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Found 2 results

  1. Introducing the Herdazian Power and Light Utility Company! After all the old utilities were destroyed in the 7 day war and the intervening chaos, we have come to bring a new light to Alleycity. We will be doing some inspections of various locals, and then constructing the necessary infrastructure so that all Alleycity citizens can get the utilities they need. Please note, that seeing as we do provide more then just power, we provide water, and heating, an alternate name is the Utility Company, or UC. If you see any of our representatives around Alleycity, please treat them with respect and answer any questions they may ask you. Bringing you a brighter future! Sincerly, Herdazian Power and Light
  2. It occurs to me that we would have a better idea of the goings on at ancient Urithiru if we understood the quantity of stormlight portioned out to various needs. First, I think we ought to list all of the major things stormlight was used for in Urithiru. Then, those among us who are better suited to the task can estimate stormlight usage for each task and what the weekly needs would be. Then, if we estimate the maximum time between storms and assume that as a minimum requirement for stormlight storage then we can guess at the maximum amount of stormlight, and the quantity/quality of gems required. As part of this exercise I posit that radiants were given a stormlight allowance, but other people had to pay for it. Feel free to add to the list. Also, we can add a list for things you would like to see added with new technologies... =) So, here goes with the list : PUBLIC UTILITIES Elevator lifts Water usage Garden irrigation Hygiene Consumption Lighting Surgebinding Trade ie, trading dun spheres for charged Oathgate travel FUTURE TECHNOLOGY Giant stormlight laser