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Found 55 results

  1. Panorama of Roshar. Hope you guys like it! I had a LOT of fun painting this one, though I was nervous about accidentally spoiling something as I was only starting the Oathbringer at the time of painting this. I'm definitely painting more of Stormlight in the future. Maybe Jasnah... or Pattern? I'd love to be commissioned for official art for the future books, that would be the dream! I also welcome any feedback and critique, both for artistic execution and lore, but keep in mind that there had to be some liberty in putting together Urithiru so low and close to the Shattered plains and Horneater Peaks, for the sake of making the focal pieces clustered [Urithiru + Stormfather above the Shattered Plains] in the center of the painting as requested, for custom book sleeves with for all 4 books. Their spines, when put together, show the center of the painting. "The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it? It's the next one. Always the next step."
  2. Hello, can someone explain why only Shallan and Renarin out of all radiants could sense Re-Shepir's presence at the Urithiru tower?
  3. From the album Art of Sasha R

    I had a LOT of fun painting this one, though I was nervous about accidentally spoiling something as I was only starting the Oathbringer at the time of painting this. I'm definitely painting more of Stormlight in the future. Maybe Jasnah... or Pattern? I'd love to be commissioned for official art for the future books, that would be the dream! I also welcome any feedback and critique, both for artistic execution and lore, but keep in mind that there had to be some liberty in putting together Urithiru so low and close to the Shattered plains and Horneater Peaks, for the sake of making the focal pieces clustered [Urithiru + Stormfather above the Shattered Plains] in the center of the painting as requested, for custom book sleeves with for all 4 books. Their spines, when put together, show the center of the painting. "The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it? It's the next one. Always the next step."
  4. Could the Sibling and Ba-ado-Mishram be one and the same? - a Godspren - light-producing - stuck inside a gem - missing a part of itself - wary of Knights Radiant! - both went dormant about the same time Could "Mishram" have been a three-part spren, an equal divide between the three Shards - the three pure tones - of Roshar... perhaps even created to symbolize the unity of the three when the Ashynian Refugees were accepted? Perhaps even created as *part of the Oathpact*?
  5. From the album Urithiru

    My family always makes candy houses out of graham crackers on Christmas Eve, and this year I made Urithiru!
  6. From the album Stormlight Papercutting

    I wanted to try a blue backlight for my Urithiru papercut because stormlight.
  7. From the album Stormlight Papercutting

    A pop-up papercut of Urithiru I made. Plotted out on autocad and cut out of cardstock. If anyone is interested in making one, let me know and I can send you the pattern.
  8. We found out in Chapter 16 that Urithiru is made up of 10 tiers, with 18 floors per tier: a total of 180 floors. I would assume that there is some level of significance to the make up of the home of the Knights Radiant. 10 tiers is obviously symbolic due to the importance of 10 on Roshar: surges, heralds, orders of Radiants etc. But where is the significance of 18? Or perhaps the significance of 180? I would think that it would be more likely to end up as 200, a much more round number. One potential answer is that there are floors yet to be discovered. Or that when the Tower was fully alive, there were more floors available. It could be that there are simply 2 tiers that extend into the basement of Urithiru. It is mentioned on multiple occasions that the Tower's structure extends below into the mountains, where they have caverns for fetching water. I have only read Part 1 of RoW so far, so if this is answered later on, please spoiler it in your responses.
  9. She is talking about the gemstone pillar at the center of Urithiru, how it has been used a power inhibitor against the Fused in the past, but she thinks she can flip it around to only inhibit Radiants of the 3rd ideal or lower. Doesn't this make it sound like the Sibling is Urithiru or at least it's core? I've seen people speculate that it could be the case, but this lend some support to it. The Sibling is described as "slumbering" or sleeping by some spren including the Stormfather, some spren have told Navani it is a permanent slumber. Others describe the Sibling as dead. We know the Sibling is a spren. The vein-like hallways add to the idea that the pillar is the heart and light is carried from it to the rest of Urithiru (see the picture in this WoB The pillar is the heart of Urithiru, The Sibling is needed for Urithiru to work. Urithiru has some things that work, like the air pressure, while heating to allow better crop growth is not possible right now. The tower is kind of in sleep mode, some basic functions still work, but a lot does not. It really seems like the Sibling turned itself into Urithiru or into the one giant fabrial (as Renarin described it) that makes Urithiru work. It would explain why Urithiru is OK to walk on according to Szeth. Because it is actually a spren turned into stone or a stone-like substance and not normal hallowed stone. Arguments Against The Sibling is a spren and spren do not have that much of a physical realm presence normally. We know spren can turn into objects, but we've only seen it done with bonded spren. We can assume the Sibling has been unbonded for a long time and even during the desolations there were probably times when the Sibling Bondsmith died without passing the bond on to someone else pre-death. This would cause some discontinuity and I would think it would cause problems with Urithiru. Especially if the Sibling were both the giant fabrial and the stone of Urithiru. If Urithiru became mist for even a second thousands of people would die. On the other hand, they are a Bondsmith superspren, they may have different rules. The Sibling could also be in the gemstone pillar and we just don't see it in there because it is sleeping / dead. That may be why the radiants were unsuccessful in infusing the pillar with stormlight. There is no more room.
  10. EDIT: Updated with some suggested numbers from the thread It is a little hard to grasp the scale of the tower city. Even Shallan can't capture it on the page! (To talk about that issue and whether it is driven by scale, psychology, or magic, see this thread.) Here are all of the physical descriptions we have of Urithiru. (If I've missed something you consider important, include a quote and I'll add it to this post. My chapter 87 quote is incomplete at the moment.) Summary: There are 10 tiers of 18 levels each, seemingly carved into the mountain. Each level is larger than the one above it, at least by the width of a balcony. The whole thing looks like The roof of the top level is ~100 yards across. The lowest level has a large plateau in front with the 10 oathgate platforms The oathgate platforms are raised 10 feet over surroundings, and are large enough to hold three armies worth of Everstorm survivors The lowest level also has large gardens/farms surrounding it. Assumptions: We have to make a lot of these. I'll update them as we get more information, or as others make convincing arguments, but for now let's go with: A Rosharan yard is close to 1 meter. Each balcony is 1.5 meters wide. Each new tier extends 20m 50m past the bottom of the one above, to accommodate gardens. Each floor is 4.5m 5.5m high, including the thickness of stone that supports the floor above. 20,000 people crowded onto the oathgate plateau at the end of WoR. (Does someone have a better number for this?) They pack closely but don't stab each other, about ~4 people/sq meter. This gives us an 80 meter diameter platform. The plateau is described as several hundred yards across, so we'll assume 300m for now. Conclusions: Using these numbers, we get a tower that is 1.5km wide at the base, and 1km high. Here's how that looks when compared to tall buildings on Earth (modified from this image on Wikipedia). A circular arrangement of ten 300m Oathgate platforms has an inner diameter of ^700m, and an outer diameter >1300m. To my mind, these are probably underestimates. As has been mentioned, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building on earth at 830 meters, and it has 160 floors to Urithiru's 180. At 4.5m per level+ceiling, I don't believe that our assumed thickness of stone has the structural integrity to hold up that massive a structure when it is filled with tunnels and cavernous spaces. Yes, surges could augment that strength, but I'm skeptical of a fabrial that would function to keep the city standing for millenia. I think we need to add more thickness to these load-bearing floors, and probably more width to the tiers. But before I modify the above assumptions, I'd like to see what the rest of you think. EDIT: Here is a perspective view of the tower and the oathgate complex. There is some disagreement in the thread about the arrangement of oathgates relative to the city, so I've included three versions here. Please comment to make your case for the arrangement you think is correct (one of these, or something different). Previous images:
  11. So I’m doing a reread of Oathbringer and at the beginning of Shallan's chapter The Girl Who Looked Up she is thinking about the tower. She says something about the tower being a skeleton and the strata being veins. Here's the paragraph: That got me thinking about how Urithiru might have been like a fabrial and all that. From there I started comparing it to a body. If the gemstone tower is the heart, then what if the strata is actually gemstones that are like veins. They carry Stormlight. That would provide illumination and spread Stormlight throughout the tower. I don’t know if this would actually be possible, but it got me really excited when I thought about it. I just found some more evidence. At one point Shallan mentions that the strata has an emerald cast. “An alien color for stone.” I doubt the strata would have been heavily researched. It is often described of having a red cast, which could be ruby.
  12. Hi! So I was re-reading WoR and in the Chapter 89 Dalinar has problems reaching the top of Urithiru due to the crem bloquing the trapdoor. But later, we are shown that the Hightstorms and Everstorms run under Urithiru, so how has de crem deposited on top of the city? One friend has de theory that Urithiru is a fabrial itself and, specifically, a teleportation fabrial. That would explain the crem and how Nohadon could walk to Urithiru. Also it may explain why every nation maps Urithiru near it's capital (or maybe that's explained by the position of the oathgates) Thanks!
  13. Most of you are probably familiar with "The Wave" rock formation in Arizona:" From the first time I saw it, I thought "Urithiru!" Some photos of Petra also look like the layered rock described in the books: I just found out about another real-world location that resembles our favorite city-above-the-clouds: it's a series of naturally-occurring marble caves in Chile. Check out pages 5 and 6 in this gallery: The caves can only be reached via boat, and it looks like the "floors" are water, so that of course reminded me of Purelake. What locations IRL remind you of places on Roshar?
  14. Most everyone has caught on that the individual books of the Stormlight Archive are all named after in-universe literature. The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, etc. My theory is that the series itself is named after in-universe literature. In Oathbringer, My theory is that this library was known in-universe as "The Stormlight Archive", giving us the name of the series.
  15. From the album The Knight Radiant

    As Always happens the minute I finish an image I think of a better way to do it. The battle with MM was incredible at least in my mind. I felt like the previous image didn't capture the hugeness of Re-Shephir enough and besides I wanted to make a few figures including Adolin in his Armor. LOved this scene from the moment I`ve read it! Finally it's done.
  16. I thought it was obvious but I cant find a WOB to support it.
  17. As my friend and I read about Urithiru and learned it was the home of what were essentially a bunch of gods in human form, we realized how hard it would be to manage that many people. Therefore we created our patented: List of Urithiru PSAs That Must Have Happened: Original set: -To the lightweaver who put an illusion of a chasmfiend in the oathgate entrance, a foreign emissary was coming on a diplomatic mission, and suffice to say relations are now…strained. -Windrunners, while sticking someone to the ceiling might be an excellent way to stop a fight, please remember to let the participants down gently afterward, particularly in rooms with high ceilings. -We understand that the hallways might be twisted and confusing to many, but please refrain from soul casting the walls, even if you are quote “late for a meeting.” Particularly do not soulcast any walls into blood. What is wrong with you? There were children nearby! -Edgedancers, slicking the floor for a “fun prank” is not acceptable, particularly in public hallways. We have a laundress with a broken hip, and she’s threatening to sue. -This is a general reminder to those of you with a gravitation surge, please keep track of your altitude and stormlight. We’ve had three accidents already this month. -This is a general notice to all knights radiant. We ask that you use the stairs to get down from the top floor and refrain from jumping off the balcony. The ground is full of cracks and the bondsmith are getting irritated. -Please remember that there are people here who are not knights radiant and therefore possess no special abilities or healing factor. There are currently eight people in the hospital due to negligence in this area. -Since there are still many of you who refuse to refer to the Dustbringers by their preferred name, Releasers, mandatory sensitivity training will be held within the week. Please check the notice board for your order’s scheduled date and time. There it is. Feel free to add more. Some of the other good ones from my tumblr post on this: - Stonewards, please refrain from creating handholds and staircases in the walls. The city planning committee is in an uproar and the traffic congestion is immense. - Lightweavers, please remember to remove your illusions after you’re done practicing. We have multiple falling injuries from people assuming that the holes in the floor are illusions and not actually scheduled maintenance. - To whomever Lashed the barracks doorway shut, we understand you are not on speaking terms with other members of your order. However, they do have a right to be able to sleep in their own bed. And no, you can’t Lash them to the ceiling as a substitute. from aspiringwindrunner - Skybreakers, we know you’re all about the rules, but covertly rerolling a saving throw doesn’t warrant an out-of-character death penalty. - Windrunners, please stop going up to visiting dignitaries and offering to “show them the world”. - Stonewards, we know your herald is the best, please stop getting in shouting matches with the skybreakers in the hallways. - Edgedancers, please stop talking the skybreakers in circles. Their Highspren have filed complaints. - Lightweavers, while your practice is certainly important, please stop sending images screaming salacious rumors through the halls. On a similar note, please stop making fake dead ends, the ambassador was lost for nearly two days. from kyerinell
  18. At the beginning of WoK the Alethi first encountered the Listeners, who they dubbed the parshendi . At this time the parshendi had no shardbearers. Jasnah confirmed this by her conversation with Dalinar in WoK . In WoR we find out after 6 years of battle Eshonai is the last Parshendi shard bearer.. so sometime after Gavilar death and the beginning of the Vengence Pact the Singers found a cache of shardblade . If you remember the Singers learned Alethi rapidly and the first question they asked was to see the Alethi maps. So did Ulim Who was around back then “ he was the voice that told Klade to buy Szeth. Tell the singers about a city where they could find shards? The most obvious answer is Urithiru . The Singers beat them ( alethi their long ago ) and took all the shards . Szeth could of took them thru the Oathgate. Maybe that is what he meant when he said he had seen this before when shallan activated the Oathgare. I assumed it was someone in Shinovar that went there but it could of been the singers guided by Ulim . What do you guys think ? Where did they get all those sets of shards??
  19. I have seen many threads on this and I thought I should ad mine to theirs. However , my theory is indirect sources is really coming at it from. Different angle. Who is the 3rd Bondsmith spren? i have just finished words of radiance for the third time. As Brandon changed the ending I wanted to see if there were any other changes . So I either missed all this before, or it wasn’t there. Szeth says Aboshi is the name of the spren of the mountains. He calls Nale by this title as he sees the Herald is akin to a god. The three Mega spren were on Roshar before the shards came. The Stormfather, The nightwatcher , and the sibling. Most of my basis revolves around Szeth, with a few lines of shallan and one of Eshonai. Eshonai during her transformation. And said once you were a friend . This details the time before the shards cane Szeth has been Urithiru twice since being name truthless. He blatantly says the city of Urithiru is the only place where stone is not cursed . This is where I believe the Stone spren set aside an area for humans to walk on . But why would Szeth come to Urithiru? Simple he cane to see if he was really truthless. He wanted to see for hisself if the Knights Radiant had returned. After he fought with Kaladin the first time he went there again. Nope no Radiants Kaladin must be lying . When shallan activated the Oathgate. Szeth was fighting Kaladin . Szeth saw the beam of light and said i have seen this before! They went to city didn’t they! Where could Szeth have seen an Osthgate operate? The only blades that could open an Osthgate are the Radiant blades which no one had, and the honorblades. So someone in Shinovsr used an honorblade to go to Urithiru . My guess a stone shaman went there to converse with Aboshi only to find he is still slumbering . So what cause him ( the sibling ) to withdraw? Shallan says that shattered plains were not always shattered! This much damage to stone cause the Stone spren to slumber. So in my opinion the Stone Spren is the Spren of the planet of Roshar. All the stone of the planet is Holy to the Shin. They will not walk on it as they believe it is a god in the same manner as the Stormfather is a god to humans . As there are many mountains of stone . It is another explanation of why Stormfather said leave them alone, you have hurt them enough. Mining stone , building castles of stone, and shattering the shattered plains. In order to wake the sibling I think the shattered plains needs to be restored . Seems like an impossible job ? The Surges of Adhesion and Tension are made to heal stone . The Stormfather told Dalinar “ what u did in Thaylan is a pittance of what u can really do . No Radiants powers are greater than your own! We all looked for the 3rd Bondsmith spren . We assumed in error that it just hasn’t been introduced yet but that is not Sanderson Style. He foreshadow major plot lines all the time. Since the first chapter of WoK she has spoken about how holy stone was. None of us thought to ask how or why is stone holy. I don’t know who will bond Aboshi , but I really hope it’s Navani . With her the possibilities are endless . Thoughts?
  20. I have recently been doing some re-reading of the Stormlight Archive, and some new clues stood out to me about the nature of the third Bondsmith spren. So, naturally, I wrote a whole essay about it. Proceed at your own risk! I don't think I've seen this theory discussed before, but my apologies if it has been. (Also, it's late, so I don't promise coherency.) My theory is that The Sibling is a spren that is somehow related to or representative of the moons of Roshar, particularly Nomon. Further, I think the destruction of New Natanan and the Shattered Plains may have been what harmed The Sibling and caused it to “slumber.” Still reading? Ok, here’s why I think these things: The main basis for this theory comes from the scene in which Shallan, Adolin, and Bridge Four confront the Midnight Mother. During that confrontation, Shallan notes the artwork: This seems to be a depiction of all the spren that are capable of forming bonds with Radiants. That means that the first three spren Shallan describe are actually depictions of the Bondsmith spren. So we have a cloud of energy; that seems to obviously be the Stormfather. We have a woman in the shape of the tree; this could be the Nightwatcher. That leaves us with a man hovering before a blue disc. This description is uncannily similar to the end paper art we have of Ishar. (Here) You’ll note that the discs in the background definitely look like the three moons of Roshar, with the smaller Salas and Mishim on either side of Nomon. So, why is there a picture of Ishar and the moons next to depictions of the Radiant spren? My thought is that the moons must somehow be related to The Sibling. (Of course, the other argument is that these are not depictions of the Bondsmith spren, but actually of Honor and Cultivation. But does that make Ishar some secret shard? Did people view him as on a level equal to Honor and Cultivation? He does seem pretty insistent that he is a god right now. But still, I’m going to stick with the Bondsmith spren depiction idea for now.) Additional support for the idea that the moons are related to the third Bondsmith spren: I find it interesting that the Stormfather always refers to this sibling in the plural. This could be purely to obscure the gender. Or it could be because the spren represents multiple things, rather like a collective noun. In this case, we have a spren that represents the moon, and Roshar just so happens to have three of them. And further, it’s understandable why the Stormfather refers to this spren as his sibling, but why does everybody else seem to call it The Sibling? Sibling to what? In the epigraphs, even a former Radiant, who should have more knowledge about who/what the third spren is, refers to it as the Sibling, as if that’s the only name it goes by. If it’s just because it’s the sibling Bondsmith spren, then why do Radiants refer to the Stormfather by his unique name, but not the Sibling? I find it interesting that the Shin refer to the moons as the three sisters. And Wit, in his story of Nomon, refers to the relationships among the moons as siblings. Speaking of that story that Wit told (and Sigzil attempted to tell, unsuccessfully) If my theory is in any way right, and if there is any truth at all in Wit’s story, then it brings some interesting implications about the relationship between Nomon’s spren and the Natanatan people, maybe even giving a clue as to what happened to the Sibling. The story tells about how Mishim traded places with Tsa, a mortal, and Tsa conceived a child with Nomon. We know that the story alludes to the fact that Natanatans had Aimian blood in them. But I think it may also be a hint about the Sibling (assuming I’m right about the connection with Nomon). Interestingly, this story is the only other mention of siblings, besides the Sibling in Oathbringer. Also, purely coincidentally I’m sure, I find it interesting that the epigraphs about the Sibling begin in the chapter following Wit’s story. The story clearly establishes a connection between the people of Natanatan and Nomon. This could also imply that there’s a connection between the people of Natanatan and the Sibling. Perhaps the Sibling even originated or lived in Natanatan. Before I go any further, let’s go back to those epigraphs for a second. In them, the Elsecaller who is recording the memory seems to believe that the Sibling is withdrawing from the Radiants, not because it intended to or because the Radiants are no longer worthy, but because the cognitive reflection has changed. In other words, people are thinking about the Sibling differently, and so the Sibling has itself changed. We know that the kingdom of Natanatan was destroyed, and the Shattered Plains (once Stormseat, the capital of Natanatan) was, well, shattered. Perhaps it was this shattering and the loss of Natanatan that caused the harm to the Sibling, which caused it to withdraw. Perhaps because the people were no longer there, they were no longer thinking of the Sibling, causing it to “slumber.” Also, Wit ends his story with, Perhaps this is a reflection, again, of what happened to the Sibling. It learned of loss, somehow. The loss of Natanatan? Other Interesting Tidbits: In Way of Kings, Dalinar refers to Natanatan as the Granite Kingdom. I don’t really know if this is relevant, but stone is important on Roshar. Additionally, they were a people apparently known for building towers. Again, I think this strengthens the idea that the people of Natanatan were perhaps involved in the creation of the tower in Urithiru and also had some connection to the Sibling, which we suspect powers Urithiru. And, I find it curious that Oathbringer mentions that New Natanan was working with Dalinar, but we hear literally nothing about them: This seems fishy to me. I think those New Natanans are going to become important. And lastly, we have this little bit from an interlude, which has some interesting mythology surround the people of Natanatan. Well, the night is darkest is just before the rising of Nomon. Also, an Everstorm really helps to make things dark. Perhaps we need the people of New Natanatan to come back, to restore the Sibling and thus restore the tower. And this lengthy essay doesn’t even begin to get into possible connections with Aimia. Or what on earth Roshar Ishar is doing in that depiction of the moons in Urithiru. And, is there any significance to the son Tsa had, the son born to be a god?
  21. As I was re-reading WoK, I noticed Taravangian say something odd. When he revealed himself to Szeth, he says “Sometimes I wonder if the Lifebrother himself sent you to me.” To which Szeth replied, “To bloody myself so that you wouldn’t have to. Yes, that sounds like something one of your Vorin gods would do. Knowing that people associate Stormfather with Jezrien, who is worshipped in Vorinism, could the Lifebrother be the Sibling? The name pattern is similar. Stormfather, Nightwatcher, and now Lifebrother. And if the Sibling was necessary for “life” to survive on Urithiru, then the name is also appropriate. I haven’t seen any other reference to this outside of this scene. So the question is, could the Lifebrother be the Sibling?
  22. Description: Is there a connection between the Oathgates and their locations and Urithiru beyond the obvious? Are there gates we don't know about? Where are the Oathgates in Shinovar and Aimia located? Hey guys Oathbringer is out, we have new maps! So going over the the map that Salkara made (the black and white one along with the idea of drawing straight lines from the colored map (sorry I don't know it's creator. Please forgive my use of it.) I came up with the 3rd map. Now I admit what I am about to say may not hold up on a globus of Roshar, and I CERTAINLY don't want to slight Brandon's and Peter's dedication, but I have to seriously ask if Brandon and Peter would have plotted this on a GIS program capable of creating a globus? The plot I drew up raises some interesting questions. 1) As you can see, you can plot all of the vectors thru or very close to where Urithiru is plotted on the map. So, question is why? Is there something special about Urithiru other than its fantastic defensive location, something that allowed the creation of the gates? Or, is it more mundane? Were the Cities' Oathgate locations chosen first and Urithiru simply happened to be a least common denominator location? 2) Two of the vectors connect different cities. Kholinar -> Azimir and Thaylen City -> Panatham. So extrapolating from this and treating all 10 gates at Urithiru as a common whole: DOES there need to be an even number of cities on a vector to balance the math? We know how much symmetry is valued on Roshar. That being the case what about the Stormseat->Vedenar->Urithiru vector? It's interesting that this vector continues thru Shinovar and then Aimia. Given that, I took some liberties. We know that Akinah is beyond one of the larger islands. And, as far as Shinovar is concerned, we now know that humans came from another world and humans love building cities on rivers and deltas. Given these facts and the vector line I think the gates may be close to the two points I plotted. 3) So that leads to a couple of flaws. Ral Elorim and Kurth. If they have them, where are their balancing gates to the south of Urithiru? 4) The huge gaps In the Northeast and Southwest. Why? One possible answer might be the location of Honor's and Cultivation's Perpendicularities. Maybe the gate vectors have to be a certain distance from the Perpendicularities. I realize the Kholinar vector goes straight thru the Horneater peaks. But we now know that Cultivation's is in the peaks. If the perpendicularity is in the northern peaks this might hold up. And if that's the case, even though the second Perpendicularity is supposed to appear in random locations and times, could there be something else on the Tukar Peninsula near Icewater?
  23. This may have been discussed somewhere, but I just finished the book and had a major epiphany. This is written with no regard for spoilers. I know that can never be spammed enough, so read on at your own risk. The puzzel pieces Humans came to Roshar as the Voidbringers (probably through shadesmar) I think they came through and built Urithiru to use in conquering Roshar. Odium is captured somehow Great spirits can be captured in fabrials. Urithiru is a giant fabrial that they don’t understand. I think Odium is trapped in Urithiru. Our Radiants have steadily been manipulated by all three gods towards Urithiru. I think Odium wants them to free him while Honor wanted them to defend the prison. The Unmade lured Shallan the the heart of Urithiru, Renarin’s curupted Spren keeps dropping hints on how the place works. I think they will unintentionally free Odium. Odium is collecting Honorblades and Oathgates. This is how he will be set free. The oath pact is connected to the oathgates, which are activated by blades. I think if all the Honerblades are used on all gates it will set him free. To defend from this Honor(who knew his heralds were failing) convinced the Spren of some of the gates to never activate again. They basically say this to Shallan in Shadesmar. This also explains Odiums tactics. He wanted to prevent the Radients from connecting the dots on fabrial traps. He captures gates, but doesn’t use them. I think there is more here. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some mistborn style manipulation of history going on by odium as well. Anyway, let me know what you think. Or, criticize my spelling and grammar. Whatever floats your boat.
  24. Parshendi Forms: From Eshonai's prologue, after Gavilar explains the fabrial: When Venli first meets Timbre, at Eshonai's body: And then Venli bonds with Timbre: And then when talking with the Fuzed named Rine: So the Nahel bond is more powerful than the Parshendi forms bond from capturing spren inside their gemhearts during highstorms to transform, presumably because the only stormlight needed for the Parshendi bond to work is during the bonding itself but not for any of the surges that come after the bond. When Aesudan and Amaram bonded with the Unmade spren, that seems to be a Parshendi bond since they swallowed gems (spheres) to make the bond, with Amaram's purple gemheart glowing in the end and Aesudan's gemheart glowing through her dress. Thunderclasts From the Thaylen City battle: So the stone has gemhearts that, when inhabited by Voidspren, transform the stone into something else. No wonder Szeth's people aren't stonewalkers, right? Does stone have other forms? Chasmfiends Chasmfiends obviously have gemhearts. I think they must have other forms, too. We know chasmfiends, skyeels, and greatshells all have the same spren. From the Kaza interlude, we know that greatshells do also have gemhearts. Are these three different forms for the same being? Do chasmfiends have other forms? Are they also thunderclasts? From Adolin's fight with the thunderclast: Urithiru And then: So we wake it just as the Fuzed woke Thunderclasts from stone, right? We bond Urithiru with a spren. Or multiple spren. Spren that can be trapped in a heart of emerald and ruby. And from the gem library: Dude, is Urithiru the Sibling?!!!! Sibling to the Nightwatcher and the Stormfather? So the Sibling was stolen away? And from the Stormfather's conversation with Dalinar: Slumbering! Sleeping! Just like Dalinar said Urithiru was! And this is why the Radiant says goodnight to Urithiru, goodnight to the Sibling! So we need to find the slumbering Sibling spren and restore her (or probably "them" because the Stormfather refers to the Sibling in the singular and the plural) to Urithiru's heart to waken Urithiru, right? And what will a wakened Urithiru be like? Will she move? Will she protect? Will she destroy? *************************** Related ideas: Fabrials are similar but not as alive as it would seem Urithiru will be and certainly not as alive as Parshendi, chasmfiends, or great shells. Parshmen may not have had gemhearts until the first Everstorm, which restored their gemhearts and thus enabled them to now have forms, including Voidforms. Different Parshendi forms likely come from different types of spren, with Voidform (forms of power) coming from corrupted or Unmade spren. Dullform might be having a gemheart with no spren bond since dullform is so close to parshmen. Are there secrets to other cities, not just Urithiru? Kabsal draws Kholinar as a triangular shape with three outlying wings and a peaked center (Pg 510 of WoK), which incidentally is the symbol on Gavilar's shardplate (Pg 29 of WoK), saying that the city was built on a rock formation already there. The stone windblades of Kholinar seem particularly significant, where Kaladin says the interior corridor of the windblades reminds him of the strata at Urithiru (Pg 785 of OB). I'm equally interested in the City of Shadows and even the City of Bells, but perhaps these cities are special in different ways.