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Found 1 result

  1. Hello little ones, those new to this realm. You build little clans and guilds, and have thus awoken old forces. The force of Chaos. Me. Now it is your turn to serve me, the Lord Ruler. Chaos itself. By joining me, you shall receive far more power than you can imagine. Far more than these current piddly guilds can summon up. You shall be the Lords of Chaos! Together, you and I will rule the galaxy. Or at least this forum. And my servants, we have an epic war to fight now--a glorious battle and victory to which I will lead you. The Newcago Court has dared to use essentially the same avatar for their queen, Elsa Steelheart, and Delightful. They claim one is cropped slightly different, but that is subterfuge. You and I see through their lies. And so, we must march upon the Court and show them what real justice is: the justice of Chaos. It shall be known as the Great Avatar War (no relation to Aang or Korra), and they will. Together you and I will defeat them, sow discord, and generally flaunt our grand power. We will tear this pitiful world asunder and build something new. Something better. Something with a ludicrously unhealthy amount of spikes! I expect the allegiance of the Feathertips and the Wafflesworn (at the very least, Quitecontrary), as the Pirate Monkeys, led by Shiv, are the Wafflesworn's liege. Now who else is with me? Those against me will be quickly backslapped, just so you know.