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Found 2 results

  1. Alright. Name is what it is. This is similar to a hybrid of Favorite Quotes and Get yer Hugs Here. If you're having a bad day, come here, and hopefully one of these can help you, or if you have a good quote, put it here. It can even be original. @AonEne posted a reply on her status that was a good message to all, it inspired me to do something that I know at least a few people will hopefully enjoy, and one of my favorite ways to lift others and myself up is through quotes. A few to start out. "You can't kill me, Lord Tyrant, for I represent the one thing you cannot kill. I am hope." -Kelsier "I won't let them break me down to dust, cause I know that there's a place for us, for we are glorious." -Lette "Take care of yourself, kid, cause someone out there cares a whole lot about you." -Sans. "Everyone we meet changes us in one way or another. Those who are our friends change us for the better." -Ashaki/Wraith "Is there anything more beautiful than the sun? I often watch it rise, for my restless sleep usually awakens me before dawn. Each time I see its calm yellow light peeking above the horizon, I grow a little more determined. In a way, it is the thing that has kept me going all this time." -Rashek's journal.
  2. Hey guys, There has been a lot of talk of what Oathbringer has done wrong or what differed from what people expected. But Through my second reread I am find SO MANY moments that touched me and were done so right! Let's share what moments or arcs really affected you emotionally or intellectually and keep it postitive! ---- To start with (Thanks DreamStorm) spoilered for length I really loved this scene where Dalinar comes in to the scribe meeting to support Renarin, the way it describes him you can tell it is not comfortable for him to be there but he wants to support his son and be there for him in his desires, I feel that maybe dalinar realizes he wasnt always encouraging of renarins desires and is trying to make up for it and I loved this interaction through Shallan's POV.