim could be the spren trapped in the sphere. Eshonai does take the sphere. Perhaps she hides it or throws it away (or gives it to the Five), but these paths might eventually lead to Venli. Ulim, a spren the Fuzed (Ancient Ones) call the Envoy, did succeed in convincing and helping Venli to bring back stormform and eventually the Everstorm and the Fuzed.
  15. SO! I love Venli in OB, and her dynamic with Timbre. I also personally identify with the order of Willshapers (as seen by my profile picture) and can't wait till Book 4 A.K.A. Willshaper Extravaganza!! I have made this thread to talk about this amazing character, and to appreciate Willshaperness in general I'll start... The part when Venli is talking to Timbre about the Voidspren "YOU TOOK A VOIDSPREN HOSTAGE!?!?!" *Timbre smiles innocently while holding scumbag Voidspren at gunpoint*
  16. I think we should get Venli flashbacks instead of Eshonai flashbacks when Brandon writes the book that was to be centered around Eshonai. I really grew to enjoy Eshonai's character, I love her curious nature and how easily distracted she is in the prologue to OB. However, I think Venli's backstory holds more relevance since she was secretly working with Ulum the spren of Odium to help bring about the Everstorm. Eshonai was an aspiring explorer who never really got that far. In WoR she reflects that she always had duties at home that kept her from exploring as mush as she'd like. In the OB prologue she is shocked at how small the unclaimed hills are on Gavilar's map. There doesn't seem to be that much Eshonai's story could reveal that Venli's story wouldn't and Venli was working on secret, plot relevant things that Eshonai did not know about. Plus, Eshonai is dead and Venli is alive and looks to be a future Knight Radiant, the book should focus on her. By focusing on Venli's actions in the past her actions in the present will be informed with additional meaning (as has been the case with the first three books). I know Brandon said he'd do Eshonai flashbacks and a person being dead doesn't preclude them from getting flashbacks. I don't know if he wanted Venli to be the one that lives and changes sides all along or if he called an audible and I don't think it matters. I think Venli flashbacks better serves the story going forward.
  17. So I keep seeing people say that Venli is/will be a Willshaper. From what I can find, we know nothing of the spren that Willshapers bond or anything about them really. Why is everyone saying she's a Willshaper? I don't know what I missed.