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Found 1 result

  1. theory

    I have always pondered at the Kingdom of Jah Keved. The rest of the Silver Kingdoms have obvious remnants. Alethkar was Alethela, Shinovar was Shin Kak Nish, Makabakam and Sela Tales shattered into smaller kingdoms. All of the kingdoms of modern times however are still populated by the same race of people that once lived there when it as a Silver Kingdom. There are still Natans in the Unclaimed Hills, still Selay men in Marabethia. There has been some overlapping, such as the Purelakers, who are of Reshi and Selay descent, but as a whole, people have stayed put. But Jah Keved seems to deviate. Although they control roughly the area of the kingdom of Valhav, they are very much like the Alethi. They have much the same appearance, tall, tan and dark haired. Their culture is similarly focused on war. They share the same religion, have a similar system of government, and even speak languages that are very similar. In fact, they don't seem to have any truly distinguishing characteristics like the other races do. Only one little tiny bit, the red hair (athough an argument can be made for violet eyes). So the Vedens themselves did not initially have the red hair. It is from the Unkalaki. Then, Rock tells of how his people came to the Horneater Peaks. This is fascinating (including an obvious Hoid cameo), but a small line at the beginning caught my attention. So, with those two pieces of evidence, I'd like to submit a theory. The Vedens are not one of the races of the Silver Kingdoms. They are a mixture, the quote says as much, of the Alethi and the Unkalaki, who were once the true rulers of the Kingdom of Valhav. After the Silver Kingdoms fell, the Alethi went to Valhav and conquered it, driving its true people up into the mountains, where they took refuge. The Alethi who conquered Valhav eventually set up their own kingdom and named Jah Keved. They eventually interbred with the Unkalaki, creating a kingdom very similar to Alethkar, but with a few oddities. If you need any more evidence, look at the name. Perhaps it is circumstantial, but the very name Unkalaki contains the name of a Herald within it. Seems like a good sign to me.