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Found 4 results

  1. I am pleased to announce that there's an entirely new set of reputation titles. Check out under your name to the left of your post and see what title you are--I imagine it will be very different. Why did the ranks get altered? Well, I hadn't ever really expected people to rise through the ranks so fast. Obviously this site isn't going anywhere, and five years down the line, it wouldn't make sense for all of us to be Adonalsium, now would it? So this new scheme was designed to be much more sustainable for years to come. It's also designed to have a ton more progression than the old system. In the old scheme, you became Shard at 128, and then new ranks appeared at 256, 512, and 1024. Not so much progression. Considering how many people are in the 1-500 range, there needed to be a lot more ranks. And boy, there are a lot of new ranks. In the old scheme we had less than 20 ranks total. In this new system, there are 102 positive reputation levels. There's also no exponential growth on new ranks--it's much more linear, with the differences between levels gradually increasing. I hope you find the new system fun! There are a lot of very powerful and cool titles now, but there are also delightfully obscure cosmere titles, and some that are just plain silly. Hehehe. And of course, now with a properly large list of ranks, it's time to complain about their ridiculousness. Some of the promotions are... interesting, to say the least. Discuss yours in the These Stupid Ranks topic.
  2. This has been going on for months, and I just don't understand why. iTunes lists the podcast. I'm subscribed. And up till a few months ago, it updated every week and fetched the new episode without problems. Now, my subscribed podcasts all update but this one and one other (Rude Alchemy, for what it's worth). It constantly has the "exclamation" icon next to it, meaning "problem." When I click the icon, it says, "There was a problem downloading "Writing Excuses". [sic] An unknown error occurred (302). Please check that the URL is correct and the connection to the network is active and try again." There's nothing wrong with my network(s). The URL is ","which works just fine and shows the expected XML document when I access it using a browser. Does anyone know what's going on with this? It frequently skips episodes, and I just have to hope to catch it when it can see the URL to manually download the episodes, and it generally takes three or four clicks to get them to download. I get the exclamation icon the first few times.
  3. Is anyone like me sitting at work checking their email every four seconds to see if the newsletter has come yet? Maybe I'm weird....
  4. I'm currently in the process of cataloging all of my theories that I need to disprove/update/improve with new evidence that flooded out after WoR's release (seriously, good work to all Sharders for asking and reporting this time around). This here, then, is an index of all of the relevant ones I can think of right now for your/my viewing pleasure. See it as a to-do list and/or as a reminder of the various crazy things I believe. Feruchemical Health and Cognitive Aspects: -Reaffirmed by numerous WoB's to extend to Stormlight healing. --Example: --Second Example: Stormlight retention as a function of gem size: -While initially dis-confirmed by Brandon to some extent, WoR makes it rather clear that gem size matters in how long things can hold stormlight, what with it's mondo-gems lasting longer and all. Traversing the borders of time bubbles (specifically the distension theory): -Totally disproven. The borders of time bubbles are in no way malleable. You stick your arm through, and the bubble's surface stays where it is while the effect travels with it. It's weird, as surface-questions ever have been. --Source: Spren as Forms: -Confirmed in its entirety. Spren are individual Cognitive entities, and each type is based on some singular Spiritual ideal of a concept. --Source: Forms in General: -Applies to more than a few theories all under the "Forms" umbrella. The above WoB has some rather heavy implications for other "Formic" theories as well. Forms and Divine Breath Healing: -Got this one more than a bit wrong. I reference the healing done by bestowing Divine Breath as one of the "core" pieces of evidence for Forms several times in various theories, and turns out I was rather wrong on it. Good thing I got Brandon to confirm Forms' existence elsewhere, at least. --Source: Hoid (probably) has Gold Feruchemy: -Given more weight. Hoid has some instant-speed healing that heals the soul, and so is not afraid of Shardblades (as we saw in WoR's epigraph...). While some other Cosmere healing magics could perhaps grow back your head or your soul, not that many are such that they can be applied to oneself at a moments notice and do the same. --Source: Aluminum is weird to everyone: -Ought to be expanded to "aluminum is weird to everyone" with the revelation that it interacts oddly with all magics. Feruchemical gold healing can't push it out and other weirdness surely awaits us. Also, it does interact a tad with Thugs. --Source: --Source: Personal identity and Clothing: -Clothing as "default a part of you" is backed up again and again, I think, in WoR, particularly in regards to Lashings. Note how even Kaladin's clothes do/don't stick to his Full Lashings according to which is more convenient to him. -The active inclusion/exclusion of clothing also gives very strong evidence to the tangential "are Lashings aspected to their originator?" discussion in that thread. Yet Another FTL Theory: -Took some hits and got some encouragement. We've long since found out that bubbles won't expand in vacuum, and the Distension theory (which was tangential but would have been nice to have) being taken down stops us from having teardrop bubbles. On the flip side, FTL likely involves time bubbles and nicrobursting. --Source: Stormlight vs. Feruchemical gold Healing: -Thoroughly hamstrung and then set on fire. This also spawned some follow-up discussion, but at the end of the day WoR teaches us that Radiants and those with Regrowth can both heal damage to the soul. WoR in general also teaches us that Stormlight healing is crazy-powerful and looks to be able to do anything that Feruchemical gold can do. There are no Universal Soulcasters: -A bit on the fence here. I'm leaning towards "no" given the whole "turned to stone" thing in WoR indicating that there is indeed some deeper bond between fSoulcasters and their users, and I find it personally unlikely that Radiants suffered those symptoms. The MEC: -Yargh, I really need to update this thing. Main takeaway that can be summarized in less than a thousand words is that the laws of physics in the cosmere are indeed Spiritually based, as many argued for/assumed in that thread and elsewhere. --Source: -Also I mis-modeled how Heightenings work, to some extent. See the WoB for Divine Breath above. Are Spren Vampires?: -Sorta-maybe, it seems. WoR teaches us that various spren are "in" the Physical to a greater or lesser extent, and then we have Rock seeing them all the time. My bet at this point is that Pattern would show up on the camera and Syl wouldn't. -Also, I neglected to update that thread with a RAFO I got: --Source: --- To reiterate, this is partly an update to my millions of loyal followers and partly a board-clogging to-do list for myself. Anything I missed, perhaps some sub-tangent in a thread I didn't remember?