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Found 6 results

  1. It occurs to me that we could use a thread to list typos to be fixed for the next release. I'll start off with a few things that jumped out at me early in the book. EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that I may be in error, and this could be a valid sentence construction. During the duel between Fitch and Nalizar (pg 18-19 in the eBook), there are 4 separate instances of the word "board" being used for the floor. I know Brandon originally had this fight take place on a chalkboard on the wall, then changed it to the floor, so I imagine this is just an artifact.
  2. @PeterAhlstrom I believe there is a typo in the first paragraph of p. 884 that is continued from p. 883. The last sentence of this paragraph reads, "In the real WOULD, they'd be in the water..." It should likely read: "In the real WORLD, they'd be in the water..." Hope that helps. Thanks for all your hard work!
  3. If you find any, please post them here so that @PeterAhlstrom knows about them Chapter 19 “I assume,” Gavilar said, sounding amused, “that people he knows don’t casually go for strolls in highstorms Shouldn't this be 'that the people he knows don't casually go for strolls in highstorms '?
  4. Couldn't find a thread for this and just picked this up from the Humble Bundle deal Page 110 in the PDF version- Example: Beck has Resources 4, so he would normally get 4 Props. Peter wants him to have enough permanent equipment to “walk the walk” in noble society, however, and he starts with a horse & carriage. This reduces his Props to 3, so he rounds out his starting items with a dueling cane and a pocket watch. It should say that it reduces his Props to 2, since the horse and carriage counts as two Props.
  5. I don't see a thread on this yet. Ebook version Chapter 6, paragraph 3, second line: "To begin with he paid their wages..." There should be a comma after "with."
  6. It's that time again! Time to start making lists of minor grammatical and/or typographical errors! I only saw one, myself: My Amazon U.S. Kindle version, bought the 3rd: Ch 1. (Page 20?) It has "Prof been acting weird lately", as opposed to "Prof had been acting weird lately," or perhaps "Prof'd been acting weird lately."