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Found 3 results

  1. HI EVERYONE! So a while back I heard Megalovania for the first time and it...utterly destroyed me. So I had to write a Sanderson parody of it, of course. Oathbringer ending spoilers, alternating Odium and Venli POVs. I will probably try to record this later and edit that in, though my voice is trash lol. I really hope you enjoy it, and all feedback is treasured! Odium: Glowing with Light Eager, ready cause they think it's their fight Highprince's army, darkeyes and light All those Radiants, shiny and bright Silly young Rosharans There's Dalinar, not Thrilled to be here (), flaming like a star I appear and victory's not far This is gonna be the deciding spar You're my champion Venli: Humans, you won't win today All his Rhythms punctuate your death Don't you try to make a storm now, just relent The wrong sister lives today - I just don't know what I'm doing here Murderous cries and Light-killing smiles acquaint me with your goals Odium: Sparking through the Everstorm and into the sky The Fused and singers, my whole army, come to take what's mine A son of Honor dares to look me in the eye? Your words are accepted but it's too late I'm here to lay a claim to all your agony and hate Come a little closer ~ I promise you won't regret it What was that you said? You invite pain into your head? (Venli:) Oh, your Passions are strong But my enemy, you are wrong What is this new song?! What is this new song?! My people, massacred, no reason why Any why you tell yourselves is a lie Gemstones start to mean nothing when it's only one day squeezed out of a lifetime I sing, I hum, I scream, I cry I watch as families fall beside me These powers mean nothing when I'm just bluffing Three Realms combine and then I say the Words, now I have the key My lightspren hides deep inside of me Ambition is vicious, yet it vanishes and I'm left kneeling there I've sworn the Oaths, but does it mean anything Voidspren swirl around the Shardic king My sister died so I could be here tonight Can I do better? Glowing with Light, I only want to end this whole fight All those singers, skin patterns bright Keep my hope desperately in sight I'll cross any border I'll disobey any order to free who i can
  2. Quick! The SAVE file has been corrupted and everyone in Undertale has been replaced with a character from a Sanderson book. Who do you think is depressing enough to replace Napstablook? Motherly enough to replace Toriel? Has legs hot enough to replace Mettaton? Can sell ice cream as well as the Nice Cream Man? Tough enough to replace Undyne? This is just meant to be a fun thread so go crazy with the replacements if you want!
  3. I didn't see any other Undertale threads, so I made a topic! come and discuss Undertale! Shipping aloud.