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Found 7 results

  1. This is a long one that took up two slots. There is a page break near the middle if you prefer to take it in pieces or don't feel up to a double sub though. Content warning V for implied violence to humans. Animal harm is mentioned but not shown. All comments welcome. This was written to be a stand alone, but I am toying with the idea of writing other short stories in this world with overlapping characters. If there are any questions, characters or elements that as a reader peaked your interest and might merit further exploration I would love to hear about it. Thank you! Sarah B
  2. One thing I forgot in the email: is it still too infodumpy? I feel like it might be, but IDK. Thanks again! edit: I forgot to send the first full chapter. The second document has the full 3rd chapter, but not the fourth. Sorry.
  3. This is the second chapter of my book, and the first one to introduce one of my protagonists, Petro. This is a Fantasy book that I describe as: A hero and an anti-hero find themselves working together to rescue the People's Champion after he is arrested by a corrupt Theocracy during a coup. Due to length, I had to cut this chapter in half for this week's submission. I think it detracts from the potency of the cliffhanger, but 6500 words exceeds the preffered 5k word cap. Let me have it. Tell me what you think. Make suggestions, prescriptive or otherwise. Thank you for your time and care, Matt.
  4. Hello Reading Excuses. The first time I shared a chapter on this site there were a few of critiques that asked for me to start sharing from the start instead of 200K into my story. Gem of Worlds is one of my early chapters. As of now, it is the first chapter of my book, though I'm tempted to make it the second.Thank you for reading it and for sharing your thoughts and suggestions. I'm looking for feedback of all kinds. Tell me what works or what doesn't, share what you find fun or interesting and what you find boring and dull. Thank you all, Matthew
  5. Sorry for delay, but here's the thread to the revision of my prologue. I look forward to hearing from you guys.
  6. Hey guys, so this is my first submission. It's the prologue of my book Amethyst Tower. Bare with me, I'm not sure as to what I'm really doing, but I hope you enjoy it. There isn't much actual violence in this part, but there is some aftermath of it, so I just wanted to be safe with the tag. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.