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Found 6 results

  1. Twitter's recent profile page redesign reminded me of something I wanted to do a while back but kind of forgot about. Most, if not all, social media websites allow you to customize your profile with a theme, and I think it's about time we created some avatars, backgrounds, and banners to show some fandom pride. I am thinking we can use abstract images, drawings and paintings from books and covers, as well as quotes. Before we do that, however, it would be useful to figure out the ideal dimensions of the different sites' customization options. I'll start with Twitter because it's fresh in my mind and I don't have much time for research now, but I'd like to add the rest as well. Twitter Avatar: 400x400 px Header photo: 1500x500 px Facebook Avatar: (any square?) Timeline cover: ??? Tumblr Can we do anything less than a full theme?Google+ Avatar: (any square?) Cover photo: ??? 17S Forums Avatars Signature banners?
  2. When looking through the edit profile options, I noticed there was no option for social media, but I figure at least some people use it. So, how about it? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Post it here. Instagram: Onion.cook DO NOT POST IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE.
  3. I think I'll try and choose one question to ask him...
  4. So we know from the MAG that "[w]ith proper manipulation [of Feruchemical aluminum], it might be theoretically possible to tap someone else’s metalminds..." There have been some theories on this, with one of the prevalent ones being that a Feruchemist drops themselves to 0 Identity and then their metalminds are "unlocked," and/or that a Feruchemist with 0 Identity can tap someone else's normal storage--doesn't run afoul of whatever mechanism stops people from normally accessing each other's metalminds. Someone asked the former on Twitter today: Source: So that. Assuming that ":)" means yes, then I have had a thought. What's to stop an Allomancer from Compounding such an "unlocked" metalmind? This actually goes beyond whether Brandon's answering yes or no, though, since Compounding can do interesting things either way. Even if the trick is just letting Identity-using-Feruchemist access random metalminds, he could still Compound that metalmind if he could burn it Allomantically. But the first case is far more interesting, since the second is essentially just a streamlining of a normal "tap, then store". EDIT: Wait a second, the second case is not "essentially just a streamlining of a normal "tap, then store". It lets an Feruchemical aluminum/a<Anything> twinborn compound whatever his allomantic metal is, without the need to rely upon another Feruchemist being a willing participant and/or a Full Feruchemist. And there's no storing going on. Past-me had a brain fart... --- So the first case: Scene: We have an Augar named Amy who's feeling a mite ill. She calls her Full-Feruchemist friend Friendly Frank for a favor: "Could I have some Health, please?" "Sure thing," Friendly Frank says. So he stored Identity and filled up some gold with Health and took it to Amy's hospital bed. "Thanks Frank! You're a lifesaver!" With that, Amy swallowed the metalmind and sensed two distinct reserves. Choosing the unfamiliar one, she burned the gold and was flooded with Health. And so Compounding granted a Feruchemical attribute to an Allomancer FIN And, therefore, Augors are actually useful in the future, once they figure this out, since they'll just make a habit of buying Invested metalminds from full Feruchemists. All other stripes of Allomancers could behave similarly. --- Also, a "yes" would essentially confirm some variant of the "key-lock" theory we discussed back in the day. ------- UPDATE: Theory confirmed.
  5. I was browsing through Peter's Twitter feed (he answers a lot of questions that are nice to know the answers to ) and saw a conversation between him and our very own Satsuoni. Sats is feeling all bashful today, so authorized me to repost it here. Any upvotes/accolades you feel compelled to give should be allocated to Satsuoni, as I am merely the messenger here. Source:‏ My read of this is that Peter is talking about stuff like how you can store the strength you get from Allomantic pewter in a pewtermind, but it could be hinting at something else. Any thoughts? Mainly I posted this for posterity's sake.
  6. Just something I noticed during the FantasyChat last night: Source: So it seems that the quote about the one ring "Burn the One Ring, eh? I think it's such a powerfully invested object that it would be very, very dangerous to try" may have lead us astray a bit. Unless shardblades/plate simply aren't powerful enough. Rather, it looks like you need a "tie" of some kind to get any special reaction. That aligns with compounding and all, or "type" of Investiture could mean that Allomancers are only attuned to Ruin/Preservation. Aside: I just figured out why Inquisitors are allowed to get weird effects for burning their spikes: the same reason they can use spiked Feruchemists' metalminds. The sDNA in that spike is "theirs" at the point when they burn it.